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Day XXII. Evening Prayer.

PSALM CVIII.* Paratum cor meum.

O GOD, my heart is ready, my heart is I rear

dy : I will sing and give praise with the best member

that I -- have. 2 Awake, thou lute, and -- harp : I myself will awake --- right ear--ly.

3 I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among the peo---ple : I will sing praises unto thee a mong -- the na--tions.

hea--vens : and thy truth reacheth į un---to | the clouds.

5 Set up thyself, O God, above the hea---vens : and thy glory above all | the earth.

6 That thy beloved may be deli | ver---ed : let thy right hand save them, { and hear thou

7 God hath spoken in his holi-:-ness : I will rejoice therefore, and divide Sichem, and mete out the valley --- of Suc-'-coth. 8 Gilead is mine, and Manasses | is -

mine: Ephraim also is the strength --- of my --- head.

9 Judah is my law-giver, Moab is my | wash -pot : over Edom will I cast out


Philistia { will --- I | tri---umph.

10 Who will lead me into the strong | ci-:-ty : and who will bring me į in---to | E---dom? 11 Hast not thou forsaken us, | 0 God : and

* 3rd Proper Psalm for the Evening of Ascension-Day.


shoe ; upon

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-- man.

ZE wilt not thou, O God, go { forth with our hosts?

12 O help us against the enemy : for vain is } the

help of 13 Through God we shall do | great -"- acts : and it is he that shall tread down { our -- en le-'mies. GLORY BE TO THE FATHER, AND TO THE --

Son : AND TO { THE --- Ho | LY --- - Ghost;


-'- END.

PSALM CIX. Deus laudem.


OLD not thy tongue, O God of my - praise :

for the mouth of the ungodly, yea, the mouth of the deceitful is open {ed

up on -- me. 2 And they have spoken against me with | false

tongues : they compassed me about also with words of hatred, and fought against me with--out |

a -'- cause.

3 For the love that I had unto them, lo, they take now my contra | ry part : but I give myself --- un to

-- prayer. 4 Thus have they rewarded me evil | for --- good : and hatred { for

- my good will. 5 Set thou an ungodly man to be ruler o | ver

him : and let Satan stand į at --- his | right hand. 6 When sentence is gi

upon him, let him be

him : nor

clean | put

condem--ned ; and let his prayer be turned -in | to sin.

7 Let his days | be --- few : and let another { take his | of---fice.

8 Let his children be fa | ther-o-less : and his { wife --- a wi--dow.

9 Let his children be vagabonds, and beg | their · bread : let them seek it also out of {deso--late | pla--ces.

10 Let the extortioner consume all that I he hath : and let the stranger { spoil -- his | la--bour.

11 Let there be no man to pi | ty to have compassion upon his fa}ther---less / chil--dren.

12 Let his posterity be destroy---ed : and in the next generation let his name {be -- out.

13 Let the wickedness of his fathers be had in remembrance in the sight of the Lord : and let not the sin of his mother {be

done | a---way. 14 Let them alway be before the Lord : that he may root out the memorial of them from off the

15 And that, because his mind was not to do good : but persecuted the poor helpless man, that he might slay him that was vex {ed -- at the --heart.

16 His delight was in cursing, and it shall happen un to him : he loved not blessing, therefore shall it į be

far | from --- - him. 17 He clothed himself with cursing, like as with a rai---ment : and it shall come into his bowels like water, and like oil { in---to his bones.

18 Let it be unto him as the cloke that he hath up on -- him ; and as the girdle that he is alway gird---ed with---al.


.. me.

19 Let it thus happen from the Lord unto mine en les-mies ; and to those that speak evil { a-gainst my soul.

20 But deal thou with me, O Lord God, according unto | thy Name : for sweet į is thy | mer--cy.

21 Ö deliver me, for I am helpless and poor : and my heart is wound ed --- with in

22 I go hence like the shadow that de part-eth : and am driven away as į the --- grass | hop-'per.

23 My knees are weak through fast--ing: my flesh is dried up for {want -- of fat--ness.

24 I became also a reproach un to them : they that looked upon me įsha---ked | their heads.

25 Help me, O Lord | my God: 0 save me according to -- thy mer--cy;

26 And they shall know, how that this is thy -hand : and that thou, Lord, hast | done

27 Though they curse, yet | bless thou : and let them be confounded that rise up against me; but let thy ser--vant | re---joice.

28 Let mine adversaries be clothed | with shame : and let them cover themselves with their own confusion, { as --- with | a --- cloke.

29 As for me, I will give great thanks unto the Lord with my mouth : and praise him among the --- multi---tude ;

30 For he shall 'stand at the right hand of | the poor : to save his soul from un right--eous jud-'-ges.

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Son : AND TO THE --- Ho | LY -'- Ghost; THE BEGINNING,







DAY XXIII. Morning Prayer.

PSALM CX.* Dixit Dominus.

THE HE Lord said unto | my -- Lord : Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thine

ene{mies-thy | foot---stool.

2 'The Lord shall send the rod of thy power out of | Si--on : be thou ruler, even in the midst among

thine -- en e---mies. 3 In the day of thy power shall the people offer thee free-will offerings with an holy | wor---ship : the dew of thy birth is of the womb { of -- the morn--ing

4 The Lord sware, and will not | re---pent : Thou art a Priest for ever after the order of { Mel---chise--dech.

5 The Lord upon thy | right -- hand : shall wound even kings in the į day

of his wrath. 6 He shall judge among the heathen ; he shall fill the places with the dead | bo---dies : and smite in sunder the heads over { di--vers | coun--tries.

7 He shall drink of the brook in the --- way : therefore shall he lift -- up his head.

* 2nd Proper Psalm for the Evening of Christmas Day.

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