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18 Q. What was a fixth remarkable Sin of Ifrael ? A. Whoredom and Idolatry; for they love ed the Midianitish Women, and worshipped their Gods, Num. xxv. 1, 2..

19 Q. How was this Whoredom and Idolatry punished ? A. By the Command of God, and Moles to kill the Offenders, and by a Plague which flew twenty-four thousand, Num. xxv. 4, 5, 9.

20 Q. Who tempted them to this Idolatry ? A. Balaam, the wicked Prophet and Soothsayer, Num. xxxi. 16.

21 Q. Why did he tempt them to it? A. Because God hindered him from curfing Israel when Balak the King of Moab had hired him to do it, Num. xxii. 5-12.

22 Q. Hou did God hinder him? A. Three ways. (1.) By forbidding him to go at first, though afterwards he permitted him. (2.) By making his own Ass speak to him, to stop him when he was going. (3) By inspiring him with Prophecies, and compelling him to bless Ifrael three or four times instead of curfing them. See Num. xxii, 12, 30, 31. and xxxiii. 7, 8, C.

23 Q. What became of Balaam at last? A. He was llain among the Midianites by the Men of Ilrael, under the Conduct of Moses, before they came to the River of Jordan, Num. xxxi. 1-8."


Of the J e ws Entrance into Canaan, and

their Government by Judges.
Sect. I. Of the ISRAELITES Poffeffion

of Canaan.

il. W HAT became of the People of Israel

after all their wanderings in the Wila derness? A. Though their Sins and Punidhments were many and great, yet they were not destroyed ; but God brought them at last into Canaan, the Land which he promised to their Fathers, Joh. i. 11.

2 Q. Did Moses lead them into that Land ? A. No; he was only permitted to see it from Mount Pisgah, and there he died, and God buried him, Deut. xxxiv. 1-8.

3Q. Did Aaron go with them into Canaan? A. Aaron died before Moles, and Eleazar his Son was made High-Priest in his room, Num. xx. 24-28.

4Q. Why were not Moses the Law-giver, nor Aaron the High-Priest, Juffered to bring the People into the Land of Promise? A. Because they had both sinned and offended God in the Wilderness, and God would fhew his Displeasure against Sin, Deut. xxxii. 48–51,

5 Q. What other Lesjon might God design to teach us by this Conduct of Providence ? A. Perhaps God might teach us hereby that neither the Laws

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of Moses, nor the Priesthood of Aaron, were sufficient to bring us into the Possession of the heavenly Country, of which Canaan was a Figure.

6 . Who was appointed to lead the People of Ifrael into the promised Land? A. Joshua, whose Name is the same with Jesus, and who came to be the Goyernor and Captain of Israel after Moses died, 70. li. .28

70. How did they get over the River Jordan ? A. As soon as the Priests who bore the Ark dipt their Feet in the Brink of the River, the Waters which were. above rose up in an Heap, and the Channel was left dry while all the People passed over, yosh. iii. 14, 15.

8 2. What Memorial did they leave of their palfing over Jordan on Foot? A, By God's Appointment they took up twelve Stones out of the midst of Jordan, where the Priests stood with the Ark while the Tribes passed over, and set them up as a Monument in the Place wherein they lodged the firft Night, Joh. iv.

9 Q. How were they commanded to deal with the Canaanites when they took their Land? A. They were required to destroy them utterly, lest if they Thould live they might teach Ifrael their Idolatries and their wicked Customs, Deut. vii. 16–26.

10 Q. But what Right had the Jews to destroy them, and take their Country ? A. The Canaanites were abominable Sinners, and God, by particular Inspiration, made the Jews the Executioners of his Wrath against them, just as he might have used a Plague, or the Beasts of the Earth to have destroyed them; and then as the Sovereign Lord of all, he gave their forfeited Country and Possesfions to whom he pleased, Lev. xviji. 24, 25. Pfal. cxxxvi. 17-22.


· Here let it be observed that this awful Instance of one Nation's destroying another, and seizing their Lands and Possessions, was authorized by God himself, the righteous Judge of the World, in and by a long train of most conspicuous and publick Miracles and Prophecies : so that the Ifraelites could not be de. ceived in their divine Commission for this bloody Work ; nor is it liable to be made a Precedent or a Pretence to any other Nation or Person to treat their Neighbours at this rate, be they ever so wicked, unless they can fhew such astonishing and undoubted Ato testations of a plain Commission from God, the righteous Governor of the World, and the sovereign Lord of all.

ul. What was the first City they took in Ca. naan? A. Jericho, whose Walls fell down, when by God's Appointment they founded the Trumpets made of Rams-horns, Joh. vi. 5, 20.

12.Q. What did they do when they took the City? Ă. By God's Command they devoted it as the First-fruits, to be a Sacrifice to the Lord, and therefore they burnt all the Goods in it, together with the City, as well as they destroyed all the Inhabitants, except Rahab the Harlot, and her Kindred, Joh. vi. 24, 25. . . 13. Why was Rahab spared ? A. Because the believed that God would give. Ifrael the Land of Canaan, and the hid and saved the Spies whom Foshua set, Jof. ii. 9-14, and vi. 25, 26. Heb. xi. 31.

14 Q. How did the Army of Israel succeed against the Men of Ai? A. God suffered Israel to be put to fight twice before the Men of Xi, because Achan an Ifraelite had stole and hid some of the Spoil of the City of Jericho, which was accursed, and devoted to the Fire, Joh. vii. .

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15 Q. How was the Anger of God appeased for this Crime? A. They mourned humbly before God, they fought out the Person who had stolen this accursed Thing, and stoned him and his Family to Death, Joh. vii. 13, 14, 24. .

16 Q. How did they take the City of Ai at laft? A. By counterfeiting a Flight, as on the former Day, and when the Men of Ai were drawn out of the City, the Israelites who lay in Ambush entered and burnt it, Jof. viii.. . 17 Q. How did the Gibeonites receive the Peon ple of Israel, and save themselves from Death ? A. They sent Embassadors, with old Sacks upon their

Afles, and old Garments and mouldy Bread, to - prove that they came from a far Country; and the · Men of Israel rashly made Peace with them, and fwore to it, yosh. ix.

18 Q. What did Joshua do when he found that they dwelt in the midst of Canaan? A. He let them Jive becaule the Elders had sworn to them, but he made them Hewers of Wood, and Drawers of Waters for the Congregation, and for the Altar of the Lord, ver. 27. . - ;, . · 19 Q. How did Ifrael conquer the King of Jeru

falem, with his four Allies? A. God helped Israel · by casting great Hail-ftones from Heaven upon their Enemies, John X. 10, 11.

20 Q. What remarkable Thing did Joshua do that Day? A. He bid the Sun and Moon stand still to lengthen out the Day for his Victory, and they obeyed him, Joh. x. 12, 13, 14. · 21 Q. What did Joshua do with the five Kings when he took them? A. He called the Captains of Israel to set their Feet on their Necks, and then he flew them, and hanged them up on five Trees before the Lord, Josh. x, 24, 26.

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