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15 Q. Whither did the Prophet go, when the Brook was dried up? A. God sent him to a Woman of Sarepta, near Sidon, to be maintained by her, when she had only a handful of Meal in a Barrel, and a little Oil in a Cruise. 1 Kings xvii.

9, &c.

16 Q. How could this maintain the Woman and ber Son, and the Prophet? A. God wonderfully increased the Oil and the Meal, so that the Barrel of Meal wasted not, neither did the Cruise of Oil fail, till God sent Rain upon the Land, ver. 14, &c.

17 Q. What further Miracle did Elijah work in this' Woman's Family, to prove that he was sent from God? A. When her Son died, the Prophet raised him to Life again. ver. 21-24:

18 Q. What special Deliverance did God give Ifrael in the time of Ahab ? A. Though Ahab was so great a Sinner, yet God made Ifrael victorious over the Syrians who invaded them, because Benhadad the King of Syria boasted and blasphemed God, i Kings xx.

19 Q. What were some of the special Sins of Ahab against God? Á. Besides the Idolatry of the Calves, he also set up the Idol Baal, he caused Israel to worship it, and by the Influence of his Wife 7 ezebel, flew a great number of the Prophets of the Lord. i Kings xviii, 4.

20 Q. Were any of the Prophets of the Lord Javed ? A, Obadiah the Governor of Ahab's House. hid a hundred of them in two Caves, and fed them with Bread and Water, while Elijah fled wheresoever he could find a hiding-place, ver. 5, 6, 10.

21. How did Elijah bring about the Destruction of Baal's Prophets? A. He boldly met Ahab, and bid him summon all Israel together, and the four hundred and fifty Prophets of Baal, that a Sacri

fice might be offered to Baal and to Jehovah, to make an Experiment which was the true God.

22 Q. How did he convince the People that Jehovah was the true God ? A. Fire came from Heaven and consumed Elijah's Sacrifice after he had poured great quantities of Water upon it, which the Prophets of Baal attempted in vain to procure on their Altar, though they cut themselves with Knives, and cryed aloud to their God, 1 Kings xviii. 17-38.

23 Q. IVhat Influence had this upon the People ? A. They fell upon their faces, and acknowledged

Jehovah to be the true God; and then, at the command of Elijah, the People flew all the Prophets of Baal. v. 39, 40.

24 Q: How did God further manifeft his Approbation of this conduct of Elijah ? A. He immediately sent Rain, and put an end to the Famine. V. 41, 45

25 Q. What was one of the most remarkable Sins of Ahab against Man? A. He coveted the Vineyard of Naboth, and by the help of false Witnesses stoned Naboth to death for Blasphemy, and took poffeffion of his Land. 1 Kings xxi.

26 Q. What was the manner of Ahab's Death at last, after so wicked a Life ? A. In opposition to the Prophecy of Micaiah he went to fight with the King of Syria, and received a mortal Wound. 1 Kings xxii. 34.

27 Q. Wherein did the Judgment of God agains Ahab appear in his Death? Ă. The Dogs licked up his Blood on that spot of Ground, where Naboth's Blood was shed, according to the Prophecy of Elijah. 1 King. xxii. 38. and xxi. 19.

28 Q. What sort of man was Abaziah?. A. Ahaziah, the Son of Ahab, who succeeded him in

the xxii. 51.

the Kingdom, followed his wicked Ways. 2 Kings

29 Q. What particular Crimes of Ahaziah are recorded? A. When he was sick, he sent to enquire of Baalzebub, the God of Ekron, about his Recovery ; and because Elijah reproved him for it, he fent three Captains each with fifty Men, to make Elijah their Prisoner. 2 Kings i. i, 9.

30 Q. What did Elijah do on this Occasion ? 4. He brought down Fire from Heaven, which consumed the two first of them with their Troops, but he spared the third upon his Intreaty, and then went down with him to King Abaziah, and told him that he should surely die. v. 9-16.

31 Q. How did Elijah leave the World ? A. He was taken up to Heaven in a Whirlwind by a Chariot and Horses of Fire, and left his Mantle behind him. 2 Kings ii.

32 Q. Who succeeded Elijah in the Office of a Prophet? A. Elisha, who was with him when he was taken up to Heaven, and had a double Portion of the Spirit of Elijah given him. v. 9, 10.

33 Q. What were some of the chief Miracles and Prophecies of Elisha A. (1.) He (mote the Waters of yordan with Elijah's Mantle, saying, IVhere is the Lord God of Elijah? And the Waters di. vided for him to pass over. (2.) He cured the unwholesome Water near Jericho, by casting Salt into it. (3.) He cursed some Children that mocked and reproached him, and there came two She-Bears out of the Wood and tore to pieces forty two of them. (4.) He brought Water in a time of drought to supply three Armies. (viz.) that of Edom, Fudah and Israel. (5.) He increafed the Widow's Pot of Oil, that it was sufficient to pay her Debts, and maintain her. (6.) He promised a Son to the

Shunamite Shunamite Woman who entertained him, who was before barren, and raised this Son to Life again when he died. (7.) He healed Naaman the Syrian of his Leprosy, by bidding him walh in Jora dan. (8.) He pronounced the Plague of Leprosy on Gehazi, his own Servant, for his Covetousness and Lying. (9.) He made the Iron Head of an Ax float on the Water that it might be restored to its Owner. (10.) He discovered the King of Syria's private Counsels to the King of Israel, and (mote his Army with Blindness. (11.) He foretold vast Plenty on the Morrow, in the midst of a Siege and Famine in Samaria. (12.) He foretold the Death of Benhadad the King of Syria, and that Hazael should succeed him, and treat Ifrael with Cruelty. See the second Book of Kings, from the second to the eighth Chapter.

34 Q. Who was Jehu, and how came he to the Kingdom ? A. Jehu was a Captain, who was anointed King by the Prophet whom Elisa sent for that purpose, according to the Appointment of God and Elijah. 1 Kings xix. 16. and 2 Kings ix. 1, 2, &c.

35 Q. What was the great Work for which God raised up Jehu to the Kingdom ? X. To destroy the Worship of Baal, and to bring the threatned Judgments of God on the House of Ahab for their Wickedness. ver. 7.

36 Q. How did Jehu execute this bloody Work upon the House of Ahab ? A. These three ways ; (1.) He shot Jehoram, the Son of Ahab, who was then King, with an Arrow, and cast him upon the Land of Naboth, whom Ahab flew. (2.) He com. manded Jezebel, the wicked and idolatrous QueenMother, to be thrown out of the Window, and the Dogs eat her up. (3.) He ordered the seventy remaining Sons of Ahab to be flain in Samaria


and their Heads to be brought him in Baskets. 2 Kings ix. and x.

37 Q. How did he destroy the Worship of Baal? A. He gathered the Prophets of Baal, and his Priests and his Worshippers together into his Temple, under pretence of a great Sacrifice to Baal; and then commanded them all to be slain with the Sword, and the Images to be burnt, and the Temple to be destroyed. ver. 18--28.

38 Q. Did Jehu continue to obey God in all things ? A. No; for though he executed the Vengeance of God against Ahab, and the Worshippers of Baal, yet he maintained the Idolatry of Heroboam, (viz.) the golden Calves of Dan and Bethel. ver. 29, 30.

39 Q. Who was Joash ? A. He was the Son of Fehoahaz the Son of Jehu, and he reigned over Ifrael, 2 Kings xiii. 10.

40 Q. What is remarkable in his Conduct ? A. When Elisha was upon his Death-Bed, he came down to see him, and wept over him, yet he departed not from the Sins of Jeroboam. ver. 14.

41 Q. What did he do for the good of Israel ? A. According to the Prophecy of dying Elisha, he smote the Syrians thrice who had oppressed Ifrael in the Days of his Father, ver. 19, 25.

42 Q. Is there any thing of moment recorded concerning Elisha after his death. A. They buried a Man the Year following in the Sepulchre of Elifa, and as soon as he touched the Bones of Elima, he revived and stood upon his Feet. ver. 21.

43 Q. What did Joalh do againf Judah? A. When Amaziah King of Judah provoked him to war, he routed the Army of Judah, and took the King Prisoner : he brake down the Wall of Jerusalem, and plundered the House of the Lord, and the

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