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rative of the late Dreadfull Plague and Fire, in 1605 and 1666, neatly half bound, 5s

1667 11776 Venn's (A.) Wise Virgin's Lamp Burning; or, God's Sweet Incomes of Love, neat, 4s

1658 11777 Veron's (John) Fruteful Treatise of Predestination, and

of the Deuyne Providence of God, &c. BLACK LETTER, stained, elegant, in brown calf, marbled

leaves, 10s 6d Imprinted by T. Disdale, (no date) 11778 Vernon's Life of Dr. P. Heylin, frontispiece, neat, 2s 60

leaves. En, staine Provideatise of Prana


11779 Voice (The) of One crying in the Wilderness, &c. 2s

1667 11780 Voyce out of the Wilderness, crying with many Tears,

&c.--An Advertisement to Queen Elizabeth, &c.and a briefe Exposition of the 11th, 12th, and 13th Chapters of the Revelations, 3 vol. in 1, good copies, 4s 6d

1651 11781 Wagstaffe's Question of Witchcraft Debated, neatly half bound, 4s

. 1671 11782 Walsingham's Arcana Aulica; or, Manuel of Maxims

-and. Sir R, Naunton's Fragmenta Regalia, neat, 5s 6d


11783 Walton's (I.) Complete Angler ; or, the Contempla

tive Man's Recreation, cuts, fine copy, elegant russsia

extra, marbled leaves, scarce, il 15s - 1676 11784 Warning (A) against Popery, being an Account of the

late Conversion of Mr. I, Barvill, alias Barton, good copy, 3s

1713 11785 Ward's Philosophicall Essay towards an Eviction of the Being and Attributes of God, &c. good copy, 2s

Oxford, 1655 11786 Ward's (Ned) Nuptial Dialogues and Debates; or,

the Felicities and Discomforts of a Marry'd Life, in

· verse, 2 vol. neat, scarce, 10s.6d - 1759 11787 Warwick's (A.) Spare-Minutes; or, Resolved Medi

tations and Premeditated Resolutions, frontispiece by Clarke, 1634, and D'Lupton's Objectorum Reductio; or, Daily Employment for the Soule, 2 vol. in 1,

vellum, 43 11788 Webbe's Practise of Quietness, frontispiece, good copy, 1s 6d

1633 11789 Way (The) to Promotion; or, the Young Man's Guide

to Preferment, good copy, 1s 6d - 1682 11790 Whittel's Pull Account of the Wonderful Providences

and Unparrallell’d Successes that have attended William III. neat, gilt leaves, 3s 6d

1693 11791 Whitgifte's Defence of the Ecclesiasticall Regiment in


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England, defaced by T. C. in his Replie to D'Whitgifte, BLACK LETTER, fine copy, 6s.

Imprinted by H. Bynneman, 1574 11792 Willan's Astrea; or, True Love's Mirrour, a Pastoral, fine portrait by Cross, neatly half bound, scarce,

- 1651 11793 Wingate’s Britton, BLACK LETTER, good copy, neat,

1640 11794 Wit's Interpreter, the English Parnassus, &c. &c. imperfect at the end, dirty, 4s

1671 11795 Withers's (George) Echoes from the Sixth Trumpet

Reverberated, by a Review of Neglected Remembranıces, &c. good copy, scarce, 18s

Imprinted in the Year Lord have Mercie upon us !!! 11796

- Abuses Stript and Whipt; or, Satyrical Essaies, good copy, scarce, 18s -- 1613 11797

--- Another Copy, wants title, and imperfect, 6s 11798

am Speculum Speculavitum; or, a Considering Glass, wants title, 7

1660 11799

- Juvenilia, a Collection of those Poems which were heretofore written, frontispiece imperfect and dirty, 10s

. 1633 11800 Wodernote's Hermes Theologus; or, a Divine Mercurie

Dispacht, with a Grave Message of New Descants

upon Old Records, curious frontispiece, 4s. 1649 11801 Woolley's (H.) Gentlewoman's Companion; or, a Guide

to the Female Sex, portrait, neat, 3s 6d 1673 · 11802 Wolseley's (Sir C.) Unreasonableness of Atheism made Manifest, good copy, 2s

1675 11803 -- Mount of Spirits, &c. good copy, 3s

1691 11805 Wood's (L.) Florus Anglicus ; or, an Exact History

of England, from William the Conqueror to the Death of Charles I. portrait by Stent, fine impression, fine copy, elegant in russia, extra marbled leaves, very scarce, 1l 4s

1657 11806 Wnite's (Thomas) 2 Sermons, preached at Pawle's Cross,

Dec. 9, 1576, and Nov. 17, 1589, BLACK LETTER, neatly half bound, 58

Imprinted by F. Caldock, 1578, &c. 11807 Wild's Iter Borealeale, and other Select Poems, new and

neatly half bound, in russia, scarce, 6s 1671 11808 White's Compendious View of the late Tumults and

Troubles in this Kingdom, by Way of Annals, from the 30th to the 36th of Charles II. neatly half bound,


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11809 Woodward's Fair Warnings to a Careless World, curious plates, good copy, 3s

, 1736 11810 Worthies of the World; or the Lives of the most Heroick Greeks and Romans, portraits, good copy, neat,,

1665 11811 Yearwood's Penitent Murderer, being an Exact Narra

rative of the Life and Death of N. Butler, after he had murdered I. Knight, good copy, scarce, 4s 6d

1657 11812 Young's Compendious History for the promoting of

Seriousness, Knowledge, and Mirth, good copy, scarce, 4s 6d

1702 11813 Zanchius his Confession of Christian Religion, fair copy, 4s 6d

Camb. 1599 11814 Zouch's Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England

Asserted, &c. good copy, scarce, 5s - 1663



TWELVES..' 11815 AVVERTIMENTI di Erasto Opera Dotta et Morale,

neatly half bound, russia, 4s 6d Venetia, 1583 11816 Buchlari Phrasium Poeticarum Thesaurus, good copy, 2s

1679 11817 Castilionis Comitis de Curiali, sive Aulico, a Clarke, good copy, 2s

1612 11818 Hugo's Pia Desideria, curious cuts, neat, 3s Lutet. 1670 11819 Homo Disce Mori et Lege, Quid Reuelattibi, Spiritus

Sanctus in Agone Personarum 130, &c. many portraits and curious cuts, fine copy, elegant brown calf,

marbled leaves, very scarce, il 1s Hamb. 1593 11820 Marcello de Vita Moribus et Rebus Gestis, Omnium

Ducum Venetorum, Qui Jam Inde, a Constituta Ip

sorum Republica, $c. wood cut, portraits, new and " neat, 6s

1574 11821 Milton's Literæ Pseudo-Senatus Anglicani Cromwellii, &c. good copy, 2s

1676 11822 - Artis Logicæ, Plenior Institutio, ad Petri Rami,

portrait by Dolle, good copy, 2s - 1672 11823 Mirabilis Liber, Qui Prophetias Revelationes, &c. BLACK

LETTER, neat, 3s 6d Early printed at Paris, no date

11824 Novissima Tuba Libellus, in Sex Dialogos, Apprime,

i, Christianos, Digestus, vellum, Is 6d - 1632 11825 Oweni (I.) Epigrammatum, 2s 6d - Lond. 1668

11826 Perrot Traite de la Mignature, 1s 6d - Paris, 1693 ,"11827 Segrais Zayde Historie Espagnole, par Huet, 2s

Paris, 1670 11828 Thorio Hymnus Tabaci, 1626–Honteri Rudimentorum

Cosmographicorum, curious maps, 1581-et Rosseai : Virgilius Evangelisans, &c. in 1 vol. neat, 3s 6d

• 1581, &c.


FOLIO. 11829. HILL's Vegetable System; or, the Internal Structure

and Life of Plants, plates, finely coloured after Nature, by the Author, 26 vol. in 13, neatly half bonnd, · very scarce, 501

1773 11830 A Collection of Dutch Embassys, Voyages, and Travels,

viz. Baldæus, in Malabar-Cormandel, and CeylonNieuhof's Embassy to the Great Cham of Tartary, and to China-Nieuhof's Brasils-Montanus's South America-Montanus's Japan, &c.-Dapper's Morea, Gulf of Venice, &c.—Dapper's Africa–Dapper's Islands in the Archipelago-Dapper's China, and Dapper's Asia, 3 vol.-in all, 12 vol. in Dutch, con.

taining a vast number of fine plates of the Costumes, · Habits, &c. &c. of the different Countries, fine old copy, 101 10s

Amst. 1672, &c. 11831 Ammianus's Marcellinus's Roman Historie, &c. by Holland, good copy, 6s .

1609 11832 Baxter's (R.) Works, vol., 1, 2, and 3, 41 4s 11833 Beaumont's Travels through the Rhætian Alps, in 1786,

fine plates, boards, scarce, il 16 - 1792 11834 Bailey's Advancement of Arts, Manufactures, and Com

merce; or, Description of useful Machines, &c. many plates, boards,

-- , 1776 11835 Biblia Sacra Tremelii et Junii, binding bad, 75 6d

Geneva, 1617 11836 Bible, (Holy) large print, BLACK LETTER, last leaf


and half made up with MS. neatly written, otherwise in fair condition, 1l 1s

1617 11837 Blair's ( Rev. J.) Chronology and History of the

World, maps, fine copy, in rough cals, scarce,

41 14s 6d '11838 Booth's Law of Real Actions, 6s

1704 11839 Brisbane's Anatomy of Painting, plates, boards, 10s 6d

1769 11840 Brown's (Sir Thomas) Works, neat scarce, 168 1686 11841 Budæo Commentarii Linguæ Græcæ, Gr. et Lat. neatly half bound, russia, 14s

Colon. 1530 11842 Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 3 vol. not uniform,

a few leaves in.vol. 3 stained, portrait, il 4s 1702 11843 Clark's Marrow of Ecclesiastical History, portraits, new

and neatly 'half bound, 18s 6d - 1675 11844 Cooperi Thesaurus, Latin and English, very neatly half bound in russia, il 6s

1573 11845 Cowel's Interpreter of Words and Terms used in Com

mon and Statute Law, good copy, 3s 6d 1701 11846 Diodorus Sicilus Historical Library, by Booth, neat, very scarce, 5l 5s

1700 '11847 Edmund's Observations upon Cæsar's Commentaries, plates, 3s


1600 11848 Gordon's Itinerarium Septentrionale; or, a Journey

through Scotland and the North of England, containing Accounts of all the Monuments of Roman Antiquities, &c. with 66 plates, neat, scarce, il 11s 6d

1726 11849 Grotii Opera Omina, 4 tom. binding bad, 21 1679 * 11850 Guicciardini's History, translated by Fenton, 7s 1618 : 11851 Harmonia Sacra ; or, Divine Hymns and Dialogues,

with a thorough Bass for the Lute, Bass Viol, Harpsichord, or Organ, by the best Masters, 2 parts, frontispieee, neat, scarce, 15S

1703 11852 Hooke's Posthumous Works, containing his Cutlerian

Lectures, &c. by Waller, plates, neat, 18s 1705 11853 Johnson's (Dr. S.) Dictionary of the English Language, portrait, neat, 31 3s

1785 11854 Jones's (Inigo) Description of the most Notable Anti

quity of Stone-Heng, fine portrait by Hollar, scarce, 11 1s

1655 · 11856 Julii Firmici Materni Junioris Seculi, v. C. ad Mavor

. tium, Lollianum, Astronomicon, N. Pruckperum

Astrologum, his. Acces. Cl. Ptolemaii Quadrépiertitum, &c. &c. 10s od

Basil, 1551 11857 Kelyng's Reports, 5s


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