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2 He brought me also out of the horrible pit, out of -'- the mire -'. and clay : and set my feet upon the rock, and or-'-dered -- my goings.

3 And he hath put ; a --- new | song in my mouth : even a thanks{giving --- un | to -- our God. 4 Mainy shall / see it,

and fear : and shall trust | in the Lord. 5 Blessed is the man that hath : set his hope in -- the Lord : and turned not unto the proud, and to such as go

--- about with lies. 6 O Lord my God, great are the wondrous works which thou hast done, like as be also thy thoughts, -- which are to -- us-ward : and yet there is no man that order{eth them | un---to thee.

7 If I should de:clare -- them, and speak of them : they should be more than I am { a-'-ble | to -- express.

8 Sacrifice, and meat-offer-'-ing, thou would--est not : but mine ears {hast thou | 0-'-pened.

9 Burnt-offerings, and sacrifice for sin, hast -'thou | not re---quired : then said I, | Lo, -- I


10 In the volume of the book it is written of me, that I should ful:fil -•. thy | will, O

: am content to do it ; yea, thy law is

with | in

my heart.

11 I have declared thy righteousness in the great congre--gation : lo, I will not refrain my lips, O'Lord, and -- that thou -- knowest. 12 I have not hid thy righteous-'-ness within

heart : my talk hath been of thy truth, and { of

thy | sal---vation.

-- my

13 I have not kept back thy lov-'-ing | mercy

and truth : from the great congre--gation.

14 Withdraw not thou thy I mer---cy | from me, O Lord : let thy loving-kindness and thy { truth al | way

preserve me. 15 For innumerable troubles are come about me ; my sins have taken such hold upon me that I am not --- able to look up : yea, they are more in number than the hairs of my head, and my heart -- hath | fail-:-ed me.

16 O Lord, let it be thy plea : sure -- to | deli-:-ver me : make haste, { 0 Lord, | to help me.

17 Let them be ashamed, and confounded together, that seek after my soul | to de---stroy it ; let them be driven backward, and put to rebuke, that

wish | me --- evil.

18 Let them be desolate, and --- rewarded -with shame : that say unto me, Fie upon thee, | fie

19 Let all those that seek thee be joy--fuland glad in thee ; and let such as love thy salvation say alway, The --- Lord

Lord | be --- praised. 20 As for me, I --- am | poor and needy : but the { Lord --- car | eth --

21 Thou art my : help--er | and re-:-deemer : make no long įtarry--ing,0 -- my God. GLORY BE TO

THE FA---THER, AND TO -- THE Son : AND { TO --- THE | Ho-'-LY GHOST;


· upon thee.

for me.

DAY VIII. Evening Praper.

PSALM XLI. Beatus qui intelligit.

BLESSED is he that considereth the poor and!

in time of -- trouble.

2 The Lord preserve him, and keep him alive, that he may be blessed up on --- · earth : and deliver not thou him into the will of his {en-emies.

3 The Lord comfort him, when he lieth sick upon his bed : make thou all his bed in his sick


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pe / rish?

4 I said, Lord, be merciful unto --

me : heal my soul, for I have sinned { a-'-gainst | thee. 5 Mine enemies speak evil of

me : When shall he die, and his name --

6 And if he come to see me, he speaketh | vani-:-ty : and his heart conceiveth falsehood within himself, and when he cometh forth he į tell---eth | it.

7 All mine enemies whisper together against -'me : even against me do they imagine { this --- evil.

8 Let the sentence of guiltiness proceed against :- him ; and now that he lieth, let him rise { up no | more.

9 Yea, even mine own familiar friend, whom I trust-:-ed : who did also eat of my bread, hath laid

for me. 10 But be thou merciful unto me, 10 raise thou me up again, and I shall'} re---ward them.

11 By this I know thou favour est --- me : that mine enemy doth not triumph a--gainst | me.

great { wait

Lord :

12 And when I am in my health, thou uphold | est -- me : and shalt set me before thy face { for

- ever. 13 Blessed be the Lord God of Is | ra---el : world without į end. Amen. GLORY BE TO THE FATHER, AND TO THE -:

Son : AND TO THE {Ho-'-LY | Ghost ;


A | MEN.

PSALM XLII. Quemadmodum.


now -'

4 99 LIKE as the hart desireth the wa | ter-1-brooks :

so longeth my soul after thee, -- 0 God. 2 My soul is athirst for God, yea, even for the

God : when shall I come to appear before the presence --

of God? 3 My tears have been my meat day | and night : while they daily say unto me, Where is

thy | God i 4 Now when I think thereupon, I pour out my heart by | my---self : for I went with the multitude, and brought them forth into the house -- of God;

5 In the voice of praise and thanks giv-:-ing : among such as keep {ho--ly | day.

6 Why art thou so full of heaviness, 0 | my soul : and why art thou so disquieted }with-:-in me?

7 Put thy trust | in God : for I will yet give him thanks for the help of his { coun--te | nance.

8 My God, my soul is vexed with | in -- me : therefore will I remember thee concerning the land of Jordan, and the little hill { of

Her | mon. 9 One deep calleth another, because of the noise of the water---pipes : all thy waves and storms are gone {0---ver | me.

E 10 The Lord hath granted his loving-kindness in the day--time : and in the night-season did I sing of him, and made my prayer unto the God { of

my | life.

il I will say unto the God of my strength, Why hast thou for gotten -- me : why go I thus heavily, while the enemy op{press---eth | me?

12 My bones are smitten asunder as with | a -sword : while mine enemies that trouble me cast me { in

the teeth ; 13 Namely, while they say daily un to -- me : Where is now -

thy God? 14 Why art thou so vexed, 0 | my --- soul : and why art thou so disquieted { with-:-in me?

15 0 put thy trust | in God : for I will yet thank him, which is the help of my countenance, į and GLORY BE TO THE FATHER, AND TO | THE --

Son : AND TO THE Į Ho-'-LY | Ghost;


- my God.

PSALM XLIII. Judica me, Deus.

LIVE sentence with me, O God, and defend my

cause against the ungodly peo--ple : 0 deliver me from the deceitful and { wick---ed | man.

2 For thou art the God of my strength, why hast thou put me | from thee : and why go I so heavily, while the enemy op{press---eth | me?

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