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William Lowe, merchant, of Liverpool, to miss Jackson of Frodsham. At Middlewich, mr. C. Howard to miss Martha Leer, Mr. Woolrich of Calveley-hall, to miss Price: Died.] At Astringham, 76, mrs. Cook. At Weston, mr. Antona Falchola, a native of Italy. At Heavily, mr. William Torkington, much respected. At Oldfield 63, mr. T. Hardey, esteemed. DER BYShir E. J. Wheeldon has been committed to Derby aol, charged with the murder of Isaac and ary Ann Wheeldon, children of his brother. Married.]. Mr. Edward Phipps to miss Brassington, both of Derby. Mr. Job Allen to miss Sarah Bazlehurst, both of Chesterfield. Mr. W. Wigley to miss Lucy Brace, both of Codnor-park. Died.]. At Derby, 21, Mrs. Martha Lesley, lamented. The widow of mr. Henry Pratt. 29, the wife of mr. Joseph Kirkland. 42, mrs. Mary Clarke. At Chesterfield, 76, mrs. Gilberthorpe. At Tibshelf, 87, John Brown, late of Hardstoft, a respectable member of the Society of Friends. At Edensor, mrs. Barker. justly respected. At King Stemdale, 90, mrs. Martha Rowland. At Elvaston, 51, mr. Johu Moorley. NOTTINGHAMShi Re. The weavers have again resumed their practices of frame breaking:---want of employment being very generally felt by the working class of this country. A late Nottingham paper states, “We have nothing to say this week on the hilarity of Whit-holiday, as gloom, instead of sprightliness, seems fixed upon almost every countenance. The soldiers quartered here are in constant readiness for marching, and extra guards are regularly mounted. . . . Married.] Mr. Joseph Davis of Hickling; to miss C. Shaw of Nottingham. Mr. John Andrews, jun, of Mansfield, to miss Catherine Robinson of Winthorpe. Mr. Joseph Wellott of Southwell, to miss Ann Clay of Mansfield. At Mansfield, mr. J. Greenwood to miss Mary Ann Hunter. Mr. John Whyman of Scarrington, to miss Mary Hall of Granby. , Mr. Gask of Horncastle, to miss Ann Hemstock; Mr. John Giles of Tythby, to miss Steedman of Brigg. Mr. Hemsley of Thrumpton, to miss Flower of Scarrington, Died.] At Nottingham, 64, mr. George Malbon. 90, mr. Isaac Ogle. Mr. Rollett of Glasshouse-lane. In Mount-street, 68, mr. Henry Cockson. Mr. William Lewis, merchant, much esteemed. In Parliament-street, 80, mr. Chas. Shaw. 74, James Bradley, esq. sincerely lamented. 34, mrs. Ann Watts. At Newark, 48, mr. Edward Lacey. 35, mos.

Margaret Young. Mr. Thomas Moor. 38, The late Quarter Sessions for the divisions of Lincolnshire were extremely heavy ; at spilsby and Louth more appeals and criminals stood for trial than at any other session for the last thirty years. married.] Win. Barnard Heaton, esq. to miss Ann "Pasmore, both of Gainsborough. Mr. Robert Whittam to miss Surfleet, both of Caistor, Mr. Jos. Ely to miss Fridall, both of Louth. M. J. Bratley to mrs. Spiking, both of Saltfleet, Mr. John Giles of Lythby, to miss Teedman of Brig. Mr. T. Hackett of Spalding, to miss A. Jackson of Ruskington. Mr. W. Shillaher, of Market Deeping; to miss Ann Basil Ferras, of Staniford. Mr. Gask of Horncastle, to miss Ann Hemstock. Mr. D. Harrison to miss Susannah Hurst, both of Thiddlethrope. Mr. D. Whitworth of Cawthrope, to miss Hewins. Died.] At Lincoln, mrs. Gray, Mr.William Walker. At Spalding, mr. Porter., . At Louth, 28, the wife of mr. Ralph Robinson. At Gainsborough, 69, mr. W. Bourn, a considerable rope maker, 91, mr. Bingley. At Glinton, mr. Jas. Joyce. At Birdtoft, 52 mr. Stocks. At Whaplode, Fen-Ends, 55, mr. wm, Guy. At Newbold, 77, mr. T. Clark. At North Hybeham, 82, Jane, the wife of mr. John Longmate. At Hogsthrope, suddenly, mr. Fenwick. At Firsby, mrs. Baker. At Ashby, mr. John Hundleby. At Grainthrope, 66, mr. Edward Sheers, LEICESTERSHIRE, A meeting of gentlemen connected with the hosiery business lately took place at the Exchangé, Leicester, for the purpose of ascertaining the number of persons out of employment, in the town and its vicinity ; and considering of the best means of alleviating the distresses, occasioned by the cost of the late unhappy wars, which yet remains to be paid, A similar meeting took place at Hinckley, when the opulent part of the inhabitants agreed to lend a certain sum of money for the purpose of buying materials, &c. to be worked up by each person out of employment, limiting the quantity of work to the number of each indi; vidual family. A Committee was appointed to take the management, and to dispose of the goods when manufactured, which, it was agreed should be sold at prime cost. The parish guarantee the subscribers against all ioss, and also the payment of interest upon the suins advanced. Married.]. Mr. Lee to miss. Shenton. Mr. Morten to miss Marten : all of Leicester. Mr. F. Nedham, jun. of Hungerford, to miss Mary Bishop of prebend-place, Leicester. The Rev. John Doncaster of Oakham, to miss wright of Spalding. Mr. Dunn of Fazeley, to miss Mary Morrall of Orton on the hill. Mr. Keal, jun. of Oakham, to miss Tiptaft of Braunston. Died.] At Leicester, mr. Graham. Mr. Gilbert. Mr. Thomas Pack. 96, mrs. Dorothy Davenport Johnson. 69, mrs. Wilkinson. 105, Mrs. Noon. At Loughborough, mr. Bonsor, much respected. STAFFORDSHIRE. It is computed that not less than twelve thousand persons in the counties of Stafford and Salop'have been dismissed to wander in search of subsistence, in consequence of the falling off of the iron trade. At Wolverhampton seven hundred men have recently been dismissed from the various factoTies. . .

Died.] At Manchester, miss Eliza Bill, of Mozley-street. 38, mr. John Baxter. 61, mr. John Downes, of Kennedy-street, greatly esteemed. In Port-street, 38, mrs. E. Shanksand. Thomas Henry, esq. 82, President of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester, Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and member of several other learned Societies both in this country and abroad. As a practical and philosophical Chemist, he obtainedia high and merited reputation. His contributions to that science, besides a small volume of Essays, and his Translations of the early writings of Lavoisier, which he first introduced to the notice of the English public, consist of Memoirs, dispersed through the Transactions of the various Societies to which he belonged, and relative to those parts of Chemistry that are purely scientific, and to those which have reference to the useful arts. On a subject intimately connected with the success of the Cotton Manufacture (the employment of Mordaunts or Bases in Dyeing,) Mr. Henry was the first who thought and wrote philosophically. In the Introduction of the new mode of Éeadio. which has worked an entire revolution in that art, and occasioned an incomparatively quicker circulation of capital, he was one of the earliest and most successful agents. In addition to the attainments connected with his profession, he had cultivated, to no inconsiderable degree, a taste for the Fine Arts; he had acquired a knowledge of historical events remarkable for its extent and

accuracy; and he had derived, from reading

and reflection, opinions, to which he was
steadily attached, on topics of political, moral,
and religious enquiry. Several years ago, he
retired from the practice of Medicine, in which
he had been extensively engaged, with credit
and success, for more than half a century ; and,
from delicate health, he had long ceased to
take an active share in the practical cultiva-
tion of science. But possessing, almost unim-
paired, his faculties of memory and judgment,
e continued to feel a lively interest in the
advancement of literature and philosophy.
Retaining, also, in their full vigour, {...};
affections of the heart that gave birth to the
most estimable moral conduct, and secured him
the faithful attachment of his friends, he passed
through a long and serene old age, experien-
sing ittle but its comforts and its honours, and
habitually thankful for the blessings with which
Providence indulged him.
At Salford, 39, mrs. Elizabeth Pendlebury,
regretted. At Liverpool, 64, mr. Samuel
Chesshyre, much respected. , 44, the Rev. Wm.
Tarleton, of the Catholic chapel, Seel-street.
Mr. Henry Hargreaves. In Marybone, 83,
mr. David Whitby. In Jameson-street, 82,
miss Turner. 76, the widow of mr. John
Chorley. In Mill-street, 27, mr. John Mad-
dock Chapman. 60, mr. Robert Houlgrave.

Mr. John Joynson. Mr. John Thompson of

Dale-street. 79, mrs. Griffith of Chapel-street.
59, mr. Thomas Naylor. At Preston, 67,
Ralph Asheton, esq. At Bolton, mr. Dobson.
At 8. mrs. Harrison.

The Ellesmere and Chester Canal Company, have established an elegant Packet, worked by steam, between Ellesmere Port, and Liverpool.

Married.] Vigors Hervey, esq. of Killanc castle, county of Wexford, to Frances Margaretta, ". daughter of C. W. J. Shackerley, esq. of Somerford park. At Overton, mr.

mr. William Holland. At Mansfield, 49, mr.
John Savage, much esteemed. 36, Mr. Alex-
ander Mc. Leilan. Mrs. William Mc. Lollan,
much respected. At Bulcote, 70, mrs. Tom-
linson, much respected. At Ragdale, 63, the
wife of mr. Joséph Henson. At Rothley, 77,
the wife of mr. Kenton, sen. At Warsop, 32,
mrs. Featheistone. At Brinkley-house, 70,
the wife of mr. William Sketchley. Mr. Sam-
nel Becher Sketchley, jun. of Newark. At
Elston, 53, mr. W. Fisher.

Several farmers, who ately occupied about 4,000 acres of land in this county, have recently emigrated to America, aste, having sold ail their live and dead stock. They were a C Cornpanied by the curate of the village.

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Married.] Mr. J. Bakerwell to miss C. Welber: both of Wolverhampton. William. Tunnicliffe, esq. to miss Tunnicliffe, of Eccleshall. Mr. John Eardly of Newcastle, to miss Machin of Chell. At Leek, John Cruso, esq. to the eldest daughter of Richard Badnal, esq. of High Fields. Died.]. At Wolverhampton, mr. Samuel Jones. "At Walsall, miss Elizabeth-Plant. At Burslem, mrs. Boote. At Stone, suddenly, W. Robinson, esq. At Colwich, mr. George §."... #. 102, Mrs. Collier. At ear, Lane End, at ap advanced age • Joseph Wilshaw. age, mr. J WARWICKSHIRE. A mr. Basil Good was convicted, at the last Warwick Assizes, of delivering out fraudulent

tickets for the collection of the House, Win

dow, and other Assessed Taxes; and was sen-
tenced, upon two convictions, to six months’
imprisonment in Derby gaol. The corpora-
tion of Coventry have, in consequence, ex-
pelled him from his situations of alderman,
justice of the peace, and common councilman.
Birmingham and its neighborhoodwill retain
the manufacture of small arms; but the number
of men out of employment, in and near Bir-
mingham, is greater than ever was known:
such are the consequences of the continental
system, and of the late long and unhappy wars,
The two following statements will exhibit,
beyond dispute, the proof that war, which in-
creases taxation, is the certain cause of pau-
perism and crimes:---
Disbursements by the Parish Officers of Bishop
Tachbrook, a uillage adjoining the Borough of

Easter 1792. Easter 1816.

For the expences
4, 232 4 8 ft 721, 16 74

of the poor The constable - - 24 10 2 63 4

The highways - - 49 0 8 82 15 5

•r 305 15 6 867 1593 Number of Prisoners tried for the County of

- 1792. - 1815. 1816.

Lent assizes - - 48 100 112
Summer ditto 42 29
Epiphany session 8 86 71
Easter ditto - 2 35 59
Midsummer - 3 . 49
Michaelmas - 3 53

106 352 In May last was killed, by Mr. Goodman, of Coventry, a ewe sheep, bred by Mr. W. Palfrevy, of Upnold, Gloucestershire, weighing 53lbs. per quarter. Married.]. Mr. Manoah Baver to miss Lydia Sanders. Mr. George Baldwin to miss Mary Harley. Mr. John Steward to miss Harriet Peele. Mr. Thomas Barton to miss Selina Loughton: all of Birmingham. Died.] At Birmingham, 67, mr. Charles Ratherain, of Great Charles-street, respected for his benevolence and integrity. At Handsworth, 52, mr. Thomas Toney. At Small Heath, 79, John Welch, esq. a gentleman sincerely respected, leaving an amiable widow and family. At Oldbury, 54, mr. James Allcott. At Ladbrooke, 52, mr. F. Archer. SHRO PSHIRE. At Ketley, Madeley, and other parts of the county, many smelting furnaces have been extinguished, and the workmen turned adrift; which of course has occasioned the

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forges and collieries to stop also. In this coun$o in the adjoining one of Stafford, fortythree furnaces have stopped working, each of

- wo employed from 200 to 250 men.

he bank of the late Stephen Jennins and

Co. of Wellington, has, from the pressure of

the times, been obliged to suspend its payments. - . A subscription has been entered into b several ladies in Shropshire, in aid of the funds of the Hibernian Society for establishing Sun-day and Daily Schools in Ireland. arried.] Mr. Henry Hiles of the Abbey Foregate, to miss Ann Tiplin, both of Shrewsbury. Edward Mucklestone Kirkpatrick, esq. of Whitchurch, to miss Elizabeth Hunt of the Brades. Mr. Leighton of Shrewbsury, to the r. Salter of Battlefield, to miss Groves, late of Dorrington. Mr. John Dixon of Wellington, to

s miss Picking of Sydney. Mr. John Phillips to

miss Maria Bridgeman of Little Stretton. Mr. Thomas Wood" of Harcourt-park, to miss

. Faulkner of Drayton. Mr. Smith of Walford,

to miss Farmer of Brampton Brian. Died.] At Shrewsbury, 70, mr. Puttrell, of St. John’s Hill, highly respected. Mr. Saxton, highly esteemed for his professional abilitiesas a musician. Mr. Jacob Brown. Mr. Arthur Warrington. At Oswestry, 68, the Rev. William Roberts of Heafache. Mrs. Davies, at an advanced age. The wife of the Rev. Owen Owen. At Pointon, mr. Colly, a man universally respected. Worces.TERShire. Messrs. Chamberlains, of Worcester, are engaged in making an extensive service of Filglish porcelain, for the Princess Charlotte, with painted ornaments, pourtraying a complete outline of natural history, A bill has passed for better repairing the Worcester turnpike roads, and for altering and increasing the folls. Married.] At Worcester, mr. Thomas French, of Cheltenham, to miss Hughes of Worcester. Joshua Peart, esq. to mrs. Harvey: both of Bromsgrove. John Perrot Noel, esq. of BellHall, to miss Harriet Ammphlett of ClentHouse. Mr. William Gardner of Worcester, to the widow of Thomas Stockton, esq. of Shrewsbury. Died:] At Malvern, 55, William Frankland, esq. he represented Thirsk in several successive arliaments. At Wollershall, 90, Chas. Hanord, esq. At Cumberton, mr. John Barnet. HEREFOR dsh Ire. The appearance of the apple and pear-trees in this country was generally favourable before the late blight; and, owing to the backward season, sanguine hopes are entertained of a fair crop of fruit. Married.] Lieut. Price, North Hants Militia, to miss Sarah Went: both of Hereford. The Rev. Richard Brooke of Bromsberrow, to miss Mary Ann Higgins of Eastnor. Died.] At Huntington-park, mr. Richard Lovell, much regretted. At Llidiadaway, miss Watkins. At Westhide, 58, mr. John Beswick Apperley. GLoucester AND MONMOUTH. The contest between the corporation and citizens of Bristol, respecting the erection and

• maintenance of a new gaol, which has excited

so much irritation, has happily terminated.

The proprietors of the Gloucester and Berkeley canal have determined to re-commence and complete that valuable and important line of communication.

4 C

Worcester—Hereford—Gloucester and Monmouth, &c.

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Married.] Mr. Anthony Jones to miss Taylor of Southgate-street: both of Gloucester. Capt. John Hyde to miss H. Moore of St. George's ; both of Bristol. Mr. Samuel Walcot of St. Vincent's parade, to miss Martha Harris of St. James’ square, Bristol. Mr. J. P. Henton, solicitor, of Bristol, to miss Eliza Carter Godfrey of Staunton. William Reed, esq. of Cheltenham, to miss Elizabeth Beavan of Kingston. Mr. Grundy of Hardwick-farm, to miss Williams of Pen-y-park. Mr. G. Parof the Pan:-Farm, Llanvihangle, to miss ones of Penrose. Mr. John Whetmore of Caerleon, to miss Susan. Collins of Eastwood. Died.] At Bristol, 74, mr. Rees Else of Kingsdown parade. ley. In Portland-street, Kingsdown, 63, William Lewis, a minister in the Society of Friends. At St. Nicholas steps, 56, mr. Robert Webb. 57, mr. James Underwood. 48, mr. Joseph Sturge, musician, much respected and lamented by his relatives. 60, the widow of Samuel Tripp, esq. In Unity-street, 84, the widow of Edward Forward, esq. . In Park-row, John Lewis, esq. many years clerk of the Arraigns of this city. At Wotton Underedge, at an advanced age, mrs. Ann Dyer, much esteemed. At Marshfield, 94, mr. John Tiley. At Woodchester, 39, miss Ann Howard. At Cheltenham, 75, after a long and severe illness, the Rev. Thomas Ireland. D. D. one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the counties of Gloucester and Somerset, Prependary in the Cathedral Church of Wells. Rector of Bourton-on-the-Water, and of the consolidated parishes of Christ Church and St. Ewen, Bristol. He was an orthodox Minister of the Church of England, zealous in the discharge of his duties---an active and upright magistrate---and in his private character a stedfast and sincere friend. Oxfor DSPIIRE, Married.] Robert James, Cattley, esq. to miss Caroline Prescot of Whitechurch. Mr. John Coles to miss Keziah Wells of Banbury. Died.] At Oxford, 75, M. Mills, esq. At St. Clements, 68, mr. Midwinter. 45, mrs. Woodstock, greatly regretted. In Paradisegardens, 85, mr. James Tagg, a member of the corporation. BUCKS AND BERKS. Two common informers have laid an information against a baker, in consequence of his bread not being marked, and having a small deficiency in weight,and have obtained penal

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ties to the amount of 101.with 21. law-expenses.

Married. G. L. Wilker, esq. of Purleyhall, to miss Augusta Wałcott, of Winkton. Mr. W. Drewett of Sutton to miss Martha White, of Buggs Mill. The Rev. R. W. Williams, of Thame, to the daughter of R. Terry, esq. of Aylesbury.

Died.] At Windsor, T. Baverstock, esq. of the firm of Ramsbottom and Baverstock, bankers. At Reading, the wife of the Rev. Dr. Valpy. At Picket Field, Gratian Hart, esq. many years in the Civil Department of the Ordnance, much respected. At Water l'aton, 36, mr. Thomas Lennell. At East Hanney, 47, Charles flewe, esq. At Southcote-Lodge, Frances, widow of William Mabott, esq. At Great Horwood, the Rev. Edward Whitmore. At Oakfield, 76, the Rev. J. Morgan, vicar of Lamirissent, and prebendary of Gloucester. At Hyde End-House, the wife of J. Hyde,esq.


The Postmaster General has attended to

the Hertfordshire post, by an arrangement Mio N. MAG, No. 285.


from St. Alban's, through Hatfield and Hertford to Ware: and a communication is now open to and from all parts of Herts. Messrs. Barker, Rawlins, and Sykes, proprietors of the Bedford-coach, were lately, in the Court of Exchequer, cast in 9801. damages, to compensate a Mr. Jones, for the injury done to his leg by upsetting the coach. Two moisters lately killed two fine horses on the road between Bedford and Islington, by riding them for a wager against time. Married.] Bransby Blake Cooper, esq. to Marianne, only daughter of John Keeling, esq. of Broxburn. James Field, esq. of Chesham,to miss Isabella How,0f Aldbury. Mr. R. Lindsell, to miss Wells: both of Biggleswade. Died.] At Potterells, the wife of Justinian Casamajor, esq. At Baldock, 60, suddenly, mrs. Chemis, who with mr. C. ale often mentioned in Cumberland’s Life of Himself. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Married.] Justinian Alston, esq. of Odellcastle, to Mary, only daughter of Lieut. Gen. J. M. Kerr, of Northampton. Mr. Archer to miss Croxen : both of Burton Lasimer. Died.] At Northampton, 61, the wife of Nicholas Futton, esq.---98, mrs. Wright.---51, mrs. Gossage Catesby. At Peterborough, 36, the wife of Charles Cole, esq. 66, mrs. Birch. CAMHRIDGESHIRE. The labourers of the parish of Whittlesfield assembled lately, and in a very becoming manner laid their grievances before the principal gentlemen of the parish, who afforded them relief; they then resumed their employment with satisfaction. This is as it ought to be every where---the people want bread and productive labour-—and for peaceable representations it would be as cruel as unwise to endeavour to satisfy them with swords, bullets, and halters A special legal commission has been appointed to try the desperate and misled people of Littleport. The trials were proceeding when this sheet was prepared for press, and we therefore defer our abstract till next month. In the mean time, we should compromise our loyalty, if we forebore to say, that in all such cases mercy is the best poiicy. It will make friends of enemies, and will not make enemies of friends; and it saves the unavailing anguish of all doubts and after-thoughts. “Go---and sin no more,” ought, in regard to most first offences or indiscretions, to be the practice, as well as the sentiment, of Christian rulers. . Married.] Mr. Elits to miss Cole. Mr. Robcrt Emmerson to miss Ann Ripsher,of Ickleton. NOR folk. A meeting of the owners and occupiers of land in the parish of Diss, was lately held, when a series of resolutious in favour of a Commutation of Tithes was proposed by the Rev. Mr. MANNING, the rector, and unanimously agreed to; and a petition to the House of Commons,in conformity to the resolutions, was afterwards produced by the same gentleman. The latest accounts from Norfolk and Suffolk, represented the disturbed districts as returning to habits of peace and order. Married.] J. Penrice, esq. of Yarmouth, to miss Jaratt of Houbton hall. Capt. Morgan to miss Harriot Safford, of Earshani. Mr. Thos. Cann, to miss Browne ; both of Wymondham. Mr. J. Houchin, jun. of Wereham, to miss S. B. Bircham, of Great Marlborough-street, London. The Rev. W. H. Ward to miss Ame. lia Pillans, of Bracondale-hill. Mr. John Aldons of Harlesten to miss Gadney of Mendham. Mr. Nash of Witham to miss Cosk of Bactou.

Died. At Norwich, 69, the wife of Mr. . Richard Beatnisse, bookseller. 76, mr. Jay. At Lynn, 76, mr. Joseph Brignall. At East ño, mr. Todward Drozier, solicitor, regretted. At Hardwick, 64, mr. Wright. At Saxlingham, 78, mr. H. Plummer, respected. At Reedham, 104, John Andrews. surfolk. Married.] Mr. Hancock to miss Ann Ransom ; both of Bury. , Lieut. Wimper, to miss Black of Woodbridge. Mr. J. G. Hart to miss Gross ; both of Stowmarket. Francis D. Mudd, esq. of Geddiug to miss Elizabeth Syer, of Keddington. Mr. Grant of London, to miss . 1sumphrey of Sudbury. The Rev. J. S. Dunn, to miss Mary Taylor of Westford-Lodge. Died.] At Bury, lamented, 57, mr. William Murrell; an ingénious mechanic, who had also acquired considerable proficiency in astrono: geography, &c. 26, the Rev. James Tilbrook, M. A. At Ipswich, mr. Barrowes, much respected. 83, mr. Samuel Sicklemore, a well known florist. At Stowmarket, 42, mrs. Lambert. 27, the wife of Mr. E. Grams. At Beldeston, 60, John Parker, esq. greatly respected. At Henington, 52, mrs. Catherine Bloomfield. At Cockfield, 29, the wife of Capt. Samuel Russell. At Sudbury, 79, mr. Joseph Cawston, he was a man of exemplary benevolence, and is deservedly lamented. ESSEX. In many towns and villages of this county, the labourers have lately risen and destroyed a number of threshing machines; they stated their total inability to support their families; and that this species of machinery, in their view, was one of the proximate causes of their distress; promises and arrangements were made to appease them, and in many instances, with effect. Married.] William Joseph Lockwood, esq. of Dew's Hall, to Rachel, daughter of Sir Mark Wood, M.P. of Gatton. Mr. Davies, of Mile. End-Road, to miss Maria. Woodfine, of Hornchurch. Mr. Stephen Peacock, of Thaxted, to mrs. Marsh, of Castle Camps. Mr. Casidy, of Mary-le-bone-street, London, to miss Mary Ann Scruby, of Chipping-Ougar. Mr.Barker, of London, to miss Starling, of SaffronWalden. Died.] At Chelmsford, mr. Henry Edwards, one of the Society of Friends. At Castle Hedingham,90, Mary, widow of Thomas Unwin, esq. At Lacksoid rectory, Merialina Agnes, wife of the rev. T.E. Rogers. KENT. | The citizens of Rochester lately assembled in Common Hall and adoptcd a Petition to the House of Commons, agaist Şir T. B. Thompson's retaining his seat in that House after he had accepted the office of Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital ; the citizens being “determined to elect such candidate only whom they know to be friendly to economical retrenchment and parliamentary reform.” In the House, subsequent to this petition, Sir Thomas's seat was declared vacant by a majority of only oNE And the patriotic Mr. BARNETT has since been elected in his stead by a majority of Two, or 408 to 406 We insert, without comment, two documents which speak for themselves. They have been published by order of the House of Commons, on the motion of Mr. BBough AM. t From the very Roverend the Dean of Canterbury, to S. R. Lushington. esq. Secretary to the Treasury. Dear Sir, --I have just heard that my good neighbour, Mr. Abbot, of Canterbury, is likely to get into some trouble respecting an informa


1816.] - Kent—Hampshire. 57.1

tion laid against him about his brewery, the nature of which I do not understand. Ever since I have known him, he has appeared to me so good a man and so useful a magistrate, that I should be sorry to have that usefulness diminished by his being brought forward to the #. in, a matter which concerns only alerinkers, and I fear has its source in mälice ; for I will venture to say Mr. Abbott has not in reality been to blame. I have taken the liberof mentioning this to you, because I think it my duty to prevent evil ; and to lessen the influence of an useful man unnecessarily is a great evil ; and if by producing this letter to those whom it may concern you can serve him and the public, I shall be much gratified. Have the goodness to excuse my giving you this trouble, and believe me, dear Sir, to be, with very great respect, your faithful and obedient serwant, " GERARD ANDREwes. Rectory-House, Piccadilly, Feb. 6, 1815. To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury. May it please your Lordships, Your Lordships having been pleased, by Mr. Lushington's letter of the 23rd November, to transmit us, for our consideration, the annexed memorial of John Abbott, of Canterbury, common brewer, and to signify that your Lordships, adverting to the numerous documents which accompany the same, strongly indicative of insanity, and revengeful malice on the part of Mr. Blake, direct us to suspend all lawproceedings until a full report of the circumstances of the case shall have been before your Lordships. We beg leave to acquaint your Lordships that George Blake (whose papers are here with returned) is wholly unconcerned, either as informer or witness, in the prosecution of the memorialist, which is for one of the grossest and least pardonable offences, we conceive, that can be committed ; videlicet---the using adulterating ingredients in his beer, whereby not o the revenue is defrauded, but the . of his Majesty's subjects highly endangered. It appears to have been the constant practice at the memorialist's brewery to put drugs into the brewing copper, and the officers upon searching the premises found two pounds, not one pound, as he states, of prepared powders; and instead of 31b. as represented, 141b. of vitriol or copperas in two boxes, which, if full, would have contained 56lb. These were found concealed behind some hurdles in a small paddock in the open air, where, from their dry and clean state, they could have been lodged only a very short period, and in all jo they had been removed during the time of the search. . The servants were so conscious of the offence, that one of them used every endeavour to destroy a small cask which contained several parcels of the composition, by throwing it among some large casks, and scattered the contents upon the ground; and it was with difficulty that the two officers could get possession of the remaining drugs. ... Although the memorialist may not manage his own brewery, as he urges, he is undoubtedly responsible for whatever passes in it, and it 1s o impossible for a moment to believe he could be ignoraut of the manner of its being carried on, or of the receipt and use of unlawful ingredients, he must have known, were it not otherwise, by the payments made for the large quantities procured.

Under circumstances of so flagrant a nature, we cannot think the memorialist entitled to the least favourable regard; but we shall consider it our indispensable duty to renew the proceedings against him, and bring the same to issue with all possible dispatch, unless we should have your Lordships' positive orders to the contrary; so perfectly satisfied are we of the validity of the evidence now in our hands for the conviction of the offender ; and we regret that the cause has been so far delayed from an ex-parte representation totally, false and groundless. We are your Lordships' most obedient humble servants, M. WHIsh, A. PHELPs, G. SEYMoUR, B. SYDENHAM, G. WATson, W. MANLEY. Ercise-Office, London, Jan. 27, 1815. We know nothing of Abbott, or of his guilt or

innocency, but in our opinion, the brewer,

the baker, the wine-merchant, or the dealer in any articles of food or drink, who in any manner poisons or adulterates the same, so as to sell something different from what is professed, deserves death far more than a forgerer, highway robber, house-breaker, or ordinary murderer. The men of Kent have acted on a recent occasion with characteristic sturdiness. A county-meeting being held at Maidstone to address the Regent, &c. on the late marriage of the Princes; with the son of the celebrated Prince of Saxe Coburg; on something being said about the prosperity and happiness of the nation, the meeting was terminated by the violent indignation of the people, who cried out “we want work,” “we want bread,” “ no foreigners,” &c. &c. The Marquis Camden and some others adjourned, however, to an inn, and resolved on a private address. Married.] Lieut. Wm. Scudamore, R. N. to miss Catherine Ann Hudson. Mr. George Wood, to miss Eliza Friend: all of Canterbury. Mr. M. Lara, of Ramsgate, to miss Saraj, Mendes De Costa, of Steward-street, Spitalsquare, London. Mr. James Pocock, to miss Sarah Austen, both of Chatham. R. Collins, esq. of Deal, to miss Kelsey, of Liminge: Lieut. Graham, R. N. . to miss Grinton, of Charlton. Mr. L. Shrubsole, of Sheerness, to miss E. Ashby, of Doddington. At Maidstone, mr. W. Epps, to miss Celia Brown. Mr. Wm. Kerwin, of Sandgate, to miss Mary Barnett, of Hythe. Mr. William Sidders, to miss Elizabeth Allen. Mr. Vincent Cornwell, to miss M. Gibbons, both of Deal. Mr. James Barling, to miss Austin, both of Orlestone. Died.]. At Canterbury, 31, mr. John Beasly. 55, mr. John Bills. At Maidstone, at an advanced age, miss De Tillen. The wife of mr. Thomas Sutton. At Tonbridge Wells, 77, mrs. Dorothea Monck, a descendant of the ancestor of Gen. Monck, the restorer of Charles II. At Boughton under Bleau, 84, mr. Thomas Dalton. At the Villa of Dunkirk, 81, mrs. Barker. At Sheldwich, mrs. Longley. At Chatham, the wife of mr. James Read. In Ordnance- Place, the wife of mr. Carter, R. N. On the Brook, 60, mr. Benjamin Jacobs 66, mrs. Milis. 64, mrs. Elizabeth Southee. At Margate, 87, mr. Thomas Hewitt. At Folkestone, 74, mr. S. Pendfold. 88, mr. Thomas Jeffery, lamented. Suddenly, 78, mr. Robert May. 82, mrs. Ann Henfield. At Deal, 33, miss S. Baker. At Studdle, the wife of mr. Thomas Studdle. At Staplehurst, 71, John Bigg, esq. At Chalk, mr. T. Gladdish. At Barming, 67, mrs.

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