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dinal Allen, Father Parsons the Jesuit, and Sir T. Englefield. Such was the alarm excited on its appearance, that an Act passed in 35th of Elizabeth making it high treason for any person having a copy in their house, the printer was hung, drawn, and

quartered. 11507 Downing's (Sir Geo.) Discourse Vindicating his Royal

Master from the Insolencies of a scandalous Libel, entituled An Extract out of the Register of the States General, &c. good copy, 2s

- 1672 11508 Dryden's Annus Mirabilis, the Year of Wonders, 1666,

an Historical Poem describing the Fire of London, - very good copy, scarce, 6s

1667 11509 Dugdale's (Sir W.) Antient Usage in bearing Arms, &c.

cuts, very good copy, 4s 6d - Oxford, 1682 11510 Durfey's (T.) Collin's Walk through London and West

minster, 'a Burlesque Poem, good copy, 4s 6d 1690 11511 Edward (King) VI. his own Arguments against the Pope's

Supremacy, &c. good copy, 2s 6d - 1682 11512 Edlyn's Observationes Astrologicæ ; or, an Astrologicall

Discourse, &c. wants part of the title, neat, 4s 11513 Elsynge's Antient Method and Manner of holding Par

liaments in England, good copy, 38 - 1675 11514 Elysium; or, the State of Love and Honour in the

Superiour Regions of Bliss, &c. a little wormed, scarce, 4s 6d

1702 11515 Elyot's (Syr T.) Boke, named the Governour, BLACK

LETTER, little stained, elegant in brown calf, mar

bled leaves, 14s Imprinted by T. Bertheleti, 1544 11516 England's Glory ; or, an Exact Catalogue of the Lords

of his Majestie's Privy Councel, House of Peers, Sc. curious frontispiece, fine copy, elegant in brown calf, marbled leaves, scarce, il 1s

1660 11517 English Chronology, &c. from 1688 to 1696, good copy,

2s 11518 England's Faithfull Reprover and Monitour, good copy,


11518 Enis 6d Miseries se


11519 - Miseries set forth in their true Light, &c. neat, 3s 6d

1692 11520 Epithrene, (An) or Voice of Weeping bewaling the want of Weeping, sewed, 2s

1631 11521 Essay in Defence of the Female Sex, curious frontispiece, good copy, 4s

1696 11522 Europe a Slave, unless England break her Chains, &c. neat, 3s

1681 11523 Excellent (The) Woman Described by her true Cha

racters and their Opposites, rather dirty, neat, 2s 6d

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11528 Familium

11524 Exposition (An) of certaine Difficult and Obscure Words

and Termes of the Lawes of the Realme, French and English, BLACK LETTER, good copy, 3s 6d

Imprinted by R. Tottell, 1579 11525 Evans's (Arise) Voice from Heaven to the Common

wealth of England, 1652, and Evans's Echo to his Voice from Heaven, containing his Life, Visions,

&c. 2 vol. in 1, good copy, scarce, 10s 6d 1652 & 3 11526 Famous Chinois; or, the Loves of several of the French

Nobility under borrowed Names, with a Key, neatly half bound, 5s

1669 11527 Familiar (A) and Christian Instruction, containing a Collection of Diverse and Sundrie Places of Scripture,

1581 11528 Fanatick (The) History; or, an Exact Relation and Ac

count of the Old Anabaptists and New Quakers, with

their mad Mimick, Prancks, &c. &c. scarce, 5s 1660 11529 Featley's (John) Fountaine of Teares, curious frontis

piece, containing his portrait, neat, 4s 6d 1646 11530 Fennek's Divine Message to the Elect Soul, portrait by Hollar, 6s

1651 11531 Fissher's Warlike Directions; or, the Souldier's Practice, &c. good copy, 2s 6d

1634 11532 Filacers the Office; or, the Measne, Processe, Filacers

make out before Appearance, &c. good copy, 2s 6d 11533 Fisher's Wise Virgin; or, a Wonderfull Narration of

the Hand of God, &c. in Afficting a Child of 11 Years of Age, when stricken Dumb, Deaf, and Blinde, &c. &c. 3s 6d

1654 11534 Flatman's Poems and Songs, neatly half bound, scarce, 6s

11535 Florus's Roman History, frontispiece, 1s 6d 1672 11536 Flosculum Poeticum, Poems Divine and Humane, Pa

negyrical, Satyrical, and Ironical, by P. K. fair copy, scarce, 5s

1684 11537 Ford's (Dr. S.) Discourse concerning God's Judgements

in the Man whose Hands and Legs rotted off in the Parish of King's-Swipford, in Staffordshire, and Illingworth's just Narrative of the same, 2 vol, in 1, good copies, 4s 6d

1678 11538 Foxes and Fire-brands; or, a Specimen of the Danger

and Harmony of Popery and Seperation, fair copy, 2s 6d

1682 11539 Fresh (A) Suit against Independency; or, the National Church-way Vindicated, 28

1677 11540 French (The) Convert, being a true Relation of the

Happy Conversion of a Noble French Lady from
Popery, &c. 2s



11541 Fuller's (Thos.) good Thoughts in bad Times, and good

. Thoughts in worse Times, 2 vol. in 1, very good copy, i': very scarce, 9s

1649 11542

- David's Hainous Sinne, Heartie Repentance, and Heavy Punishment, a Poem, fine copy,

· elegant in brown calf, marbled leaves, scarce, 18s 1631 11543

mixt Contemplations in better Times, fair copy, 4s 6d

1660 11544 - Francis) Rules how to Use the World, so as not

· to Abuse either that or Ourselves.fair copy, 2s 6d 1688 11545 Further (A) Discovery of the Mystery of Jesuitisme, &c. fair copy, 3s

1658 · 11546 Glanvill's Vanity of Dogmatizing; or, Confidence in Opinions, neatly half bound, 4s

1661 11547 Another Copy, neat, 3s 6d

1661 11548 Glorious (The) Life and Heroick Actions of the most

potent Prince William III. port. good copy, 2s 6d 1702 11549 Goodwin's Mystery of Dreames Historically Discours

ed, 8c. good copy, scarce, 5s" - 1658 11550 Another Copy, neat, 6s

. . 1658 11551 Goff's 3 Excellent Tragedies, viz. the Raging Turk, or

Bajazet II.-The Courageous Turk, or Amurth I.and Orestes, good copy, 6s

1656 - 11552 Gombauld's Endimion; or, the Man in the Moon, tran

slated by Hurst, curious and fine plates by Pass,

Picart, &c. good copy, scarce, 10s 6d - 1639 11553 Godlie (A) Forme of Householde Government for the

Ordering of Private Families, &c. with the several
Duties of the Husband towards his Wife, and the
Wife's Duty towards her Husband, &c. good copy,
vellum, scarce, 6s

1600 11554 Gregory's Historical Anatomy of Christian Melancholy, fine portrait, torn, scarce, 7

1646 11555 Grenadine Homais, Queen of Tunis, a Novel, 2s 1681 11556 Guarini's Il Pastor Fido, the Faithful Shepherd, and

other Poems, by Fanshawe, new and neatly half bound, 4s 6d

1664 . 11557 Gumble's Life of General Monck, Duke of Albemarle, &c. neat, 3s 6d

1671 11558 Guffard's briefe Treatise against the Priesthood and

Sacrifice of the Church of Rome, 1584, and Gyffard's
Treatise of true Fortitude, BLACK LETTER, 2 vol.

in 1, good copies, in vellum, scarce, 6 1 584, &c. - 11559 Hakewel's Old Manner of holding Parliaments in Engi land, good copy, scarce, 3s .

1659 11560 --- .Manner how Statutes are Enacted in Parlia. ment by passing Bills, good copy, 2s 6d 1641 11561 Harvey's Right Rebel, a Treatise, discovering the true

Use of the Name by the Nature of Rehellion, fair
copy, 3s

1661 11562 Hayward's (Sir J.) Christ's Prayer upon the Cross for

his Eneinies, plate, good copy, 2s 6d - 1707 11563 Heywood's (Thomas) pleasant Dialogues and Dram

mas, Elegies, Epitaphs, Nuptiall Songs, &c. &c.
elegant in brown calf, marbled leaves, rare, il 8s

1637 11564 Herein is conteined the Booke called Nouæ Narrationes, &c. BLACK LETTER, very good copy, 2s 6d

Imprinted by R. Tottell, 1561 11565 Heylyn's Help to English History, cuts, neat, 2s 1709 11566 Help (A) to a National Reformation, containing an

- Abstract of the Penal Laws against Proplianeness and

Vice, portrait, good copy, 3s - 1706 -- 11567 Herne's Law of Conveyances, &c. fine frontispiece,

*1658 11568 Herodian's History of the 20 Roman Cæsars, &c. frontispiece, good copy, 3s 6d

1635 11569 Herbert's (Geo.) Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, good copy, 3s 6d

Camb. 1634 11570 Another Copy, with his Life, &c. neatly half bound, 4s od

1679 11571 Another Copy, with his Life and portrait, neatly half bound, 5s

1674 11572 Heath's (James) Glories and magnificent Triumphs of

the blessed Restitution of King Charles II. fine por

trait, very good copy, scarce, 10s 6d - 1662 11573 Hale's (Sir M.) Law of Hereditary Descents, 1s 6d

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11574 Hippocrate's Aphorismes, portrait, 2s 6d - 1668 · 11575 History of the Monastical Conventions and Military In

stitutions, with a Survey of the Court of Rome, plate torn, 2s

1686 11576 of the damnable Popish Plot, in its various

Branches and Progress, &c. good copy, 3s 1680 - 11577 of the late Revolution in England, portraits of

William and Mary, good copy, 35 - 1690 11578 - -- of the Oracles and the Cheats of the Pagan Priests, good copy, 2s 6d

1688 11579 of Massaniello, and the Revolutions in Naples,

by Giraffi and Howell, 2 parts, portraits, neatly half bound, scarce, 6s

1664 11580 m of his Sacred Majesty Charles II. neat, 2s 6d

11581 ----- of the late Conspiracy against the King and the

Nation, with a particular Account of the Lancashire

Plot, neatly half bound, scarce, 65 - 1696 11582 History of the most remarkable Passages of the last 14

Years, with an Account of the Plot before and after the Fire of London, &c. 3s 6d

1680 11583 - of Christina Alessandra, Queen of Swedland,

with the Reasons of her Conversion to the Roman

Catholique Religion, &c. good copy, scarce, 78 1658 11584 Historical and Political Observations upon the present

State of Turkey, &c. portrait, good copy, 2s 1683 11585 ----- Collections out of several grave Protestant

Historians, concerning the Changes of Religion in the Reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mary, and Elizabeth, neat, scarce, 55

1686 11586 Historian's (The) Guide ; or, Britain's Remembrancer, portrait, good copy, 3s

- 1690 11587 Hilton's Scale, or Ladder, of Perfection, re-printed

from the edition of 1494, which was dedicated to Margaret, Countess of Richmond, 8c. new and neatly half bound, scarce, 8s

1659 11588 Howell's Instructions for Forreine Travel, plate by

Hollar, neatty half bound, 4s 6d . - 1642 11589 -- Discourse of thc Empire of Germany, and of

the Election and Crowning the Emperours and Kings

of the Romans, good copy, 3s - 1659 11590 Homes's Plain Dealing; or, the Cause and Cure of the

present Evils of the Times; also, something touching Astrologie, fair copy, 2s 6d

1652 11591 Hodges's English Primrose, far surpassing all others of

this Kinde that ever grew in any English Garden, &c. - The easiest and speediest Way both for true Spelling and reading English, good copy, scarce, 2s 6d

1644 11592 Horace's Poenis, translated by Brome, &c. 2 fine por· traits, neat, 3s 6d

1671 11593 Howard's (Hon. Ed.) Brittish Princes, an Heroick

Poem, good copy, 5s 11594 Huet's Treatise of the Situation of Paradise, &c.3s 1694 11595 Hervieux on the Manner of Breeding, &c. Canary - Birds, cuts, scarce, 4s

1718 11596 James's (King) Instructions to his dearest Son Henry,

the Prince, neatly half bound, scurce, 55 60 1603 11597

-- - Translation of the Psalms of David, 2 frontispieces, by Mashall, containing a whole length portrait of James, fine impressions, very good copy, rare, 14s

Oxf. 1631


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