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is a blessing of which God has deprived this Church for the punishment of it's fins : and as we do not seem to be in any posture of repentance, it is to be feared he will never restore it to us again in this world; but suffer us to go on from bad to worse, till the measure is filled up.

XLV. It is a rule, laid down by St. Paul, that GOD swears. by HIMSELF, for this reafon, because he can fwear by NO GREATER. Heb. VI. 13.

But, Chrif has sworn by himself : Isai. XLV. 23. I have sworn by my

self, — that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Which words - being compared with Rom. XIV. 10, 11. are proved to be the words of Christ -- We Mall all fand before the judgment feat of Christ: For it is written, as I live faith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue mall confess unto God.

Christ, therefore has sworn by HIMSELF: so that if the Apostle's rule be applied, he must for this reason be GOD, and there can be NO GREATER.

XLVI. Eph. IV. 8. When he (Christ) ascend

ed up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.

Yet the Scripture here referred to; expressly affirms the person who ascended, &c. to be the Lord God. Pfal. LXVIII. 17, 18. The chariots of

GOD are twenty thousand, even thousands of Angels: the LORD is among them, as in Sinai, in the holy Place. Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive, &c.'

XLVII. Heb. IX. 20. This is the Blood of the

Testament which GOD hath en

joined you. Ibid. v. 16. Where a testament is,

there must also of necessity be the DEATH of the testatOR.

G 2


God is a Testator : but, argues the Apostle, every Testator must die, before the last Will or Testament enjoined by him, can be of force. Therefore, if you keep close to the terms, the natural conclusion is, that GOD, being a Teftator, should die, to make way for the execution of his Teftament. But it being impossible that the divine nature of God should be capable of Death; it follows, that the person who was capable of Death, and did die as a man, was also God the. Testator. And it is to express the strict and perfect union of the two natures in the lingle perfon of Christ, that what is true only of ane, is predicated of both. Of this, two more examples shall be added in the articles that immediately follow.


Rev. V.9. Thou wast flain, and haft

redeemed us to God by THY BLOOD. · A Distinction is here observed between the two natures of Christ : and the act of redeeming us by the shedding of bis blood is ascribed to the Lamb, the Messiah's Humanity. But in another place it is imputed to his Divinity — Feed the Church of GOD, which he hath purchased with

ii. ' · HIS

HIS OWN BLOOD:: not that God, strictly speaking, has any blood of his own to shed; but that he who shed his blood for us as man, was God as well as man: or in other words, that God and man were united in the same perfon ; something being predicated of God, which cannot possibly be true without such an union. So again

Zech. XII. 4. — In that day faith the

LORD – V. 10. -- they shall look on
Me whom they have PIERCED.

But, according to the Evangelist St. John, this Scripture saith, John XIX. 37. They shall look on him

(Christ) whom they have peirceD.

As it stands in the Prophet, the Lord (Fehovab) was to be peirced. So that unless the man Christ, who hung upon the Cross, was also the Lord Jehovah, the Evangelist is found to be a false witness, in applying to him a prophecy that could not possibly be fulfilled in him.

a Asts XX. 28.

.. . L. Phil. I. 10. That ye may be sincere and

without offence, till the Day of

CHRIST. 2 Pet. III. 12. Looking for and hasting to the coming of the day of GOD.

. LI. ;Ifai. XL. 10. Behold, the LORD GOD

will come — HIS REWARD IS WITH

HIM. Rev. XXII. 1 2. Behold, I (Jesus) come

quickly, and MY REWARD IS WITH


Amen : even fo come LORD JESUS.


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