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11598 Innocent (The) Epicure ; or, the Art of Angling, a

Poem, frontispiece, good copy, very scarce, 9s 1713 11599 Jenkins's (Judge) Works, 1s 6d

1648 11600 Another, good copy, 2s 6d - Ditto, portrait, 3s

• No date. 11601 Another Copy, portrait, neatly half bound, 3s 6d 1648 11602 Johnson's Dens Nobiscum, a Narrative of a great De

liverance at Sea, &c. fair copy, 2s 6d - 1672 11603 - Novelty Represt, in Reply to Baxter's Answer

to William Johnson on the Power of the 11 First Ge

neral Councils, fair copy, 3s 6d Paris, 1661 11604 Journal of all that passed in the late Siege of Vienna, good copy, 1s 6d

1684 11605 Jura Coronæ, His Majestie's royal Rights and Prerogatives Asserted, fair copy, 25

i 1680 11606 Jones's Continuation of the Secret History of Whiteball, from 1688 to 1696, scarce, 3s 6d

1697 11607 Keach's Spiritual Melody, containing near 300 Hymns, good copy, 2s 6d

1691 11608 Kițligrew's (Sir Wm.) Midnight and Daily Thoughts, in Prose and Verse, part 4, scarce, 3s

1695 11609 Kingston's Tyranny Detected, and the late Revolution

Justifyed, by the Law of God, the Law of Nature,

and the Practice of all Nations, good copy, 3s 1699 11610 Lawrence's Interest of Ireland, in its Trade and Wealth,

Stated, 2 parts, in 1 vol. neat, scarce, 5s 6d 1682 11611 Latham Spaw, in Lancashire, with some remarkable

Cases and Cures effected by it, fair copy, 2s 1670 11612 Le Grand's Man without Passion; or, the wise Stoick,

&c. neat, 3s 11613 Leigh's (Ed.) Saint's Encouragement in Evil Times; or,

Observations concerning the Martyrs, Martin Luther, &c. good copy, 3s

1651 11614

--- Gentleman's Guide, in 3 Discourses of Travel, Money, Coyns, and Measuring, good copy,

1680 11615

Choyce Observations concerning the first 12 Cæsars, with certaine Choice French Proverbs, fair copy, 'scarce, 3s 6d

1647 Philologicall Commentary; or, an Illustration of the most obvious and useful Words in the Law, fair copy, 2s

1658 11617 Learned and very profitable Exposition made upon the 111th Psalme, byk. T. neatly half bound, scarce, 3s 6d

Imprinted by T. Vautrollier, 1583 11618 Littleton, (Les Tenures de M.) BLACK LETTER, 1s 6d


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11619 Littleton's Tenures, in English, BLACK LETTER, fair copy, 2s 6d

1627 11620 Life of Agathocles, the Syracusan Tyrant, &c. Is 6d


1661 11621 Lloyd's State Worthies; or, the Statesmen and Favourites of England since the Reformation, &c. neat, 6s

1679 11622 Long's History of all the Popish and Fanatical Plots and

Conspiracies, from the 1st of Elizabeth to 1684, . 2s 6d

1684 11623 Lovelace's (R. Lucasta Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs, &c. good copy, scarce, 6s

1649 · 11624 Lovel's Military Duties of the Officers of Cavalry, &c. - plates, good copy, 2s 6d .

1678 11625 Loves (The) of Amandus and Sophronia, wants title,

dirty, 1s 11626 Lux Orientalis ; or, an Enquiry into the Opinion of the ... Eastern Sages concerning the Præe-existence of Souls, &c. neatly half bound, 4s

1662 11627 Lockyer's Little Stone out of the Mountain, good copy,

Leith, 1652 11628 Magna Charta, in French, whereunto is added more

Statutes than ever was imprynted before, BLACK
LETTER, fair copy, 4s 6d

1529 11629

- cum Statutis Antiqua, &c. BLACK LETTER, very good copy, 3s 6d

Typis R. Totelum, 1556 11630 Another, good copy, Latin and English, BLACK LETTER, 3s 6d

ib. 1587 11631 Another, good copy; Latin and English, BLACK LETTER, 2s

1608 11632 Mainwaring's Legitimacy of Amicia, Daughter of Hugh

Cyveliok, Earl of Chester, clearly proved, bad title, 3s 6d

1679 11633 Major's (Elizabeth) Honey on the Rod; or, Contem

plations for One in Affliction, with sundry Poems on several Subjects, 2s 6d

1656 11634 Manchester, (Henry, Earl of) al Mondo, a Contemplation of Death and Immortality, frontispiece, 2s

1676 11635 Another Copy, portrait, very neat, gilt leaves, 4s 6d

1638 11636. Another, good copy, frontispiece and portrait, neat, 4s

1688 11637 Another Copy, frontispiece and portrait, good impres:' sion, neatly half bound, 6s

1642 11638 Mackenzie's (Sir George) Religious Stoic, &c. 1s.6d 11639 Mackenzie's (Sir Geo.) Moral Gallantry, good copy, 2s 6d

1685 11640 Marrande's Judgement of Humane Actions, frontispiece by Cecill, neatly half bound, 5s

1629 · 11641 Mathews's Unlearned Alchymist, his Antidote, &c. neatly half bound, 4s

1660 11642 May's Continuation of Lucan's Historicall Poem till the

Death of Julius Cæsar, frontispiece, stained, 2s 6d 1630 11643 Mayne's Socius Mercatoris; or, the Merchant's Com

panion, fine portrait by Marlow, good copy, 3s 1674 11644 Meteors; or, a plain Description of all kinds of Me

teors, as well Fiery and Ayrie as Watry and Earth, by W. F. good copy, scarce, 4s

1670 11645 Memorials of the Method and Manner of Proceedings

in Parliament in passing Bills, 2s - 1689 11646 Mead's (M.) Young Man's Remembrancer, and Youth's best Choice, fine portrait, 2s

: 1701 11647 Memoirs of Lord Viscount Dundee, the Highland Clans,

and the Massacre of Glenco, fair copy, very scarce,

78 6d. 11648 Mirroitr of Mindes; or, Barclay's Icon Animorum, Englished by T. May, neat, 45

- 1631 11649 Modern Policies from Machiavel, Borgia, &c. heatly half bound, 3s 6d

1653 11650 More's (Sir J.) England's Interest; or, the Gentleman's

and Farmer's Friend, good copy, 1s 6d - 1703 11651 Mophet's (Enosh) Appendix to Delaune's Plea, neatly

half bound, 3s 11652 Muse (The) in a Moral Humour, being a Collection of

Tales, &c. 2 vol. good copy, 6s: -- 1757 11653 Narrative (A short) of the late dreadful Fire in Lon

don, neatly half bound, scarce, 7 - 1667 11654 Never Faile; or, that sure Way of Thriving under all

Revolutions; in an eminent İnstance, from 1639 to 1661, scarcé, 2s 6d

1663 11655 Ness's Divine Legacy bequeathed unto all Mankind of

all Ranks, Ages, and Sexes, portrait, fair copy, 3s 6d

· 1700 11656 New Help to Discourse'; or, Wit and Mirth intermixt

with more serious Matters, alsó Proverbs, Epitaphs, Epigrams, good copy, scarce, 8s

1702 11657 Netherland's (The) Historian; or, a True and Exact

Relation of what hath Passed in the late Warrs from

1671 to 1674, wants title, 2s 11658 Nicetas; or, the Triumph over Incontinencie, &c. by

Drexlius, frontispiece, stained, 2s 6d - 1633 11659 Norden's Poore Man's Rest, &c. BLACK LETTER, 2s

portrait, fakin


11660 Observations on the Historie of the Reign of King

Charles, published by H. L. Esq. 3s - 1656 11661 Another Copy, neatly half bound, 4s - 1656 11662 Economica; or, a Parænetical Discourse of Marriage, &c. good copy, 2s 6d

1685 11663 Olympia's Il Nipotismo di Roma; or, the History of the Pope's Nephews, portrait, neatly half bound, 4s 6d

1669 11664 Othordox Communicant, by way of Meditation, on the

Order for the Administration of the Lord's Supper, the whole engraven on copper plates by Sturt, sewed, uncut, 78

1721 11665 Another Copy, neat and gilt, 9s

1721 11666 Another Copy, LARGE PAPÉR, sewed, uncut, 12s 1721 11667 Ovid's Festivalls; or, Romane Calendar, translated into

· English Verse by J. Gower, 3s 6d - 1640 11668 - Metaniorphoses, by Sir S. Garth, plates, 2 vol. neat, 10s

1720 11669 Overbury's (Sir Thomas ) his Wife, with Additions of

New Characters and many other witty Conceits, very neat, scarce, 9s

1638 11670 Optick (The) Glass of Humors, 2s 6d - 1664

11671 Owen's (John) Eshcol, a Cluster of the Fruit of Canaan, as &c. good copy, ls 6d . 11672 Panton's Speculum Juventutis; or, a True Mirror where

Errors in Breeding, Noble and Generous Youth, &c. very neat, 4s

1671. - 11673 Parliamentary (The) Right of the Crown of England Asserted, 2s

1714 | 11694 Pecuniæ Obedient. Omnia; or, Money masters all

Things, or Satyrical Poems, neatly half bound, scarce, 6s

1698 11675 Philipps's Veritas Inconcussa ; or, a most certain Truth

asserted that King Charles the First was no Man of Blood, but a Martyr for his people, portrait, bril. liant impression, elegant in brown calf, marbled leaves, 16s

1660 11676 Porter's Compendious Cosmographical and Geographical

Description of the whole World, plate, 2s 6d 1659 11677 Perplexed (The) Prince, good copy, 2s 11678 Philosophical Essayes, with brief Adviso's, good copy, 2s

1657 11679 Plowden (les Reportes de) abridged, BLACK LETTER, 1s 6d

1607 11680 Playford's Introduction to the Skill of Musick, good copy, 2s

1617 11681 Another Copy, 1s 6d

1713 11682 Another, good copy, fine portrait by Vant Hove, 5s 1670


11683. Poems upon divers Occasions, with a Character of a

London Scrivener, neatly half bound, scarce, 6s 1667 11684 Praissac (Lord of) Art of Warre; or, Militarie Discourses, cuts, 3s

Camb. 1639 11685 Politicall Reflections upon the Government of the Turks, &c. 2s

1656 11686 Powell's (R.) Life of Alfred; or, Alvred the first In

stitutor of Subordinate Government in this Kingdome, stained, scarce, 5s 6d

1634 11687 Present (The) State of Scotland, with divers Reflec. tions, 2s

1682 11688 Providences (The) of God observed through several .: Ages towards this Nation, 28

1694 11689 Prideaux's (Bp.) Euchologia; or, the Doctrine of Prac. tical Praying, portrait, 4s

1656 11690 Prospect (A) of the most Famous Parts of the World, maps, 2s

1646 11691 Present (The) State of Geneva, with a brief Descrip tion of that City, 2s

1681 11692 - - -- State of Russia, portrait and plates, very neat, scarce, 5s

1671 11693 Perkins's Profitable Book, treating of the Laws of England, &c. BLACK LETTER, 2s

1657 11694 Praise (The) of Hell; or, a Discovery of the Infernal

• World, plate, good copy, 4s 6d 11695 Private (The) Schoole of Defence; or, the Defects of

Publique Teachers exactly Discovered, &c. 1614–
The A. B. C. of Arms; or, an Introduction Direc-
torie, whereby the Order of Militarie Exercises may
easily be Understood, 1616-The Military Art of
Trayning, with a Description of all Martiall Officers,
&c. 1622-The Military Discipline, wherein is most
martially shone the order of Drilling for the Musket
and Pike, set forth in 73 plates, RARE, 1623–
Trussell's Souldier Pleadiug his own Caus, furnished
with Arguments to Encourage, and Skill to Instruct,
curious cut, 1626-and Fisher's Warlike Directions ;

or, the Souldier's Practice, 1644, a very curious and

· rare collection, in 1 vol. fine copies, neat, 31 3s 1616 11696 Private (A) Conference between a Rich Alderman and a

Poor Country Vicar, fair copy, 2s - 1670 11697 Ptolemy's Quadripartite; or, Four Books concerning the Influences of the Stars, by Whalley, wormed, 3s

No date 11698 Protestant (the last) Almanack ; or, a Prognostication

for the Year 1680, wherein the Bloody Aspects, Fatal Oppositions and Pernicious Conjunctions of the Pa

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