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E. PERSILLIER-LACHAPELLE, M.D., President, Montreal.
ELZEAR PELLETIER, M.D., Secretary, Montreal.
J. A. BEAUDRY, M.D., Inspector of Health, Montreal.
WYATT JOHNSTON, M.D., Bacteriologist, Montreal.

R. F. RUTTAN, M.D., Chemist, Montreal.

L. J. H. Roy, M.D., Recorder of Vital Statistics, Montreal.

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Secretary's Report.

This third annual report is for the provincial year ending 30th June 1897, with the exception of the report of the Recorder of Vital Statistics which is for the 12 months of 1896.


The commissions of Messrs. Lachapelle, Gray, Desroches and Catellier were renewed during the past year and the vacancy that had existed for a long while was filled by the appointment of Mr. W. A. Verge of Quebec.


No change was made in the health laws during the year. As regards the regulations, the modifications respecting infectious corpses of which we spoke in the last report have been definitively approved by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council and are in force since last November.

The only other regulation that has been amended is that relating to the sale and distribution of milk supplied by families infected with contagious diseases. The regulation as amended now applies not only to ordinary milkmen but to all persons who have any relations with butter and cheese factories, etc.

The Board have at present under consideration a project for the consolidation of all the laws respecting health or matters connected with health in order to make them still more complete than they are. The progress made by sanitary science and the manifest results of the application of new methods which it suggests render a frequent revision of these laws necessary and the Province cannot remain behind. Moreover the carrying out of the present legislation and of the regulations thereunder have brought to light some weak points which our duty to the public compels us to strengthen.

During the year that has elapsed we have put the act of 1895 respecting cemeteries to the test and we have reason to believe that before long even those who have been somewhat inconvenienced by its application will admit that it has put an end, and for the better, to a state of affairs which could no longer be borne. We allude to the question of the choice of a site for the new cemetery of Ste. Ursule, in the county of Maskinongé.

Since 1894 the parishioners of Ste. Ursule, whose former cemetery was filled and had to be abandoned, persisted in asking as a new cemetery a piece of ground adjoining the old one and which had been declared unfit for the purpose by the Board of Health of the Province, owing to its situation, the defective quality of the soil, the want of drainage, etc. Taking advantage of a permission given them to bury temporarily in that lot some corpses that had to be removed from the winter vault in

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