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pacy against the Lord Christ as described, calculated .
according to Art for the Meridian of Babylon,
where the Pope is elevated 90 degrees above all Rea-
son, Right, and Religion, elegant in brown calf,
marbled leaves, 7s 6d

. : 1680 11699 Primcock's Touchstone; or, Essays on the Reigning

• Diversions of the Town, &c. very neat, 48 1729 11700 Pigge's (Oliver) Meditations, concerning Praiers to

Almightie God for the Saftie of England, when the
Spaniards were come into the Narrow Seas, and for
their marvellous Confusion and Overthrow, BLACK,
LETTER, neatly half bound, very scarce, 9s

Printed by R. R. for T. Man, 1589 • 11701 Quarles's (Frs.) Boanerges and Barnabas Judgement and

Mercy; or, Wine and Oil for Wounded and Afflicted
Souls, 2s 6d

. 1671 11702 --- Emblems, with the Hieroglyphics of the

Life of Man, and School of the Heart, plates, 2 vol. fine copy, neat, 165

1777 11703 Ramesey's Lux Veritatis; or, Christian Judicial Astro

logy Vindicated, and Demonology Confuted, good copy, 4s

1651 11704 Rastaľs (Wm.) Table collected of the Yeares of our

Lord God, and of the Years of the Kings of England, from William the Conqueror to 1607, BLACK LETTER, good copy, 4s 6d

1607 11705 Raleigh's (Sir W.) 3 Discourses of a War with Spain, &c. &c. good copy, 2s 6d

1702 11706 Rawleigh's (Sir W.) Marrow of Historie, fine portrait by Whittaker, good copy, 4s 6d

- 1650 11707 Another Copy, neat, 3s

1650 : 11708 Ray's History of the Rebellion, from its first Rise in

1745 to the Battle of Culloden in 1746, portrait, 2s 6d

1758 11709 Rebels no Saints; or, a Collection of the Speeches,

Private Passages, Letters, and Prayers of Harrison, Carew, Hugh Peters, and 7 others, executed Oct. 1660, scarce, 78 6d

1661 11710 Records, Grounde of Artes, &c. BLACK LETTER, 35

1575 ; 11711 Another Copy, with Additions by I. Dee, I. Mellis, &c. BLACK LETTER, 3s 6d

1623 11712 Records, Arithmeticke, &c. BLACK LETTER, 3s 1615 11713 Reliquiæ Sacre Carolinæ ; or, the Works of that Glo. rious Martyr, Charles I. portrait, neat, 5s 6d

Hague, 1650 11714 Relation (A True) of the Unjust, Cruel, and Barbarous

Proceedings against the English at Amboyna, in the
East Indies, ls 6d

1651 11715 Relation (A) of the Fearefull Estate of Francis Spira in 1548, good copy, 2s

1638 11716 Religio Stoici, with a Friendly Addresse to the Phana

ticks of all Sects and Sorts, 2s Edinburgh, 1665 11717 Rogers's (N.) Memoirs of Monmouthshire, anciently

called Gwent, and by the Saxons Gwentland, good copy, scarce, 5s

1708 11718 - (R.) Historical Account of his Three Years'

Travels over England and Wales, neat, 3s 11719 Ross's (A.) Centurie of Divine Meditations upon Predestination, &c, good copy, 2s 6d

1646 11720 Rome exactly described as to its State under Pope : Alexandre VIĮ. &c. 2s

1664 11721 Rustick Rampant ; or, Rurall Anarchy affronting

Monarchy, in the Insurrection of Wat Tiler, with a
Poem by Lydgate, BLACK LETTER, elegant in

brown calf, marbled leaves, scarce, 15s - 1658 11722 Rusden's Further Discovery of Bees, plates, scarce, 3s

1679 11723 Secret Memoirs of the Life of the Hon. Sir Cloudsley

Shovel, Admiral of Great Britain, portrait, new and neatly half bound, 4s 6d

1708 11724 Sailing (The) and Fighting Instructions; or, Signals as

they are Observed in the Royal Navy of Great Bri

tain, plates, neat, 2s 6d 11725 Salmon's Polygraphice; or, the Art of Drawing, En. graving, &c. frontispiece, 28

1672 11726 Sall's (A.) Sermon preached at Christ Church, Dublin,

· July 5, 1674, on his Deserting the Roman Church, and Embracing the Church of England, good copy,

1675 11727 Saunders's (Sir E.) Observations upon the Statute of 22

Charles II. entituled' An Act to Prevent and Suppress Seditious Conventicles, BLACK LETTER, good copy, 2s 6d

1685 11728 Scandal, with a Consideration of the Nature of Christian Liberty and Things Indifferent, good copy, 2s

1683 11729 Scarlet (The) Gowns; or, the History of the present Cardinals of Rome, &c, neat, 4s :

1653 11730 Security (The) of Englishmen’s Lives; or, the Trust,

Power, and Duty of the Grand Jurys of England, good copy, 2s

1681 11731 Silden's Priviledges of the Baronage of England when

they sit in Parliament, &c, 1642-A Treatise of the

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Nobilitie of the Realme, according to the Law, &c.. wants titleand Dugdale's Antient Usage in bearing

Arms, &c. 3 vol. in 1, very neat, scarce, 8s 1682, &c. . 11732 Senaulte's Use of the Passions, translated by the Earle »

of Monmouth, fine portrait and frontispiece by Mar.
shall, neat, 6s

11733 Scanderbeg Redivivus, an Historical Account of the

Life and Actions of John III. King of Poland, plate

Turk's standard, fair copy, 3s -- 1684 11734 Secret History of the Reigns of Charles II. and James II. good copy, 2s 6d

1690 11735 Seymar's Conjugium Conjurgium; or, some Serious Con

siderations on Marriage, fair copy, 3s 6d - 1684 11736 Seymour's Court Gamester; or, Full and Easy Instruc

tions for Playing, &c. fair copy, 1s 6d = 1722 11737 Shaw's Divine Art of Memory; or, the Sum of the Holy

Scriptures, in Acrostick Verses, by Wastel, neat,
scarce, 3s


1683 11738 Shepheard's Corporations, Fraternities, and Guilds; or,

a Discourse, wherein the Learning of the Law touch-
ing Bodies Politique is Unfolded, &c. good copy,
2s 6d

1659 11739 Smith’s Bright Morning Starre; or, the Resolution and

Exposition of the 22d Psalme, 2s - 1603 11740 - (Sir T.) Commonwealth of England, a little stained, neat, 2s 6d

1640 11741 Another, very good copy, frontispiece by Marshall, neat, 6s

1640 11742 Sophocles, Electra, and other Poems, by C. W. 2s 1649 11743 Some Remarkable Passages in the Holy Life and Death

of G. Disney, with Letters and Poems, 1s 6d 1692 11744 Speke's Memoirs of the most Remarkable Passages and Transactions on the Happy Revolution, 1688, neat,

Dublin, 1709 11745 Spelman's (Sir H.) Churches not to be Violated, &c. 2s

1676 11746 State of the Church in future Ages; or, an Inspection

into the Divine Prophecies, &c. good copy, 3s 1684 11747 State of France as it stood in the 9th Yeer of Lewis XIV. good copy, 2s

1652 11748 Stow's Summarie of the Chronicles of England, BLACK LETTER, imperfect, 4s 6d

1604 11749 Tables of the Emperour, Kings Electoral, and all the

other Soveraign Princes, &c. good copy, 2s 1701 11750 Temple's (Sir. W.) Observations upon the United Pro

vinces of the Netherlands, good copy, 2s 6d 1689 11751 Theatrum Mundi the Theatre; or, Rule of the World,


wherein may be sene the Running-Race and Course of every Man's Life, &c. by Alday, BLACK LETTER, good copy, neat and scarce, 14s

Imprinted by H. D. by T. Hacket, (no date) 11752 Thomas's Countrie's Sense of London's Sufferings in the

late most lamentable Fire, &c. neat, 4s 6d 1667 11753 Tim Bobbin's Miscellaneous Works, containing his View

of the Lancashire Dialect, &c. plates, boards, 5s 1803 11754 Truth brought to Light by Time; or, the most remark

able Transactions of the first 14 Years of King James II. 4 parts, frontispiece, bad copy, neatly half bound, 4s 6d


1692 11755 Treatise against Drunkennesse, described in its Nature,

Kindes, Effects, Causes, especially that of drinking

Healths, &c. by Scrivener, good copy, 45 1685 11756 -- - of Humane Reason, fair copy, 1s 6d 1675 11757 of Natural Philosophy freed from the Intrica

cies of the Schools, good copy, 28 - 1687 11758 Tryon's Wisdom's Dictates; or, Aphorisms and Rules

Physical, Moral, and Divine, 25 . - 1691 11759 Turnbull's Exposition upon the Canonical Epistle of

James, 2s 6d Imprinted by J. Windet, 1592 11760 Tymme's Silver Watch Bell, &c. BLACK LETTER, good copy, scarce, 5s

1640 11761 TRACTS, viz. A short View of the Religious Societies

in and about London, 1703– The Hazard of a Deathbed-Repentance fairly Argued, from the late Remorse of W****, late D- of D ; to which is added, Conjugal Perjury; or, an Essay on Whoredom, &c.-The Transposer Rehears’d; or, the Fifth Act of Mr. Bayes's Play, &c.- Balsac's Conversations of the Romans and Mæcenas—and 7 others, in 1 vol. uncut, 3s 6d

1701, &C 11762

-- Noy's principal Grounds and Maxims of the Lawes, &c. FIRST EDITION, 1642_Observations concerning a Deed of Feoffament, 1642_Vernon's Considerations for regulating the Exchequer, &c.Les Quæres del M. Plowden-aud March's Actions

for Slander, &c. in 1 vol. good copy, 4s6d 1642, &c. 11763

- Treatise of the Nobilitie of the Realme, &c.--Selden's Priviledges of ihe Baronage of England, when they sit in Parliament, &c.-Horne's Mirrour of Justices, &c.—and Derham's Manuel; or, briefe Treatise of some particular Rights and Priviledges belonging to Parliament, &c. in 1 vol. good copies, neat, scarce, 7 6d

1642, &c. 11764

- Defence of the Protestant Religion, &c.

ne 5s.

being a full Confutation of the Net for the Fishers of Men, 1687- The Second Spira, being the fearful Example of an Atheist—and 2 others, in 1 vol. neat, 2s 6d

1687, &c. 11765 TRACTS, viz. The Protestant Chevalier a Papist in

Masquerade; or, an Antidote against the Pretender,
&c.—Some new Proofs, by which it appears that the
Pretender is truly James the Third, 1713-Life of Ed.
Seymour, Duke of Somerset -and 3 others, sewed, 3s

1713, &c. 11766 - The Papers which passed at Newcastle

betwixt his Sacred Majestie and Mr. A. Henderson, on Church Government, 1646, portrait by Marshall, 1649-A short and easie Method with the Deists, &e. -Good and solid Reasons why a Protestant should not turn Papist, &c.—Bishop Sanderson's 9 Cases of Conscience Determined, &c.-Portrait of Charles II. and 2 others, in 1 vol. 58

1685 11767

'Briefe and Perfect Relation of the Answers and Replies of Thomas, Earl of Strafford, &c. 1649_Turner's Heavenly Conference for Sion's Saints, &c. 1645-Predictions of the Fates of all the Princes and States of the World - The Rational Sceptist, in

Verse, 1690-and 2 others, in 1 vol. 5s 1649, &c. 11768 - Dryden's Mac Flecknoe, a Poem, with

Spencer's Ghost The Art of Restoring; or, the
Piety and Probity of General Monk, &c. 1714—An
Answer to all that has been said in favour of a Popish
Pretender, 1713, portrait, and 6 others, in 1 vol.
3s 6d

1713 11769 Urbigerus's Rules, clearly Demonstrating the 3 In

fallible Ways of preparing the Grand Elixir, or Cir. culatum Majus of the Philosophers, &c. scarce, 3s 6d

1690 11770 Usher's (Bishop) Principles of Christian Religion, portrait by Cross, 2

1671 11771 Valentine's (Basil) Last Will and Testament, cuts, good copy, neat, scarce, 73


. 1671 11772 Valois's Grand Cabinet Counsels Unlocked; or, Ac

count of the Court Affairs, Growth, &c. of the Civil Wars in France, betwixt the Huguenots and te Papists, neat, scarce, 4s 6d

- 1659 11773 Van Etten's Mathematicall Recreations, with a Treatise

on Fire-works, frontispiece and cuts, neat, 4s 6d 1633 11774 Vaughan's Treatise of Money; or, a Discourse of Coin and Coinage, good copy, 3s

1675 11775 Vincent's God's Terrible Voice in the City; or, Nar

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