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perusal of the effusions of Chatelar, his utmost wishes will be gratified ; and it shall then be his endeavour, to elucidate in a similar manner, many unknown circumstances attending the fate of the beautiful, but unfortunate Mary, Queen of Scots land, which are derived from the same authentic source as the contents of the present volume.




THE favourable manner in which the public have received this work, having called for a second impression, a considerable addition has been made to it, with a view to render it still more deserving of the public countenance. The Historical Fragments, Poetry, and Remains of the Amours of Mary, which are appended to this Edition, will, it is presumed, prove acceptable to those who may be desirous, after perusing the “ Effusions of Love," to have a further insight into the history of the lovely, but unfortunate Mary.--Aud this much may at least be said of them, that as they have been selected with care, fidelity, and impartiality, so the Editor will find his excuse for


defects in his arrangement in the value of his materials.



WHAT are sublunary considerations to the mind of fire? What has this world to do with love ? All—all is vanity, nothing but the neglected chaff wafted on the rude wings of the northern blast-Avaunt-fly from me power and riches, and give me love, nought else but love. It shall be my state, my fortune, and I will be proud with it though robed in the garments of worldly wretchedness.- -Love knows not want he has no such inmate as Poverty ; if he smiles, he has but' one dread foe; if he frowns, he has but one true friend; and both concentrate in the oblivion of death.But must we die? is there not in love sufficient fire to keep this earthly frame from marble coldness? -Yes; while Mary lives, the soul-invigorating fire of her celestial eyes must keep alive this



frame of mine -But, ah! who am I that dare thus ally myself with heavenly beauty and terrestrial greatness ? - What is Chatelar :-No imperial title,

transcendent qualities are mine-Yes! oh yes! I am ennobled; for Chatelar wears within his breast the never-fading in. signia of love, and his qualifications are fervency and immutable truth.-Who dares dispute my claim ?-Cold world, I hate thee-I soar above thy grovelling trammels, and wing my way amid the expansive regions of glowing fancy.-Mary is a queen, Chatelar is a lover : such is my plea, and who dares dispute the authority of love ?-Hear then, bright goddess of my soul, in pity hear me ; let me but catch the softened lustre of thinc eyes, and Chatelar will dare confess himself; yes ! _wrench from his bosom the reeking dart which thou hast planted there, and give his soul full vent.

Why should I speak of time, that had existence ere yet I knew how exquisite it was to love ? -Oh Scotland! thou gavest me birth ; 'twas here I first inhal’d the breath of life, where now I live in extacy. Nobility of blood I boast not; but proudly may I assert that claim to honour, which is the legacy of a father schooled in virtue and in truth.

Why recapitulate the scenes of boyhood, and the revolutions in my fate?-I became the minion

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