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Rev. Dr. c O K E's

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. I O N D 0 N:
Printed by G. PARAMORĘ, North-Green, Worship-Street;
And fold by G. Whitfield, at the Chapel, City-Road,

and at all the Methodist Preaching-Houses in Towa a.d
Country. 1793

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. Rev. Mr. WESLEY.

Honoured and very dear Sir,

I PERMIT me to lay at your feet the first Publication of any magnitude that I have ventured to offer to the public Eye. In you I have for thirteen years found a Father and a Friend, and feel a peculiar happiness on every opportunity afforded me of expressing my obligations to you:

I know you hate Flattery, and there. fore I must avoid all panegyric. To say but litle of you, would derogate from . . 'A 2


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