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forbidden, and God smote many of them with a great Slaughter, and they sent the Ark away to Kirjathjearim, i Sam. vi. 19-21.

78 Q. How did Samuel deliver Israel from the Philistines when they made new War upon them? A. He offered a Burnt-offering, and prayed to the Lord, and God fought against the Philistines with Thunder from Heaven, and scattered and destroyed them, 1 Sam. vii. 9, 10, 13.

79 Q. How did Samuel govern ihe People? A. He travelled through the Land every Year, he judged Israel with great Honour and Justice for many Years, but in his old Age he made his Sons Judges, and they oppressed and abused the People, i Sam. vii. 15, 16, 17. and xii, 1–5. and viii.

80 Q. What was the Requeft of the People on. this Occasion ? A. That they might have a King like the rest of the Nations, í Sam. viii. 5.

81 Q. What did Samuel do in this case? A. He would have advised them against it, because God was their King, but they still persisted in desiring a Man for a King, 1 Sam. viii. 6, 7, 19, 20.

82 Q. Did Samuel gratify them in this Defire ? A. Being admonished of God, he complied with their Desire, and appointed a Ķing over them, 1 Sam. viii. 22


CH A P. IX. Of the Government of ISR A E L under their Kings, and first of SA U I. and DAVID.

IQ. W HO was the first King of Israel? A.

Saul, a very tall young Man, the Son of Kijh a Benjamite, i Sam, ix. 1, 2.

20. How did Samuel-first meet with him? A. Saul was sent by his father to seek some Affes that he had lost, and asking Samuel about them, Sa. muel took him afide privately and anointed him King of Israel, i Sam, ix, and x. .

3 Q. But how was he made King publickly? A. God chose and determined Saul to be King by casting Lots among the Tribes and Families of 1)rael, i Sam. X. 19, &c.

4 Q. How did Saul behave himself in his Kingdom? A. He governed well at first for a little time, but afterward he disobeyed the Word of God in several Instances, and God rejected him, 1 Sam. xiii. 13. and xv. 23..

5 Q. Whom did God chuse in his room? A. Da. vid of the Tribe of Judah, who is called the Man after God's own Heart, 1 Sam. xvi. 1. and xiii, 14. Aets xiïi. 22.

6 Q. Who were the Forefathers of David ? A. He was the youngest Son of effe, who was the Son of Obed, who was the Son of Boaz by Ruth his Wife, Ruth iv, 17-22.

7 l What was this Ruth ? A. She was a Woman of Moab, and the married Mahlon a Few, the Son of Naomi, when they came to


sojourn in Moab, because of a Famine in Ifrail, Ruth i..

8 Q. Did Ruth leave the Country of Moab ? A. Yes, after her Husband died in the Land of Moab, she followed her Mother-in-law Naomi into the Land of Israel, and took the God of Israel for her God, Ruth i. 16, 17.

9 Q. What kind Providence attended her in the Land of Israel ? A. Boaz, a rich Man, who was near of kin to her former Husband, married her, and so she became the Great-Grandmother of David, Ruth i. 16, 17. .

10 Q. What was David's Employment? A. Being the youngest Son of a large Family, he was bred up to keep his Father's Sheep, 1 Sam. xvi. 11.

II . What considerable Aétions did he do while be was a Shepherd? A. He killed a Lion and a Bear who came to rob his Father's Flock, 1 Sam, xvii. 34. - 12 Q. How did God anoint him to be King ? A. He sent Samuel fecretly to anoint him with Oil at Bethlehem in the midst of his Brethren, 1 Sam.

xvi. 13.

' 130. How did David make his first Appearance at Court ? A David understood Musick, and when the evil Spirit of Melancholy came upon Saul, hearing of David's Skill in Musick, he fent for him to play on the Harp to refresh him, 1 Sam. xvi. 16–23.

14 Q. What remarkable Action made him more publickly known? A. When Goliah the Giant chale lenged the Men of Israel, David undertook the Combat, and flew him with a Sling and a Stone, 1 Sam. xvii.

15 Q. How did Saul employ him afterward? A. He sent him out against the Philistines, and he flew many Thousands of them.

16 Q. How came Saul then to bear him an Ill. . will? A. From mere Envy, because the Women of Israel sung to their Instruments of Musick, « Saul had sain his Thousands, and David his “ ten Thousands, I Sam.xxviii. 5,6,7.

17 Q. Wherein did Saul di cover his Ill-Will to · him? A. He threw a Javelin at him, and often attempted to kill him, I Sam. xviii. 21.

18 Q. Did not Saul marry his second Daughter Michal to him? A. Yes, but he required of him the Slaughter of a hundred Philistines instead of her Dowry, hoping that David himself would be Nain in the Attempt, 1 Sam. xviii. 17-30.

19 Q. Who then were the Friends of David when the King was his Enemy? A. All the People of Ifrael loved him, and so did Jonathan the Son of Saul, who skreened him often from his Father's Malice, I Sam, xviii. 5. and xix. 2.

20 Q. But how could David escape so long when Saul ordered bis Servants to kill him? A. He fled from Place to Place in the Land of Israel, and was hunted like a Partridge on the Mountains, till at last he was forced to hide himself twice among the Philistines, 1 Sam. xxi, 10. and xxvi. 20. and xxvii, 1.

21 Q. What did he do there? A. When he was at Gath the first time he feigned himself mad, left Achif the King of Gath Tould kill him, 1 Sam. xxi. 12, 13.

22 Q. How did David save his Father's House from Saul's Rage ? A. He desired the King of "Moab to let his Father and his Mother dwell


there, but he himself went into the Land of 74dah, 1 Sam. xxii. 1-5. .

23 Q. How did Saul further manifeft his Rage against David ? A. He flew fourscore and five Persons of the Priests of the Lord, because he fup. posed they had concealed David, and did not tell the King where he was, 1 Sam. xxii. 17, 18.

24 Q. Had David any Army under his Command at this Time? A. Yes, he had gathered together about four hundred Men, which grew in a little time to six hundred, 1 Sam. xxii. 2. and xxiii. 13.

25 Q. Did David fight with Saul all this time? A. No, he avoided hiin, and fled from him con. tinually, by shifting his Place when soever Saul pursued him, and at last was forced to go into the Land of the Philistines again, 1 Sam. xxiii. and xxiv, and xxvii.

26 Q Did David never attempt to kill Saul? A. No, but he spared his Life twice when he had it in his power to kill him, I Sam. xxiv. 7, 8, 10, 11. and xxvi. II, 12, &C.

27 Q. Had this Kindness of David no Influence to foften the Heart of Saul toward him? A. Yes, it did for the present; but Sauls Envy and Malice were so rooted in his Heart, that they prevailed above all the Principles of Kindness and Gratitude, · 1 Sam. xxiv. 16, 17, &c. Chap. xxvi, 1–3. and xxvii. 1.

28 Q. What became of Saul at last? A. The Philistines invaded Ifrael, and Saul was in great Distress, because God gave him no Directions, nor answered him by Dreams, nor by the Priests nor Prophets, 1 Sam. xxviii. 4, 5, 6.

29 Q. What did Saul do then? A. He enquired of a Woman who had a familiar Spirit,


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