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10G02 Trice's Pious Advice of an Afflicted Father, Is 6d 1794 10603 Talbot's (Dr. Titos.) Duty of Public Worship, neat, Is

10004 Trusler's Abstract of the Common Prayer, Is 1785

10005 Tillot son's (A bp.) Works, Tonson's neat pocket edition,

12 vol. neat, scarce, 1110s 1748

10606 Tyerman's Essay on Baptism, new, ids. 2s

10607 Thornton's (Rev. J.) Advantages of Early Piety

Unfolded and Displayed, in a Series of Plain Discourses addressed to Young People, one of them to Young Ladies at a Boarding School, 2d edition, new, boards, 3s 6d—Ditto, bound, 4s — 1813

10608 Ditto, on finer paper, new, boards, 4s 6d

—Ditto, calf, gilt, 6s 6d 1813

10609 Christian's Consolation; or, the

Preciousness of Christ to all who believe, an interesting little Work, 2d edit, enlarged, 18mo. new, bds. 2s - 1813

10610 Ditto, printed in 12mo. new, boards, 3s

10611 Maxims and Diuections for Youth,

on a variety of Important and Interesting Subjects, for Families and Private Schools, 18mo. new, boards, Is 6d - - - 1813

10612 Repentance Explained and Enforced,

being a Serious Appeal to every Man's Conscience on its Nature,. Necessity, and Evidences, 18mo. new, in boards, Is 6d - - 1812

N. B. The above is published cheap, in order to meet the views of those that may beinclined ta give them away, being particularly designed for that purpose.

10613 Thornton's (Rev. J.) Fruits of the Spirit, being a

Comprehensive View of the Principal Graces which adorn the Christian Character, finely printed, new, boards, 4s—Ditto, calf, gilt, 6s - 1813

For a very high character of all Mr. Thornton's Works, see Evangelical and Baptist Magazines, and Ecletic Review.

10614 Themylthorp's Posie of Godly Prayers, Is 1752

10615 TRACTS, viz. Fleming on the Rise and Fall of Popery

—Hey against Paine-rPaley's Reasons for Contentment, and other Tracts on same Subject, 2s 6d

10616 Jennings's Sermons to Young People—

Dr. Gnyse's Six Annual Sermons to Young People, and , Cotton on Covenant of Grace, 2s 6d

106J7 Ralph Erskine's 4 Sermons on Sacramental Occasions, and 4 others of his Sermons— Divine Breathings, boards, Is 6d

20618 Dr. Cotton Mather's Student and Preacher ---Tennant's Sermon, 1741—1 Sermon on Law and Gospel, by D. Evans, A. M.—Dickinson on Regeneration—S. Blair, of America, on Predestination— Chauncey's Sermon on Gifts of Ministers—Dr. Leechman's Duty of a Minister, and other Tracts, boards, 3s

10619 TRACTS, viz. a Collection of (excellent modern) by Mi

nisters, Bishops, &c. of the Church of England, 11 vol. very neat, in calf, 11 2s 1770 to 1790

10620 , viz. Abp. Hort's Instructions to the Clergy—

J. Sterne Tractatus de Visitatione Infermorum, &c. neat, Is 6d 1698

10621 on Baptism, viz. Jenkin's Inconsistency of

Infant Sprinkling—Do. Reply to Decoursy, Wilson, on Do. &c. Is 6d '1784

10622 Usher's (Abp.) Judgment on the Extent of Christ's Death

—on the Sabbath—and on Ordination, by Bernard, portrait, Is 6d —. 1697

10623 Vincent's Assembly Catechism Explained, new, bound, 2s

10624 Present for Sick Persons Recovered, Is 1693

10625 Venner's Whole Armour of God, and Dying Preacher's

Legacy, scarce, 2s 6d 1662

10626 Venn's (Rev. H.) Complete Duty of Man; or, a , System of Doctrinal and Practical Christianity, new

and very beautiful edition, new, board*, 4s 6d— Ditto, bound, 5s—Ditto, calf, 6s 6d - 1812

10627 Mistakes in Religion Exposed, new, boards, 4s

—Ditto, bound, 4s 6d —— 1807

10628 World Unmasked; or, Philosopher the Greatest Cheat,

2 vol. neat, scarce, 5s — 1743

10629 Williams's Sermons on Religious Hypocrisy, 2 vol. 3s

10630 Willison's (Rev. J.) Sacramental Directory, new, bound,

2s 6d 1797

10631 Another Copy, good old edition, neat, 2s 6d

10632 :— Sacramental Meditations, new, boards, 3s—

Ditto, bound, 3s 6d

10633 Sanctification of Lord's Day, new, bound, 2s 6d

10634 Another, finer edition, new, boards, 3s

10635 Sacramental Catechism, new, bound, 3s 1791

10636 Another Copy, second hand, Is 6d 1720

10637 Afflicted Man's Companion, Mew, bound, 3s 6d

10638 Another Copy, second hand, 2s 1768

10639 Balm of Gilead, new, bound, 3s —Ditto,

boards, 2s 6d 1798

10640 Wei wood's Meditations, 2s—Do. Mew, 4s I7t$3

10641 Wright's (Geo. Esq.) Thoughts in YoungeT Life, 2s 6d

10642 Pleasing Reflections, 2s — 1788 10643 Wolseley's (Ch.) Reasonableness of Scripture Belief, 2s

10644 Unreasonableness of Atheism, Is 1699

10645 Walker's (Sam. A. B.) 52 Sermons on Baptismal Cove

nant, the Creed, &c. 2 vol. 7s 1789

10646 Another Copy, 2 vol. boards, 7s 1789

10647 —*- Practical Christianity, neat, 3s 1766

10648 Ditto, new edition, new, boards, 4s 1812

10649 1— Christian, a Course of Practical Sermons, new,

boards, 3s 6d 1811

10650 — Ditto, second hand, good copy, 2s—Ditto, 2s 6d

10651 Christ the Purifier, new, boards, 2s 6d 1794

10652 (Rob. of Edinburgh) Sermons, 2s 6d 1771

10653 Wither's (Dr. Philip) Letter to A. FuUer, Is 1785

10654 Wollaston's Religion of Nature, abridged, Is 6d 1737

10655 Waldo on Lord's Supper, Is 1778

10656 Way to True Happiness, by Q. & A. opening the Mean

ing of every Book and Chapter of Bible, Is 1633 10857 Word of God the best Guide, a Collection of Scripture Texts, scarce, 2s 6d 1701

10658 Watson's (Bp.) Apology for Bible, new, boards, 2s

10659 Ditto, best edition, new and neat, 5s 6d - 1799 J0660 Ditto, secondhand, neat, 3s 6d — 1796 10661 Another Copy, common edition, secondhand, Is 1796

10662 Watson (Rev. Thos.) on a Future State, boards, 2s 6d

10663 Wake (Dr.) on the Church Catechism, Is 6d—Ditto,

neat, 2s

10664 Wilson's (Bp.) Practice of Christianity, Is 6d—Ditto, 2s 10065 Sermons, new, boards, 3s 6d

10606 Principles, &c. of Christianity, Is 6d 1738

10067 Ditto, new edition, Is — 1797.

10068 Maxims of Piety and Christianity, new, 3s 1729

10669 Wagstaff's (the Friend) Piety Promoted, neat, 3s 1796

10670 Wesley's (Sam.) Pious Communicant, 2s - 1700

10671 William's (Dan.) Gospel Truth against Crisp, 2s 1098

10672 on the Ministerial Office, 2 Sermons, Is 1708

10673 (Dr. E.) Christian Preacher, neat, half bound,

4s 6d 1800

10674 Ditto, new edition, new, boards, 6s—Ditto, calf, 8s 10075 Whitbie on Faith and the Resurrection, neat, 2s 6d 1671 10676 Watson's (Rev. Thos.) Art Of Divine Content

M Ent, new and neat edition, new, boards, Is 6d—
Ditto, new, bound, 2s — 1812

3 0677 Another Copy, old edition, new, bound, 2s 6d

10078 Divine Cordial, recommended by Rey,

Mr. Bull, new edition, new, in boards, 2s—Ditto, bound, 2s 6d ~. 1809

10079 „ Another Copy, old edition, Is 6d 1663 10080 Watson's Hbaven Taken Bv Storm, new, bound,

2s 6d 1796

10681 : Christian's Charter, new, bound, 2s 1796

10(582 Whitefield's (Rev. G.) Sermons, 2 vol. new, bound, 5s

10683 12 Sermons, 2s 6d — 1740

10684 — 9 Sermons, Is 6d — 1753

10685 8 Sermons, Is — 1737

10686 Communion's Companion, Is 1748

10687 Wright (Sarn,) on being Born again, 2s 1727

10688 Another Copy, 1s 6d — 1738

10689 Warburton's (Bp.) Doctrine of Grace, 2 vol. 2s 6d 1763

10690 Auother Copy, new edition, 2s — 1763 10691 Wood's (Wm.) Sermons on Social Life, new and neat, 3s 10692 Walker's Address to Methodists, &c. sewed, 3s

10693 .— Letters to A. Knox, Esq. neat, half bound, 2s

10694 Weston's Sunday Lessons for Morning and Evening Ser

vice, 2 vol. boards, 5s 6d — 1808

10695 Wells's (Dr.) Controversial Treatises, neat, 2s 6d 1710

10696 Wickcn's Complete and Perfect Concordance to the

Bible, new, bound, 3s — 1655

10697 Another Copy, very neat, 3s 6d — 1655

10698 Whichcote's (Dr. B.) Works, 4 vol. very neat, 10s 6(1

Aberdetn, 1757

10699 Witherspoon's Sermons on Practical Subjects, 2s 6d,

1791—Ditto, neat, 2s 6d 1708

10700 . Sermons, a Supplementary Volume, with

History of a Corporation of Servants, and other
Tracts, (sells at 3s 6d) new, in boards, 2s 1798

10701 Essays on Important Subjects, 3 vol. neat,

in calf, 9s 1705

10702 . Essays, Lectures, &c. 4 vol. new, boards,

12s * — 1805

10703 Whole Works, 9 vol. new, boards,

11 7s - - 1805

10704 i on Regeneration, new, bound, 3s 1800

10705 Ditto, fine edition, new, boards,3s66

Ditto, calf, 5s 1805

10706 Whitaker's (Rev. E.) 6 Sermons, sewed, Is 1793

10707 View of the Prophecies, sewed, 2s 1795

10708 . Another Copy, new, bound, 2s 6d 1795

10709 — (John) Sermons on Death, Judgment, &c

new, bound, 2s 6d t-— 1783

10710 Wharton's ( Hannah) Divine Inspiration, new and neat, '. scarce, 4s 6d . 1732

10711 Way to Heaven Discovered, by R. Purnell, Is 1653

10712 Woodward's Account of Reformation of Manners So

ciety, Is

10713 Weak Believer Resolved, 9d - 1644 10714 Whateley's Redemption of Time, by Baxter, 9d 1673

10715 Winchester's Universal Restoration, a Series of Dialogues,

&c. last edition, new, boards, 2s

10716 Watkins's Scripture Biography, bound, 3s 1802

10717 Wesley's (Sarn,) Life of Christ, with 61 wood cuts, 2

vol. 18mo. new, boards, 8s

10718 William's Diary, fine head, new, boards, 4s 1807 10710 Ditto, new, calf, gilt, 6s . 1807

10720 Ditto, inferior edition, new, bound, 3s

10721 Williams's (Thos.) Historic Defence of Experimental

Religion, 2 vol. new, boards, 5s - 1800

10722 Another Copy, 2 vol. in 1, second hand, neat, 4s 6d

10723 West's Friendly Address to the Methodists of Scotland

against Walker's Address, new, 6d each

10724 Whole Duty of Man, new, bound, 3s 6d

10725 Weston's Arrangement of Select and Interest

Ing Subjects, from the Holy Scriptures, new, boards, 3s 1809

10726 Watts's (Dr.) Sermons, new and neat edition, 2 vol.

new, boards, 7s—Ditto, bound, 8s—Ditto, calf, 10s 6d 1806

10727 Logic, new fine edition, new, boards, 3s 6d

—Ditto, bound, 4s—Ditto, calf, 5s 6d 1813

10728 On The Mind, new fine edition, new, boards,

4s—Ditto, bound, 4s 6d—Ditto, calf, 6s 1809

10729 World To Come, new tine edition, new, boards, 4s 6d

—Ditto, bound, 5s—Ditto, calf, 6s 6d 1812

10730 Death and Heaven; or, Separate Spirits

made Perfect, new fine edition, large print, new, boards, 2s—Ditto, bound, 2s 6d—Ditto, calf, 4s

10731 , Lyric Poems, new, bound, 2s 6d

10732 • Ditto, very fine edit, portrait, new, boards, 6s

10733 Ditto, calf, gilt, Sfc. 8s - 1805

10734 Guide To Prayer, new, bound, 2s 1808

10735 Psalms and Hymns, fine large print, 12mo.

new, bound, 6s—Ditto, calf 7s 6d - 1811

10736 Ditto, large print, 18mo. new, bound, 3s 6d

10737 :— Ditto, neat pocket edition, 2s 6d 1809

10738 Ditto, bound, black calf, 4s—Ditto, morocco, 6s 6d ( 1809

10739 Holiness of Times, Places, &e. new, bound, 3s

10740 On The Passions, new and neat pocket edit.

new, boards, Is 3d—Ditto, bound, Is 6d 1812

10741 - Love Of God, new and neat pocket edition, new, boards, Is 6d—Ditto, bound, 2s 1812

10742 . Ditto, the above 2 Treatises bound together,

new, boards, 2s 6d—Ditto, bound, 3s—Ditto, calf, 4s '. . , 3 F

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