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12215 Sparrow's Rationale; or, Practical Exposition of the

Book of Common Prayer, frontispiece, neat, 2s 6d

12216 Stocker's Pharmacopce Officinalis Brittannicum, &c.

boards, 5s 1810

1221*7 Struve's Asthenology; or, the Art of preserving Feeble Life, &c. by Johnston, boards, 7s — 1801

12218 Schrevelii Lexicon, caret tit. good copy, 4s 6d

12219 Septenchen's (Le Clerc de) Religion of the Ancient

Greeks Illustrated, boards, 2s 6(1 — 1788

12220 Sharp on the Etymology and Scripture Meaning of the

Hebrew Words Elohim and Berith, sewed, "2s 1751

12221 Sheridan's Lectures on the Art of Reading, neat, 5s

12222 Lectures on Elocution, neat, 5s 6d 1781

12223 Sibly's Medical Mirror, &c. portrait and plates, boards,

3s 6d 1800

12224 Small's Account of the Astronomical Discoveries of

Kepler, boards, 4s 1804

12225 Smeaton's Experimental Enquiry concerning the Na

tural Powers of Wind and Water.Mills, &c. plates, boards, scarce, 9s — — 1796

12226 Sophoclis Tragcediae, Gr. et Lat. a Johnson, 2 tom.

neat, 9s 1737

12227 Stanyan's Grecian History, plates, 2 vol. neat, 12s


12228 Slatii Opera, elegant, 15s — Biponti, 1735

12229 Stirling's Florus, neat, 4s 1738

12230 Another Copy, 2s 1738

12231 Corderii Colloquiorum, neat, 2s 6d 1738

12232 Phaedri Fabulae, 3s— Ditto, neat, 4s 1775, &c.

12233 Stradling's Sermons and Discourses, good copy, Is 6d

12234 Styles's Sermons on various Subjects, new, boards, 10s


12235 Suetonii Opera in Usum Delphini, neat, 6s 1718

12236 Suckling's Fragmenta Aurea; or, Collection of his

Poems, fine portrait, neat, 7s — 1646

12237 Syer's Treatise on the Management of Infants, boards,

5s 1812

12238 Symons's Practical Gager; or, the Young Gager's As

sistant, neat, 2s 1754

12239 Specimens of Caslon's Printing Types, 3s 6d

12240 Sum and Substance of the Conference at Hampton

Court with the Bishops and Clergy, and the King, by by Dr. Barlow, Dean of Chester, sewed, Is 6d

12241 Taylor's Scripture Doctrine of the Atonement Examined,

sewed, Is 1751

12242 Terenti Comcediae in Usum Delph. good copy, 4s 6d

12243 Thomson's Seasons, by Aikin, plates, very neat, 6s

12244 Thompson's Travels in the Holy Land, &c. plates, 3

vol. very neat, 15s • 1744 12245 Trapp's Explanatory Notes upon the Four Gospels,

neat, 5s 6d 1805

12246 Tuke's General View of the Agriculture of the North

Riding of Yorkshire, map, sewed, 4s — 1800

12247 TRACTS, viz. Essay toward the Proof of a separate

State of Souls, &c.—Abrabanel's Complaint of the
Children of Israel, &c.—Review of the Proposed
Naturalization of the Jews, &c.—and Christianity
and Deism Stated, in 1 vol. half bound, 3s 1753, &c.

12248 — Bradbury's 10 Sermons on the Power of

Christ overPlagues, &c. 1724—Anderson's Sermons on the Death of William Lorimer, 1724—Cummiugs's Sermon on the Death of Benj. Robinson, 1724—and Ridgley's Essay concerning Truth and Charity, in 1 vol. good copy, 2s 6d — 1721, &c.

12249 God's Love to his Creatures Asserted

and Vindicated—R. Winter's Sermon on the Death of J. Winter—Flexman's Sermon on the Death of Amory, &c.—Three Sermons on Parental Duties—The last Message and dying Testimony of H. Harris, Esq.— Edwards on the Eternity of Hell Torments, "&c.— Toplady's More Work for Mr. J. Wesley, and 2 others, in 1 vol. boards, 3s 6d — 1772, &c.

12250 Hobbs's State of Nature Considered,

1696—and 5 others on the same Subject, in 1 vol. neat, 2s 6d — — 1690

12251 -— Toplady's Free Thoughts on the Appli

cation for the Abolition of Ecclesiastical Subscrip. tions—Stennett's Account of the late Application of the Dissenting Ministers to Parliament—Debates on the Repeal of Ihe Corporation and Test Acts, March 2, 1790, and 3 others, in 1 vol. half bound, 2s 6d

12252 relating to America—some, very scarce, relating to the Revolution, printed in America, half bound, 9s — — 1774, &c.

12253 Udal ap Rhy's Account of the most Remarkable Places

and Curiosities in Spain and Portugal, half bound,

uncut, 3s 1749

12253*Underwood's Treatise upon Ulcers of the Legs, boards, 2s — — 1783

12254 Vega's (De la) Isabel, and other Poems, boards, Is 6d

12255 Velleii Paterculi Historae Romanae, cura Rulm Keni,

Editio Opt. 2 tom, neat, 11 8s L. Bat. 1779

12256 Vincent's Cure of Distractions in attending upon God,

&c. Is — — 1695

12257 ViUe Passionis et Mortis Jesu Christi Domini Nostri

Mysteria, &c. cum figuris, a Bolsewert, very neat, 7s — — Antwerp, 1622 12258 Vita c J. Barvvick. Chart. Max. very neat, 3s 6;11721

12259 Volney's Ruins of Empires, with the Law of Nature,

frontispiere, boards, 4s — 1801

12260 Voyage to the East Indies, in 1747 and 8, plates, very

neat, 3s 6d — — 1762

12261 Wainewrithl's Mechanical Account of Non-Naturals, • &c. hclf bound, Is :■ ■ 1722

12262 Walchii Bihliotheca Theologica Selecta, 2 tom, boards,

lis ' — —" Jence, 1757

12263 Walker's Sermons on Practical Subjects, 3 vol. neat, 12s


12264 Rhyming, Spelling, and Pronouncing Dictionary, neat, 6s 1 — — 1775

12265 Walton's Complete Angler, by Hawkins, plates, neat, 9s

12266 Well's Historical Geography of the Old Testament,

maps and plates, 4 vol. neat, 11 4s — 1721

12267 West's Guide to the Lakes, plate, boards, 4s 1784

12268 Whitby's Dissertatio de S. Scripturarum, &c. neat, 2s 6d

12269 Discourse of the Love of God, neat, 3s 1697

12270 Whitefield's Letters, portrait, 3 vol. boards, scarce, 11 Is # 1772

12271 Whitlocke's Essays, Ecclesiastical and Civil, geed copy,

Is6d — — 1706

12272 Wilson on Fines and Recoveries, neat, 3s 1793

12273 Winchester's Dissertation on the 17th Article of the

Church of England, sewed, ,Is 6d' —' 1803

12274 Process and Empire of Christ, &c. boards,

3s 6d • .—' '— > 1793

12275 Wood's Essay towards a Description of Bath, plates, 2

vol. neat, 14s . — —' 1749

12276 Zosimi Historia, &c. Gr. et. Lat. Notis Var. et Cellari,

1079—et Eutropii, Gr. et. Lat. a Cellari, 2 tom, en l,. neat, vellum, 6s Cizee, 1779

12277 Recuil de Deux Cent, figures, des Statutes, Sec. en Ver

sailles grave, par Toumassin, new and neat, (wants title) 12s


12278 ANDREWS's Scripture Doctrine of Divine Grace, Is 6d

12279 Apology for the Life of Geo. Anne Bellamy, plates, 5

vol. neatly half bcund, 12s 1786

12280 Art of Catechising; or, the Compleat Catechist, frontis

piece, good copy, Is 6d 1691

.12281 Ariosto's Satires, neat, 2s 6d — 1759

12282 Asheton's Conference with an Anabaptist concerning

Infant Baptism, &c. good copy, Is — 1095

12283 Aulus Gellus, Noctes Atticae, cura II. Stephani, very

neat, 4s ■. Francof, 1624 12284 Believer's Duty towards the Spirit, and the Spirit's Office

towards Believers, good copy, Is 6d — 1665

12285 Berchetum Elementari Traditio Christianorum, Fidei

aut Catechismus, Gr. et Lat. neat, 2s 6d Han. 1604

12286 Bickham's Curiosities of Kensington, Hampton Court,

and Windsor, plates, half bound, uncut, 2s

12287 Blackmore's (Sir R.) Creation,' a Poem, neat, Is 1718

12288 Book (The) of Bertram concerning the Body and Blood

of Christ, good copy, Is 6d • 1686

12289 BrerewoodV Enquiries touching the Diversity of Lan• guaSes and Religions through the World, half bound,

Is 6d " '' -—! 1674

12290 Brown's (John) Christ the Way, and the Truth, and the.

Life, neat, 2s 6d • Edinb. 1740

12291 Browne's (M.) Works and Rest of the Creation, neat, 2s

12292 Casa's Refined Courtier; or, the Necessary Accom

- plisliments of compleat Gentleman, neat, 2s 6d 1707 • 12293 Compleat Courtier, &c. mat, 3s 1700

12294 Cave's (Miss J.) Poems, portrait, boards, 2s 1783

12295 Celsii de Medicina cura Almeloveen, new and neat, 3s

12296 Christ and the Covenant, the Work and Way of Medita

tion, Is 6d '' 1667

12297 Ciceronis de Rhetorica, fair copy, 2s 6d R. Step. 1544

12298 — Oratore ad Q. Fratrem, half bound, uncut,

2s . Glasg. 1749

12299 Cleveland's Poetical and other Works, containing the

Rustick, Rampant, his Life, &c. good copy, 3s 1687

12300 Collection (A) of Loyal Songs, written against the

- Hump Parliament, from 1639 to 1661, 2 vol. good . copy, scarce, 14s . 1731

12301^ (A Choice) of Original Essays on various

. * ' - ., and entertaining Subjects, 2 vol. in 1, half bound, 2s

12302 Copywell's Shrubs of Parnassus, good copy, 2s 1700

12303 Cosens's Economy of Beauty, good copy, 2s Dub. 1777 123D4 Danvers's Sober Reply to Mr. Will's Answer to a late

'' 4 Treatise of Baptisme, good copy. Is 6d - 1675

12305 Derham's Astro-Theology; or, a Demonstration of the

Being and Attributes of God, plates, Is 6d 1755

12306 Diurnal Readings, being Lessons for every Day in the

Year, good copy, 3s 1812

12307 Donne's (Dr. J.) Poems, with Elegies on his Death, good

copy, 2s 6d 1639"

12308 Edinburgh Musical Miscellany; or, a Collection of the

most approved Songs set to Music, neat, 3s 1792

12309 Erskine's Gospel Sonnets; or, Spiritual Songs, neat, 3s

12310 Essays Read to a Literary Society within the College at

Glasgow, sewed, Is 6d 1759

12311 Ewing's Rudiments of the Greek Language shortly Il

lustrated, neat, 3s —— 1801

12312 Parmer's Essay on the Demoniacs of the New Testament,

boards, 3s 1805

12313 Faucheurs Sermons sur les Actes des Apostres, tom. 1

and 4, 2s Geneve, 1664

12314 Five (The) Days Debate at Cicero's House iu Tusculum,

good copy, Is 1683

12315 Fleming's Mirrour of Divine Love Unveiled, frontis

piece, good copy, 2s 6d. 1691

12316 Another, good copy, neat, 3s . 1691

12317 Flavel's Husbandry Spiritualized; or, the Heavenly Use

of Earthly Things, neat, 3s 1760

12318 Fortescue's Learned Commendation of the Politique

Lawes of England, Latin and English, by Mulcaster, Black Letter, good copy, vellum, 2s 6d

12319 Gattel's English and Spanish, and Spanish and English

Pocket Dictionary, 2 vol. sewed, 8s Paris, 1803

12320 George (A. St.) Archdeacon's Examination of the Can

didates for Holy Orders, neat, 3s 6d — 1790

12321 Goldsmith's Poetical Works, plates, very neat, 3s 6d

12322 Gordon's Mathematical Miscellany, good copy, 2s 1751

12323 Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianae, neat, 3s 6d

12324 's Annals and History of the Low Countrey

Warrs, by Manley, neat, 3s 6d — 1665

12325 Halls's (Bp.) Christian Moderation, good copy, Is 6d

12326 Hayley's Essay on History, Is 6d — Dub. 1782

12327 Hervey's Aspasio Vindicated, and the Scripture Doctrine

of imputed Righteousness Defended against J. Wesley, neat, 3s 6d . 1764

12328 History of the long Captivity and Adventures of T.

Pellow in Barbary, fair copy, 2s

12329 History of Julius Caesar, translated from Plutarch, good

copy, Is • 1771

12330 Hoard's Soule's Miserie and Recoverie, neatly half

bound, 2s 6d 1636

12331 Horatii cura Min-ellii, neat, 2s ;1726

12332 Epistolae, &c. with English Commentary and

Notes, by Hurd, 3 vol. neat, 9s — 1766

12333 Horace, Latin and English, by Creech, portrait, 2 vol.

in 1, very neat, 4s 1718

12334 Intriguing (The) Milliners and Attornies Clerks, a Mock

Tragedy, &c. 2s 6d 1738

12335 Jure's Holy Life of M. D. Renty, portrait, 2s 1658

12336 Jennings's Disquisitions of several Subjects, neat, 2s

12337 Keith's Treatise on the Use of the Globes, good copy,

2s 6d 1808

12338 Knox's Essays, Moral and Literary, sewed, 2s 6d 1779

12339 Lactantii Divinarum Instutionum, a Dalyrmple, boards,

Is 6d 1777

12340 Leeds (The) Guide, frontispiece, boards, 2s - 1806

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