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10864 TRACTS, viz. Sherlock's Preservative against Popery, o 2 parts...The Protestant Resolved; or, a Discourse

Shewing the Unreasonableness of his turning Roman
Catholic for Salvation---A few Plain Reasons why a

Protestant should not turn Roman Catholic-Dodwell's . ; Account of the Fundamental Principles of Popery, &c.

---'Treatise of Monarchy - A Defence of the Mis. sionaries Arts.-.-Bishop Burnet's Collection of 18' Papers relating to the Affairs of Church and

State during the Reign of James II. and 1 other, in 1. 1 vol. Os . . . .


. 1688 10865

Usserii de Romanæ Ecclesiæ Symbolo "...!" A postolico Vete, fine portrait-Anastasii Sivaitæ

Anagogicarum Contemplationum in Ilexameron, Gr. et Lat.-Church Government, part V.-A Relation of the English Reformation Animadversions on Do.

Reflections on the Historical Part of Ditto-and

Continuation of the present State of the Controversy FI between the Churches of England, and Rome, in 1 a> , vol. good copy, 8s 1. i. 1647, &c. 10866 West m Defence of the Bishop of Chichester's

Profession made upon his Death-Bed; concerning
Passive. Obedience, &c. with his Life--Reflections

on the late History of Passive Obedience-Case of • ; Conscience, concerning Flying in Times of Troubleiur. -A Third Collection of Papers relating to the prei, sent Juncture of Affairs in England, 1688–New 1. Nonconformist; or, Dr. Sherlock's Case in preach

ing after a Deprivation, &c.-Observations on Dr. ..:: Sherlock's late Case of Allegiance--and 16 others, in 1 vol. 4s 6 s ;

1680 10867 --

History of the Rise, Growth, Reign, - : Supports, and Sodain Fatal Foyl of Popery during

James the Second's Reign, with a Description of the psi' ' 6 Popish Pillar's Vox Cleri; or, the Sense of the

Clergy on making Alterations in the Liturgy, &c.Answers to Vox Cleri, &c. Defence of the Rights and Privileges of the University of Oxford-Freedom of Elections to Parliament, a Fundamental Law and Liberty of the English Subject Plain English humbly offered to the Consideration of his Majesty, Toleration disapproved and condemned-Separation

yet no Schisme-Clarendon's View of Hobbes's Levions athan++ Salgado's Romish Priest turned Protestant, · . .. with Reason of his Conversion--and 5 others, in 1 i ri, vol. neat, 10s 6d.

1690, &c. 10868

Toleration Stated, &c.--Liberty of

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Conscience upon its true and proper Grounds asserted and vindicated--Toleration not to be abused, &c.Reflections on Dr. Stillingfleet’s Unreasonableness of Separation-Interest of England, in respect to Protestants dissenting from the Established Church New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty, &c. - De Foe's Shortest Way with Dissenters - Answer to Ditto-Rights of Protestant Dissenters, 2 parts - Rights of the Church of England asserted and proved-and 2 others, in i vol. good copy, 10s 6d

1653, &c. 10869 TRACTS, viz. Gauden's Considerations touching the

Liturgy, &c.—24 Cases concerning things indif-
ferent in Religious Worship, &c.- Common Prayer-
Book Devotions, Episcopal Delusions; or, the Se-
cond Death of the Service-Book, &c.-A Christian
and Sober Testimony against sinfull Compliance-
Lawfulness of hearing Publick Ministers of the Church
of England proved-Samaritanism; or, a Treatise of
Comprehending, Compounding, and Tolerating se-
veral Religions in one Church-Humfrey's Second
Discourse about Re-ordination--and 3 others, in 1
vol. 7

. i 1661 10870

Cursory Remarks upon some late Disloyal Proceedings in several Cabels---Du Moulin's Papal Tyranny, as it was exercised over England for some Ages-Moderation pursued by a Paper vindicating of our Liturgy and Church from any Malevolence to Meetings, &c. &c.—and 1 other, sewed, 3s 6d

. - ; 1699 10871

- Discourse against TransubstantiationDiscourse coacerning the Worship of the Blessed Virgin and the Saints--History of Passive Obedience since the Reformation-Reflections on Ditto-Reflections upon the late great Revolution -A true and lively Representation of Popery—and 6 others, in ì yol, neat, 6s

: 1684 10872

Impartial Account of the Nature and Tendency of the late Addresses-Relapsed Apostate; or, Notes on a Presbyterian Petition for Peace, &c. -L'Estrange's Narrative of the Plot-The Dissenter's Sayings--L'Estrange's No Papist -The' Shammer Shammid - The Swearers; or, Innocence Op. pressed and Sacrificed-and 19 others, in 1 vol. 4s 6d

1681 10873

Dangerfield's More Shams Still; or, a further Discovery of the Designs of the Papists, &c. . -No Protestant Plot; or, a Discovery of the Con

spiracy of the Papists, &c. 3 parts—A Tory Plot; or, the Discovery of a Design carried on by our late Addressers, &c. 2 parts—and the Scotch Mist cleared up, in 1 vol. neat, 7 .

1681 10874

Sir M. Hale’s and Lord Bacon's Judge "ment of the Nature of True Religion, &c.- A Letter

shewing that the Bishops are not to be Judges in Par

liament-Jolin Owen's Brief Vindication of the Non. conformists from the Charge of Schisme-Heads of *** Agreement assented to by the United Ministers--25

Reasons against Toleration and Indulgence of Popery --The Speeches, Discourses, &c. of Col. Barksted, Col: Okey, and Mr. M. Corbet, executed at Tyburn, 19th of April, 1662—and 4 others, in 1 vol. 9s

. 1684, &c. 10875

Judgment of the Clergy, concerning · tlre King's Perogative in Dispensing with the Penali Laws-Answer to Ditto-Collection of several Treatises concerning the Reasons and Occasions of the Penal Laws--Jesuits' Reasons Unreasonable ; or, Doubts proposed to the Jesuits-Good Advice to the Church of England - Roman Catholick and Protestant Dissenter--and 10 others on the Penal Laws, &c. in 1 vol. 6s.

1687 10876

Some Seasonable Reflections upon the Quakers' Solemn Protestation against George Keith's Proceedings at Turner's Hall, 29th of April, 1697History of Sin and Heresie-Primitive Heresie. Revived in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers—The Quakers' Last Shift to cover their Monstrous Heresies, &c.—and 1 other, neat, 6s


1697 10877 Willet's Synopsis Papisni ; that is, a General View of Papistrie, &c. good copy, 6s

1594 10878 Another Copy, with many MSS, Notes, good copy, 7 . • .'

- 1594 10879 White's (F.) Orthodox Faith and Way to the Church

Explained and Justified, in Answer to a Popish Treatise intituled • White dyed Blacke,' good copy, 5s

1617 10830' (John) Way to the True Church, wherein the

principal Motives, perswading to Romanisme, &c. &c. are disputed, vellum, 5s---Ditto, good copy,. Os 10881 Whitbie’s (Daniel) Romish Doctrines not from the Be

ginning; or, a Reply to S. Cressy, in Vindication of our Church against the Novelties of Rome, 5s

in 1664 10882 Whitaker’s Answer to the 10 Reasons of Ed. Campian, the Jesuit, fair copy, 4s

1606 10883 Winton's (George, Bishop of) Treatises, wherein his

Judgment concerning the Controversie between the Church of Rome and the Church of England is made known, good copy, 4s




: FOLIO. 10884 BACON's (Lord) Historie of the Reigne of Henery the Seventh, good copy, 5s

3641 10885 Brown's (Dr. 'T.) Enquiries into Vulgar and Common

Errors, neatly half bound, 12 - 1658 10886 Buck's (George) History of the Life and Reigne of

Richard the Third, good copy, scarce, 14s 1646 10887 Criviti Viri Eruditissimi de Honesto Disciplina, Lib.

XXV. de Poetis Latinis, Lib. V. et Poematum, Lib.

II. new and neatly half bound, 128 Paris, 1508 10888 Digge's (Sir D.) Complete Ambassador; or, Two Trea

tises of the intended Marriage of Queen Elizabeth, fine frontispiece by Faithorne, containing whole length portraits of Queen Elizabeth, Lord Burleigh, and Sir S, Walsingham, good copy, neat, il Is

1655 · 10889 Declaration (A large ) concerning the late Tumults in

Scotland, from their first Originalls, with a particular Deduction of the seditious Practices of the Prime Leaders of the Covenanters, &c. new and

neatly half bound, 12 - - 1639 10890 Du Barta's Divine Weekes and Works, by Sylvester,

portrait by Delarm, and frontispiece by Elstracke, .. very fine copy, elegant brown calf extra, 21 2s 1633 * 10891 Government of the Commonwealth of England, &c.

'as it was publickly declared at Westminster, Dec. .. .

16, 1653, at which Time and Place Oliver, Lord

Protector of the said Commonwealth, took a solemn Oath for observing the same-and Violet's Proposals to 0. Cromwell respecting the Excise, Gold, Silver,

&c. 2 parts, in 1 vol. half bound, 14s 1653 & 6 10892 Hawkins's (Sir R.) Voyage into the South Seas in 1593,

new and neatly half bound, scarce, il 5s 1622 10893 Habington's (William) Historie of Edward the Fourth,

portrait, good copy, scarce, 10s 6d - 1640 10894 Johnstonus's History of the wonderful Things of Nature,

&c. 1657—and Higmore's Corpis Humani Disquisitio Anatomica, frontispiece, 2 vol. in 1, good copy, 9s

- 1651, &c. 10895 King James's Works, fine portrait of James sitting on

his Throne, frontispiece by Elstracke, and portrait
of Charles, by Pass, good copy, neat and scarce,
11 ils 6d

1616 10896 Lloyd's Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings, and

Deaths of those excellent Personages that suffered
for the Protestant Religion, and their Allegiance to
Charles I. frontispiece, containing portrait of
Charles and 18 of his Generals and other Persons,

fine impression, neat, scarce, 1l 55 - 1668 10897 Muses' (The ) Welcome to the high and mighty Prince

James, King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, &c. at his Majestie's happy Returne to his old and native Kingdom of Scotland, after 14 Years' Absence, 1617, digested according to the Order of his Majestie's Progresse, by I. Adamson, wood-cut, portrait of James, very fine copy, in original binding, gilt leaves, 31 3s

Edinb. 1618 10898 Newcastle's (Countess of) Poems and Fancies, new and neatly half bounds, 10s 6d :

1653 10899 Ovid's Metamorphosis, by Sandys, frontispiece, very neat, 6s

1626 10900 Pembroke's (Countess of) Arcadia, by Sir P. Sidney, portrait of Sidney, new and neatly half bound, 128

1655 10901 Reign (The) of King Charles, an History disposed into

Annals, &c. good copy, 7s 6d - 1635 10902 SHAKESPEARE's COMEDIES, HISTORIES, AND TRA

GÉDIES, SECOND EDITION, fine portrait, good copy, elegant brown calf extra, marbled leaves, 101 10s

; :

1632 10903 Sandy's Travels in the Holy Land, remote Parts of i Italy, &c, plates, very good copy, neat, scarce, : 11 4s

1632 10904 Strada's History of the Low Countrey Warres, by Sta

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