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2368 Sewel's English and Dutch, and Dutch and English Dic, . tionary, good copy, 78,

Amst. 1691 2369 Shaw's (Wm.) Analysis of the Gaelic Language, boards.. 6s

1778 2370 Smith's Universal Military Dictionary, plates, boards, 14s 2371 Tachard Lexicon Latino, Belgicum a Pitisco Vell. 8s

Amst. 1704 2372 Veneroni Dictionaire Italien et Francois et Francois et

:: Italien, 2 tom. neat, 188 -- Amst. 1729 2373 Vieyra Brevis Clara Facilis ac Jucunda Non Solum Ara

bicam Linguam, etc. boards, 145 Dub. 1789 2374 WILLMETI LEXICON LINGUÆ ARABICÆ IN CORANUM HARIRIUM ET VITAM TIMURI, new, boards, 14s

L. Bat. 1784 2375 Another Copy, half bound, russia back and corners, 10s Character of the above Work by Rev. Dr. A. Clarke, vide

his Bibliographical Dictionary, vol. vi. p. 329. .'" This is an accurate and excellent Work, containing an

- Explanation of all the words in the Koran, in

Schultens's Edition of Hariri, the most classical writer among the Arašians, and in Arab Shah's Life of Teemour. These three properly form the grand Arabic Classics in Theology, Rhetoric, and History, and afford the best Specimens of the different styles of the Arabic writers in these three departments of · Literature. This Lexicon serves in some sort as a

concordance to the Koran, as the surat and verse, in which the word explained occurs, are distinctly


2376 Walker's (I.) Critical Pronouncing Dictionary of the

.." English Language, neat, 18s one 1806

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MARS, &c.
In various Languages.

:: OCTAVO. 2377 ADAMS'S (Rev. J.) Pronunciation of the English Lan

guage Vindicated, boards, 3s 6d Edinb. 1799 . 2378 (Dr. A.) Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue, very good copy, 9s



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2379 Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary, abridged by Thomas, 2 vol. (vol. 1. wants title,) Os

1758 2380 - -- Latin Dictionary, abridged by Morell, 8s

ditto, rough calf, 78 2381 Ditto, last edition, new and neat, 14s ditto, in calf, 16s

1810 2382 Anti Dictionnaire Philosophique, 2 tom. neat, 6s

. Paris, 1775 2383 Ash's (Dr. J.) Dictionary of the English Language, 2 vol. scarce, 14s

. 1775 2384 Another Copy, 2 vol. in 1, imperfect, 9s 1775 2385 Another, fine copy, 2 vol. elegant, il 4s

1795 2386 Analecta Latina, good copy, ls 6d

1788 2387 Bailey's Universal Etymological English Dictionary, cuts, 2 vol. very neat, 14s

1724 2388 Another Copy, complete in 1 vol. little stained, neat, 4s 6d :

1751 2389 Another Copy, neat, 75 2390 Another Copy, enlarged by E. Harwood, good copy,

1790 2391 Barker's Hebrew and English Lexicon Improved, boards, 6s

1776 2392 Bachmair's Complete German Grammar, neat, 4s 1761 2393 Another Copy, 5s :

1753 2394 Another Copy, 2s 6d .

1753 2395 Beiler's German Grammar, good copy, 4 : 1736 2396 Baretti's Introduction to the most Useful European Languages, neat, 6s

1772 2397 --- - Spanish and English, and English and Spanish

Dictionary, 2 vol. neat, 18s' -- . 1807 2398 Another Copy, 2 vol. new and neat, 19 . . 1807 2399 Beattie's (Dr. J.) Theory of Language, boards, 4$ 6d 1788 2400 Bennet Grammatica Hebræa, good copy, 2s 6d 1731 2401 Bertrand Dictionnaire Universal Des Fossiles Propres,

etc. 2 tom. en 1. sewed, 3s - Haye, 1763 2402 Blanchard Lexicon Medicum Renovatum Esg, neat, vellum, 5s

L. Bat. 1756 2403 Blount's Glossographia; or, Dictionary of Hard Words, fair copy, 2s

1674 2404 Bibliotheca Elegantissima Parisina, boards, 3s 1790 2405 Bowles's Aristarchus; or, a Compendious and Rational

Institution of the Latin Tongue, half bound, 2s 6d 2406 Another good Copy, 3s

1748 2407 Boyer's French and English, and English and French Dicţionary, 3s 6d

. 1720 2408 Another Copy, by Prieur, good copy, 5s 6d 1807 2409, Ditto, last edition, by Salmon, new and neat, 11s 1809

2410 Brookes's General Gazetteer, maps, neat, 6s 1800 2411 Ditto, last edition, maps, new and neat, 11s-Ditto in calf, 13s

1812 2412 Browne's Union Dictionary, good copy, 55 1806 2413 Ditto, last edition, new and neat, 10s 6d-Ditto in calf, 12s

1810 2414 Buck's Theological Dictionary, last edition, 2 vol. new, in boards, il ls

1812 2415 BROWNE'S DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE, last edition, 2 vol. new, boards, 185

1812 2416 Builder's (The) Dictionary, plates, 2 vol, neat, 10s 6d 2417 Buxtorfi Thesauri Grammatici Linguæ Hebræ, wants

. title, and stained, neat, 4s 2418 Buffier's French Grammar, good copy, 1s 6d 1734 2419 Buxtorfi Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, new and neat, 13s ?.

Lond. 1646 2420 Barrow's Dictionarium Polygraphicum; or, Whole :: Body of Arts, 2 vol. plates, good copy, 165 1735 2421 Carey's (Dr. J.) Latin Prosody made Easy, boards, 5s 2422 Calmet's ( Rev. A.). Dictionnaire, Historique, Critique, . Chronologique, Geographique, et. Litteral De La Biblė, 6 tom. boards, 11 165

Tolouse, 1783 2423 Chambaud's Treasure of the French and English Lan

guages, 3 fair copies, ls 6d each 1781-90, & 96 2424 - -- French Grammar, 4 good copies, 1ş6d each

*1750-83, & 90 2425 - French and English Exercises, 4 good copies,

1 wants title, 1s and 1s 6d each - 1750-92, & 1806 2426 Castro's English and Portuguese, and Portuguese and i English Grammar, fair copy, 2s 6d.

1767 2427 Chappelow Elementa Linguæ Arabicæ, neat, 4s 6d 1730 2428 Coles's (E.) English and Latin, and Latin and English

Dictionary, good copy, 3s-Ditto 4s... 1749 2429 Crombie's (Rev. A.) Îreatise on the Etymology and

. Syntax of the English Language, new, boards, 6s 2429* Gymnasium sive Simbola Critica (sells at 21s) . 2 vol. boards, 16s

1812 2430 Comenii Janua Linguarum, Latin and English, plates, · 2s

1670 2431

- English, Latin, and Greek, plates, 2s

.. . 1670 2432

- Latinam, Germanicam, Gallicam, et Italicam, good copy, vellum, 2s 6d.


with the Miscellany or Supplement, containing a Chronological account, alphabetically arranged, of

the most curious, scarce, useful, and important
Books, in all departments of literature, which have
been published in Latin, Greek, and other foreign
languages, from the infancy of printing to the be-
ginning of the 19th century. With Biographical
Anecdotes of Authors, Printers, and Publishers;
including the whole of the fourth edition of Dr.
HARWOOD's View of the Classics, with innumerable
additions and amendments. To which is added, a
Supplement, containing an alphabetical account of all ..
the English Translations of the Greek and Roman
Classics, Ecclesiastical Writers, 84. 8c. Neatly
printed on fine paper, 8 vol. new, boards, 31 12s
1802 to 6-Ditto, new, extra bound, in brown
calf, 51

For a very high recommendation of the above, see the

Monthly Review and Christian Observer, 1806;

British Critic and Electric Review, May, 1807. 2434 CLARKE's BIBLIOGRAPHICAL MISCELLANY; or, Sup

plement io the Bibliographical Dictionary, containing
an account of the English Translations of all the
Greek and Roman Classics, and Ecclesiastical Wri.
ter's, with critical judgments on the merit of the
principal translations; an extensive list of Arabic and
Persian Grammars, Lexicons, and Elementary Trea-
tises, with a particular description of the principal
works of the best Arabic and Persian Prose and
Poetic Writers, whether printed or in MS. with such
translations of them as have been published, Cata-
logue of Authors, and their Works on Bibliography,
&c, By Adam Clarke, LL. D. 2 vol. extra boards,

. . . 1806
For an high character of the above, see the Eclectic Re-

: view and Christian Observer, 1807. 2135 Capper's Topographical Dictionary of the United King

dom, (with maps coloured, half bound, in a separate

vol.) (sells at 30s) new, boards, 11 59 - 1808 2436 Dawsoni Lexicon Novi Testamenti Græcam, neat, 7s 1805 2437 Ditto, last edition, new and neat, 9 - 1810 2438 Des Carriere's Essay on Pronouncing and Reading French, : boards, 2s

1787 2439 Dictionary of Merchandize and Nomenclature in all Lan

guages, new, boards, 4s 6d. - - 1803 2440 Dictionnaire Philosophique Portatif, neat, 4s 1765 2440*m

des Artistes, vol. 1. 3, & 4, neat, half bound, rare, 21s

. Lips. 1778 2441 Dowling's Elements, and Theory of the Hebrew Language, boards, 4s


2448 Freeweich "Glish and Welch

2442 Dowling's Elements and Theory of the Hebrew Language, half bound, 3s 6d

1797 2443 Duboille Manuel Lexique, ou Dictionaire Portatif, des

Mots Francois, 2 vol. very neat, 128 Paris, 1788 2444 Dyche’s English Dictionary, (wants title) bad copy,

2s 6d 2445 Ditto, last edition, new and neat, 8s

1794 2446 Elphinston's (J.) English Orthography Epitomized, boards, 2s

1790 2447 Evans's English and Welch Vocabulary--and Richards's 1. Welch Grammar, half bound, 3s Merthyr, 2448 Free's New and Complete Spelling Dictionary, good copy, 1s 6d

1808 2449 Feraud's New Spanish Grammar, good copy, 68 1809 2450 Galignani's Twenty-four Lectures on the Italian Language, boards, 3s 6d

1796 2451 Gibbon's (Dr. T.) Rhetoric; or, a View of its Principal

Tropes and Figures, half bound, russia, scarce, 75 1767 2452 Gordon's (P.) Geographical Grammar, maps, good copy;2s

1741 2453 Greek Exercises, (wants title ) boards, 2s 2454 Græcæ Grammaticæ Compendium, 1763, et Gramma.

tica Busbeiana, Græco, Latinæ, good copy, 2s 1766 2455 Another Copy, 2 vol. in 1, 38

1774 & 8 2456 Another Copy, 2 vol. in l, neat, 2s 6d - 1732 2457 Gradus ad Parnassum, neat, 5s

- 1802 2468 Ditto, new edition, corrected by A. Dickenson, new and neat, 108


Edinb. 1813 2459 Guthrie's Geographical, Historical, and Commercial

Grammar, maps, new and neat; 138 - 1802 2460 Ditto, last edition, new, boards, i6s-Ditto, bound, 18s --Ditto, calf, 20s

1812 2461 Grose's Provincial Glossary, new edition, new, boards, 78

1812 2462 HEBREW GRAMMAR, (The) with principal Rules,

particularly adapted to Bythner's Lyra Prophetica, and with complete Paradigms of the Verbs, and an elegant Engraving of the Hebrew Alphabet, by Caleb Ashworth, D. D. new edition ( being the 4th ) carefully revised, corrected, and enlarged by T. Yeates, All Soul's College, Oxford, neatly printed

on fine paper, 8vo. sewed, 3s 2463 Ditto, neat, half bound, roan back, 58 -- 1813 P. $. “ The above Grammar is used in several Academies,

also, in the Universities of Scotland, &c. . 2464 Hadley's (Captain G.) Grammatical Remarks, and Vo

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