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moir of Keopuolani, in which the labours agree to what Paiti has proposed, and Pe. of the Tahitian teachers are mentioned, retai supported, that we form ourselves beginning at the 19th page; after which again into a Society, hold up your hands." Mr. Bartf said, “ Behold, friends, this is the [All the people held up their hands.] work which our brethren have been doing. TAIANA then rose and said, " It is fully This delightful word more than repays us agreed, Mr. President, that we form our for all our labour. Let us take heed to selves again into a Society. This is my this good word, as did Keopuolani, that we word to you, the people of Huahiné, the may follow her to the skies.”

whole eight divisions; and the people of NOU HUNE then stood up and said, “I Maiaoiti, the whole seven divisions. Do support what Mr. Barff has proposed, that not look back again at the aito*—the cothe Report be printed for the information coa-nut tree—the stones. Let all these of the Parent Society. We have read over customs be done away; but exert youran account of the property collected for selves in collecting oil for the Society, that the diffusion of the Gospel—the word of the Gospel may reach all lands. The litlife. The Gospel is compared to a net cast tle word used the first year of our meeting into the sea, which encloses fish of various is a delightful word — Love thy neighbour kinds. Behold, friends, Hawaii is now en. as thyself. Shall we not love our neighclosed! Did you not attend to the word bours? it is but right we should compasnow spoken? Do not be perplexed-lonksionate them. I will close with my little not behind you. Hold fast that which is word— Those who were officers the past good. If we do not hold fast the Gospel, year shall be re-elected for the ensuing we shall be overtaken with evil. Hold fast year.'" the Gospel, the means by which a world TAAMONE then stood up and said, " Let can be saved.

us exert ourselves in this good work, this Mahine, the President, then arose and new year. The true glory is upon us. said, “ This is the Society-it is near-let Many still reside in darkness, and have no it not be far off. If it be far off, evil will knowledge of the light. Let us exert ourbe near. Let not the Society slip. Re- selves, that they also may know the new gard Jesus's desire, and the good work he light. I support the motion made by Taihas put into our hands. Let us become ana concerning the officers." like a three-fold cord that shall never be The President then said, “ If you agree broken. The Report for the past year has to what has been said concerning the offibeen read, and the property is still little; cers, that they shall continue in office next it is not much. The year before us is a year, hold up your hands:" which was done new year: let us have new vigour. If you immediately. agree that the Report of the Society shall Tiori then rose, and spoke as follows: be printed, hold up your hands.” [The " Mr. President, and all who are members whole of the people here held up their of the Society, do not be soon fatigued. hands.]

This is iny word: the property wbich has Paiti then rose and said, “It is fully been collected, let it be put immediately agreed, Mr. President. Let us form our into the hands of the Treasurer, and when selves again into a Society, which is my a ship touches here, let it be sold for molittle word"to-day. I will read one little ney; for Britain is too far distant for us to word out of the Gospel, which is, Beware send the oil. We are witnessing the deof covetouisness. He covets the oil he has crease of this Society. Remember the subscribed for God, and takes it to buy cloth little word by John, I will come to thee as a for himself. If any one, after the name thief. Make preparation, friends; be not has been written down, hides his subscrip- deceived. Formerly we were diligent, but tion to buy cloth for himself, it is a wicked after a while got slack. Let us not beact. Remember Ananias. He kept back come like a church called an idle church." -he lied unto God he died. Let us also Mooni then rose and said, “I support beware."

the word of Tiori; let the property be PERETAI then arose, and spoke as fol- speedily taken into the hands of the Trealows: “ That is our word, friends, which has surer Kaitahue. This is a little word that just been spoken by Paiti; that we form will suit us to-day: As sin hath reigned ourselves into a Society for the ensuing unto death, even so might grace reiga year. We governors can only stir up the through righteousness unto eternal life, Society to diligence. The man who lives through Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us among us and acts wickedly, what is he exert ourselves, that this good word may good for? Let him build his little hut to

grow great in all lands." reside in. Let the children be formed into The President then said, “ If you agree a Society; let them not be idle. We ask- to what has been proposed and supported, ed for a teacher, and here he is. Let us hold up your hands:" which was done aonever treat him unkindly; and let the cordingly. beart, the mouth, and the hands, be diligent in this good work."

* The iron-tree, &c. used formerly for The PRESIDENT rose and said, “If you implements of war.


MAHUTI, Levi, HUAHINE, and several tabet were admitted to Christian fellowship others, delivered their word of exhortation, at the Monthly Concert in that month, to the edification of all; after which TE- making five natives of the country received RENTI arose and said, “ Remenber, friends, into the church, during the year previous; what has been spoken to-day; it has been that their enemies had come out against a delightful and stimulating word: let us them in great wrath, endeavouring though never be weary of this good work.” He in vain, to cut them off from intercourse then concluded the Meeting with prayer; with the people, and from the necessaries and all the people went home praising God. of life, and thus to drive them from the Amen.

country; that, however, very many continued to hear them gladly; and that their prospects were never more cheering,

“ The constancy and firmness of Asaad

Shidiak," says Mr. Goodell, “ have emboldFrom a short Letter of the Reo. Jacob Tom ened.a few, who are connected with us;

lin, dated Mulacca, March 3, 1927, ad- and if their boldness increase in time to dressed to the Treasurer, we, with plea come, as it has increased for several months sure, ertract the folloring passages : past, we shall soon have to hold them back Dear Sir,

with both hands from martyrdom. Oh, it After a pleasant and short passage of is good to see men not counting their lives four months, I arrived safely in Calcutta, dear, especially when we see so much reawith the other Missionaries, my fellow

son to believe that the fires of persecution travellers, destined for India, all' in good may soon be lighted here. The situation. health and spirits. The goodness of God of our beloved brother Shidiak is said to be had been so manifestly displayed towards less distressing at present, than formerly, us, during the whole voyage, in various he being allowed a little meat once a day ways, that all our fellow-passengers most with his bread. The people cannot be percheerfully acquiesced in offering up with

suaded but that we have used magick with us, publičk thanksgivings to the Father of him; for to beat him, they say, has no more Mercies, on the morning of our arrival, be effect upon him, than to beat a stone. The fore going on shore.

people also insist upon it, that we use some I staid about two months in Calcutta, sort of enchantment with all who come to where I met with a most cordial reception our houses; for they affirm, that one visit from the missionary brethren of every de to us is enough to change their whole inind nomination. I was greatly delighted with in religion. the Mission Schools. Education seems to be The word of the Lord has certainly been going on with rapid strides in India. I was very powerful and full of majesty in Bey. particularly gratified in being present at root during the past year. There is, of the opening of the new Mission Chapel, at course, great indignation. When those Rammakalchoke, built from the ruins of a who are connected with us, go into the heathen temple, which had been recently city, some spit in contempt of them; others pulled down by the natives of the village. point with their finger, and clap with their It is, indeed, a signal triumph over idola- hands, and call them by all sorts of opprobritry. The whole service was highly inte ous names. And even we ourselves have to resting. The chapel was crowded with submit to the haughty silence and scornful men, women, and children, who were, in looks of many in the lowest grades of sogeneral, peaceable and attentive. A bright- ciety. But all this, together with the miser day is manifestly dawning upon India, representations, and slanders, and base inand I trust that it will extend even to these gratitude of others, we bear, I trust, with benighted and cheerless regions.

some degree of patience, huinility, and Mr. Smith and myself are pursuing our even joy, for the sake of Him, who “ studies in Chinese, under Mr. Collie. Our wounded for our transgressions, and bruisattention is mainly directed to the Fokien ed for our iniquities, and withheld not his dialect, the current language of the emi. face from shame and spitting.” grant Chinese in almost every place.

From a letter of Mr. Goodell, dated March 6th, and received since the above was sent to the printer, the following notices are derived.

“ Yesterday was the Monthly Concert. From the Missionary Herald for October. We made it a day of fasting, and comme.

morated the death of our Lord. At nine in

the morning, nearly 20 Arabs assembled at GOODELL, IN PALESTINE, TO THE my house for prayer. We read the 1st CORRESPONDING

chapter of Nehemiah, the Sth of Daniel,

the 5-th of Isaiah, and part of the 6th of A. B. C. F. M.

Matthew, and remarked on the nature of Mr. Goodell states under date of Feb. true and acceptable fasting and prayer, 13th, that the wives of Carabet and Wor. Prayers were offered in Arabic by WortaVOL. V.-Ch. Adı.

3 U







bit, bishop Carabet, Mr. Bird, and Mr. and during the time of Divine Service, the Nicolayson. This was probably the first house was still, and the attention of the day of fasting observed in a serious man. people, solemn and unbroken. That inde ner, ever witnessed by the Arabs. “Be corous, deleterious practice so commea hold in the day of your fast ye find pleasure, in some places, of rising in time of service, and exact all your labours,"—could never and of leaving the house without warrant have been more true of the Jews of old, than able cause, to the great annoyance of it is of the nominal Christians who now others, was then, and I am trappy to say, inhabit this country.

still is, almost entirely unknown among

the inhabitants of Beach Island. Atout It was pleasing to reflect-says Mr. 25 or 30 were meinbers of our Bible Class, Goodell—that among those who surround- and in general, nearly the same namber ed the table of the Lord, were individuals attended that exercise as spectators. I who belonged or had belonged to the Epis. continued my labours here without obsertcopal, Congregational, Lutheran, Lutheran ing much change in the congregation, exReformed, Moravian, Latin, Armenian, cept that our assemblies upon the Sabbath Greek Catholic, and Abyssinian churches. became larger, until May, when the state Indeed we were from Europe, Asia, Africa, of my health compelled me to leare with and America ; spoke about as many Jan. view to spend the sunmer in travelling guages as were spoken on the day of Pen. During my absence, the people were gene iccost; and represented almost all the rally destitute, except that ihe Rev. S.S principal denominations of Christians in D. and the Rev. W. M. of Augusta, Geo the world. But though we were literally both of whom have long manifested an inte from the four quarters of the globe, and rest in their spiritual welfare, visited as represented so many churches, and spoke preached to the several times each. On so many languages, we were in all but six ihe 1st of December last, I returaed and toen souls.

resumed my labours. Our assemblies upon Our enemies--he adds--continue to de.

the Sabbath and in the week, for about vise evil against us, and think it very strange

three months after my return, appeared that they, being many thousands, cannot much the same as formerly. I could nsually counteract the influence of two strangers, number about three or four professer o who seldom go out of doors, and who can religion present upon the Lord's Day; ud speak the language of the country only there were not, to my knowledge, more with stainmering tongues; and also that than six, (all females) within the bounds of they can find no means of destroying us. my congregation.

About the first of March, I proposed t6 my people to open a Sabbath School, to be

attended immediately after the morning REVIVAL AT BEACH ISLAND,

service. Though such an institution hea

never been known here, yet, with the SOUTH CAROLINA.

proposition, the people readily and chers To the Editor of the Charleston Observer.

fully complied ; and many of them contri Rev. and DEAR SIR, -Having been re buted liberally to procure a library for the quested by a inuch respected clerical friend School of your city, the Rev. Dr. M.D-, to fur. Almost immediately upon the organite nish a brief statement concerning the Re- tion of the Sabbath School, I observed! vival of Religion in this place, I send you pleasing change taking place in the a» the following. If you think its publication pearance of the assembly on the Sabbath will serve, in any measure, to promote the Day. The assembly was not only larget. glory of God and the good of Zion, you but there was evidently more solemny, are at liberty to insert it in your columns : both during and after Divine Service

I preached for the first time with this This change, small as it was, and probably people, in January, 1826. Being an entire observed by few, cheered, in some measi stranger to every individual in the place, I my desponding hopes. made it my first, and my principal business At this time there was an interesting in the week, besides attending to the exer- revival of religion in Augusta, and I UTE cisos of the Bible Class, to become ac. ral times visited and preached in that city quainted with the people by associating By my visits and labours there, my feelings with thein at their own houses. I visited were very much awakened in reference to them without reserve or ceremony, and the spiritual condition of my own people found them in general, affable, kind and My own responsibility, the worth of in truly hospitable. During these visits I mortal souls, the danger of impeniteat sa distributed many Tracts, which appeared ners, the shortness of time, all bore will to be received and perused with pleasuro; weight upon my mind, till my spirit bad ca And, as I now fully believe, poi without rest. "Son of man, I have made thee profit.

watchman," &c. sounded in my ears by Upon the Sabbath, our meetings were night and by day. I will not attempt ta ally well attended, as we then thought; describe the feelings which I then aipt

rienced; but will simply say, that, wough Such was the solemnity of our meetings, it has been my happy lot to labour in seve that with very few exceptions, the inost ral revivals of religion, yet my mind was careless and thoughtless appeared to pause never before so solemnly impressed in and to reflect, as if conscious that God was view of my own ministerial responsibility, with us. During all this the most perfect and of the infinitely perilous condition of order reigned in our meetings. In general the unconverted. Being made to feel thus nothing was to be heard, but the voice of deeply, seeing, as I thought I did clearly, the speaker; except now and then an inthat there was but a very thin partition be- voluntary sob would break upon the ear, tween the sinner and endless despair, it which carried with it its own apology may be readily supposed that I warned, Sometimes, an individual, whom I had left exhorted and entreated my people, both in in the morning in all the darkness and dispublick and in private, in the most plain tress attendant upon clear conviction withand earnest manner, to arouse from their out pardon, would appear in the prayer long continued and threatening slumbers. meeting in the evening, with a counteIt was soon evident that He who had made nance so changed as to indicate plainly the writer feel so much for the people, be what had taken place within. I could gan to make some of the people feel for mention many particulars, relative to indithemselves. There were some signs of vidual cases, which no doubt would be era life; a little stir, a tremulous motion among tremely interesting to every pious reader, the“ dry bones." For this, I thanked God but perhaps it is better to omit them. and took courage. Meetings were ap There are 37 or 38 who have indulged a pointed at private houses, which soon be hope that they have passed from death came crowded and overwhelmingly solemn. unto life, during this work. Among these Our assemblies upon the Sabbath, became there are 18 or 19 heads of families, males inuch larger, and a visible, a deep-toned and females. Our Sunday School has been solemnity reigned through the house.- peculiarly blessed.-Both of our SuperinNumbers were brought to believe and real- tendents, 13 or 14 of our Teachers, and 5 ize for the first time in life, that they were of our largest schools, are amor.g the hopelost sinners, exposed to the wrath of an of- ful subjects of the revival. Formerly, ac. fended God, that “sin kills beyond the cording to the best of my knowledge, there tomb." Their former delusive dreams of were but two families in the congregation heaven, vanished “like the morning cloud in which family worship was regularly at. and the early dew,” as they awoke from tended; and now, I believe, there are 10 their long deep sleep of stupidity and un or 12 families that avail themselves of that belief. “What must I do to be saved?" precious privilege. There are several yet was the anxious interrogation of many, seriously inquiring the way to Zion; and whose voices were almost suppressed with a few of these have been solemnly impresssobbings. Their convictions were remark- ed from an early period in the revival. ably pungent; but in general, their distress The 2d Sabbath in August, was the most did not continue as long, as in several other interesting day ever known in this place. revivals which I have witnessed. In some On that day, the Rev. S. S. D. assisted me instances, their hearts would rise in the in organizing a Presbyterian Church. The most fearful manner either against Godas a candidates having been previously examLawgiver, or against the Lord Jesus Christ ined, 28 individuals were associated toas Mediator. As to the latter, they felt a gether as a Christian church, not one of strong desire, expressing it without re whom had ever been a member of a church serve, to go to God directly, without hav. before. Some who had been examined and ing any thing to do with the Lord Jesus propounded for admission, were prevented Christ. However they were at length, as from coming forward by sickness. The we hope, made willing to submit to God's ordinance of baptism was administered to terms, and brought to accept of pardoning 9 persons only, the others having been premercy through the “only name revealed viously baptized. After this, we proceedunder heaven among men," whereby a ed to the solemn exercise of ordaining a sinner can be saved. In some cases it Ruling Elder. seemed as if God opened the eyes of the The church being thus regularly orgaindividual, to see the number, magnitude, nized, between 30 and 40 professed disci. and demerit of his sins at once. In such ples of Jesus sat down to commemorate the cases, of course, the distress was very dying sufferings of their Redeemer, upon "reat, but usually, of short continuance. - a spot in a house where a similar scene The storm was soon hushed, and “there was never witnessed before. The house was a great calm," as the eye of faith be was crowded almost to overflowing by a held Jesus approaching. For many weeks,

solemn and attentive audience. It was a il appeared as if not a sermon was preach day never to be forgotten by the writer, ed. nor an exhortation given, nor a visit nor, as it is to be hoped, by any of those made in vain. The Spirit of the Lord was whó on that occasion publickly look upon truly present to apply divine truth in the them the vows of the Almighty. consciences, and to fasten it in the hearts Among those who united with the of sinners " like a nail in a sure place." Church, there were four husbands with



their wives; and in about four or five in- up their children in the nurture and stances, parents and children were toge- admonition of the Lord. We therether at the same communion table. At our

fore most cheerfully give pablicity to next communion season, it is expected that others will come forward and unite with

the following communication, which this church, some by profession, and some has been handed us; and take the by letters from other churches.

opportunity to say, that we most On the third Sabbath in September, in earnestly wish that Philadelphia the presence of a large and attentive audi

I baptized twenty-five children, Schools in India may be multiplied whose parents, one or both of them, are greatly. members of our church. Formerly, if the people were destitute of a preacher, there To the kind Supporters of the Philadelphia was no religious exercise of any kind from

School. month to month. But now, if destitute Dear Christian Friends,-In our comupon the Sabbath, they meet together, munication forwarded by our esteemed read a sermon, pray, &c and attend to the friend, Mr. Blachie, you were informed exercises of the Sunday School.

of a school designated the Pbiladelphia Before closing, I would remark, that School, having been established under God has in this revival, as usual, greatly the superintendence of a native Christian honoured his own means. In general, tbose

Since that period, however, it who have been brought in, were, previous has been deemed expedient to change to the revival, among the regular attend both its situation and its mistress : the ants upon publick worship. I think the influence of Tracts has been great. I be

first, on account of a school having been

established by a sister society within ivo lieve that two young persons found relief from their distress while perusing the

minutes walk of ours; and the second,

because the mistress being a Christen, Tract, entitled, “ The Way to be Saved."

she found she could not collect or keep Though the number of conversions here is small, when compared with the results

together heathen children, owing to the of those more extensive outpourings of

prejudices of their parents. Howeier, the Spirit, witnessed in some other places,

in July last, a very favourable situation

was found for the establishment of anoyet we feel that “the Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad."

ther school, designated the Philadelphia, More, however, much more remains to be

and its prospecis are very pleasing: it al. done. For while some, as we hope, have

really contains thirty pupils, and bids fair been made willing to enter the Ark, others

to be one of the most efficient on the soare still standing unsheltered without, ex

ciety's list. posed to all the threatened and approach

I would just observe, that the former ing storms of Divine wrath.

mistress is employed as mistress of the That God may revive the revival, and

Female Asylum, which has lately been esstill carry on his own work am ng us, until

tablished in connexion with our female all shall be brought cordially to embrace

schools, and the establishment of which I the Saviour, we hope will be the prayer of feel sure will be hailed by all well wish. our brethren abroad, as I trust it is the fer ers to the poor native females. Here, the vent petition of this infant church, and of poor children are boarded and clothed; your affec ionate brother in the Gospel of accustomed to family prayer, and con. Christ.

N. Hoyr. stantly under the eye of those who seek Beach Island, S. C. Oct. 3d, 1327.

their best interests. A resolution passed

at one of our committee meetings, that FEMALE SCHOOLS IN INDIA,

any person subscribing for the support of Among the many missionary en

any child in this institution €5-S24-or

50 rupees, annually, shall be entitled to terprises of the present day, there is have ihe child thus supported, called by scarcely one that appears more im any name, he or she may direct. portant to us than the establishment We hope, in a month or two, to forof female schools in India-If these

ward the Annual Report of our Society's could be generally established, they

progress; therefore, I will not now say

any thing of the state of our other schools, would speedily change the whole as

but affectionately desiring you may be pect of society in that populous re. repaid a thousand fold into your own bogion, and change it in favour of soms all the kindness you manifest for Christianity. The heathenish and the poor degraded females of India, I beg Mahomedan usage of degrading the

leave to subscribe myself, on behalf of whole female sex would be destroy

the committce, yours, in the ties of Chris

tian regard, ed, and Christian mothers would be

Ansa CAREY, Secretary found among the natives, to bring Calcutta, Dec, 29, 1826.

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