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nings on -
Cromwell, account of his parliament 636

Cazin, death of 317 Culprits in prison, evils of the indiscrimi-
Cayley, Sir George, on aerostation 548 nate mixture of
Caernarvon, description of the town of 505 Cumberland, Mr. on the public distresses
Campaign, in 1814, account of the 582 and future prospects of the country
Cannes, Napoleon's landing at 585 Curteis, Mr. his classical curiosities 255
Castlereagh, Lord, his pernicious influence 610 Culture of liquorice .. 3.19
Celebes, account of 536 Cure for glandular swellings 495
Celtic dialects, on the 113 Cuckoo, its period of singing 496
Chalk, the Rev. Mr. Buckland on beds of 439 Dante, account of 492
Charlestown, its seige - 520 Davy, Sir H. his discovery of wire-gauze
Chaldeans, on their knowledge of astron- for safe lamps, in mines 53,498
omy 24 Davoust, Marshal, banishment of 75
Chatham, savings' bank, established at 90, 190 Davoust, defence of his conduct 590
Chok Castle, description of 306 David, sepulchre of 632
Champ de Mai, description of the 594 Daniell, Alcssrs. cuestions re-discussed be-
Charrington, J. memoir of 77 tween, and M. Langles 38,520
Churches and chapels, list of briefs for re- Denman, 1)r. T. memoir of 81

pairing ald re-building them in ten years 302
CHEMISTRY, REPort of, 68, 168,264, 359,
- 457, 556
Church bells, their uses and abuses 223
Christian, Professoi, his regulations for
saving banks

Debtors and ("red tors, practical method
of settling the difficulties between

Debates, account of the 175
Dee's conference with spirits, observations
Oth 12,924

5 Decrease of the ocean, facts and traditions

Cave, great, in Kentucky 286 relative to
Cheltenham, effects of opposition to vac- Deity and man, remarks on the 12
cination at 474 Desert, waves of the 621
Christening, Ben Jonson's Masque of 16 Desert, pilgrimage across the 692
Chisholm, Dr. on decomposed animal Diversions of Purley, inaccuracies in 302
matter - 6 Dictionary, a Mahratta 548

Circumcision, account of the Moorish 618

Circulating schools, on the Irish & Welsh 113

Civil List, state of 561

Caudius Ptolemy, remarks on his Arma-
gestum Magnuin

Classical Curiosities, Mr. Curteis' 254
Cobbett, Mr. on the issuing of paper 221
---------, work on Paper against Gold,
recommended w
Cotigreve, Mr. letters of 42
Coal-pits, Mr. Farey on preventing fire-
damp explosions in 84
Commerce, distressed state of 557

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Dictionary, a Persian 547

Distresses, public, Mr. Cumberland on the 191

Distresses, public, Mr. Goodman on the 7

Distresses of the farmers, on the

Distresses of the farming interest, true
causes of

Dialects, on the Celtic 7, 113

Dialects, the Derbyshire, Mr. Bainbridge
* o

on the peculiarities of J.
Dialects, the Derbyshire, Mr. Bakewell
on the 495

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Publications, Review of New Musi-
cal 65, 171,262, 347, 453, 543
Pulmonary consumption, Dr. Southey's
; insportant observations on 210
Public schools, on the improvement in 228
Public houses, Reading petition against
the pernicious monopoly of
Public distress, Mr. Goodman on the 7
Putrefactive process, on the 12
Pulse, Dr. Parry's theory of 550
Purcell, father of English music for the
stage and chamber - 310
Pyne, Mr. his superb work on interiors, , 550
Ramsay, Dr. the American historian, his
life 520

Raffles, Hon. T. S. his speech at Java

, Radnorshire, vein of coal discovered in

Redgrave, Mr. on an improved fire-engine 40

Retreat near York, observations on 127,482
Representation, reform in the 636
Reading, etymology of 303
Reading, curious account of a baker at 306

Reading, anecdotes of the state of society
and manners at 303, 395
Reid, Dr. characters of the philological 1

writings of 34
Regent's speech 175
Religious offences, persecutions for al-

ledged 214
Religion of Mortlake 923
Reminiscences, No. I 290
Reminiscences, No. II. 390
Relief of the poor, ancieut system of 408
Rents, on the danger of lowering 383
Representatives, chamber of 609

Richardson, Mr. original letters between
him and Dr. Young -
Riccio, David, authentic particulars of
his assassination . 598
Rooks, their period of building
Roscoe, Mr. on the efficacy of gauze-

lamps 424
Roses, Mr. Winch on some northern 291
Rush, Dr. Benj. late of Philadelphia, me-

moirs of 141
Russia, pólitical views of 559

Ryan, Mr. his important discovery for 5

ventilating mines 48
Salomon, J. P. memoir of 79
Salisbury, savings' bank established at 90
Salisbury, earl of, his letter to Sir Chas.

Cornwallis 481

Sacchetti, Franco, letters, anecdotes, and
poems of | 16, 307
Salt, eastern customs and opinions of the
ancients relative to 323
Safe-lamps, improvements in 163
Safety-lamp, Dr. W. R. Claany on the
efficacy and originality of his 385
Saint Laurence, on the fertility of the
land along the river
Scargill, Mir. W. P. on the impolicy and
wickedness of wars
-------------------- on the plan and publica-
tions of the Massachusetts' Peace So-
ciety 507
Sculptures, an historical account of the
important ones brought from Athens 400
School-masters, meeting of the society of 78
Scipio Africanus, remark of 116
Seamen, impress of, its barbarity 485
Sessions, Old Bailey, number of criminals
convicted at 467
Sea, doubts in regard to the alledged en-
croachments of the
----, on the phenomena of the, in Suffolk 504
----, sickness, on the cause of 222
---------------- on the cause of, by Mr.
Machaon 414

Septennial Act, introdu, ; on of the
Sepulchre of David, accolio of the
Second Reformation, reasons wi.y neces-
sary 14.
Shaw, Dr. on the plan of a perfe, ::::
lish grammar -
------------ on the advantages, superio: y,
and improvement of the English so.

guage -
Shield, Mr. his poem - ‘. . ."
Shoes, high piked, origin, progress, and

extravagance of 136
Shipley, Sir Charles, account of 573
Sierra Leone, institution at 162

Shrewsbury, meeting of the innkeepers of,
to petition parliament
-------------- bank, suspension of 88
Shrewsbury, great number of debtors
confined in the gaol of -
Shropshire, depression of the agricultural
interost of o

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Statue of Fox, erection of 349
Stratford upon Avon, birth-day of Shak-
speare commemorated at
Stamp Act, the new
§. cause of a general conster-
nation at 280
Streets, account of the progress of the
new, nearer Carlton-house
St. Louis, remarkable mounds of earth
found in
St. Winifred's Well, description of, with
solution of its phenomena 9;
8tars, on an apparatus for observing the,
in the day time
Stowmarket, meeting held at, to petition
Stuart, Dr. character of the philological
writings of 134
Stafford, meeting at, to petition for eco-
nomy in public expences 276
Stage-coaches, Mr. Luckcock on the po-
lice and regulation of -
Superfices, exact, of the English and
Welsh counties 162
Succession of the Romish clergy, instance
of the futility of the 13
Superstition, Mr. Mann on the recom-
me .dation of it as a motive to virtue




* *.

Wales, North, Miss Hutton's Tour in 109, 504
War, proposal for a society for abolishing 105.
Warwick, petition from, against the Pro- ...
perty Tax
Waldenses, on Mr. Jones' History of the 222
Wars, Mr. Goodman on the consequences
of the late, on the happiness of the

Wakefield, on the establishment of a lu-
natic asylum at
Warriors, trained, eruelties of 25
Welch, characteristic hospitality of the 111
Western, Mr. his resolutions 8,
Wellington, conduct of 173
---, anecdote of 199

--------------, illustration of his Convention
of Paris 402
Weather at Carlisle during the year 1815,
remarks on 29
Webb, S. memoir of 564
Western, Charles C. esq., extracts from
a speech of 363
Whitchurch, his poem ' ' 4
Whitbread’s Life, announcement of 358
Wire-gauze, Sir H. Davy's discovery of
for safe-lamps in mines 153, 498 :
Wilkinson, Gen. his memoirs 251
Williams, Miss, her misrepresentations 576
Wilson, Sir Robt, his heroic conduct 513
Wiltshire Agricultural Society, proceed-
ings of the 572
-----------, county meeting of 379
Wood, lord mayor, liberal ideas of 350
Wolcot, Dr. his poem 242, 333
-----------, impositions on his name 549

Wollaston, Dr. and Professor Playfair,
questions put to them, with their replies 419
Wolverhampton, distress of the farmers
Wool, true policy in regard to 324
Worcester, petition from, against the la-
vish experditure of public money, 280, 377
---, mecting at, to establish an
agricultural society 187
Yarmouth, meeting at, to petition against
inquisitorial taxation 281
Yealmston, spirited petition from, to par-
Yelling, Huntingdon, distressed condition
of the poor in

Young, Dr. and Mr. Richardson, original
letters between 234
-------------, song by 239
------------, Edw. account of 390
York, meeting at, against large military
establishments 27
Yorkshire, emigration of distressed far-
mers from 470
-------------, depression of the woollen ma-
nufacture in 471
Zemlemutin, Alexander, the Cossack, ob-
servation on his visit to England 322
Zodiac of the Javanese 540

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* “g number of writs issued

i's Court of -
: "... nomena of the sea in 504

‘. . . . . . . . we mood, on the 402
‘sus, x, duke of, freedom of the city pre-
Se...ted to 66
------, petition of the noblemen, &c.
of, to parliament 379
Suicide, Napoleon's opinion on 414
Suffrage, on universal 63
Sweden, political state of - 559

Swallows, period of their appearance 496
Swellings, glandular,in young persons 215
Syringe-tree, account of 1.
Taunton, gas light company established
at 476
Taylor, Mr. his poem 149
Tax on income, Middlesex meeting to
petition against
Taxation, Mr. Hopkins on the effects of 220
Taxes, on lowering the amount of 83
Tan-y-Bwich, North Wales, beautiful
vale of 111
Tanger, national contrast of, with Spain 612
Teiegraph, its rapidity 551
Thiere, M. le, his fine pictures 545
Thales, the earliest famed for the science
of numbers, &c. -
---------, the author of the Iliad 514
Théâtre Français, Napoleon's visit to the 582
Toor, patriotic conduct of the mayor

Thorpe, Dr. on his writings 412
Time, on the division of, and the know-
sedge of things
Thornbury, the Rev. Nathaniel, memoir 377
of 7
Tithes, plan suggested for the commuta-
tion of 90
Topographical surveys of Port Jackson 499
Toulmin, Dr. J. memoir of 79
Tour to Holywell
Tooke, characters of the philological
writings of -
---------, Horne, inaccuracies in his Di-
versions of Purley 302
Totness, meeting at, on the distressed

state of agriculture
Traffic on the London bridges 120
Treatises, list of, at Vienna 175

Troughton, transit circles, observations on 485
Tucker, Mr. his poem 435, 530
Tuke, Mr. H. Grigin of philosophical ety-
mology ascribed to
---------, Mr. Samuel, on the cure of lu-
nacy and treatment of lunatics

Typographical innovations, instances of 6

Tyne, inundation of the banks of the 82

Tyne and Wear collieries, causes of the
fire-damps in 34

---------------------, coal-trade, of present
pieces of plate to Sir Humphrey Davy ...
and Mr. Stephenson 373
Varieties, Literary and Philosophical 54, 162
245, 348, 443, 544

Varchi, Benedetto, works of: 424
Vajpy, Dr. on his school at Readin 395
Vegetables, their upright growth ex-
plained . . 550
Verulam, lord, his prejudices against
Vincent, Mr. J. on the Myrobolans 3
Vicenza, duke of, his popularity 591
Voltaire, Lord Lyttleton’s letter to 430

Vocabulary, Parisian English
Wales, schools and scholars in, from 1737
to 1760

D E X. - i

-----------, society against 255
----------- , Mr. W. P. Scargill, on the im-
olicy and wickedness o - o
Waste of coals, observations on the im-
provident - -
22 ------------ land, on the cultivation of , 298
Washing by steam, account of 55ss
Walbottle Colliery, shocking accident at 469
Warburton, Dr. anecdotes ; 291
Waring, Mr. E. memoir of 87
Water, supply of London with 313
Walker, Wm. esq. memoir of - . 274
Waithman, Mr. His speech 368


[blocks in formation]

Lee, Mr. S. his memoir on the atmosphere 557
Leicestershire, distresses of the manufac-

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Machaon, Mr. on the cause of sea-sick, *
Manchester, meeting of the manufacture;
of . So
Manchester, appeal of calico-printers to
the Quarter-sessions ... 84
Manchester, requisition of the inhabitants
of, against the Property-tax 277
Manchester, counter requisition ib.
Mahratta Dictionary by Hutchinson 549
Mansion-house, meeting at, to relieve the
Spitalfields weavers 179

tures in 568
Leicestershire, damage done by an earth-
quake in 278
Literature, retrospect of French 646
Lincolnshire fens, account of - 2
Linner, Wm. his extraordinary case 537
Liquorice, culture of 320
Life of Whitbread 858
Lionardi Salviati, account of 492
Liverpool, commercial distress in 83
Liverpool Freeman, the, by Mr. Wright 551
Liverpool, Theatre Royal, rental of 84

Liverpool, distress of foreign seamen at ... ib.
Lincoln company of comedians, their li-
cence refused 85
Lincoln, shock of an earthquake felt in 275
Lincoln, damage sustained about, by hea-

vy rains 472
Lincolnshire, distressed state of 278
Lincolnshire wold, Edward Bogg, esq. on
the geology of 441
Licenser Spanish, of the press, specimen
of the ignorance and bigotry of 103
Literary fund, anniversary of the 467
Llanrwst, description of 505
Llan Egwast Abbey, in North Wales, ru-
ins of - 207
Llanvaches, Monmouthshire, remarkable
agricultural depression at 474
Logan, Miss, Mrs. Cappe on her severe
fate and genius 195
Logan, Miss, her poem - 4:35
Locke, Mr. original letter of 527
LoN Don, INcid ENTs, MARRIAG Es, and

DEATHs, in and near 78, 180, 271,
370, 466, 563
London, supply of, with water 313

Massachusetts peace society, Mr. Scargill
on the plan and publications of

Machiavelli, original sonnet by 493

Matthews, William, of the Society of
Friends, memoir of 3

Machine for propelling boats 565
Mecca, description of 625
Mecca, account of the temples at 621
Meteoric iron, mass of, found 549
Mechanical paradox, solution of the 135
Mechanical paradox, on a 16

METEoRological REpoRT 72, 171,267,

360,459, 559
Meerman, the Hon. Johan, memoir of 285
Medallions, cabinet collection of 349

Medicines, Sir Everard Home, a specific 439

Milton, Yorkshire, penalties incurred by
the parish of 82

Middleton, Mr. on the inroads of the

ocean I
Moore's almanack, diminished sale of 549
Minor Institute, meeting of the friends of

the 271
Mississipi, proofs of an ancient extinct

population on the 426
Modern plays, superiority of 216
Monthly Magazine, Boston, Reprint of 440
Mortlake church, interior of 10
-----------, religion of 223
--------, visit to the pottery at 406
Monument and inscription on Beacon-hill 239
------------, naval, at Philadelphia. 244
Monopoly of public houses, Reading pe-

tition against the pernicious 494

Monmouth, petition from the freeholders of 280
Montgomery, petition from, on the depres-
ed state of agriculture

Louis XIV. and Cromwell, secret article Moors, dress of the, described 61.2
between 45 -------, domestic buildings of the 613
Louis XVIII, anecdotes of 200 -------, on their sciences jo.
Louis XVIII, restoration of 611 Moorish children, circumcision of the 612
Loughborough, shock of an earthquake Morocco, food of its inhabitants 613
felt at - 5 -----------, emperor of 6.13
Louisiana and Indiana, Mr. Breckenridge Murat, death of 592
on certain antiquities found there 425 Music, merited preference of modern
Luigi Alemanni, account of 492 over ancient 340
Lunatics, Mr. G. Higgins on Wakefield Music and poetry, imperfect analogies
Asylum for - 231 between 504
Lunatics, on an establishment for, at Murray, Lindley, fondness for the works
Wakefield of, improper 301
Lunatic asylums, Mr. Bakewell on the Mummy, found in Kentucky 988
economy and management of 127, 321. Myrobolans, account of 134
Łunacy, Mr.S. Tuke on cure of, and treat- --------------, Mr. J. Vincent on the 3
ment of lunatics 481 Napoleon, anecdotes of 198,199
Iymington, extract from the petition to ------------ , his opinion on suicide 4.14
parliament, presented from 476 - ---, conscription under ib.
Lyttleton, Lord, his letter to Voltaire 426 - ---, his carriage, exhibition of it 545
Malte-Brun's System of Universal Geog- - -, measures adopted by 591
raphy, review of . 646 - -, his crimes 58.2
Mayne, John, his poem 149,580 ------------'s fall, canse of 598
Madison, Mr. his message 76 ------------, retirement of 604
Mecca, city of, described 629 National guards, review of the 580



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Newcastle, subscription opened at, for

the French Protestants
Newcastle, resolution of the inhabitants
of, to petition against the Property-Tax 181
Newfoundland, description of 5
Neele, Mr. Henry, on the literary charac-
ter of Cowley, Butler, and Otway
Neele, Mr. Henry, his poem 48
Newcastle, merchants and traders of, pe-
tition against the Insolvent Debtors Act 469
New River and West Middlesex water
companies, bad effects of the junction of 313
Nightingale, its period of singing 496
Nicholson, Mr. W. memoir of - 274
Nottingham, shock of an earthquake felt
at 379,375
North, Henry, his public confession of
collecting undue poor’s rates at Oxford 474
Norfolk, meeting of the land-owners of,
to petition parliament -
Norfolk, interesting extract from the pe- ...s
tition 28
Northamptonshire, freeholders of, petition
for relief 28
Northumberland, duke of, his liberality
to his tenants 373

Nottingham-Asylum, observations on 13i fordshire 70
Norway, its union with Sweden 559 Polarization, Dr. Brewster on 438
Nuremberg Chronicle 509 Poicy, true, in regard to wool . . 324
Numa Pompilius, his love of peace 118 Poets, Mr. H. Neese on the modern 31
Observatories, Mr. Evans on the Milford Pope, anecdotes of 291.

and Woolwich

WINCIAL §3, 18i, 375,372, 359,565
Ocean, facts and traditions relative to the

decrease of the 302
Ocean, doubts in regard to the rise of 3| |
Ocean, Mr. Jennings on the inroads of the 320
Ocean, Mr. Middleton on the inroads of the l

Ocean, Mr. Stephenson on the rise of 549
Oldfield's Représentative History of Great
Britain and Ireland 632
O'ympia, altar erected to Jupiter at 498
Qpera-house, description of 78
Qrdnance maps, revival of 444

4 Perron, Anquetil du, anecdote of 31

2 Persian dictionary of Mr. Ross.

1 Philosophical grammar, Mr. J. Gilchrist.

8 Plays, old, strictures on the preference al6 1 Plumptre, Dr. Mr. Hornby on his poem 215

0 Playfair, Professor, questions put to him

4 Portsea poor-houses, inadequate for the

Palissy, Bernard, persecution of * .31 . .
Pauper Lumatic Act, remarks on the 218".
Pauperism and crimes, causes of the in- ...
crease of -
Parkgate, curious non-descript aquatic ...
animal taken at 471
Persecutions for alleged religious offences 21A
People, true cause of the

of Took, D. Stuart, Beattie, and Reid -134 Peace Society of Massachusetts ----------------- of London

Philological writings, characters of the, :

on a - 20, 115,296, 398 Philip, Dr. Wilson, on the influence of the

nerves upon secretions - 335 %. Pig, a fasting one, for 160 days 550 Pickett and Skinner-streets, ruinous spe- ...

culations in building . . . .290 Pitt, Mr. W. his meteorological remarks at

Carlisle . . o. . . Plato, etymological absurdities of 398 Plymouth, new fortifications constructed :

at, left unfinished - 47? Plagiarisms of American poetry . . . . 134

given to Plagiarism, Mr. Whitchurch on a poetical 397

and Dr. Wollaston, with their replies 419 Post-office, improvements of, for Here,

reception of more paupers , , Poor, meeting of the subscribers to educate the

------- laws, Mr. Jennings on the erroneous system of w 392 ------- rates, increase of 568 Poisons, remedies for the effects of 557 & Pope Paul V. remarks of 203

------- Joan, Mr. Castledon on the historic
fable of

------- Pius VII. anecdote of 317, 318

Poetry, art of, abused by some of the an

Otley, Yorkshire, portable threshing machine exhibited at 470

Otway, on the merits of 33 Poetry and music, imperfect analogies Oxfordshire, distress and petition of the between f - w freeholders of p 980 PoliticAL AFFAIRs 73, 172,267, 361, Pantheon at Rome, account of 220 - - - 460,559 pATENTs, Tai. Now 53, io9, 247,339,436,532 Political fraud, on the prevalenge of 227 PARISIAN AN ECDoTEs for 1816 198,315 Political blasphemy, instance of 415 414, 513 Polyglott Bible, one in view --- 351 ------------ English vocabulary 3iš Portsmouth, improved moral condition of Paris * . . . f 173 the convicts at Poio #" o'omauson , 348 -- , Napoleon's return to 603 Prisons, evils of the indiscriminate mix-------, siege of 605 ture of culprits in -------, convention of 608 Printing, on the art of - Parliaments, origin of 633 Property tax, majority and minority on Patriotism, on the spirit of 14 the - - - - 485 Pazzi, Alfonzo de, poems, &c. of 493 Press-gangs, on their atrocities ^. Paley, Dr. Mr. Harrison on Mr. Meadley's Pomer tried at Warwickshire, number 568 life of 297 o - - - - d Paley, Dr. several of his sermons yet Pronunciation of Latin, on the true 515 unpublished ib. Protestant persecution, Mr. Evans on * 31 Parliament, sketch of the last sessions of 560 Poor. Evans on Mr. Gardimer's ... : * 4 : --- ions on the art linto row to ~ * rooting on glass, observations on the at 4$9 poss, List of New $3, 157, 259, Panorama, its proper subjects 548 344, 454, 553

cients p , PoETRY, ORIGINAL 47, 147,242, 333 434, 530

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