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the Doctrines and Practices of the Ancient Church, relating to the Eucharist■-The Council of Trent examined and disproved by Catholick Tradition—and 2 others, in 1 vol. very good copy, 12s - 1689

10838 TRACTS, viz. A Rejoyuder to the Reply published by the Jesuites, under the Name of William Malonc—-and Usher's Answer to a Challenge made by a Jesuite of Ireland, good copy, 6s — Dub. 1632, &c.

10839 A Papist misrepresented and represented ; or, a Two-fold Character of Popery—The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of'Rome truly Represented—A Papist not misrepresented by Protestants—Papists protesting against Protestant Popery— An Answer to Papists protesting against Protestant Popery, in 1 vol. neat, 7s - 1685, &c

10840 Bernard's Rhemes against Rome; or,

the remooving the Gagg of the New Gospel, &c.— Pelagius raked out of the Ashes by Arminius, &c— A Second Parallel, with a Writ of Error sued against the Appealer—A dangerous Plot discovered, proving that Mr. Richard Montague, in his 2 Uookes called a * New Gagg, and a Just Appeale,' laboured] to bring in the Faith of Rome and Arminius, under the Name, ■Src. of the Doctrine of the Church of England, in 1 vol. 10s 6d — 1626, &c.

10841 The Mystery of Iniquity Working, in

dividing of Protestants in order to the Subverting of Religion and Our Laws—Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England—Vindication of the Answer to some late Papers concerning the Unity and Authority of the Catholick Church, and the Reformation of the Church of England—Treatise, shewing that the Roman Church falselj' claims to be that Church and the Pillar of that Truth mentioned in the Ist Epistle of St. Paul to Timothy—The Papist represented, and not misrepresented—and 1 other, in 1 vol. 10s 6d

1689, &c

10842 Epistle, congratulatorie of Lysimachus

Nicanor to the Covenanters of Scotland—The late Apology in behalf of the Papists reprinted End answered, in behalf of the Royallists—Apology for the Protestants, being a full Justification of their Departure from the Church of Rome, in 4 parts, and2 others, in 1 vol. 6s — 1640, &c.

10813 An Answer to Dr. Sherlock's Case of

Allegiance to Sovereign Powers—The Use and Great
Moment of the Notes of the Church, as Delivered

by Cardinal Bellarmine, &c.—Necessity of Reformation, with Respect to the Errors and Corruptions of the Church of Rome—Confutation of the Latin Service Practised in the Church of Rome, and 2 others, in 1 vol. 5s

10814 TRACTS, viz. An Amicable Accommodation of the Difference, ■Src. in Return to the Last Reply against the Papist Protesting against Protestant Popery—Answer made upon Three Royal Papers, imperfect, and Reply to Ditto—The Protestant Resolution of Faith, 1 &c.—The Papist Represented, and not Misrepresented—Vindication of the Answer to some late Papers on the Unity and Authority of the Catholick Church, and the Reformation of the Church of England, and 2 others, 6s 1087

10845 Stillingfleet on the Nature and Grounds

of the Certainty of Faith—The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome truly Represented— Claude's Answer to M. de Meaux's Conference with Mr. Claude, &c.—Apology for the Protestants, being a full Justification of their Departure from the Church of Rome, with Fair and Practicable Proposals for a Reunion, in 1 vol. good copy, 6s - 1088, &c.

1W846 A Letter to the Bp. of Sarum—A Farewell to Popery, in a Letter to Dr. T. Nicholas—A Collection of Treatises concerning the Penal Laws, ■Vc.—The Catholick Cause; or, the Horrid Practice of Murdering Kings Justified and Commended by the Pope on the Assassination of Henry III. of France, S)'c.—Sherlock's Vindication of the Preservative against Popery, and 11 others, in 1 vol. 12s 1090, &c.

10847 The Papacy of Paul the IVth. or, the

Restitution of Abby Lands, &;c.The Catholiek Cause ; or, the Horrid Practice of Murdering Kings Justified and Commended by the Pope, 6)'C Latin $f EnglishBroccard's His Alarm to all Protestant Princes, with a Discovery of Popish Plots, fyc.Defence of True Protestants, Sec.Warning to Protestants from the Cruelty and Treachery of the Parisian Massacre, Aug. 24, 1572—Antidote against the Present Fears and Jealousies of the Nation, and 30 others, in 1 vol. neat, 10s 6d - 1673, &c.

10848 No Protestant—Plot, &c. or, Conspiracy

of the Papists against the King, &c. 3 parts in 1 vol. complete, neat, 6s - - 1681, Ac.

10849 •. The King's Supremacy Asserted; or, a

. . Remonstrance of the King's Right against the Pietended Parliament, &c—Parish Churches no Conventicles-^-A late 'Apology in behalf of the Papists answered in behalf of the Royalists—Discovery of the late Popish Plot—The Unreasonableness ami Impiety of Popery—Papists no Ca1holicks, and Popery no Christianity—Royal Charter granted unto Kings by God himself—Apology for Protestants, being a full Justification of their Departure from the Church of Rome, with Proposals for a Reunion^ &c. and 4 others, in j vol. neat, 9s - 1681, &c.

10850 TRACTS, viz. A Justification of the Whole Proceedings of their Majesties King William and Queen Mary— A Discourse on the Unreasonableness of a New Separation, on account of the Oaths, &c.—Abp. of Tuam's Sermon to the Protestants of Ireland in and about London, 1689—Walker's Vindication of the True Account of the Siege of Londonderry, in Ireland —A True Relation of the Manner of Deposing King Edward II. and Richard II.—The Fall of Babylon; or, Seasonable Reflections on the Novelties of Rome

State of the Papist and Protestant Proprieties in

the Kingdom of IrelandThe Interest of England in

the Preservation of Ireland Great Bastard Pro.

tector of the Little One^ and 15 others, in 1 vol. good copy, 15s - 1682, &c.

■10851 -; John Owen's Vindication of the Non

Conformists from the Charge of Schisme—Baxter's Answer to Dr. E. Stillingfleet's Charge of Separation —Mischief of Impositions; or, an Antidote against the Mischief of Separation—Answer to the Mischief of Separation—No Evidence for Diocesan Churches, or any Bishops—Conformist's Plea for the Nonconformists—The Plotter's Doom, in a Sermon on the late Hellish Plots—Titus Oates's Sermon—Naked Truth; or, the True State of the Primitive Church, and 1 other, in 1 vol. good copy, 10s

10652 The Duty of Allegiance settled upon

its True Grounds, &c. and 5 others on the same subject, by Collier, &c. in 1 vol. 4s 1691, &c.

10853 1 Answer to a late Pamphlet entitled the

Experiment; or, the Shortest Way with'the Dissen

'ters Exemplified—D. Defoe's 'Hymn to Peace—The

Conformist's Second Plea for the Nonconformists, and 6 others, 4s • - •' ±' .!. 1700

10854 '— The History of Passive Obedience since .

the Reformation—Sherlock's Case of Hie Allegiance

• • • true to Sovereign Powers Stated and Resolved—Dr. .,-- -1 Sherlock's Case Considered, with Remarks on his

t: . Vindication, and 4 others, in 1 vol. 4s 6d

V Amst. 1689, &c.

10855 TRACTS, viz. Presbytery Displayed for the Justifica

• tion of such as do not like the Government—A Fair Warning to take Heed of Scottish Discipline—Epistle Congratulatorie of Lysimachus Nicanor to the Covenanters in Scotland—Foxes and Fire-Brands; or, a ... Specimen of the Danger and Harmony of Popery and SeparationRavillte Redivivus, being a Nar; . retive of the Tryals of James Mitchel, a Conventicle

Preacher, and Major T. Weir for Adultery,. Incest, and Beastiality, 1678—Toleration Discussed, Tole, -' • ration Disapproved and Condemned—The Dissenter's Sayings—The Zealous and Impartial Protestant, shewing some Great but Less Heeded Dangers of Popery —The Free Born Subject; or the Englishman's Birth Bight Asserted, &c.-~Gauden's Antisacrilegus; or, a Defensu1ive against the Pest or Guilded Poyson of that Nameless Paper which Tempts his Majestie by the Offer of £500,000. to make good by an Act of Parliament, to the Purchasers of Bishops, Deans, and Chapter's Lands, their Illegal Bargain for 99 Years—The Case put concerning the Succession of his Royal Highness the Duke of York, and 10 others, in 1 vol. good copy, IlIs - 1081, &c.

10856 Bray's Bibliotheca, Parochialis, &c—

(f, The Doctrine of the Church of England concerning

the Independency of the Clergy on the Lay Power— Defence of the Vindication of the Deprived Bishops, and 3 others, in 1 vol. good copy, 5s - "1697

10857 . History of Passive Obedience since the

Reformation—Continuation of Ditto—Seasonable Re/ flections on Ditto.— History of the Inquisition at Goa.— Reasons for Abrogating the Test Imposed on all Members of Parliament, 1678, aud 3 others, in 1 'vol. good copy, 7s . . - 1689, &c■

10858 n An Humble Remonstrance to the High

Court of Parliament, by a Dutiful Sonne of the
Church, on the Liturgie, Episcopacy, &c—Answer

.....i . ., to.Ditto, by Smectymnus—A Defence of the Humble Remonstrance—Smectymnus's Vindication of his An

,. swer—and Answer to the Tedious Vindication of Smec

,- -,\ • tymnus, in 1 vol. neat, 8s - 1641, &c.

. 10859,,-ri——r-'— The King's Authority in Dispensing with Ecclesiastical Laws Asserted and Vindicated, by Ney iij.(:--?An Agreement between the Church of England aud the Church of Rome.-.A Discourse for Taking Off the Tests and Penal Laws about Religion, and 6 others on the Penal Laws, in ] vol. neat, 7s 1687, &c.

\0800 TRACTS, viz. L'Estrange's Narrative of the Plot, &c.

-.-The Power of Parliament in the Case of Succession,

■£c Love and Truth, in 2 Modest and Peaceable

Letters—French Politician Found Out; or, Considerations on the late Pretensions that France Claims

to England and Ireland, &c Church Papist, so

called, his Religion and Tenets fully Discovered— Sober Discourse of the Honest Cavalier with the Popish Couranters—-L'Estrange's Appeal—L'Estrange's no Papist nor Jesuite—the Case put concerning the Succession of the Duke of York—-the Cittand Bumpkin; or, a Dialogue over a Pot of Ale, and 11 others, in \ vol. neat, 12s - 1680, &e.

10861 . Naked Gospel, &c.«-Nature of Church

Government Freely Discussed and Set Out—Defence of M. H.'s Brief Enquiry into the Nature of Schism —The Seventh-Day-Sabbath; or, a Brief Tract on the 4th Commandment—The Great Question; or, How Religion, Property, and Liberty, are best to be Secured—Second Examination of Dr. Comber's Scho. lastical History, &c. of the Liturgies, &c. in 1 vol. neat, 5s . 1690, &c.

10862 —1 Cotton's Way of the Churches of Christ

in New England—Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven -—Burton's Truth Shut out of Doores; or, Narrative of the Church Doors of Aldermanbury being Shut against him— A Testimony of the Truth of Jesus Christ, &c—Beckii Disput&tib Theologica de Divina.

Praedestinatione, &c Specimen Calvinuiarum atque

Heterodoxarum Opinionum, &c Responsio Remon

strantium ad Libellum Titulus est Specimen Calvin, niarum—Doctrine of the Synod of Dort and Aries, by Tilenaens—Geo. Fox's Primer for the Scholars of Europe, and 4 others, in 1 vol. 10s 6d . - .• 1645

10863 A Short Survey of the Grand Case of

the Present Ministry—Mr. Crofton's Case Soberly , Considered-—Gauden's Solemn League and Covenant Djscharged—Crofton's Fastning of St. Peter's Fetters by 7 Links; or, Propositions or the Efficacy, &c. of the Solemn League and Covenant Asserted and Vindicated—A Brief Relation of the Irreligion of the Northern Quakers—Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance against the 2 Breues of Pope Paul V. and 8 others, in 1 vol. 7s . - - —- 1661

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