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3786 Willis's Survey Of St. Asaph, enlarged by Ed

wards, portrait, 2 vol. new, boards, 18s Wrex. 1801

3787 Another Copy, LArgE papER, portrait, 2 vol. boards,

scarce, 31 3s ib. 1801

3788 Another Copy, 2 vol. wear, in calf, 31 3s ib. 1801 3790 Wiukleman's Critical Account of the Situation and Destruction by the First Erruption of Mount Vesuvius, boards, 2s (5d — . —- 1771

8791 Wigstead's Remarks on a Tour to North and South Wales, plates, boards, 6s' 1800

3792 Williams's Political and Confidential Correspondence of Lewis XVI. 3 vol. boards, 12s — 1803

8793 Sketches of the State of Manners and Opinions

in the French Republic, 2 vol. boards, 7s — 1801

2794 Tour in Switzerland, 2 vol. new, boards, 9s


3795 Wimpffen's Voyage to St. Domingo, by Wright, map,

boards, 4s 1797

3796 Wilkinson's General, Historical, and Topographical

Description of Mount Caucasus, plates, 2 vol. boards, 10s 6d — — 1807

3797 Wilcocke's History of the Viceroyalty of Buenos Ayres,

maps, half bound, 8s 1806

3798 Wilson's (Dr. J.) History of Egypt, map, 3 vol. boards,

18s 1805

3799 Woodes Rogers Cruising Voyage round the World,

plates, neat, scarce, 6s ■ 1726

3800 Wollstoncraft's Letters, during a Short Residence in

Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, boards, 3s 1796

3801 Wood's Account of the Shrewsbury House of Industry,

sewed, Is — — 1795

3802 Wraxall's Cursory Remarks, made in a Tour through

Copenhagen, Stockholm, and St. Petersburgh, boards,

4s 6d — 1775

8803 Another Copy, neat, 6s 1775

3804 Wraxall's Memoirs of the Kings of France, of the Race

of Valois, 2 vol. boards, 9s 1777

3805 Wyche's Short Relation of the RiverNile, sewed, Is6d 1791

3806 Walker's Geography, last edition, maps, new, boards,

10s 6d 1805

3807 Wyndham's Description of Wiltshire, from Doomsday

Books, (sells at 6s 6d) new, boards, 5s 6d 8808 Ditto, Large Paper, royal 8vo. new, boards, 6s 6d 3809 Watson's History of Philip H. King of Spain, new edition,

3 vol. newf boards, 11 Is 1812

3810 History of Philip HI. King of Spain, last edit.

2 vol. new, boards, 14s 1808 3811 Wilson's Account of the Colleges in Cambridge, with

Biographical Sketches, fine plates, (sells at 12s) new, boards, 7s 1803

3812 Young's (A.) Tour in Ireland, plates, 2 vol. Best

Edition, neat, scarce, 11 4s 178®



3813 AMHURST's Terrje Filius; or, the Secret History

of the University of Oxford, 2 vol. neat, 6s 172b

3814 Adams's Flowers of Modern Travels, 3 vol. neat, 9s 1799 3814* History of Great Britain, new, bound, 4s 6d

3815 Addison's Remarks on Italy, neat, 2s — 1726

3816 American (North) and West Indian Gazetteer, maps,

neat, 3s — — 1776

3817 Authentic Memorials of Remarkable Occurrences and

Affecting Calamities in the Family of Sir George
Sondes, boards, scarce, 3s

3818 Anson's (Lord) Voyage round the World, 2 vol. new,

boards, 4s 6d—Ditto, 2 vol. bound, 5s 6d 1812

3819 Another Copy, Fine Paper, 2 vol. new, boards, 6s 1812

3820 Allen's Roman History, cuts, 2d edition, (sells at 4s) new,

bound, 3s 6d 1798.

3821 Badeslade's and Tom's Chorographia Britanniae; or,

Maps of all the Countries in England and Wales, neat, 5s 1742

3822 British Curiosities in Art and Nature, giving Account

of both Rarities, Ancient and Modern, map, good copy, 3s 6d — 1728

3823 Bowles's New Pocket Plan of London, in a case, 2s 1785

3824 Brown's New and Easy Method to understand Roman

History, 2 good copies, Is 6d each ■— 1731, &c.

3825 Burnet's (Bishop) Letters on Switzerland, Italy, &c, Is

3826 Bullar's Companion in a Tour round Southampton, boards,

3s — — 1809

3827 Another Copy, boards, 2s 1801

3828 Burney's British Neptune; or, History of the

Naval Achievements of the Royal Navy, plates, (sells at 7s) new, boards, 5s 6d - 1807 3829 Burney's Naval Heroes of Great Britain, portrait's,

(sells at 7s) new, boards, 5s 6d — 1808

3830 Bigland's Letters on Ancient and Modern History, new,

boards, 6s 1810

3831 Ditto, new, calf, gilt, 8s 1810

3832 Brookes's Gazetteer in Miniature, maps, new, boards,

4s 6d—Ditto, bound, 5s

3833 Cantabrigia Depicta; or, Description of the University

and Town of Cambridge, plates, boards, Is6d

3834 Chronologist of the Present War, from 1792 to 1795,

boards, 2s 6d - 1796

3835 Charters of the City of London, good copy, 4s 1745

3836 Collection of Welch Travels, and Memoirs of Wales,

sewed, rare, 3s 6d

3837 Collier's (Joel) Musical Travels through England,

boards, scarce, 3s 6d — 1785

3838 Conspiracy of the Spaniards against the Republic of Ve

nice, boards, 2s 1770

3839 Cooke's Topographical and Statistical Description of

Buckingham, Bedford, and Cambridge, maps, sewed^ 'Is each

3840 Clarke's Naufragia; or, Historical Memoirs of Ship

wrecks, 2 vol. new, boards, 10s — . 1805

3841 Comerford's History of Ireland, new, boards, 3s 1807

3842 Cooper's Military Cabinet, 3 vol. new, boards, 9s 1809

3843 Classical Geography, Is 6d—Ditto, 2s — 1805

3844 Cooke's Voyages, complete, with plates and maps, (sells.

at 21 2s, boards) 7 vol. new, boards, 11 16s

3845 Charles XII. (Voltaire's History of) new, boards, 3s

3846 D'Arnay's Private Life of the Romans, neat, 3s 1761

3847 Denholme's History of the City of Glasgow, plates,

boards, 3s . 1798

3848 Description of Hagley Envil and the Leasowes, boards,

Is 6d

3849 D'Yriarte's History of Spain, abridged, new, boards, 3s

3850 East Bourn (Descriptive Account of) plates, sewed, Is 6d

3851 Echard's Gazetteer, neat, 2s - 1751

3852 English Traveller's Guide to Hamburgh, sewed, Is 1796

3853 Fox's (C. J.) History of James II. abridged, portrait,

new, boards, 2s 6d — 1808

3854 Geography for Children, maps, 8 copies, Is each

3855 Ditto, last edition, new and neat, 2s — 1793, &c.

3856 Gillingwater's Historical and Descriptive Account of St.

Edmund's Bury, plates, boards, 4s 6d — 1804

3857 Goldsmith's Abridgment of the History of .England,

plates, good copy, 2s 1807

3858 Another Copy, new, bound, 3s 6d 1812


3859 Goldsmith's Greece, new, bound, 3s 6d—Ditto, Rome,

new, hound, 3s 6d

3860 Golberry's Travels in Africa, by Mudford, plates, 2 vol.

new and elegant, 0s —— 1803

3861 Guides to Bath, plates, 6d—Bristol and Hotwells, plates,

9d—Ditto, Is 3d—Blenheim Gardens, House, and Park, plates, Is 6d -Ditto, neat, 3s—Brighthelmstone, 9d—Cambridge University, plates, Boards, 2s —Hereford, boards, 2s 6d—Isle of Wight, Is—Margate and Ramsgate, 9d—Margate, Ramsgate, and Broadstairs, plates, Is 3d—Oxford, plates, 9d— Ditto, Is—Reading, 6d—Salisbury, plate, 6d—Salisbury Cathedral, 9d—Tunbridge Wells, plates, 2*5 6d, 178!i—Windsor,plates,9d —Ditto, Isfid— Weymouth, Is—Worcester, plates, boards, 2s

3862 Geography and History, by a Lady, cuts, last edition,

new, bound, 4s 6d 1818

3862*Greig's World Displayed, neat, 5s 1807

3863 Hume's History of England, with Smollett's Continua

tion, 15 vol. new, boards, 31 7s — 1811

3864 Another Copy, 15 vol. new and elegant, in calf, 419s 1811

3865 Hagar's (Dr.) Picture of Palermo, boards, 2s 1800

3866 Helme's History of England, 2 vol. new, Bound, 9s 1811

3867 History (A Short) of English Transactions in the East

Indies, sewed, 3s 1776

3868 History of Marshal Saxe, 2 vol. neat, scarce, 7s 1753

3869 History of England, Question and Answer, plates, good

copy, 2s 6d 1774

3870 — '.— Scotland, abridged, new and neat, 3s 1805

3871 — the War of Cyprus, map, good copy, 2s 6d

3872 Greece, Is 6d 1761

3873 England, by Rapin, Is 6d — 1736

3874 Historical Sketch of the Town of Dover, Sewed, Is 3d 1807

3875 Account of the Curiosities of London and

Westminster, Is 6d — 1 1769

3876 Account of the Blue Blanket; or, Craftsmen's

Banner, sewed, Is 6d 1780

3877 Description of the Tower of London, Is 1755

3878 Miscellany, new and neat, 3s — 1787

3879 Hargrove's History of Knaresborough and Harrowgate,

plates, new and neat, 4s 6d • 1798

3880 Another Copy, plates, boards, 2s 6d 1789

3881 Heckford's Characters; or, Historical Anecdotes of all

the Kings and Queens of England, neat, 2s 1787

3882 Hunter's Description of the Isle Thanet, sewed, Is 1799 History of the Pirates, or Bucaniers, of America, new,

boards, 4s 1807 3884 Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland,

new, boards, 2s 6d ■ 1811

3885 Kaime's (Lord) Essays on Subjects concerning British,

Antiquities, neat, 2s 1763

3886 Lowndes's History of England, Q. and A. by JMalham,

new, bound, 4s 6d 1807

3887 Lyttleton's (Lord) History of England, 2 vol. neat,

4s 6d —■ 1777

3888 Ditto, new edition, wood cuts, 2 vol. new, boards, 8s

3889 Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, with

Clayton's Journey to Mount Sinai, new, boards, 4s 6d

3890 Martial Review; or, General History of the Late Wars,

good copy, 2s 1763

3891 Maiden's Account of King's College Chapel, Cam

bridge, portrait and plate, sewed, Is 1769

3892 Mably's Dialogues concerning the Manner of Writing

History, good copy, 2s 1783

3893 Macartney's (Lord) Embassy to China, by Staunton,

abridged, boards, 2s 6d 1797

3894 Millot's Elements of Modern History, 3 vol. new, boards,

9s 1803

3895 Montriou's Elements of Universal History, Is 6d

3896 Month's (A) Tour in North Wales, Dublin, &c. boards.

Is 1— - 1781

3897 Montesquieu on the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire,

neat, 3s — 1752

3898 Nature Displayed, by Humphreys, plates, 7 vol. neat,

scarce, 11 8s 1757

3899 Noble's Genealogical History of the Present Royal Fami

lies of Europe, plate, boards, 2s 6d — 1781

3900 New Picture of Scotland, plates, 2 vol. boards, 5s 6d

3901 New Geography for Youth, with maps, (sells at 4s 6d)

new, bound, 3s 6d each 1805

3902 Ouseley's Epitome of the Ancient History of Persia, Per

sian and Enghsh, plates, boards, 3s — 1799

3903 Ouiseau's Practical Geography, new, boards, 2s 1803

3904 Oulton's Itinerary of England and Wales, with plates,

2 thick vol. calf, lettered, 11 Is 3904*Peacock's (Lucy) Chronological Account of Universal History, new and neat, 3s 1807

3905 Patins Travels through Germany, Bohemia, Swisserland,

&c. plates, neat, 2s 6d 1697

3906 Page du Pratz's History of Louisiani, map, 2 vol. 4s 6d

3007 Pointer's Chronological History of England, 3 vol. very

neat, scarce, 8s 1714

3008 Povoleri's New Geographical Tables, 2s 6d — 1775 9009 Priestley's Description of a Chart of History, sewed, Is

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