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and there he was told by an Apparition of some.. thing in the Shape of Samuel, that he and his Sons should die on the Morrow, I Sam, xxviii. 8, 19.

30 Q. Did this come to pass ? A. Yes, the Phi. liftines flew several of his Sons, and wounded him forely in the Battle, and then he fell upon his own Sword, and New himself, 1 Sam., xxxi. 3, 4.

31 Q. Where was David all this while ? A. He, was fled the second time to Achish King of Gath, and he had been just then employed in destroying the Amalekites, who had plundered the City Ziklag, where he dwelt, and had carried away his Wives, í Sam. xxx.

32 Q. Did not David offer his Service to the Philistines ? A. Yes, but he always avoided fighting against the Ifraelites; and besides, the Lords of the Philistines at this time would not suffer him to continue in their Army, which was done by the kind Providence of God, that David might not fight against Ifrael, 1 Sam. xxvii. 8, &c. and xxix. 4. and 2 Sam. i. 1. .

33 l What did David do upon the Death of Saul? A. He made a very fine Elegy upon him and Jonathan his Son, and went up to Hebron, a City of Judah, by God's Direction, where the Men of Judah made him their King, 2 Sam. ii. 14. · 34 Q. Who reigned then over the rest of the Tribes of Ifrael? A. I hopheth, another of the Sons of Saul, 2 Sam. ii. 8, 9.

35 l. How came. Ithbotheth to lose the Kings dom? Ă. He quarrelled with Abner, the General of his Army, whereupon Abner joined with David: and after this, two of Imbasheth's own


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Servants flew him in his Bed, 2 Sam. ii. 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18. and iv. 5, 7.

36'Q. How long did David reign in Hebron ? A. Seven Years and an half: and then all Ifrael came to him and chose him for their King, and brought him up to Jerusalem, 2 Sam. v. 1-6.

37 Q. What was the first thing David did when he came to Jerusalem ? A. He took the strong Hold of Zion from the Jebu fites, who had held it to that Day, and called it the City of David, 2 Sam. v. 6 9 .

38 Q. Where was the Ark of God all this while? A. At Kirjathjearim, whence David now fetched it up. by God's Direction to Jerusalem in Triumph, and placed it in Zion, 2 Sam. vi. 1. i Chron. xiii. 5, 6.

39 Q. What was David's pious Design toward the Ark of God? A. He had a Mind to build a House for the Ark of God, which had hitherto dwelt in Curtains, 2 Sam. vii. 2, &c.

40 Q. Did God encourage him to proceed in it? A. No, God did not encourage him, because he had Thed much Blood; but he promised that he should have a Son, who should build him an House, 2 Sam. vii, 12, 13. i : 41 Q. Had David mo Wars after this? A. Yes, he had many Battles, and was victorious over his Enemies round about him, (viz.). the Philistine's and Moabites, the Syrians, and Edomites, &c. 2 Sam, viii. '

42 Q. How did David govern Ifrael ? A. He executed Judgment and Justice among all the People, 2 Sam. viii. 15.

43 Q. What were the chief Blemishes of David's Life? A. His Adultery with Baththeba, the Wife


of Uriah, and his Pride in numbering the People of Israel. § 44 Q. How came David to fall in love with Bathsheba ? A. David from the Top of his Houfe happened to see her washing herself, and sent for her and defiled her, 2 Sam. xi. · 45 Q. What Aggravation attended this Sin? A. Besides the heinous Crime of Adultery in the Sight of God, here was vile Ingratitude and bafe Care riage towards Uriah, who at that time was abroad fighting for him against the Ammonites, 2 Sam.


46 Q. How did he try to hide it from Uriah and from the World ? A. When he could not perfuade Uriah to go to his own House, he sent an Order to Yoab his General, that he should set Uriab in the hottest Place of the Battle, and retire from him, and leave him to be sain, 2 Sam.. xi, 15.

47 Q. What followed upon the Death of Uriah which David had thus contrived? A. David added Bathsheba to the rest of his Wives, and the bare him a Son, 2 Sam. xi. 27.

48 Q. How was David convinced of his Sin? A. By an ingenious Parable of Nathan the Prophet, concerning a rich Man who robbed his Neighbour of an Ewe-Lamb, though he had large Flocks of his own, 2 Sam. xii.

49 2. How did God testify his Displeasure against David for this Sin? A. He struck the Child that was born with Sicknefs and Death, and threatened David, that the Sword should never depart from his House, and that his own Wives should be publickly abused, 2 Sam. xii, 9-141

: Note,

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Note, David testified his deep Repentance for this Sin in the 51 Psalm, and perhaps also in some others : yet God saw it proper to punish him severely, because he had given the Enemies of God occafion to blafpheme, 2 Sam. xii. 14.

50 Q. What were fome of the chief Troubles that aétually came on David's Family on this account? A The Troubles that he met with from three of his Sons, (viz.) Amnon, Absalom, and Adonijah.

51 Q. What was the Trouble he met with from Amnon ? A. Amnon defiled his Sister Tamar by Force, upon which Absalom flew him, and then fled out of the Land for Fear of Justice, 2 Sam. xiii. 13. · 52 Q. Did Abfalom never return again? A, Yes, Abfalom returned after two Years, when David was pacified, and by his subtil Carriage he raised a Rebellion against the King his Father, and made himself King, 2 Sam. xiv. and xy.

53 Q. What followed upon this wicked Practice of Abfalom? A. David being forced to flee from Jerusalem, Absalom entered the City, and defiled his Father's Concubines publickly, 2 Sam. xv. 14: and xvi. 21.

54.Q. Who was Absalom's chief Counsellor in this Rebellion ? A. Achitophel, who when he saw that his last Counsel was not followed, went home and hanged himself, 2 Sam. xvii. 23.

55 Q. What became of Absalom at last ? A. As he was riding under an Oak in the Day of Battle, he was caught by the Hair of the Head, and hung between Heaven and Earth, where Joab, David's General, found him, and stabbed him to the Heart, 2 Sam. xviii. 9, 14. and thus put an End to his Rebellion and his Life." . .

56 Q. What was the other remarkable Crime of David besides his Abuse and Murther of Uriah? X. The Pride of his Heart in numbering all the Peo. ple of the Tribes of Israel, that he might know how great a King he was, 2 Sam. xxiv. 2.

57 Q. How was he punished for this Sin? A. God gave him Leave to chuse one of these three Punishments, either seven Years Famine, or three Months of War, or three Days Pestilence, 2 Sam. xxiv. 13.

58 Which did David chuse? A. The Famine or the Pestilence rather than War, for he chofe rather to fall into the Hands of God than of Man, 2 Sam. xxiv. 14.

59 Q. Which of these two Judgments did God fend upon the Land ? A. A Pestilence that deftroyed feventy thousand Men in three Days time, ver. 15.

60 Q. How was this Pestilence stopped ? A. When David saw the Angel of the Lord stand between Heaven and Earth, having a drawn Sword in his Hand stretched out over Jerusalem, he and the Elders of lfrael fell upon their Faces clothed in Sackcloth ; and David confeffed his Crime, and prayed that the Anger of God might fall on himfelf, rather than on the People, i Chron. xxi. 15, 16.

61 Q. How did God manifeft bis Acceptance of him? A. He bid. Gad the Prophet order David to build an Altar, and offer Sacrifices on that very Spot of Ground on the Threshing-Floor of Ornan, and when David prayed, Fire came from Heaven and consumed the Sacrifices, 1 Chren, xxi. 26.

62 Q. What was the Trouble that David met with from his Son Adonijah? 4. When David


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