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Mr. Snodgrass. Collection $200. It was BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR

made a standing rule of the Board, that

hereafter this ordinance shall be adminisFOREIGN MISSIONS.

tered at every annual meeting of its memThe annual meeting of this im- bers. portant board was held this year in

State of the Funds. New York. Its sessions began on It appeared from the Report of the Wednesday, the 10th of October, Treasurer, as examined and declared cor. and closed late in the evening of

rect by the Auditor, that the receipts the following Monday. There were

during the year ending Aug. 31st, for present, of elected members, 25; 89. For fund to support Corresponding

general purposes, amounted to $88,341 of honorary members, 17. In the Secretary, $3,741 94. Do. for support absence of Dr. Beecher, of Boston, of Treasurer, $234 70. Do. for Mission who had been appointed to deliver College in Ceylon, $62. Grand total, the annual sermon, that service was

$92,380 53.–To the Permanent Fund,

amounting to $37,524 87, no addition performed on Wednesday evening, has been made the past year. The Fund by the Rev. Dr. Bates, President of for Corresponding Secretary now amounts Middlebury College-The intro- to $19,514 54. That for Treasurer to ductory devotional service

$1,702 50. The expenditures of the conducted by the Rev. Dr. Miller, Bombay Mission, *

year, have been as follows:

$17,522 60 of the Princeton Theological Semi- Ceylon Mission,

25,056 78 nary.

Mission to Western Asia, 5,745 72 On Thursday evening a meeting Mission to South America

Sandwich Island Mission, 9,761 31 was held in the Brick church, Mission among the Cherokees, 7,233 69

120 00 where, after prayer by the Rev. Dr. Mission among the Choctaws, 1,962 18 Ludlow, of Albany, a number of Cherokees of the Arkansas, 3,960 50 extracts from the annual report of Mission among the Osages, 6,360 61 the board were read by the corres

Mackinaw Mission,

6,100 24 ponding secretary. Two very inte- Indians in New York,

Maumee Mission,

387 12

2,237 86 resting addresses followed the re- Indian Missions generally, 211 73 port–The first by the Rev. Jonas Foreign Mission School, 1,898 43 King, late a missionary in Pales- Greek Youths,

1,800 37

217 13 tine; the second by William Max- Education of other Youths,

931 99 well, Esq., Editor of the Journal of Debts of the Un. For. Miss. Soc.


3,325 88 Commerce. The contribution to General Expenses,

239 74 the funds of the board at this meet. Corresp. Secretary's Depart. ing, was 8430.63.


1,399 21 Dr. Beecher having arrived on

Treasurer's Department,

1,280 35 Printing, &c.,

3,820 45 Thursday, he, at the request of the Agency in New York,

556 73 Board, delivered, on Friday even- Miscellaneous Charges,

977 88 ing, in the Reformed Dutch Church, Expenses of Missionaries prethe discourse which his absence paring for labour,

321 80 prevented his delivering at the Approp. to Perm. Fund, to

wards apprehended loss by opening of the Board. The collec

1000 00 tion on this evening was $165.33.

Eagle Bank,

Total expenditures of the On Monday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, by


$104,430 30 appointment of the Board, the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was celebrated by * In consequence of particular arrangeits members, in company with several ments, the amount paid in support of hundred friends of missions, in the Mur. these Missions during the two previous ray street Church. The services were years, was very small: which accounts performed by the Rev. Dr. M'Auley, Rev. for the largeness of the present appro. Dr. Proudfit, Rev. Dr. Beecher, and Rev. priations.



Co be

Showing an excess of expenditures bers had come together with a spirit of above the receipts for general purposes, * Christian enterprise which was new even of $16,088 41: from which, deducting to themselves. When the subject was $575 31, the balance in the treasury, brought forward of sending a Mission to Sept. 1, 1826, there remains an actual Africa, the feeling of approbation was deficit of $15,513 10. But if the re- universal. A discussion ensued, which ceipis of the past be compared with those brought into view, not only the wants of of the previous year, there will be found that injured country, but of the whole a clear gain of $25,902 55: or if only heathen world All seem convinced that the receipts for general purposes are con- the time was come for new and extraor. sidered, a clear gain of $26,725 64. dinary efforts. Saturday evening was set

apart for the special purpose of suppli. Outrage at the Sandwich Islands.

cating the guidance and blessing of Him

who gave it as his last command, “Go ye The Board resolved unanimously, that they feel with deep sensibility and regret

into all the world, and preach the Gospel the reported outrages and misconduct of

to every creature." On assembling at Lieut. Percival, of the U. S. Navy, to

the beginning of another week, it was

found that no loss of interest had been wards the Missionaries of the Board at the Island of Oahu and the interesting na

experienced by the intervention of the tives of that Island, and that they fully

Sabbath, Appeals were made which will approve of the representation which has

not be forgotten, when the lips that utbeen made on that painful subject to the length it was resolved, that in view of the

tered them shall be silent in death. At Secretary of the Navy.

great success which has attended the Auxiliary Societies.

means employed for the propagation of

the Gospel among the heathen, and of The better to promote a spirit of mis. the indications of Divine Providence fasions in the community, it was declared vourable to a more extended and univerto be the duty of the members of the sal application of these means, and in Board to attend the anniversaries of its view of the growing conviction respecting Auxiliaries, whenever required by the the obligations of Christians to cause the Pruden:ial Committee, as a Deputation Gospel to be preached throughout the from that Body. And in respect to the world, that special appeals for liberal conNew York and Brooklyn Auxiliary, it was tributions to this object, should be made recommended that its annual meeting be to those who possess wealth, or who by held on some day or evening of the week the prosperity of their business are enain May, when the publick anniversaries bled to do much in its behalf: that the are celebrated : on which occasion it was made the special duty of the members of prospects of the Board, give occasion for

existing operations, engagements, and the Board in and near the city to be present; and also of the Prudential Commit- and friends for more enlarged liberality

à loud and urgent call upon its patrons tee, if practicable: otherwise, to send a than at any former period; and that it is Deputation.

exceedingly desirable, that so large an

amount of funds should be obtained as Mission to Africa.

shall not only justify a great extension of A Committee, on the subject, reported its operations, but give a new impulse to that it was the duty of the Board, as the the publick mind, increase the faith and almoners of the publick charity, to take hopes of the Church, and essentially proimmediate and decisive measures for the mote the progress of the cause : That 25 establishment of a Mission on some part pressing applications have been received of the Continent of Africa. This report by the Prudential Committee from benewas adopted: and the Prudential Com volent individuals, both before and during mittee were enjoined forthwith to insti. the present session, proposing a plan for tute such means as they might deem suf the great increase of the resources of the ficient, for carrying this object into effect. Board, such a voluntary consecration of

property to aid in sending the Gospel to Means of extending the Operations of the the heathen, will be thankfully acknow Board.

ledged and warmly approved; and that It was apparent to all who attended the

such representations be made by the deliberations of the Board, that its mem

Prudential Committee and other members

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of the Board to the Christian publick, • In distinction from those applied to prosperous of its patrons,

and especially to the more wealthy and increase the Permanent Funds, and for the claims of a perishing world before Mission College in Ceylon.


as shall bring

Officers for the Ensuing Year. give a statement of the operations of the

Board, and of the calls and opportunities The following officers were chosen for for extending them. More missionaries, the ensuing year: Hon. John Cotton he said, were urgently needed at Bombay, Smith, President; Gen. Stephen Van in Ceylon, at the Mediterranean stations, Rensselaer, Vice President ; Rev. Dr. at the Sandwich Islands, and among the Woods, Hon. William Reed, Jeremiah Indians on our own borders. He also Evarts, Esq. Hon. Samuel Hubbard and thought it exceedingly important that new Rev. Warren Fay, Prudential Committee; missions should be established without Rev. Dr. Chapin, Recording Secretary; delay, in Western Africa, on the NorthJeremiah Evarts, Esq., Corresponding west Coast of the United States, and in Secretary; Henry Hill, Esq., Treasurer ; several other places which he named. In Rev. Rufus Anderson, Assistant Secretary. addition to this, missionaries might be

employed to the greatest advantage, in Miscellaneous Proceedings. visiting distant countries, for the purpose The resolution of last year, requesting of obtaining information relative to the the Prudential Committee in future to moral condition of the people, distributing cause their annual Report to be printed Bibles, &c. &c. in season for distribution at the annual The Rev. Jonas King, late Missionary to meeting, was repealed; and in lieu of it, Palestine, alluded to conversations which à resolution was passed requesting the he had often held with Mr. Fisk, whose said Committee to prepare their Report feet he trusted now stand within the gates in such a form that the different leading of the New Jerusalem, concerning the parts of it may be referred to different wants of the countries in and about the Committees, and thus the whole Report Mediterranean. Availing himself of the be brought under the distinct considera- suggestions of this departed brother, con. tion of the Board previous to its being firmed by his own observation, he then printed.

mentioned a long list of places where Chester Adams, Esq. of Boston, having Missionaries are greatly needed, and might declined a re-election to the office of Au. be eminently useful. ditor, the thanks of the Board were voted The meeting was then addressed by for his past services, and William Ropes, the Rev. Dr. Beecher of Boston. He Esq. of the same city, was appointed in alluded the favourable changes his stead.

which had taken place in the world John Tappan, Esq. of Boston, was within the last fifty or one hundred elected a member of the Board, in the years, particularly in the decline of Idolaplace of Hon. William Philips, deceased. try, Mahomedanism, and Popery; all of

The subject of providing a fund for the which, though still forinidable, he consi. support of infirm or superannuated Mis- dered to be essentially weakened. Chris. sionaries, after being in the hands of a se. tians, he said, were beginning to awake; lect Committee, was referred to the Pru- and should they continue to double their dential Committee, to report thereon at exertions every few years, as of late they the next annual meeting of the Board. have done, it would not be long before

The next annual meeting is to be held the work would be accomplished. It was in Philadelphia on the first Wednesday of not necessary to send out a minister to Oct. 1828. Rev. Dr. Rice of Virginia is every thousand people of the Pagan world, appointed to preach the Sermon, and Rev. —this would be impossible. It was only Dr. Alexander, of Princeton Tbeological needful to plant the Christian standard Seminary, his second.

here and there,-and ere long a company The Session was closed with prayer, by of ministers would be trained up on mis. the Rev. Dr. Spring.

sionary ground. But thus much must be A most interesting meeting was held in done; and now is the time—“we are the the Pearl.street Session Room on Monday people.”. He then spoke of the obliga. evening The number of gentlemen pre- tions of the American people to embark sent was not large, but they came with an in the missionary work. In conclusion, earnest desire to do what they could for he spoke of the re-action of benevolent sending a knowledge of salvation to the efforts upon ourselves; of the revivals millions of the pagan world. Zechariah which usually follow in their train; of the Lewis, Esq. having been called to the necessity of keeping alive the spirit of chair, and Eleazer Lord, Esq. appointed benevolent exertion, in order to the sesecretary, the Divine blessing was invoked curity of our civil and religious liberty, by the Rev. President Bates, and he nb. &c &c. ject of the meeting stated by the Rev. Dr. It had been stated by Mr. Evarts, in the M'Auley.

course of his remarks, that in order to Mr. Evarts, Corresponding Secretary of establish the several missions contem the A. B.C. F. M. was then requested to plated by the Board, not less than $100,000



would be necessary, in addition to the and it is true that many of the people, who usual receipts. At the close of the ad. made a profession at the first reception of dresses, a gentleman well known in the the Gospel have laid it aside, and now apannals of benevolence, but who has par- pear in their true light, and do many ticularly requested that his name may not things inconsistent with it; which grieves be published, remarked that if $100,000 us much. Yet, blessed be God, our was needed for so good an object, it must churches are on the increase, and the body be had; and that he would himself stand of the people continue to make a credible responsible for $5000. A gentleman from profession of the truth as it is in Jesus; Rochester, expressed his belief that the and, what never ought to be lost sight of stock would be popular in that vicinity, is, that the whole of the chiefs and people, and pledged himself either to collect or of any power or influence, are true friends give $10,000. Six other gentlemen sub

to that which is good, and promoters of scribed $1000 each, and several clergy. the truth; were it otherwise, we should be men of the city united in making up exposed to the malice of those who believe another $1000. There were two sub.

All the stations are in peace and prospe scriptions of $500 each, one of $400, one of $300, three of $200, ten of $100, and rity-all the brethren and sisters are well

. other smaller sums to the amount of $375. Lord for his goodness to us at this station.

I myself have great cause to praise the Total, $25,675. The question being asked, how many and many are seeking the Lord, with their

All the people attend the means of grace, of the subscribers would consider their faces Zionward. Utami, the principal donations annual for the term of five years, chief of the district, continues faithful; on condition that within twelve months the

acts consistently in all his ways, and holds eum should be raised to One Hundred Thou- his office of deacon in the church with cresand Dollars a year for the same period, dit to himself and the Gospel. the donors of $20,675 assented:-making the total of subscriptions pledged to Fo. reign Missions in a single evening, by a small number of our citizens, and one

We know not how the following liberal gentleman from abroad, one hun. report may strike our readers. But DRED AND EIGHT THOUSAND, THREE HUN- we have read it with great interest.

(Abridged from N.Y. Obs'r.]



From the London Missionary Chronicle

for September last.


Extracts of a Letter from Rev. David Dar

ling, Misssionary at Burder's Point, Ta. hiti, dated 3d of March, 1827; addressed to the Treasurer.

MY DEAR Sir, My last letters for the Society were forwarded by the Sir George Osborne, Captain Neilson. About that time the young king, Pomare III., died of dysentery. His death was much lamented. He was a promising youth, and getting on well in learning English. But God's ways are mysterious, particularly in the present instance, as there is no male heir to the Go. vernment of Tahiti.

The daughter of Pomare II. (named Aimata) has been appointed Queen, under the title of Queen Pomare, but she is not yet crowned. Her age is about fifteen.

The spiritual concerns of the people are daily attended to, as usual. We suppose you often hear strange reports from individuals who may have visited these islands;

Translation of the Eighth Report of the

Auxiliary Missionary Society of Huahint and Maiaoiti. (Title Page.) The Eighth Report of the

Society at Huahine and Maiaoiti, Auxi. liary to the great Society in London, for the Dissemination of the Gospel among the Heathen.

“ He must increase.”—John. Huahiné: Printed at

the Mission Press. 1826. The Eighth General Meeting of the Soci

ety at Huahine and Maiaoiti, May 1112, 1826.

Peace be to you, friends, this new year Behold, we are permitted to witness the Eighth General Meeting of this little soety, united for the diffusion of the Gospel in all lands. We have learned that this work has been successful, and that many lands have been added to the kingdom of Christ. Hawaii, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, in this division of the ocean. The Gospel is also spreading in other parts of the great

Let us not be weary; if the souls of men reach heaven, our labour is amply rewarded-for what shall a man give in er: change for his soul?

Wednesday, May 10.-A prayer meet. ing was held in the morning, as on the Sabbath.

At noon, all the people of the Settle


ment assembled in the house of prayer. Society this new year. This is the Eighth TIRI (one of the deacons) gave out a time we have assembled together to read hymn, read the Scriptures, and prayed; an account of the property collected for afterwards Mr. BARFF preached from the the diffusion of the Gospel into all lands. book of the prophecies by Isaiah, si. 4- Thus saith JehovahAll the ends of the And the glory of the Lord shall be reveal- earth shall see the salvation of God! Be ed, and all flesh shall see it together : for diligent, you who are of the Society; the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. which is our constant word, when we read

In the evening, the people assembled the Report of the Society.” He then read again in the house of prayer, when Mora an account of the property collected, and gave out a hymn, read the Scriptures, and observed, “This is the little property; it prayed. Mr. Barff preached again from has increased a little, but it should be the word of God, written by Paul to the much more in the year now before us. Corinthians (1 Cor. xv. 58)— Therefore, Exert yourselves, you who are chiefs; and my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, im- you also, the Governors, exert yourselves ; moveable, always abounding in the work of and every member of the Society, be dilithe Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your gent. We said, formerly, exert yourselves; labour is not in vain in the Lord.

but now let us have new diligence. This is Thursday, May 11.-About noon, all the a little word from God's word, which will people assembled in the house of prayer, suit us well: Peace, peace to him that is to hear the Report for the past year. nigh, and to him that is afar off, saith the

FAAETAETA arose, and spoke as follows: Lord, and I will heal him. We were former. -“This is my word to you. Let Mahiné ly afar off, but now we are brought near. be chosen President for us to-day.” Let peace reign among us, among the

FARE AMAE then stood up and said, “I chiefs, and governors, while they do this support what Faaetaeta has proposed, that good work. Let peace reign between the Mahiné be President of the Meeting.” governors and the Church of God-let us

Mr. BARFF then stood up and said, “If all live in peace.” you agree to what has been proposed by Mr. Barry then stood up and said, "Mr. Faaetaeta, and supported by Fareamae, President, the Governors, and all the Memhold up your hands." All the people im- bers, peace be to you! God hath given us mediately held up their hands.

this new year, and we witness the Eighth Aft the President had taken his seat, Meeting like the present. The property he requested Tuté to commence the Meet- has increased a little this year;

but it is not ing with prayer to God. After singing the correspondent to the love of God to us hymn, Tuté said, “We knew not, last year, that far exceeds it. The country which that we should witness another May; but, worshipped Satan, spoken of by Jeremiah, behold! we are permitted to witness ano- the prophet, was very diligent; he says, ther-God hath lengthened out our breath. The children gathered the wood, the fathers Let us bring to our recollection a small kindled the fire, and the women kneaded portion of the word of God, written by Da- their dough, to make cakes to the Queen of niel, which runs as follows And the God headen. Behold! friends, the whole family in whose hand thy breath is, and whose are is employed for Satan: let these children all thy ways, hast thou not glorified. It also be employed for God. Let them learn behoves us, friends, to glorify God, by ex. the good work of compassion to their erting ourselves on behalf of the Society. neighbour. The good which has been Some of you have not done so; you have done in the world since the commencement forsaken the Society; you should not do of this Society, it would not be possible for 80.” He then read Luke xv. and prayed. us fully to investigate. Some have been

TIPAE rose immediately after, and said, gathered unto Jesus, from different lands. "Mr. President, the Governors, and all the Those of Africa, who have been gathered Members of the Society, this is my word: out of the bush, have erected for themselves Let the Report be brought forward and towns, and become people of property, read, that we may know what has been which induced one of them to say, at one subscribed during the past year.".

of their meetings, like the present—ForMaou then arose and said, “I support merly, we had no property, we had no house, what Tipae has just proposed. Bring for- we had not any thing; but now, through ward the Report and read it. This, also, the mercy of God, we have houses, we is a little word of mine. Let us remember have cattle, we have wagons, and abunthe business for which we are assembled dance of property.' But it is not among here to day; viz. that the love of God may them only that the word of God has been abide with us, and that it may be known successful; it is growing in many lands in among all nations; let us be strong and di. the four winds of heaven. Rarotonga, ligent in this delightful work.”

Aitutaki, and the lands near them, have The President then requested Tova, been added to the Redeemer's kingdom. the principal Secretary, to read; when he Here also is a delightful little word from proceeded as followe, “Peace be to you, England, where it was printed.” Then the Governors, and every Member of the follow those passages from the printed Me

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