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Agents.----H. WHIPPLE, Salem; W. B. ALLEN & Co., and CH. WHIPPLE, Newbury-Port ; TAPPAN & Foster, Portsmouth ; J. WHITMAN & Co. Portland; E. GoodALE, Hallowell;

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A. T. Good Rich, New-York; M. CAREY, Philadelphia; CoALR & MAxwell, Baltimore :

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EMiNENT Persons, MEMoIRs and RE-
MAINs of 234, 327, 520
Encroachments of the sea,doubts in regard
to the alleged
England, delusions in
English ministerial falsehoods
Englishmen, bad English of some
Episcopal palace, observations on 407
Eustace, Rev. J. C. memoir of 93
Expenditure, public report of 560
Exeter, meeti

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ing at, for the relief of the
French Protestants
Farey, Mr. on the prizes distributed by
the Smithfield club 19
Farey, Mr. on preventing fire-damp ex-
plosions in coal-pits -
Farmers, on the distresses of 33, 232
Farmers, on the relief of 33
Farming interest, on the true causes of the
distresses of 7, 298
Fate of Joan of Arc 504
Farhangi Jehangiri, Mr. Ross's transla-
tion of -
Favell, Mr. his motion at the Common
Council on the Holy Treaty, negatived 466
Felix Meritis, at Amsterdam, apparatus
in, for seeing the stars in the day-time 9
Fez, account of 6
Ferguson, Dr. A. sketch of the life of
Fine Arts, institutions for, in London
Fine Arts, Mr. Le Breton on, at the


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French Institute 441
Finances and revenues copy of 176
Finances, report of 560

Fires, hints on the means of preventing
and extinguishing -
Fires, on the means of extinguishing ac-
cidental 4
Financial statement
Fitzwilliam, Lord, memoir of
Fitzwilliam Lord, his magnificent gift to


France, persecution of patriots and Prot-

estants in 559
France, on the new constitution of 58S
France, measures of defence in 599
France, provisional government of 602

Franklin, Dr. a commendable practice of 141
French, patriotism of the , 59
French Chambers, fatal divisions in the 600
FRENch LITERATURE, retrospect of 646
Precis de la Geographie Universelle,&c. ib.
Le nouveau Maitre Anglais, &c. 65
Histoire Naturelle de la Parole, &c. 651
Le Jupiter Olympien, &c. 653
Description desTombeaux de Canosa,&c.657
Traité de Chemie Ełementaire Theo-

rique et Pratique, &c. ib.
Manuel du Tourneur, &c. 658
Mineralogie Homerique, &c. ib.
Dictionnaire des Sciences Medicales 659,

Traité de Therapeutique Generale,&c. 666
Les Voyages de Sinbad le Marin, &c. ib.
Lettres ecrites d’Italie en 1812 et 1813 661
Recherches, Historiques, Militaires,
Geographiques, et Philologiques, &c.

French Biography, on
Fulton, Robert, memoir of 92

Gauze lamps, Mr. Roscoe on the efficacy


Gauze lamps, doubts in regard to ib.
Gardiner, Mr. on his improved psalmody 15
Garianonum, near Yarmouth, a famous
Roman garrison, still to be seen 310
Gas-lights, corrected estimate of the econ-

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omy of 498
Gas light company, its enlargement 549
Gas light company, daily consumption of

coal at the three stations, in London 337

5 Gas light company, established at Taunton 476

Gas-works, Dorset-street, explosion of 78
Garat, virtuous reputation of 492
Geneva Bible, printed in 1561 214

Gilchrist, Mr. J. on a philosophical gram-
unar 20, 115, 296, 398
Glandular swellings in young persons


18 Glasgow, failure of twenty-one of the .

the University of Cambridge 475
Flint Castle, description of 97
Flaxman, Mr. his evidence on the Elgin

marbles 509

Fontainbleau, Napoleon's abdication at
Fouché, conduct of 611

Fountain of Mercy 408
Fox's statue, erection of 349
Forma Pauperis, proposed society for
rendering the law of, available 516
Fox, Joseph, esq. memoir of 372

Franco Matteo, the Florentine poet, &c. 307
France, abuse of justice in 502

- - - - - - - - - - -, remedy for 402

- - - - - - - - - - -, medical treatment of 494
- - - - - - - - - - -, Mr. Machaon on the

cure of 419

- - - - - - - - - - - , cure for 495

- - - - - - - - - - -, salt water in 499

Glass,observations on the art of painting on 489

principal houses in

Ghosts, on the vulgar belief in 11
Good, Mr. B. trial and conviction of 568
Goodman, Mr. on public distress 7
Gout, description of Napoleon's cure for

the 251

-----, Pradier's remedy for 319
Grammar, review of a French and English 650
Grant, Mr. on his system of Grammar 302
-------, Mir. J. P. his resolutions on finance 561
Gravesend emigration from 476
Great Britain and Ireland, representative
history of 632
Grasso o: account of . 492
Gregoire, M. formerly bishop of Blois, me-
ritorious public character of 90
Great Britain, national debt of 561
Greek inscription lately presented to the
Cambridge University, translation of 102
and Roman languages, originals of
the European 30,
Grain, on the causes of the depressed price
of 232
Grammar, Dr. Shaw on the plan of a per-
fect English - 389
Gravity, its latitudin il variation 520


Greeks, hospitality of the 323
*------, their belief of a continent in the
Atlantic 430
Guillotine, first experiments by the 513
Gunpowder-plot, account of 481
Hackney-coach Act 158
Harrison, Mr. on Mr. Meadley's Life of
Dr. Paley 297
Harrington, H. M. D. memoir of 31

Haygarth, Dr. on the contagion of putrid
fewers 245
IIannibal, excellent remark of 116
Hermes Scythicus, author of, criticized 115
Hereford, meeting of the agricultural so-
ciety at
Heaton colliery, particulars of the horrid
catastrophe of the seventy-five victims at 193
Henry and Charles, sons of James I. nego-
ciation of the marriages of

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* Hosack, Dr. on t

Henry I. Sarcophagus of, discovered 87
Henry, Mr. memoir of 567
Hertford, savings' bank established at 3
-----------, depressed state of the farmers at 87

-----------, numerous meeting of the coun-
ty at

Insanity, Mr. Hill's theory of - 549

Irish and Welsh circulating schools, on the 113

Indigent Children, formation of a society
for the relief of

1 Ipswich, meeting at, against M. Sergeant

Onslow's bill -
Irish, native, who speak their own dialect,

number of
Ireland, melancholy shipwreck on the

coast of - 192

0 Islington, savings' bank established at 467

----------- sessions, appeal of the Grand Italian literature, original notices of 116
Junction Canal company to the 474 06,422, 492
Hertfordshire, meeting of the farmers of, --------- poem, Mr. Lofft on a new 131
to petition parliament 87 --------- sonatas 119
Herschel's telescopic apparatus, account of 49 Jarrold, Dr. on the principles of educa-
Helvetius, an observation of 389 tion. ... 105
Hill, Lord, description of the column erect- Jackson, Port, account of journeys per- .
ed to 473 formed in the vicinity of 499
Hilly ground, on the measure of 28 James, M. his poem of the Beacon 503, 531

IIighlanders, description of the nuptial ce-
remonies of the
---------------- , variety and elegance of the
language of the true
Higgins, Mr., his candour and liberality
--------- , Mr. G. on the Wakefield asylum
for lunatics
Hipparchus, prince of early astronomers 25
Hobhouse, Mr. his letters, written while
resident at Paris 577
Holy Land, description of the 629
Holland, Lord, protest of, on Bonaparte's
Detention Bill 363
Holroyd,Susannah, committal of, for three-
unnatural murders 471
Horrors of the o system 15, 492, 485
e laws governing the

communication of diseases 245
Holywell, tour to - - 97
Hornby, Mr. on Dr. Plumtre's poem 215

Hopkins, Mr. on the cause of the present
distresses, and on the effects of taxation 220
Homer, enquiry relative to the true author
of the poems ascribed to I
Holy Scriptures, poetic style of the 103
r. Jarrold’s remarks on 106
Hood, Lord, memoir of 273
Home, Sir Everard, on specific medicines 439
------, -------------, on the progression of
animals in opposition to i. 336
Humane Society, on the incalculable ad-
vantages from the 388
Hutton, Miss, her letters during a tour in
North Wales 111, 206, 306, 505


Dr. sale of his library 35
-, ---- his mathematical dictionary 484
Human race, commixture of the 9
Hull, great loss at, by extraordinary tides 277

Hydrophobia, method of curing 551
Iceland, consumption a prevalent disease 1
in 212

Imperial guards, on their devotedness and
courage at Waterloo 26

Java, the president's discourse to the liter
ary society of -

----, account of 537
11 Japan, particulars of 541
Jerusalem, temple of, described 631

Jones, Thomas, esq. M. P. for Cardigan,
memoir of 468

1 Jonson, Ben, his masque of the Christening 16

Joan of Arc, fate of 504
Jonson, Ben, songs hy 17, 19

-------------—, his lines on a mathemati-
Clan 19
Joyce, Mr. Joshua, memoir of 372
-------, Rev. J. memoir of 564
Junius, fact relative to 411

Kew, Morning's Walk from London to
9, 223, 406

Kent, Duke of, freedom of London pre- a
sented to

Kendrick, Mr. J. founder of the Oracle
at Reading 395

King, Mr. B. on education 19

Kinnaird, Lord, extracts from his pam-

4 Knighthood, Mr. Copsey on a Spanish or-

der of
Kotzebue, Aug. Won, memoir of 192
Kynaston's Cave, description of 306
Länded property, an instance of extreme
depression of
Land, on the improvement and produce of 23
Lanjuinais's Natural History of Speech,
review of
Law, Dr. elegant vase presented to - 89
Laws, New, of the British Legislature,
66, 158; 257, 341,442, 542
Langollen Bay, description of 206
----- Wale, account of two ladies at ib.
Latin anomaly, Mr. Haigh on a 388
Lanjuinais, Count, his patriotism 414
Langlés, M. on his plagiarism of an En-
glish work 38
---------- Sir John Byerley injustification

of the great orientai worko

[blocks in formation]

-------------, and La Harpe 200
Ali Bey, travels of 612
American Poetry, plagiarisms of 134
------------ #." 250
FROM 20, 137, 237, 425
------------------------------, importation of 557
A mericanisms, an essay on 144
America, remarkable mounds of earth
found in 428

, state of 526

--, literary intelligence from 558

----------, emigration to 370

Animals, humanity to 205

Antiquarian discoveries at Hamden, par-
ticulars of recent .

Arabia, deserts of 624
Arafat, Mount, description of 626
Arts, Fine, their state at Rome 552
Arnault, A. W. anecdote of 317

Arrowsmith, Mr. his great map of England
and Wales - 161
Assessments, number of, in the City of
London in 1815 37
Association for relief of the poor, annual
meeting of the 27]
Astronomy of the ancients, on the 23
Athens, an historical account of the sculp-
tures brought from
Aylesbury, the Earl of, extraordinary
number of oaks felled by 373
A zincour, poem on the battle of 147, 338, 530
Bangor, description of 506
Balloons, Mr. Bland on the means of im-

Banca, account of 534
Bazaars, design of 290
Bedford, Duke of, minority on his motion 170
----------, Earl of, his letters z ----

Beacon, Mr. James' poem of the 503

Beacon-hill monument, and inscription on 239
Benevolent Fund, Mr. Luckcock on the
results of a 181
Beattie, Dr. characters of the philological
writings of 184
Beeston-Castle, valuable mineral waters

discovered near I
Bertram, tragedy of 547
Bedminster, meeting of the clergy at 573
Bible of Geneva, in 1561 - 214

Bibles, prodigious number of, printed in
Germany 520
Birmingham, observations on the dissenting
schools at 131
Black and Caspian Sea, their levels 520
Black-lettered Books, passion for, abated 162
Bland, Mr. on the causes and cure of

Bookselling trade, depressed state of 545
Borneo, account of 534
Boccacio, account of 492

Bossange & Co. their repository of books 350
Bowden, Mr. his treatise on the dry-rot
commended -
Board of Agriculture, abstract from the
p."...". to the h l f th 402
ogg, Edward, esq. on the geology of the
ão geology 441
Bradbury, Peter, committal of, for unnat-
ural murders
BRITISH MUs EUM, selections from , 42, 430
---------, meeting at, for relief of the
French Protestants
---------, gas-light company at ib.
Briefs, list of, for repairing and re-build-
ing churches and chapels in ten years 302
Braham, Mr. on his vocal powers 127
Brown, Mr. his peculiar mode of relief of
his tenantry
--------, Capt. on his system of conchology 113

British army, anecdote concerning 200
Brewster, Dr. on polarization 346
Brun, M. Malte, new work 265

Brighton, decision of the magistrates of,
on Sunday tolls

Bridport, riot of the unemployed poor at 476

Breckenridge, Mr. on certain antiquities

proving and conducting 108 in Louisiana and Indiana
----------- , improvement in 849 Breves, M. de, his influence on Pope
Bala, description of 113 Paul V. 201
Bankers, Mr. Prendergast on the bank- Brave men, on the cruelty of 26
ruptcy of 295 Breton, M. Le, on the Fine Arts at the
--------, defence of unfortunate 487 French Institute 441
Bakewell, Mr.T. on the modern treatment Britons, history of the ancient 633
of insanity - 8 Brande, Mr. on gas-light 386

-------------------- on the economy and man-

Buddle, Mr. on his mechanical means for

agement of Lunatic Asylums 125, 321 ventilating coal-mines 33
-------------------- on the Derbyshire dialect 495 Burying-grounds consecrated . . 410
Bathurst, letter of 173 Buckingham, Duke of, his pride 201
Hazingwork-Abbey, ruins of 98 Buckinghamshire, Earl of 180

Banks,on Professor Christian’s regulations
for saving -
Barley, effects of the air on the seed of 536
Bainbridge, Mr. on the pecularities of the
dialect of Derbyshire 314
Balıking system, defence of 487

Burseness, exhibitions at the Scotch col-
leges, still known b

Buonaparte, writers of that name in Italy 423

Buckley, Mr. George, his invention of an
apparatus to ascertain the weight of at-
mospheric air and gases 189

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