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pleton, portraits By Marshall and Vaughan, new, and neatly half bound, 12s 1656

10905 Sallustii Opera, curious wood cuts, (a little stained)

,,. . neat, 9s Paris, 1523

10906 Turner's Complete History of the most Remarkable Pro

vidences, both of Judgment and Mercy, which have ■ . happened in this present Age, &c. very good copy, neat and scarce, 21 . .— 1697'

10907 Vere's (Sir F.) Commentaries by Dillingham, portraits

and plates, fine impressions, complete fine copy, elegant russia, gilt leaves, 61 6s Camb. 1657

10908 Another Copy, plates, (wants the portraits and monu

ment ) good copy, 10s6d ib. 1657

10909 Wilson's History of Great Britian, being the Life and

Reign of King James 1st, 5s — 1658



Including many Articles relative to Charles the First and the Civil Warsto James II. .abdicating his Throneand the Entrance of William the Third, and the Troubles during his Reign; with Curious Early Poetry, Sfc. Sfc,

10910 A LARGE COLLECTION of the DIURNALL OCCURRENCES; or, Dayly Proceedings of both Houses of Parliament; the Mercurius Aulicus—the Perfect Diurnall of the Passages in Parliament—the Moderate Intelligencer—Perfect Occurrences of every Day Journal in Parliament—the ,Moderate—several Proceedings in Parliament—Perfect Summary of Exact Passages in Parliament—A Perfect Diurnall of Passages and Proceedings of the Armies—Publick Intelligencer—Mercurius Politicus—Mercurius Publicus— the Newes—Intelligencer—the Kingdom's Intelli- * '., . gencer—the Parliamentary Intelligencer—and the Faithful Post, from Nov. 3, 1640, to July 1665, with several cuts, wanting the years 1653, 1662 3; se- . veral of the years are nearly if not quite compltte, others are not—The whole forming a curious Collection of Historical Matter relative to the Civil Wars of Charles J.—The Long Parliamont-^Oliver Cromwell

—,Geti. Fairfax, and the Proceedings of his Army— the Restoration of Charles II.—containing; also many curious Anecdotes and Interesting Particulars of the Principal Characters of those Troublesome Times, not to be found any where but in these Papers; some idea may be formed of their contents when it is known that a work recently published under the title of "Cromwelliana" was compiled principally from a collection of those Papers, which are rarely to bt met with in any quantity, 151 158 — 1640, &c. 10910*Assembly (The) Man, with curious plate of the Assembly Man in his Library treading the 'Common Prayer, the Fathers, See. under Foot, neatly half bound, scarce, 18s 1062

10911 Admirable aud Notable Prophecies uttered in. former

Time by 24 famous Roman Catholikes, concerning the Church of Rome's Defection, Tribulation, and Reformation, ■i,c. nemthf half bound, a little stained, 8s 1615

10912 A True and Perfect Relation of the Proceedings against

the late most barbarous Traitors, Garnet the Jesuite, and his Confederals, Guy Fawkes, Robert and Thomas Winter, &c. &c. for Conspiracies to blow up the Houses of Parliament with Gunpowder, &c. neatly half bound, 12s —— 1606

10913 Another, very good copy:, neatly ivalf bound, 15s 1606

10914 Apboris,mes; or, certain Selected Points of the Doc

trine of the Jesuits, taken out of their Writings, Sayings, and Publick Acts, neatly half bound, 9s 1609 ••• 10915 A most learned, conscientious, and devout Exercise or Sermon of Self-denyal, preached or held forth by O. Cromwell, at Sir P. T—s— House, April, 1649, printed in the Year of Freedom, 33—and the Last Will and Testament of Sir J. Presbyter, who died of a new Disease, called 'The particular Charge to the Army,' with his Life, Death, Burial, Epitaph, &c. neatly half bound, 12s 1647, &c.

10916, Astrological Tracts, viz. Lilly's Prophecy of the White King aud dreadful Deadman explained, 1644—Lilly's AstroLogicall Prediction of the Occurrences in England, 1648-9 and 50, cuts, 1648—Gadoury's Just and Pious Scorpionist; or, the Nativity of Sir M. Hales, &c. 1677—and Patridge's Vox Lunaris, being a Philosophical and Astrological Discourse of Two Moons seen in London, June 11, 1679, neatly half bound, in 1vol. 18s 1644, &c.

1.0917 Alexis of Piempnt's Secrets, by Ward, 4books,, (.the second and third parts imperfect) Black Letter, half bound, 6s - — 1569

10918 Austen's Treatise of Fruit Trees, &c. frontispiece, neatly

half bound, 6s 1653

10919 Account of the Transactions of the late King James in

Ireland, &c. (wants title) sewed, 2s

10920 Bacon's (Lord) Essays or Councils, Civill and MoralL

(fee. good copy, 3s 6d 1629

10920* Advancement of Learning, vellum, 2s 1629

10921 (N.) Historical Discourse of die Uniformity

of the Government of England, from the Earliest Times to the End of Elizabeth, 2 parts in 1 vol. neat, 9s 1647

10922 Another Copy, part 1 only, from the earliest Times to

Edward III. fair copy, 3s — 1647

10923 Belgicke (The) Pismire stinging the Slothfull Sleeper,

&c. 1622—and the Belgick Souldier; or, Warre is a Blessing, 2 vol. in 1, sewed, 5s Dort. 1624, &c.

10924 Bariff's Military Discipline; or, the Young Artillery

Man, wherein is showne the Postures, Arc. both .of
Musket and Pike, cuts, neat, 4s 6d ■— J63!)

10925 Another Copy, 4th edition, neat, 5s - — 1643

10926 Another Copy, cuts end portrait by Glover, 8s 1635

10927 Bede's (Venerable) History of the Church of Englande,

by Stapleton, and Stapleton's Fortresse of Faith first Planted among us Englishmen, and continued hitherto in the Universal Church of Christ, the Faith of which Protestants call Papistry, 2 vol. in 1, fine copy, elegant brown calf, marbled leaves, 11 16s

Antwerp, 1565

10928 Blith's English Improver Improved; or, the Survey of

Husbandry Surveyed, ike. cuts, fair copy, 4s 6d 1652

10929 Blunt's Voyage into the Levant, 5s 1638

10930 Blundeuill's Foure Chiefest OtKces belonging to Horse

manship, cuts, blAcK Letter, neat, scarce, 12s


10931 Brathwait's English Gentleman, fine frontispiece by

Vaughan, 1630, and Brathwait's English Gentlewoman, frontispiece, 2 vol. in 1, good copies, neat and

scarce, 11 18s 1630, &c.

20932 Browne's Historie of the Life and Reigne of that Famous Princesse, Elizabeth, very good copy, neat and scarce, 10s 6d — 1629

10933 Brinsly's Healing of Israel's Breaches, &c.—Brinsley's

Parlie with the Sword about a Cessation, &c. 5 other
Tracts, by Brinsley, in I vol. neat, 6s 1642, &c.

10934 Brerewood's Enquiries Touching the Diversity of Languages and Religions through the Chief Parts of the World, &c. neat, 5s 6d 1635

10935 Buck's (Geo.) Great Plantagenet; or, a Continued

Succession of that Royal Name from Henry II. to Charles, a Poem, elegant, in brown calf, very scarce, 11 15s 1635

10936 Brutus's (Junius) Defence of Liberty against Tyrants;

or, of the 'Lawful Power of the Prince over the People, and the People over the Prince, &c. good copy, scarce, 4s 6d 1689

10937 Burnet's (Bp.) Collection of Eighteen Papers relating to

the Church and State during the Reign of James II. good copy, 4s 6d 1689'

10938 Brookes's London's Lamentations; or, a Serious Dis

course concerning the late Fire of London, &c. new and neatly half bound, 8s ;1670

10939 Bugg's New Rome Arraigned and out of her own Mouth

Condemned—a Farther Discovery of the Dangerous Errors of the People called Quakers, &c. new and neatly half bound, 6s / • - .

10940 Barrough's Method of Physick, containing the Causes,

Signes, and Cures, of Inward Diseases, neat, 4s 6d 1601

10941 Commonwealth's ( The) Great Ship, commonly called the

Sover eigne of the Seas, ,built in the Year 1637, with the several Fights and Victories she obtained, Sec. with portrait of Tromp, and other curious plates; and London's Blame, if not its Shame, manifested by the great Neglect of the Fishery, which affordeth the Neighbour Nations a yearly revenue of many millions, Sec. Sec. 2 vol. in J, neatly half bound, very scarce, 11 lIs 6d . ity. / — 1653, &c.

10942 Camden's Remains concerning Britain, their Languages,

Proverbs, Poesies, Epitaphs, &c. &c. by Philipot. portrait, good copy, neat, 10s 6d • ——— 1657

10943 • Annales, The True and Royal History of the

Famous Empresse, Elizabeth, fine portrait and frontispiece, by Vaughan, very neat, in brown calf, 11 1Is 6d , 1625

10944 Carleton's (Dr. Geo.) Tha/nkfull Remembrance of God's

Mercy, &c.fine frontispiece by Pass, good copy^ in vellum, 10s 6d . — 1624

10945 Censura Temporum; or, the Good or 111 Tendencies of

Books, Sermons, &c. Impartially considered for the
Year 1708, neat, 4s 6d 1709

10946 Charron on Wisdome, frontispiece by Hole, 3s 1640

10947 Cleland's Institution of a Young Nobleman, &c. vellum,

5s Oxford, 1607 10948 Cleland's Institution of a Young Nobleman, very neat,

7s Oxford, 1607

10949 Complete Collection of Papers, in 12 Parts, relating

to the Great Revolutions in England and Scotland, from the Time of the 7 Bishops Petitioning James to the Coronation of King William and Queen Mary, neat, scarce, 10s 6d —, 168!)

10950 Clowes's Proud Practice for all Young Cliirurgians, con

cerning Burnings with Gunpowder, Gun-shot, Sword, Halliard, Pike, Launce, and other Wounds, and a i . Bsriefe,'&c. .Treatise touching the Cure of the Dis

: • i ease called Morbus Gallicus, or Lues Venerea, Ac.

.• &c. Cuts, Black Letter, 2' vol. in 1, fair copies,

9s . 1 . Printed by T. Orwyn, 1585, &c.

10951 Coghan's Haven of Health gathered for the Comfort of .: Students, ,k.c. new and neatly half bound, 6s 1036

10952 DarreU's True Narration of the Strange and Grevions

Vexation by the Devil of 7 Persons in Lancashire, and fVrn, Somers of Nottingham, wherein the Doctrine of Possession and Dispossession of Demoniakes is particularly applycd unto Somers, elegant in brown calf, 114s v 1600

10953 Directory for the Publick Worship of God throughout i ,'• •'■ .the Three Kingdoms of England, &c. neat, 4s 1644

10954 Donne's (Dr. John) Letters to several Persons of Honour, . .. . fine,portrait by Lombart, 6s *—— 1651

10955 Du Barta's Divine VVeekes and Workes, by Sylvester, ■ ''. .• " frontispiece by Hole, neat, 8s

10956 Another, good copy, frontispiece, neat, 10s 6d

10957 Discovery of an Ancient Custom in the Church of Saruni,

Making an Anniversary Bishop among the Choristers, &c. with curious cuts of the Bishop and Monk Fish, sewed, 7s 1663

10958 Eikonoklasthes, by Milton, in Answer to Eikon Basili

kon, fine copy, neatly half bound, 12s 1649

10959 Eikon Aklasto's the lmage Unbroken, a Perspective of

the Impudence, Falshood, Vanitie, and Prophannes published in a Libel entitled Eikonoklasthes, &c. good copy, neatly half bound, 12s — 16-51

10960 A Vindication of King Charles the Martyr, proving that

his Majesty was the Author of Eikon Basilikon, against a Memorandum said to be written by the Earl of Anglesea, sewed, 7s 1711

10961 Earl' of Essex, a Declaration of the Practices aud Trea

sons attempted and committed by Robert Earle of 1 Essex and his Complices, against her Majestie, &c.

and of the Proceedings at- the Arraignments, Convic

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