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10 Q. What Honours did Nebuchadnezzar bee flow on Daniel on this Occasion? A. He acknowledged the Supremacy of the God of Daniel, he made Daniel Ruler over Babylon, and at his Request made Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego Officers under him, ver. 46–49.

un Q. What became of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? A. Notwithstanding the Honour the King had given them, yet they were cast into a fiery Furnace, because they would not worship a huge Gold Image which King Nebuchadnezzar had. fet up, Dan. iii. 1-21.

12 Q. What remarkable Providence attended their being cast into the Furnace ? A. The King being enraged at them for refufing boldly to worfhip this Image, commanded the Furnace to be made seven times hotter, even to such a Degree, that the Flame flew the Men that cast them into it, ver, 22. . 13 Q. How were they saved in the fiery Furnace? Ă. Though these three Men were caft into the Furnace bound, and fell down in the Fire, yet prefently afterward the King faw four Men loose walking in the Fire, and they had no hurt; and the Form of the fourth was like the Son of God, ver. 23, 24, 25, 1. e. some glorious Person whom Nebuchadnezzar could not better describe than as a heavenly Being, a Son of God.

14 Q. What Influence had this upon the King? A. He called them to come out of the Furnace, and blessed cheir God who had sent his Angel to deliver them, and made a Decree, that no Man Thould fpeak against the God of the Jews, ver, 26-28.

15 Q. What other Dream of Nebuchadnezzar's did Daniel interpret? A, The Dream of a tall and



That Nebuiterpretation dia

spreading Tree that was cut down, and the Stump of it was left in the Earth, and that should have a Beast's Heart given it instead of a Man's for seven Years, Dan. iv, 1-16.

16Q. What Interpretation did Daniel give to it? A. That Nebuchadnezzar the King Thould be driven froń his Kingdom, should run mad, and dwell seven Years with the Beasts of the Earth, and then be restored to his Reason and his Kingdom again, ver. 19-27.

17 Q. How soon was this fulfilled? A. At the End of twelve Months he was walking in the Palace of Babylon, and boasting of his Grandeur and Majesty, and there fell a Voice from Heaven, that his Kingdom was departed, and he should be driven from Men: And immediately he was seized with Madness, and the Sentence was executed upon him, and he fled from the Society of Men, and herded with the Beasts in the open Field, ver. 28-33.

18 . What did Nebuchadnezzar do at seven Years End, when his Understanding and his Kingdom were restored to him? A. He did further Ho. nours to the God of Heaven, and published this History of himself, and these Signs and Wonders of the great God, throughout all his Dominions, ver. 34, kl.

19 Q. What Notice was taken of Daniel in the Time of Belshazzar the Grandson of Nebuchadnezzar? A. He was sent for to Court to read and interpret three or four Words, which were written upon the Wall by the Apparition of a Hand while Belshazzar was feasting, Dan. v.

20 Q. What was there in Bellhazzar's Feat that eminently provoked Göd against him? A. He and his Nobles drank in the holy Vessels that


were taken out of the Temple of God at Jerusae lem, and at the same time they praised their Gods of Gold and Silver, of Wood and Stone, Dan. v. 1-4

21 Q. What was the Meaning of this Writing against the Wall? A. That God had finished Belfhazzar's Kingdom, and given it to the Medes and Persians, ver. 25-28. · 22 Q. What Honour was done to Daniel ? A. He was immediately clothed in Scarlet, with a Chain of Gold, and made the third Ruler in the Kingdom, ver, 29. - 23 Q. When was this Sentence executed on BelThazzar? A. He was slain that very Night, by the Army under the Command of Cyrus the Ge: neral, who after a long Siege took the City Babylon, and the Kingdom was translated to Darius the Mede, the Emperor of the Medès and Persians, ver. 30, 31. ...24 Q. Did Daniel lose his Preferment by the Change of the Kingdom?' A. No ; for Darius set Daniel over all the hundred and twenty Princes, and made him first of the three Presidents, Dan. vi. I, 2, 3. • 25 Q. How did the Envy of the Presidents and the Princes perfecute him on this Occasion? A. They knew that Danich would pray to his God, and they persuaded King Darius to sign a Decree, that if any Man fhould ask a Petition of any God or Man for thirty Days, besides of the King himself, he should be caft into the Lion's Den, ver. 4-9. ! 26 Q. What did Daniel do when he heard of this Decree? A. He went to his House, and the Windows being open toward Jerusalem, he prayed to his God three Times a Day, according to his Custom, ver. 10.

27.Q. What was the Confequence of this? A. Though the King himself was sorry for his De. cree, and tried all means to save Daniel, yet his Enemies prevailed to have him caft into the Den of Lions, because the Laws of the Medes and Perhians were not to be altered, ver: 11-17.

28 Q. Wherein did the King further new his Concern for Daniel ? A. He passed the Night without Musick or Sleep, he went early to the Lions Den in the Morning, and found Daniel safe, to his great Joy; for God had shut the Mouths of the Lions, that they did him no Hurt, ver. 18--23.

29 Q. Wherein did King Darius manifeft his ReSentment against the Enemies of Daniel ? A. He cast them, with their Wives and Children, into the Den of Lions, who broke all their Bones imme. diately, ver. 24.

30 Q. What special Regard did Darius Mhew to the true God on this Occasion ? A. He sent a Decree through all Nations, that Men should fear the God of Daniel, ver. 25..

31 Q. What are the other most remarkable Things in the History of Daniel ? A. The Visions which he faw, the excellent Prayer which he made for the Restoration of the Jews from Captivity, and the other Prophecies which were given him by Angels:

32 Q. What were some of his Visions and Prophecies? A. Eonblems and Representations of the four Monarchies of the World, and of the Kingdom of Christ; and Predictions concerning future Events among the Jews, and other Nations of the Earth; some of which are expressed fo plainly, that the Enemies of the Bible suppose them to be written after those Events cane to pass, Chap. vii. and viii. and xi.. .

33 Q. What remarkable Answer did Daniel reo. ceive to this excellent Prayer of his, for the Restoration of the Jews? A. The Angel Gabriel was ordered to fly swiftly, and to inform him of his own Acceptance with God, of the Commandment of the Kings of Persia to rebuild the Holy City, of the Time of the Coming, and the Death of the Messiah to take away the Sins of Men, and of the second Destruction of Jerusalem, Dan. ix, 20-27.

34 Q. What other eminent Prophecies did Daniel receive by his Converse with Angels ? A. Befides the various Events relating to this World, he had some Predictions concerning the Christian Church, and its Troubles, and the Period of them; concerning the Resurrection of the Dead, Everlafting Life, and Everlasting Punishment, Chap. xii.

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IQ: W HO was Efther? A. A beautiful young

V Jewish Virgin, whose Ancestors were carried captive by the King of Babylon, in the Days of Jeconiah, King of Judah, Esther ii. 5, 6.

2 Q. Where was me educated ? A. She was brought up in Shufhan, the Palace of the King of Persia, by Mordecai her First-cousin, for her Father and Mother were dead, ver. 7.

3. To what Honour was me advanced ? A. King Ahasuerus took her into his Royal House,

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