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Hints to young Practitioners in the Study of Landscape Painting. Illustrated by Engravings , intended to shew the different Stages of the natural Tint. To which are added Introductions in the Art of painting on Vélvet By J. W. Alston, L. P. 8vo. 19s. 6d.

The Life of C. C. Lamoignon Malesherbes, formerly firs President of the Court of Aics, Minister of State, &c Translated from the French, by Edward Mangin. 2s 6. sewed.

Foul Deeds will rise. A Musical Drama. By S. J. Arnold. As performed at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. 1s. 6d Grammars of the English, French, Italian, Spanish, Gero man, Latin, Greck, Hebrew, with the Arabic, Chaldalc and Syriac Languages, each at one View. By George" Bagley, Teacher of the Mathematics. 12s. boards. Tricot Anglicised; or , the Latin Syntax, as used in the late University of Paris, and adapted to the use of the English Student. By G. Reynolds. 1s. 6d. Canine Biography; or, Interesting Anecdotes of Dogs; interspersed with Sketches from Natural History; for the Instruction of Youth. 2. vols. 4s. The Book of Trades; or, Library of the useful Arts; in two Parts. 6s. plain, 1os. beautifully coloured. A Collection of Popular Stories, for the Nursery; from the French, Italian, and Old English Writers : with numerous Plates. 2 parts. 5s. plain. The History of Domestic Quadrupeds; with entertaining Anecdotes, Adorned with Cuts. 2s. 6d. The Life of Carlo, the famous Dog of Drury-lane Theatre; with his Portrait, and other Copper -plates. 1s. 6d. Conversations, introducing poetry; chiefly on subjects of Natural History, for the Use of Children and Young Persons. By Charlotte Smith , 2 vols. 12mo. A General and Classical Atlas. Part I , containing 16 Maps, with blank Duplicates of each; a Treatise on the Principles of Geography, and Observations on the Method of Geographical Instruction. By the Rev. Edward Patterson, M. A. large 4to. full - coloured. 31. 3s. A Report of the Trial of an A&tion brought by the Rev. Charles Massy against the Marquis of Headfort, for Criminal Conversation. 3s. A Companion; or , Supplement to Herauld's Digest of the Stamp-Laws, 5s. Also a Table to hang up 3s. 6d. Each enumerating the Instruments liable to Duty, also those exempt. With the Laws applicable thereto. The whole illustrated with Praëtical Annotations, &c. By J. A. Herauld, Law Stationer. The Trial of James Whiting, John Parsons, and William Congreve, for a Libel against the Hon. Rear Admiral Berkeley in the Court of Exchequer, June, 1804; together with the Letters and Papers referred to in the Course of the Trial. 2s. 6d. A Table of all the Stamp - Duties, according to the Aét, which takes place on the 11th of Oêtober next. 1s. 6d. Alphabetical List of the Stamp - Duties, commencing the 1th of OAt. 1804. 1s. 6d. Abstract of the Game-Laws : to which are added Instructions for Shooting, and for Training Pointres; whith other useful Information relative to Sporting. 1s.

Second Edition, with Three new Chapters, new Precedents, and other considerable Additions, of the Law of Landlord and Tenant. By William Woodfall, Barrister. 8vo. 87o pages. 19s. The Second Edition, corrected and enlarged, of Tidd's Appendix to the Practice of the-Court of King's Bench. 8vo. 72o pages. 12s. An Essay on a peculiar Eruptive Disease , arising from the Exhibition of Mercury. Illustrated with Cases taken at the Westmoreland Lock Hospital, Dublin. - By George Alley. 8vo. 4s. boards. An Essay on Chemical Statics, with Explanatory Notes; \ - and an Appendix on Vegetable and Animal Substances. Translated from the Original French of C. J. Berthollet. By B. Lambert. 2 vols. 8 vo. 16s. boards. A Description of the Mercurial Lepra. By Dr. Moriarly. 2s. 6d. Dissertatio Medica inauguralis de Ophthalmia Aegypti. Aut. Henicus Dewar, Scoto-Britannicus, Soc. Regiae Medicae Edin. Soc. 8vo. 2s. 6d. The Proceedings of the Genetal Court Martial, in the Trial of Alexander Grant Carmichael, Capitain and Adjutant, of the Royal Liverpool Fusileers, on a Charge, by the Lieutenant Colonel of that Regiment, for Disobedience of Orders, and for abusive Language. 2s. An Essay on the Construction and Advantages of Light Artillery, for Aêting with Infantry; and a Description of the Loaded Spear, recommended for the Rear Ranks. With a Sečtion on the Causes that have contributed to change the Old System of Military Taétics. Also, Experiments made with double Ball Musket Cartridges, &c. by Major John Aldington; with a Plate. 2s. 6d. The Experienced Millwright; or, a Treatise on the Construction of some of the most useful Mechanics; to which is prefixed a short Account of the General Principes of Mechanics, and the Mechanical Powers. By Andrew Gray. With Engravings. 4to. 1l. 15s. A Collection of Mathematical Tables, for the Use of Students; for the practical Navigator, Geographer, and Surveyor, for Men of Business, &c. By Andrew Mackay. L. L. D. &c. 8vo. 7s. 6d. A Defence of Attornies; in Reply to a Pamphlet lately published, entitled „ A Brief Inquiry concerning the Impolicy of Taxing Attornies; and to which are added, Remarks in Vindication of two respectable Barristers, against an illiberal Attack." 1s. 6d. Observations, by the Earl of Lauderdale, on the Review of his Inquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth, published in the Edinburgh Review. 2s. A Reply to „ A Calm and Dispassionate Address to Sir W

Francis Burdett, on the late Election for Middlesex." 1s. 6d. Circumstances respecting the late Charles Montford, Esq. By George Harley, Esq. 8vo. 5s. boards. Tables for computing the Average of Fines received and paid upon Grants of Estates for Lives. Prepared agreeably to an Act, 43 Geo III, for granting a Duty on ProPerty, &c. 4s stitched. The Shooting-Directory. By R. B. Thornhill, Esq. 4to. with plates. plain, 11. 1 1s. 6d. coloured , 3l. 3s. The Spirit of the Public Journals (Vol. VII.) for the year 1803. 6s. boards. Burdett-iana et Mainwaring-iana , or the Rival Candidates; containing. Original Suggestions to prevent most of the Evils of Elections. By W. P. Russel. 8vo. 64 pages. Is. Sketch of a Plan for the Salvation of England, and the Einancipation of Europe, 1s. 6d. The Narrative of Captain David Woodard, and four Seamen; containing an Account of their Sufferings , and of their Escape from the Malays, after a Captivity of two Years and a Half. Also, an Account of the Island of Celebes, of the Manners and Customs of the Country, its Harbours and Coast; with an Appendix, &c. 8vo. 4s. Reflexions on Duelling. By Rowland Ingram . B. D. 8vo. 104 pages. * - - An Answer to Lord Sheffield's Pamphlet, on the Subject of the Navigation System; proving that the Acts, deviating therefrom , which his Lordship censures, were beneficial to oux Trade and Navy in the last War. By S. Cook. 2s. 6d. The Three Gil Blas; or the Follies of Youth; from the French of La Marteliere, 4 vols. 12mo. 16s. sewed. Jesseia Mandeville; or the Woman of Fortitude. By Miriam Maldan. 5 vols. 12mo. 17s. 6d. boards. The Indian Voyage. 2 Vols. 12mo. The Capture of Vallance. 2 Vols. 12mo. Memoirs of the Life of Agrippina, Wife of Germanicus. 3 vols. crown. 8vo. 18s. boards. A Treatise on the State of the Poor in Sickness; with the Proposal of a Plan for their Relief. Selected from Essays, lately published. By Richard Worthington, M. D. with some Additions. 1s. A Serious and Important Address to all the Independent Electors of the United Kingdoms, on the recent Middlesex Election. By Waller Honeywood Yate, Esq. 2s. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Ä Versified. By George Burdett. 12mo. 80 pages; with wood cuts. 1s. 6d. small edii1011. I S. Our Country! Dedicated to the Volunters, who have come forward in its Defence. Is.

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Modern London; being the History and present State of the British Metropolis; illustrated with a Series of highly finished Engravings, many of which are beautifully coloured. large 4to. 3l. 3s. boards. A New Index Villaris for England and Wales, including also the Southern part of Scotland; containing all the Cities, Market and Borough-Towns, their Market-Days, number of Members of Parliament, Parishes, principal Hamlets, &c. &c. 9s. boards. The History and Description of Colchester, (the Camulodunum of the Britons, and the first Roman Colony in Britain) with an Account of its Antiquities, and a Circumstantial Account of the Siege; with plates. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 7s. boards. The Sword of the Lord. A Sermon preached, May 25, 1804, being the Fast Day. By the Rev. G. H. GlasseA. M. 1s. A Sermon preached at the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Norwich, at Walsingham, on May 1804. By Matthew Skinner, M. A. 1s. A Sermon preached in the Church of Louth , at the Anniversary Grand Provincial Meeting of Free Masons; 13th August, 1804. By the Rev. Thomas Orme, D. D. 8vo. 22 pages. Thoughts on the Trinity. By the Bishop of Gloucester. WO. RS. a Äbiet of the whole Doctrine of the Christian Religion; with Observations. By John Anastatius Freylinghausen, Minister of St. Ulrich's Church, and Master of a School at Halle, in Germany. 8vo. 12s. boards.

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