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with their Lives, by Birch, fine portraits, elegant brown calf, extra, 91 9s 1747

2912 Another Copy, fine portraits, elegant, russia, extra,

marbled leaves, 101 1747

2913 Another, fine Copy, laRge papEr, elegant, russia, ex

tra, marbled leaves, 161 — 1747

.2914 Hasted's History of Kent, plates, 4 vol. very neat, in

calf, 141 14s 1778

2914*Hollingshed's Chronicle of England and Ireland, Black

LETter, Best EdiTIOn, with the Castrations, 2

vols, elegant, russia, extra, 181 18s

2915 Johnson's History of the Lives and Adventures of the

most famous Highwaymen, Sfc. fine plates, original edition, elegant, in Russia leather, 61 16s 6d

London, 1733

2916 Knolles's History of the Turks, with Rycaut's Continua

tion, portraits, 3 vol. neat, 21 12s 6d 1687, &c.

2917 King Charles's Works, with Life and Martyrdom, fine

engraved title and portrait, and frontispiece, neat, gilt, 11 lIs 6d 1662

2918 Ludolphos's History of Ethiopia, plates, neat, 9s 1682

2919 Another Copy, plates, neat, 10s 1604

2920 Lucian's Dialogues, by Mayne, portrait by Faithorne,

neat, 6s Oxford, 1664

2921 Ley's Reports, 3s . 1659

2922 Leigh's Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, and

Derbyshire, portrait and plates, little stained, 111Is6d , 1700

2923 Lewis's History of Great Britain, neat, rare 1729

2924 Lomatius on Painting, by Haydocke, wants title, very

scarce, 14s

2925 Malton's Perspective, with the Appendix, plates, scarce,

new and neat, 31 1778

2926 Another Copy, plates, half bound, russia, 21 18s 1779

2927 Another Copy, new, half hound, calf, 21 12s 6d 1776

2928 Appendix to Malton's Perspective, plates, boards, 11 Is

(sells at 11 1Is 6d) , 1773

2929 Mayene's Lex Mercatoria, good copy, 15s — 1656

2930 Maitland's History and Survey of London, fine plates,

2 vol. good copy, 2112s 6d 1756

2931 Memoirs for a Natural History of Animals, with Anato

mical Descriptions, many plates, 8s — 1701

2932 Machiavel's Works, good copy, 10s 6d — 1720

2933 Morton's Natural History of Northamptonshire, map

and plates, neat, scarce, 31 — 1712

2934 Moryson's Ten Yeeres Travell Through Ger

Many, BOHMERlaNd, SWITZERlaNd, ENglaNd,

Scotland, Ireland,do. &c. containing a Journall

of the Earl Tyrone's Rebellion, fine clean copy, neatly half bound, very scarce, 31 10s — 1617

2935 Music (a vol. of) for the Piano forte, Harp, &c. by Mo

eart, Pleyel, Haigh, and Hayden, &c. &c. half bound,


2936 Nicholson's English Historical Library, iteat, 6s 1714

2937 Noble's Practical Perspective, boards, plates, 15s 1805 Nostrodamus's Prophecies; or, Prognostications, frontispiece, containing 3 portraits, neat, 16s 1672

Newcomb's Last Judgment, a Poem in 12 Books, portrait, 7s 1723

2940 Ogilby's Asia; or, Description of Persia, many fine

plates, vol 1. good copy, 18s — 1673

2941 Embassy to the Emperor of Japan, fine plates,

binding bad, and stained at the end, 16s 1670

2942 *—- Embassy to China, fine plates, 2 vol. not

uniform, 21 5s 1669

2943 America, Mexico, and Peru, plates, binding

loose, 11 8s 1671

Virgil and Silius Italicus, by Ross, fine plates

by Lombart, Hollar, Sfc. 2 vol. in 1.fine copy, neat, 21 12s 6d 1668 & 72

2945 Ogilby's Brittanea Illustrated, maps, binding bad, 12s


2946 iEsop's Fables, plates, binding bad, 16s 1668

2947 1 Africa, vol 1. fine plates, good copy, 11 Is 1670

2948 Prynne's History of King John, Henry HI. Edward I.

from Antient Records, imperfect at the end, 14s 1670

2949 Parkyns's History of King's Lynn in Norfolk, plate, neat,

12s 1762

2950 Philipot's Survey of Kent, plates, neatly half bound,

russia, 11 Is 1770

2951 Pettus on Metals, cuts, wants title, indifferent copy,

half bound, 9s

2952 Proceedings relative to Ships for the East India Company's

Service, 2 vol. boards, 16s '. 1809

2953 Palladio's First Book of Architecture, by Campbell,

plates, sewed, 5s 1728

2954 Puffendorfs Law of Nature and Nations, neat, 14s 1703

2955 Pope's Iliad of Homer, Original Edition, beautifully

printed, plates, 6 vol. neat, gilt, scarce, 21 2s 1715

2956 Pryce's Treatise on Minerals, Mines, and Mining, few

leaves at end little stained, new, calf lettered, scarce, 218s 1778

2957 Parkinson's Theatre of Plants; or, Large Herbal Wood

Cuts of all the Plants, and engraved title, with the portrait, neat, gilt, 2112s 6d -—r 164» 2958 Play fair's System of Chronology, neat, gilt, 21 2s 1784

2959 Parkinson's Paridisus in Sole et Terrestris; or, Garden

of all Sorts of Flowers, &c. &c. cuts, neat, 18s 1656

2960 Philostratus's Life of Apollonius Tyaneus, by Blount,

neat, 6s 1680

2961 Reynold's God's Revenge against Murder, plates, very

good copy, scarce, 11 5s —:— 1702

2962 Raleigh's History of the World, frontispiece,neatly bound,

IlIs —. — 1652

2963 Another Copy, frontispiece, 15s 1614

2964 Another Copy, fine portrait, by Holland, new, half

bound, calf, 19s 1614

2965 Another, good Copy, 18s—Ditto, 16s 1614

2966 Report of Committee on Distillation of Molasses, sewed,

6s — — 1808

2967 Rapin's History of England, with maps, 2 vol. 11 4s 1732 2968 History Of England, with Tindall's Continuation and Medalic History, maps, portraits, monuments, and plates, with Houbraken's Heads of Illustrious Persons, 5 vol. very fine copy, elegant, russia, extra marbled haves, 241 — 1732 & 44

2969 Reports of the Commissioners on the Trade, &c. of

Great Britain, vol. 2, half bound, 10s 6d 1785

2970 Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, And Tra

Gedies, 2d edition, (last 5 leaves wanting) fair inside, fine portrait on title page, extra, in brown calf, 41 14s 6d 1632

2971 Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, re

printed from the 1st edit, of 1623, new, boards, 414a

2972 Siege of Breda, with Plans, &c. bad copy—Scheffer's

History of Lapland, good copy, plates, 2 vol. in 1, neat and gilt, 9s 1674

2973 Sturmy's Mariner's Magazine, portrait and plates, neat,

10s 6d 1684

2974 Stowe's Chronicle, by Howes, Black Letter, (wants

title and leaf in the preface) half bound, 12s 1615

2975 Speed's History of Great Britain, cuts, neatly half

bound, russia, 11 11s 6d 1623

2976 Spelman's (Sir Henry) Works, portrait by White, neat,

11 4s 1727

2977 Saunders on Phisiognomy, portrait and plates, neatly

half bound, russia, scarce, 117s 1671

2978 Steven's Guide to East India Trade, half bound, scarce,

6s — — 1766

2979 Strype's Life of Sir Matthew Parker, portrait, neat,

scarce, 114s — 1711

2980 Memorials af Archbishop Cranmer, portraits,

(binding bad) scarce, 11 15s —— 1694 2980*Salmon's English Herbal, plates, good copy, 1115s 1710

2981 Saunderson's Life and Reign of King Charles, good copy,

9s — — 1058

2982 Spon's History of Geneva, plate, neat, 8s — 1687

2983 Spenser's Farie Queen, and other Works, new, half

bound, calf, 16s 1617

2984 Swammerdam's History of Insects, by Hill, fine plates,

scarce, neat, 36s 1736

2985 Spotiswoode's Practicks of the Laws of Scotland, fair

copy, 5s — — Edinb. 1706

2986 Thevenot's Travels in the Levant, &c. neatly half

bound, 18s 1687

2987 Tyrrell's History of England, 3 vol. neat, 11 4s 1698

2988 Tull's Horsehoeing Husbandry, plates, neat, 7s 1743

2989 Turner's Heavens Displayed, sewed, 2s 6d — 1783

2990 Trigonometry, sewed, 2s 6d 1778

2991 Treasurie of Ancient and Modern Times, (title and last

leaf wanting) 7s 2991*Tacitus* Annals, by Greenewey, neat, 6s — 1698

2992 Thorpe's Registrum Roffense; or, a Collection of An

tient Records, Charters, Sfc. Sfc. illustrating the History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Rochester, portraits, very neat and gilt, 21 15s 1769

2993 Tables of Tythes on a Sheet, (published at 2s 6d) Is 3d


2994 Vega's (De la) Royal Commentaries of Peru, by Rycant,

neat, 14s 1688

2995 Wiequefort's Embassador and his Functions, by Digby,

neat, 12s — — 1716

2996 Warner's History of England, 2 vol. boards, 14s 1759

2997 Webster's Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft, (not very

clean) rare, 12s . 1677

2998 Whitelock's Memorials of English Affairs, good copy,

12s 1662

2989 Another Copy, BEST Edition, elegant brown calf, extra marbled leaves, 41 14s 6d 1724



5000 AIKIN's Description of the County round Manchester, many plates, boards, 11 8s ——' 1795

$001 Arbuthnot's Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights, and Measures, with the Autograph of W. Stukeley, the Antiquary, plates, boards, 14s' 1727

3002 Aristotle's Ethics and Politics, by Gillies, 2 vol. boards,

11 Is 1797

3003 Act for Managing the Affairs of the East India Company,

Persian and English, sewed, 3s

3004 Ancient Cookery, from the Arundel Collection, No. 344,

boards, 5s

3005 Anson's Voyage round the World, by Walters, Best

Edition, plates, half bound, russia, 11 Is 1748

3006 Another Copy, plates, neat, 11 4s 1748

3007 Anderson on the Agriculture, Commerce, Manufactories,

and Fisheries of Scotland, boards, 6s 1777

8008 Alison's Essay on the Nature and Principles of Taste, boards, 12s 1790

3009 Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphics Explained, Arabic

and English, by Hanmer, boards, 10s — 1806

3010 Ayen Akbary, translated from the Persian, boards, 5s 6d


3011 Art of Painting, (Choice Observations on the) with

Visari's Lives of the Painters, scarce, 15s 1719

3012 Allwood's Literary Antiquities of Greece, plates, new,

calf, gilt, 11 8s — . 1799

3013 Archaeologia; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to An

tiquity, many plates, vol. 16, sewed, 18s — 1792

3014 Aldini's Account of the late Improvement in Galvanism,

&c. plates, (sells at 11 4s) new, boards, 15s 1803

3015 Astley's Collection of Voyages and Travels in Europe,

Asia, Africa^ and America, many plates, 4 vol. elegant, in calf, 51 5s , 1745

3016 Account of the Ceremonies observed at the Coronation of

George the Third, plates, sewed, scarce, 3s 6d


3017 Boyer's Great Theatre of Honour and Nobility, French

and English, 40 plates, Large Paper, 14s 1754

3018 Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, 2 vol.

portrait, boards, 18s 1783

3019 Baldwin's Survey of the British Customs, very neat and

gilt, 6s 1779

3020 Beattie's Dissertations, Moral and Critical, calf, lettered,

11 Is — — 1783

3021 Another Copy, neat, calf, 11 Is 1783

3022 Barry's (Painter) Works, with his Life, &c. portrait

and plates, 2 vol. new, boards, (published at 51.5s) 212s . 1809

3023 Buchanan's (Dr.) Journey from Madras through the

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