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Tumult at Vincennes. Insurrection in Britanny. The King limited to the Nomina-

tion of Sir Ministers. ... Apprehensions of Hostile Intentions to France from the Em-

peror and the other Absolute Sovereigns in Europe. The Assembly demands an Er-

planation of his Conduct, and orders Preparations to face its Enemies. 2eal of the

Revolutionists for the Public Service. Consequences of the Decree for the Civic Oath.

Ecclesiastical Affairs. M. Mirabeau President of the Assembly. His Address to

the Deputation from the Quakers. Right of Primogeniture abolished. Sequestration.

Dissatisfaction of the Pope at the New Arrangement of Church Affairs in France.

Death of Mirabeau. Progress of the Assignats. Confidence of the Assembly in their

Strength and Resources. Suspicions of the King's Designs. His Complaint of ill

Treatment, and Declaration to the Public. Conduct of M. la Fayette to the Na-

tional Guards. Menaces of the German Princes. Altercations with the Pope. En-

mity of the Spanish Court to the Revolutionists. Suppression of the Duties on Pro-

visions brought into Paris. Progress of the Assignats. Scarcity of Cash. Appre-

hensions from the Emigrants and Foreign Powers. Message of the Assembly to the

Prince of Condé. Claims of the German Princes taken into Consideration. Decrees

against the Authority of the Pope. Various Decrees for the Security of the Assembly

and the Constitutional Government of the Nation. Increasing Popularity of the As-

sembly. Discontents of the People in Spain at the Government. Progress of the

Spirit of Liberty in various Countries of Europe. Forwarded by the Erertions of the

French. They become odious to Foreign Princes on that Account. Political Opin-

ions current at this Period. Hopes and Projects &. Enemies of the Revolution.
The King's Flight from Paris, and Recapture. Circumstances attending that Event.

Conduct of the Assembly on this Occasion, Declarations of the King and Queen.

Royal Manifesto. Assembly's Reply. - - - - - - 143,

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M. Bouillé's Letter to the Assembly. Commissioners sent to inspect the Frontier.

Violent Feuds in Paris. State of the Public Mind at this Juncture in France, and

in other Countries. Foreign Princes deeply interested in the King of France's Situ-

ation. Apprehensions entertained by the Emperor and other Sovereigns. Interference

of the King of Spain in Behalf of the King of France. Slighted the Assembly

State of Parties at Paris. Progress of Republican Principles in France. Charges

against the Royal Party. Conduct of the Assembly. Ill Consequences of the King's

Flight to the Royal Cause, and to his Adherents. Deliberations in the Assembly

on the Constitutional Code. Decrees against the Emigrants. Insurrection of the

Republican Party quelled. Inviolability of the King's Person confirmed. Threats

of the German Princes. Rumours of a formidable Combination against France.

French Preparations for Defence. Various Orders of Knighthood abolished. Sig-

nature of former Titles prohibited. Decree for appointing a Governor to the King':

Son. Érpectations of the Popular Party from the Publication of the Constitutional

Code. Effects produced by the French Revolution in various Parts of Europe... Con-

stitutional Code completed. Endeavours to divide the Assembly into different Houses,

after the Model of the English Parliament. Unsuccessful. Respective Arguments

adduced by the Supporters of the Royal Prerogatives, and by their Opponents. Ideas

entertained by the violent Republicans, and by the Partizans of the old Government,

Character and Conduct of the Abbé Maury. Ecclesiastical Matters. Honours paid

to the Memory and the Remains of Voltaire and Rousseau. Scarcity of Specie and

Depreciation of Paper Money. French Princes and Emigrants. Plan for the

Deliverance of the King–Fails. Divisions in the Assembly. Various Do

". - • C.H. A. P.

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Note from the King to the National Assembly, July 9 - - - - 182

Letter from Monsieur and the Count d'Artois to the King their Brother ... 183

Letter from the Princes of Bourbon, to the same - - - - - - 190

Convention between the Emperor and the King of Prussia at Pilnitz, Aug. 21 ib.
Letter from the King to the National Assembly, announcing his Resolution to accept the

Memorial from the Emperor of Germany to all the Great powers of Europe *
Agreemententered into at Pilnitz between the Emperor King of Prussia August 27 ;

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* For these two papers, vide History of Europe, p. 72, &c.

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