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875 Davis's Key to Bonnycastle's Arithmetic, new, bound, 4s 6d

870 —— Mensuration, new, bound,


877 Dubost's Commercial Arithmetic, 2d Edit, boards, 2s 6d


878 Dilworth's Schoolmaster's Assistant, new, bound, 2S s■'

879 Domestic Cookery, by a Lady, last Edit, new, boards, 7s 6d

1 . '. .1: 1811

880 Domestic Management; or, Healthful Cookery, by a

Ladyr new Edit. 6s — — * 1813

881 Euclid's Elements, by De Chales, good copy, 3s 6d 1720

882 Another Copy, indifferent, portrait, 2s 6d , 1748

883 Euclid's Elements, by Winston, neat, 3s 6d Dublin, 1765

884 Eadon's Arithmetician's Guide, neat, 2s 6d 885 FARRIERY, Bracken's, Improved by Burdon, good copy,

2s 6d — — — 1738

886 M—— Bracken's, 2 vol. good copy, 5s 1713

887 1— Bracken's Traveller's Pocket Farrier, Is 6d


888 Bartlet's Gentleman's, plates, good copy,

3s 6d — — 1782

889 Bartlet's, new and neat, 3s 6d 1796

890 Burdon's Gentlemen's Pocket Farrier, with

the Smithrield Jockey, good copy, 2s 6d 1742

891 Complete Stable Directory, boards, 2s 6d


892 De la Fosse's Treatise on Glanders in

Horses, Is - •— .1751

893 the Gentleman's Farrier, neat, 2s 1782

894 Townshend's Royal Farrier, neat, 2s

895 Taplin's Improved, boards, Is 6d 1796

896 ■Another Copy, sewed, Is ■ ' 1792

897 • Taplin's Multum in Parvo, sewed, Is 1796

898 Family Cookery Book, new, boards, 5s — 1812

899 Fontenelle's Plurality of Worlds, neat, Is 6d 1688

900 Ditto, 4 copies, good condition, lettered, 2s each

901 Another Copy, neat, 2s 6d — Dublin, 1728

902 Another Copy, new Edit, new, boards, 2s

903 Fairfax's Complete Sportsman, frontispiece, good copy, 2s

904 Fisher's Young Man's Companion, new, bound, 3s

905 Friend's Evening Amusements, boards, Is 3d 1803

906 Ditto for 18J2, new, boards, 2s 6d

907 Faro ct Rouge et Noir, (the Model of playing the Games

of)Is6d — — — 1793

908 Fenning's Guide to the Use of the Globes, 2s 1760 809 Another Copy, cuts, 2s 6d—Ditto, 3s 1792-98

910 Fenning's Young Man's Book of Knowledge, plates, jair

copy, 2s 6d — — 1763

911 Ditto, last edition, new and neat copy, 3s 6d 1806

912 Fenning's Algebra, new edition, by Hellms and Davies,

new and neat, 4s 6d — 1809

913 Schoolmaster's Companion in Arithmetic, bound, .

2s — -—— 178&

914 British Youth's Instructor in Arithmetic, 2s 6d


915 Ditto, new edition, by Davis, new and neat, 4s 1812

916 Fenning's Youth's Guide to Trade and Commerce, 2s


917 Fisher's Arithmetic, 2 copies, 2s each 1795 & 96

918 Fletcher's Arithmetic made Easy, neat, 2s 1740

919 Grey's Memoria Technica, neat, 4s — 1781

920 Good's Art of Shadows; or, Universal Dialling, plates, Is


921 Gauger's New Method of Building Chimneys to prevent

Smoking, by De Sagulier, plates, Is 6d — 1715

922 Gordon's Young Man's Companion, good copy, 3s 1777

923 Gale's Cabinet Of Knowledse; or, Miscella

neous Recreations, new edition, enlarged, plates-, new, boards, 5s — 1808

924 Gregory's Lectures on Experimental Philosophy, Astro

nomy, and Chemistry, plates, (sells at 15s) 2 vol. new and neat, 13s' 1808

925 Greig's Heavens Surveyed, on a new plan, cuts, neat, 5s


926 Goodacre's Arithmetic, last edition, new, bound, 4s 1811

927 Book-keeping, new and neat, 4s

928 Gee on the Trade and Navigation of Great Britain, 2s 6d,

1738—Ditto, neat, 3s 1750

929 Hassell's Art of Drawing in Water Colours, 6d

930 Hargove's Anecdotes of Archery, plates, sewed, Is6d

York, 1792

931 Hawney's Complete Measurer, neat, 2s 3d 1789

932 Home's Experiments on Bleaching, stained, 3s 6d

Dublin, 1771

933 Another Copy, neat, 5s ib. ib.

934 Heynes's Treatise of Trigonometry, Is 6d — 1701

935 Haye's Negociator's Magazine, good copy, Is 3d 1719

936 Hoyle's Games, by Johnes, Is 1796

937 Hunter's Tidesman and Preventive-Officer's Pocket Book,

neat, Is 6d — 1765

938 Another Copy, 2s — — 1771

939 Harris's Description and Uses of the Globes, 9d 1713

940 Astronomical Dialogues, plates, 2s 1766

941 Harris's Algebra, 3d edition, Is 6d

942 Huygen's Celestial Worlds Discovered, neat, 2s 1722

943 Hervieux's New Treatise of Canary Birds, neat, scarce, 5s


944 Hodder's Arithmetic, with portrait, Is 6d 1690

945 Hatton's Arithmetic, 2s—Ditto, new, bound, 3s

946 Haigh's Dyer's Assistant, last edition, new, boards, 3s 6d


947 Hoppus's Measurer, new and neat, 3s

948 Hutton's Diarian Miscellany, vol. 5, scarce, 4s

949 Hudson's Introduction to Trade and Business, Is 1761

950 Interest, (Tables of) from One Pound to One Hundred,

Is 6d

951 by Hayes, Is 6d—Ditto, new,

boards, 3s

g52 by Smith, neat, Is 6d 1785

953 by Stonehouse, Is — 1739

955 by Thomson, (7th and last edition)

new and neat, 5s 1804

956 Introductory (Four) Lectures in Natural Philosophy, by

Hugh Hamilton, sewed, Is 3d 1774

957 Introduction to the Knowledge and Use of Maps, with

maps, sewed, 2s 1773

958 Jennings's Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals,

(beautifully printed) by Baskerville, sewed, 3s

Birmingham, 1775

959 Johnes's Technica Memoria; or, New Artificial Method

of Assisting the Memory, sewed, Is 6d

960 Knowledge of Medals, neat, Is 6d—Ditto, 2s 1715

961 Keith's Arithmetic, 2s 3d

962 Key to Ditto, 2s 6d 1809

963 Kendall's Pocket Encyclopedia, with cuts, 4 vol. new,

boards, 11 2s

964 Ditto, old edition, 6 vol. bound in 3, neat, gilt, 17s


965 Locke's (J.) Natural Philosophy, portrait. Is 6d

966 Lectures on Astronomy and Natural Philosophy, sewed, Is


967 Luccock's Nature and Properties of Wool, (sells iat 7s)

new, boards, 6s 1809

968 Another Copy, new and neat, in calf, 7s 6d 1805

969 Langley's Burder's Jewel, with 99 plates, new, bound,

4s 6d

970 Martin's (B.) Young Student's Memorial Book; or,

Pocket Library,, neat, scarce, 3s 1738

971 Introduction to the English Language

and Learning, neat, 2s 6d 1754 972 Moore's (J. Hamilton) Young Gentleman's and Lady's

Monitor, good copy, 2s 1798

973 Morgan's Complete Sportsman, frontispiece, sewed,

Is 6d

974 Martine's Essays and Observations on the Construction of

Thermometers, neat, 2s 6d 1772

974*Another Copy, neat, 3s 1780

975 Mortimer's Every Man his own Broker, Is 6d—Ditto, 2s

1761 & 85

976 Martin's Treatise upon Real Quadrille, French and Eng

lish, with a Supplement to all Treatises on Quadrille, Is 6d - 1764

977 Markham's Introduction to Trade and Business, 2s 1739

978 Newton's (Sir I.) Tables for Renewing and Purchasing

Church and other Leases, neat, 3s 6d — 1742

979 Oracle; (The) or, The Resolver of Questions, Sfc. half

bound, uncut, 3s

980 Pembroke's (Earl) Method of Breaking Horses, &c.

plates, good copy, 3s 1762

981 Phipps's System of Military Discipline, Is 6d 1777

982 Priestly's Description of a Chart of Biography, boards, 2s


983 Pleasing Preceptor; or, Familiar Conversations, (sells at

6s) 2 vol. cuts, new, boards, 5s

984 Rf nald's (Mrs.) Cookery, new, 2s 6d—Ditto, (larger edi

tion) 4s

985 Ryland's Introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy,

plates, neat, 2s 6d 1772

986 Robertson's General Treatise of Mensuration, cuts, neat,

3s 1767

987 Smethurst ' s Table of Time, (for 250 years past and 250

Years to come) with engraved Tables, boards, 2s 6d

988 Salman's Country Builder's Estimator, by Hoppus, Is 3d


989 Seally's Young Man's Companion, plates, neat, 2s 6d


990 Swaine's Every Farmer his own Cattle Doctor, 2 copies,

sewed, each Is 6d

991 Smith's Universal Directory for taking Alive and De

stroying Rats and all other Vermin, 4th edition, cuts, new, boards, 4s 1812

992 Sael's First Elements of Philosophy and Astronomy, Is 6d


Taylor's Complete Weather Guide—a Collection of Practical Observations for prognosticating the Weather, with a curious Botanical Clock, (sells at 6s) new, boards, 5s

994 Turner's Easy Introduction to the Arts and Sciences, cuts,

half-bound, Is 6d—Ditto, (new edition) 3s 6d 1812

995 Tablet of Memory—Shewing every Memorable Event in

History, &c. good copy, 3s 6d—Ditto,new, bound, 5s 6d


996 Tucker (Dean) on Vocal Sounds, boards, 2s 1773

997 Taylor's (William) Arithmetician's Guide. Is 6d 1801 998 (Adam) Sequel to the IJseful Arithmetic, Is6d

999 Vyse's Arithmetic, 2s (id—Ditto, new, 4s

1000 (E.) Key to the Tutor's Guide, good copy, 2s 6d

1001 Ditto, new, 4s 6d

1002 Vyse's (E.) Ladies' Accomptant, 9d

1003 Webster's Essay on Book-keeping, sewed, Is 1765 lOOfWalkingame's Tutor's Assistant, Is—Ditto* new, 2s

1005 Key to Ditto, by Hewett, Is 6d—Ditto, by Crosby, Is 6d

1006 Wngbt's Treatise of Fractions, good copy, Is 6d 1734

1007 Wilkins's (Bishop) Discourse con<erning a New World,

and another Planet, frontispiece, 2s 6d — 1640

1008 Wood's (T.) Miller and Farmer's Guide in the Wheat

Trade, half bound, 2s 1777

1009 Wildman on the Culture of Peach Trees and Management

of Bees, neat, 2s 6d 1768

1010 Warder's True Amazons; or, the Monarchy of Bees,

good copy, 2s j 1716

1010*Another good Copy, 2s 6d — ^ 1722

1011 Webster's Epitome of Arithmetic, Is 6d—Difto, new,

2s 6d

1012 Young's (Arthur) Essay on the Management of Hogs,

sewed, Is — -r- 1751

1013 Y—Worth's Complete Distiller; or, The whole Art of

Distillation, plates, fair copy, 2s — 1705


1014 ALEYN's (John) Reports, neat, 5s — 1681 ,

1015 Act (An) for Renouncing and Disannulling the Pretend

ed Title of Charles Stuart, and 26 other Acts of Cromwell's Parliament, in 1656, Black Letter, 5s — — 1657

1016 Acts of Sederunt, from 1628 to 1740, sewed, 4s

Edinburgh, 174Q

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