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1379 Peart's Generation of Animal Heat Investigated, boards,

Is fid — 1788

1380 Another Copy, stained, Is 1788

1381 Panieter's Observations on Maniacal Observations,

boards, Is — — 1792

1382 Physical (A) Dissertation on Drowning, plate, sewed, Is


1383 Pott's (P.) Remarks on a Fistula in Ano, sewed, Is


1384 Treatise on the Hydrocele, or Watry Rupture, plate, boards, 2s 6d 1773

1385 Prinze's (Dr. J.) Observations on the Diseases of the

Army, good copy, 5s 1 1753:

1386 Another Copy, neat, 5s 6d 1761

1387 Another Copy, neat, 7s — — 1775

1388 Paul on Artificial Mineral Waters, sewed, Is 1802

1389 Robertson's Observations on Jail, Hospital, and Ship

Fevers, boards, 3s 1789

1390 Roberton's Practical Treatise on the Powers of Cantha

rides, boards, 2s 6d — 1806

1391 Rowley's Treatise on Female, Nervous, Hysterical, &c.

Diseases, boards, 4s 1788

1392 on One Hnndred and Eighteen Diseases of the Eyes and Eye-lids, boards, 3s 6d


1393 Roupee's (Dr, L.) Observations incidental to Seamen,

boards, 2s — — 1772

1394 Reece's (R.) Family Dispensatory, sewed. Is 1802

1395 Domestic Medical Guide, boards, 2s 6d


1396 Reid's (Dr. J.) Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Pre

vention, and Treatment of Consumption, (sells at 6s) new, boards, 3s 6d 1806

1397 Relph (Dr. J.) on the Medical Efficacy of a new Species

of Peruvian Bark, boards, stained, Is 1794

1398 Rymer's Treatise upon Indigestion, &c. boards, stained,

Is — — 1789

1399 Another Copy, boards, Is 6d 1789

1400 Rush's (Dr. B.) Account of the Bilious Remitting Yellow

Fever, boards, 2s 6d — Philadelphia, 1794

1401 Ryan's (Dr. M.) Observations on the History and Cure

of the Asthma, boards, 2s ■— 1793

1402 Ruspini (B.) on the Teeth, sewed, Is — 1784

1403 Reece's (Dr. Richard) Practical Treatise on the Varieties

of Pulmonary Consumptions and Asthma, with Observations on Cancer, (sells at 5s) new, boards, 2s 6d 1404 Reece's (Dr. Richard) Outlines of a New System of the

Practice of Physic and Medical Surgery, (sells at 12s, new, boards, 6s 1810

1405 Smellie's Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Mid

wifery. 2 vol. neat, 4s 1756

1406 Storck> (Dr.) Essay on the Medicinal Nature of Hem

lock, sewed, Is ■ 1760

1407 Stevenson on the Morbid Sensibility of the Eye, &c.

boards. Is 6d 1811

1408 Smith (Dr. H.) on the Mineral Spring at NewTunbridge

Wells, sewed, 6d

1409 Smyth's (Dr. J. C.) Description of the Jail Distemper,

boards, 2s 6d 1795

1410 Another Cop\, neat, 3s — — 1795

1411 Sheldrake's Useful Hints to those afflicted with Rupture*,

boards, 2s 1804

1412 Saunders's (Dr. W.) on Diseases of the Liver, boards,

2s 6d — — 1795

1412'. on the Superior Efficacy of the Red

Peruvian Bark in Fever, 4th edition, sewed, Is 6d each — — — 1783

1413 Scott's (Dr. J.) Inquiry into the Origin of the Gout,

sewed, Is — — 1780

1414 Struve on the Physical Education of Children, by Wil

lich, boards, 3s — — 1800

1415 Sharp on the Operations of Surgery, with Description

of the Instruments, and plates, 2s — 1747

1416 Salmon's Compendium cf Physic, Chirurgery, and Ana

tomy, portrait, 2s 6d — 1681

1417 Sutherland on the Nature and Qualities of Bristol Water,

boards. Is 6d — — 1788

1418 Smith's (Dr. W.) Dissertation on the Nerves, boards,

2s 6d — — 1768

1419 Turner's (D.) Practical Dissertation on the Venereal

Disease, portrait, neat, 2s 1737

1420 Discourse concerning Fevers, portrait,

Is 6d 1732

1421 Ancient Physician's Legacy, neat, 2s


1422 Thomson's (F.) Essay on Scurvy, boards, 2s 1790

1423 (Dr. T.) System of Chemistry, 5 vol. boards,

116s" 1807

1424 Tissot's Practical Observations on the Small Pox, Apo

plexy, &c\ sewed, Is 1772

1425 Advice to People in general with regard to their

, Health, neat, 3s 6d , 1764

1426 Another Copy, half bound, 2s 6d — 1766

1427 TRACTS—viz. Henry's Letter to Glass, 1774—Cado

gan on the Gout, 1771—and 2 others, half bound. Is 6d 1771, &c

1428 . Robertson Disputio Medica Inauguraris,

2 parts, 1792—and 4 others, half bound, Is 6d

1429 ——— Higgins's Syllabus of a Course of Che

mistry, 1778—Dobson on Fixed Air, 1779—and 5 others, plates, half bound, Is 6d — 1778, &c.

14S0 Flemyng on the Nature of Nervous

Fluid, 1751—and Some's Case of receiving the
Small Pox by Inoculation, half bound, Is 1750, &c.

1431 Fothergill's Account of a Sore Throat,

1748^Reid on Tar Water, 1747—Sloane on Sore Eyes—and 6 others, half bound, 2s

1432 Pearson on Artificial Buxtom Water—

Saunders on Red Peruvian Bark—Turner on .Ether —and 3 others, half bound, 2s 6d 1785, &c.

1433 Campbell's Hermippus Redivi

Vius; or, Sage's Triumph over Old Age, &c, 1744—• Theory of Acute and Slow Fevers—and 1 other, neat, 3s 6d 1744, &c.

1434 . .— Wilson's Medical Researches, 1776—

Reid's Essay on the Nature and Cure of the Phthisis
Pulmonalis," half bound, 2s — 1776, &c.

1435: De Saguliers on Electricity, plate—

Watson on Electricity—Frcke on Electricity—and 2 others on Flectricity, half bound, 2s 1742, &c.

1436 Underwood's Treatise on Ulcers in the Legs, boards, 2s


1437 Van Swieten's Commentaries upon Aphorisms of Bcer

haave, vol. 15, 16, 17, and 18, boards, 8s 1773

1438 Vaccinae Vindicia; or, Dr. Rowley completely Refuted,

3 parts, sewed, Is — — 1806

1439 White's Treatise on Struma, or Scrofula, sewed, Is


1440 Another Copy, sewed, Is 6d — 1794

1441 White's Inquiry into the Swelling in the Lower Extre

mities of Lying-in Women, boards, Is 6d 1784

1442 Waddington's Metaphysic of Man; or, the Pure Part of

the Physiology of Man, plates, boards, 2s 6d 1806

1443 Woodville's (Dr. W.) Reports of a Series of Inoculations

for the Cow Pox, sewed, Is — 1799

1444 Wilson's Medical Researches, boards, Is 6d 1776

1445 Course of Chemistry, very neat, 2s 1771

1446 Whytt's Observations on the Nature of Nervous Hypo

chondraic Disorders, half bound, Russia, 5s 1766

1447 Another Copy, neat, 5s 6d 1767

1448 Watson's Experiments on Electricity, sewed, Is 1748

1449 Walker's (Dr. R.) Inquiry into the Small Pox, Medical

and Political, boards,' 2s 6d 1790

1450 Webster's History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases,

2 vol. 5s" 1799

1451 Withering's (Dr. W.) Account of the Scarlet Fever and

Sore Throat, boards, Is 6d — 1793

1452 Wilkinson on the Effects of Electricity, boards, Is 6d


1453 Wooffendale's Practical Observations on the Human

Teeth, boards, 2s 1783

1454 Watson's (Dr. R.) Plan of a Course of Chemical Lectures,

LAH6E Paper, sewed, Is 6d — 1771

1455 Warner's Description of the Human Eye, sewed. Is 6d


1456 Wathen on the Theory and Cure of the Cataract, sewed,

Is 6d • 1785

1457 Willich (Dr. A. M.) Lectures on Diet and Regimen,

boards, 4s 6d — — 1799

1458 Wilkinson's Elements of Galvinism, with plates, (sells

at 11 Is, boards) 2 vol. new, boards, 12s

1459 Young's (Dr. G.) Treatise on Opium, neat, 2s 6d 1753

1460 (S.) Inquiry into the Nature and Action of

Cancer, boards, 2s 6d — ISOf1

1461 (Robert) Essay on the Powers and Mechanism

of Nature, cuts, boards, 2s —— -' 1783

1461*Ganiett's Experiments and Observations on the Crescent Water at Harrowgate, sewed, 9d 1791




1462 AIKIN's (C. R.) Concise View of all the most Important

Facts concerning the Small Pox, plate, boards. Is 8d


1463 Ambercrombie's Complete Forcing Gardener, neat, 2s


1464 Abdeker on the Art of preserving Beauty, sewed, 2s 175A

1465 Bell's (George) Treatise on the Cow Pox, new, boards, , ■ Is 6d — — 1802

1466 Ditto, second edition, new, boards, 2s 6d — 1801 1467 Bell's (Charles) System of Dissections, explaining the

Anatomy of the Human Body, 2 vol. (published at 12s) new, boards, 8s — 1809

1468 Berkenhout's Botanic Lexicon, good copy, 2s 1764 1460 Blair's (W.) Soldier's Friend, &c. on the Preservation

and Recovery of their Health, boards, 2s 6d 1803

1470 Buxton's (Dr. J.) Essay on the Use of a regulated

Temperature in Winter Cough and Consumption, boards, 2s 1810

1471 Blegborough's (Dr. R.) Facts and Observations respect

ing the Air Pump and Vapour Bath in Gout, Ac. boards, 2s 180a

1472 Blizard's (William) Lecture on the Large Blood Vessels,

&c. boards, Is - 1798

1473 Berlu's Treasury of Drugs Unlocked, sewed, Is 6d


1474 Another Copy, interleaved with MS. Additions, neat, 3s


1475 Ball's New Compendious Dispensatory, good copy, Is 3d


1476 Boyle's (R.) Sceptical Chymist; or, Chymico-Physical

Doubts and Paradox* s, neat, 2s — 1661 i3,476*Bowden's Poetical Introduction to the Study of Botany, •s 2d edition, (sells at 10 6d) cuts coloured, ntw, boards, ^ 8s 1812

1477 Carey's Account of the Plague, or Malignant Fever, in

Philadelphia, sewed, 6d 1794

1478 Chirac's and Fize's Chirurgical Dissertations, good copy,

Is 3d — — 1750

1479 Cole's (Dr. W.) Physico-Medical Lssay on Apoplexies

Is 1689

J480 Cooke's Complete English Gardener—and Brookes's Complete English Cook, 2 vol. in 1, Is od

1481 Culpepper's (N.) Art of Chemistry, portrait, Is 6d


1482 —- Medicaments for the Poor, 2s 1656

1483 —. Last Legacy, bindmg bad, scarce, 3s


1484 Another Copy, neat, 3s 6d 1662

1485 Culpepper's (N.) School of Physick, neat, scarce, 6s

v 1678

..I486 , Herbal, new and enlarged edition, by

Parkins, new, boards, 5s

1487 Complete Herbal of Physical Plants, neat, 2s 6d 1707

1488 Curtis's (W.) Catalogu ' of Plants in the London Botanic

Garden, boards, Is 6d —- 1783

.1489 Dover * Ancient Physician's Legacy, good copy, 2s 1733

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