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10743 Watts's Miscellaneous Thoughts, new, bound, 3s 6d

10744 Lyric Poems, portrait, neat, 2s 6d 1731

10745 Logic, neat, 2s 6d—Ditto, 2s - 1754

10746 on the Mind, bound, 2s - 1791

10747 • Catechisms, complete, 2s—Ditto, Is 6d 1774

10748 * on the Trinity, neat, 2s—Ditto, 2s 6d 1732

10749 Strength and Weakness of Reason, neat, 2s 1737

10750 Guide to Prayer, neat, 2s - 1715

10751 on Passions, good copy, Is 3d—Ditto, Is 6d 1732

10752 Passions and Love God, 1 vol. 18mo. Is 6d 1790

10753 on Education of Children, neat, 2s 1769

10754 on Humility, Is 6d - - 1770

10755 on Reading and Writing English, Is 6d 1737

10756 Redeemer and Sanctiiier, neat, 2s

10757 Psalms, only, small, Is—Ditto, large, Is 3d

10758 Warren's Daily Self-Examinant, very small, Is 1710

10759 Young's Night Thoughts, neat pocket editkit, new,

boards, 2s 6d—Ditto, bound, 3s—Ditto, calf, 4s

10760 (Dr. John) Sermons, Practical, 2 vol. scarce,5s

10761 (Rev. Thos.) Young Convert; or, History of

Ariel, new, boards, 2s 6d — 1013

10762 Presumer's Scourge and Mourner's Plea, 2s

10763 (Sarn,) Prison Meditations, Is - 1684

10764 Youth's Magazine, vols. 1 & 2, half bound, cuts, 6s

10765 —• Scripture Calendar, Is 6d - 1759

10766 Zion's Trumpet, a Theological Miscellany, by a Society

of Clergymen, 4 vol. 1798 to 1801", half bound, scarce, 9s

10767 Zinzendorf's 16 Discourses on Christ, Is 6d 1751


10768 BROCAS's Calvinism Unmasked, new, boards, 3s 6d 10769 Baxter's Rest, by Wesley, neat, calf, 3s 1705 10770 Fletchers (Rev. J.) Works, 8 vol. 11 8s

10771 Appeal on Man's lost Estate, new, 2s 6d

10772 Posthumous Pieces, by Melville Home, neat,

half bound, 2s 6d - - 1791

10773 Doctrines of Grace and Justice, Is 1778

10774 Vindication of Ciirist's Divinity, Is 3d

10775 Vindication of Christ's Diviuity, and Soci

nianism Unscriptura), 2 vol. sewed, 2s 6d 1779

10776 Zelotes and Honestus Reconciled, Is 1780

10777 . 3d and 4th Check to Antinomianism, Is 6d

10778 Fletcher's last Check to Autinomianism, bound, Is 9d

10779 Tracts, viz. Vindication of Christ's Divinity,

Sermon on Death of Mr. Fletcher, and Letter to his

Brother on his Death, 2s - 178f■

10780 Dreadful Phenomenon, 4d - 1796

10781 Isaac's Universal Restoration Refuted, sewed, Is6d 18US

10782 Law's Call, by Wesiey, 2s — 1762

10783 Pawson's (John) Sermons, sewed, 3s - 1801

10784 Smyth's (Rev.) Confutation of Calvinism, new, boards, 5s

10785 TRACTS, viz. Alleine's Letters—Ditto Alarm—Baxter's

Call, by Wesley, half bound, Is 3d

10786 Fletcher's Dreadful Phenomenon De•

scribed—Wesley on Necessity, &c. Is

10787 Fletcher's Experience of Mrs. S*****

— Bradbury's Address on Slavery, &c. neat, Is 6d

10788 Wesley's Logic—Token for Children—

Stonehouse's Prayers—Choice Drop—Hill's Present for Neighbour—Choice Drop of Honey—Forms of Prayer for every Day, &c. Is 6d

10789 Wesley's Life of Renty—Life of Jane

Newland — Account of Mary Langson—Elizabeth Hindmarsh—John Dillon—Life of Mrs. Alice Gilbert—Account of Thomas Cross—Alleine's Letters, &c. half bound, Is 6d

10790 Short Account of Rev. J. Wesley—Life

of Col. Gardner—Ditto John Janeway—Account of Mrs. A. Thornton—Life of John Morris—Wesley's Sermon Way to the Kingdom—Ditto Salvation by Faith—Ditto Original Sin—Ditto Almost Christian, &c. neat, half bound, 2s

10791 Walsh's (Thos.) Life and Death, head, 2s 1762

10792 Wesley's Christian Library, 50 vol. wanting vols. 1,

7, 8, 15, 39, 40, in all 43 vol. not uniform, 51 7s 6d

10793 Wesley's Sermons, viz. on Death of Fletcher—White

heads on Wesley—Benson's Ditto on Sunday Schools —Wesley's Means of Grace—Ditto Eternity of Hell Torments—on Trinity—Ditto Faith—Ditto God's Love to Man—Early Rising, and various others, neat, half bound, 2s

10794 Wesley's Church History, 4 vol. new, bound, 10s 6d

10795 — Journals, 3 vol. neat, 6s - 1743

10796 on Justification, neat, 2s - 1765

10797 —: (John) Moral and Sacred Poems, 3 vol. 5s 1744

10798 Another Copy, 3 vol. not quite uniform, 4s 6d

30799 —i Charles) Hymns and Sacred Poems, 2 vol. 3s 6d

10800 —— (John) Hymns and Sacred Poems, Is

JO801 —— (John and Charles) Psalms and Hymns, Is

1O802 Sermons, vol. 2. Is 6d


With many Tracts for and against the Toleration of Dissenters, Sfc. Sfc. several of which are very scarce, and seldom to be met with,


10803 ANN ANDS Fides Catholica; or, the Doctrine of the

Catholic Church, in 18 Grand Ordinances, 4s 6d 1601

10804 An Ende to Controversie between the Romane Catho

lique, and the Protestant Religions Justified, ■Src. by T. B. frontispiece by Vaughan, 7s Doway, 1654

10805 Brief Discourse concerning the Notes of the Church,

with some Reflections on Cardinal Bellarmins, Notes, &c. good copy, 3s 1687

10806 Clare's Converted Jew; or, Certaine Dia'ogues between

Michacas, a learned Jew, and others, on Divers Points of Religion, 3 parts in 1 vol. good copy, 10s 6d 1630

10807 Church of England Vindicated against her Chief Ad

versaries of the Church of Rome, good copy, 3s 6d


10808 Conference (A) of the Catholike and Protestante Doc

trine, with the Expresse Words of Holie Scripture, 6s

Doway, 1631

10809 Du Moulin's Vindication of the Sincerity of the Pro

testant Religion, in Answer to the Jesuites, good copy, 3s 6d - - 1667

J0810 Bucfcler of the Faith; or, a Defence of

the Confession of Faith of the Reformed Churches against M. Arnoux, the Jesuite, good copy, 4s 6d 1631

10811 Featly's Grand Sacrilege of the Church of Rome, &c,

1630, and King James's Cygnea Cantio; or, Learned Decisions and most Prudent and Pious Directions for Students in Divinitie, 2 vol. m 1, good copy, 5s 1629

10812 Gauden's (Dr. John) Hieraspistes, a Defence of the

Ministry and Ministers of the Church of England, curious frontispiece by Crosse, containing 2 full length portraits, neat, scarce - 1653

10813 Hall's Peace of Rome Proclaimed to all the World, by

her famous Cardinal Bellarmine, stained, 2s 6d 1609

10814 Harding's (Dr.) Answer to Bp. Jewel's Chalenge, title

torn, as 64 • Imprinted at Loaaine, 1564 10815 Harding's (Dr.) Rejoindre to Bp. Jewel's Replie, Bl Ack

LETteH, good copy, 3s - Anteerpice, 1566

10816 Hoyle's (Dr. J.) Rejoynder to Fryar Malone's Reply

concerning Reall Presence, good copy, 6s Dub. 1641

10817 Ladensium, the Canter bur ian's Self-Conviction; or,

Demonstration of the avowed Arminianisme, Popery, and Tyrannic of that Faction, very scarce, 6s


10818 Morton's Encounter against M. Parsons, by a Review

of his last Sober Reckoning, Sj-c. Sfc. vellum, scarce, 6s - - - - 1610

10819 Man of Sin; or, a Discourse of Popery, wherein the

Numerous and Monstrous Abominations, Sfc. of the Church of Rome are Exposed, particularly in Ike infinite Drove of their adored but tying Wonders and Miracles, neat, 10s (3d - 1677

10820 Montagu's Just Appeal from 2 Unjust Informers, reZ/tzar,

4s 1625

10821 Pope's (The) Deadly Wound, tending to Resolve all

Men in the principal Points now in Controversie between the Papists and us, boards, 3s 6d 1621

10822 Popery not Founded on Scripture; or, the Texts which

Papists cite out of the Bible, for the Proof of the Points of their Religion, examined, Sfc. very good copy, 6s 6d - - - 16

10823 Rights (The) of Protestant Dissenters, 2 parts—and

the Rights of the Church of England Asserted and Proved—and a Letter from a Layman in Communion with the Church of England, 4 vol. in 1, good copyt scarce, 6s 1705

10824 Replie to a Relation of the Conference between Wrn,

JLaude and Fisher, the Jesuite, good copy, scarce, 5s


10825 Rainolde's (John) Summe of the Conference between I,

Rainoldes and John Hart, touching the Head and the Faith of the Church, Black Letter, good copy, 6s - - 1609

10826 Reason and Religion; or the certain Rule of Faith,

where the fnfallibility of the Roman Catholick Church is asserted against Atheists, Heathens, Turks, Jews, and all Sectaries, neat, 6s Antw. 1672

10827 Second (A) Vindication of the Church of Scotland,

2s 6d - - Edinb. 1691

10828 Sheldon's (Richard) Motives for his Just, Voluntary,

and Free Renouncing of Communion with the Bishops of Rome, &c. vellum, 3s 6d - 1612

10820 Smectymnvv's Answer to an Humble Remonstrance, in which the Originall of the Liturgy and Episcopacy is discussed, and Vindication of the Answer, 2 voi. in 1, neat, 5s - - 1641

10630 Smectymnvv's Vindication of his Answer to the Humble Remonstrance—Bates's Sermon on the Death of Dr. T. Manton, with some MSS. Poems, &c. 3s 6d 1641

10831 Sutcliffe's (M.) Abridgement or Survey of Popery, Ac.

stained, 2s 6d - - 1606

10832 Swadlin, (The Scriptures Vindicated from the Unsound

Conclusions of Cardinal Bellarmiue, by) fair copy, 3s - - 1643

10833 Tritheism charged upon Dr. Sherlock's New Notion of

the Trinity, good copy, 2s 6d - 1695

10834 TRACTS, viz. The Interest of England Stated; or, a

Faithful and Just Account of the Aims of all Parties now pretending; viz. the Roman Catholick, the Royalist, Presbyterian, Anababtist, Army late Protector, and the Parliament, with their Effects, &c.— Articles of Peace between Charles II. and the Kingdom of Algiers- Vindication of the deprived Bishops, 2 parts—Scripture and Reason pleaded for defensive Armies; or, the whole Controversie about Subjeets taking up Arms, &c.—A fuller Answer to Dr. Feme's Resolving of Conscience, &c.—A Miracle; or, an Honest Broker, S\c.—Animadversions upon Miinheer Fagel's Letters concerning our Penal Laws and Tests—and 4 others, in 1 vol. scarce, good copy, 12s - - 1643,. &c.

10835 • ;Reasons presented by the Dissenting

Brethren against certain Propositions concerning Presbyteriall Government—The Assembly ot Divine's Answer to Ditto, and Papers given into the Assembly of Divines, the Lords, Commons, &c. &c. for Accommodation, 1644, good copy, 4s - 1648

10836 Bossuet's (Bishop of Condom's) Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church in Matters of Controversie—Answer to the Bishop of Condom's Exposition—Vindication of the Bishop of Condom's Exposition—Defenc*of the Answer to Bp. Condom—A Reply to the Defence of the Answer— A Second Defence of the Answer to the Bishop of Condom, in 2 parts, in I vol. neat, 10s 6d 1685, &c.

10837 Transubstantiation, a peculiar Article of

the Roman Catholic Faith, &c.—An Answer to a Discourse intituled 'Papists protesting against Protestant Popery—Rise and Progress of the Celibacy of the Clergy—Discourse against Purgatory—Full View of

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