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Agricultural and Normal University, Langston.


Board of Regents: U. C. Guss (Pres.), Guthrie; E. O. Tyler (Sec.), Kingfisher; C. W.
Rambo (Treas.), Pawnee; L. W. Baxter, Edmond; Jefferson Taylor, Guthrie.


The courses of study are six: Classical, leading to the degree of B. A.; scientific, leading to the degree of B. S.; normal, leading to the degree of B. S. D.; agricultural, leading to the degree of B. S. Agr.; electrical and mechanical engineering, leading to the degree of B. M. E.; civil architecture, leading to the degree of B. M. E. Each course requires four years for completion. There is also a three-year college preparatory course and a four-year normal elementary course.


Inman E. Page, M. A., President; Psychical and Moral Philosophy.
Moses J. Johnson, B. A., Engl. Lang. and Mary L. McCrary, Domestic Econ.

Wm. A. Jackson, B. A., Supt. of Mech.
Wayne Manzilla, M. A., Math.

A. B. Whitby, B, A., Natural Sci.

Zelia N. Page, B. S. D., Instr. Music.
B. D. Staley, Agr.

Maria Williams, Matron.

Oregon State Agricultural College, Corvallis.


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Board of Regents: J. K. Weatherford (Pres.), Albany; J. T. Apperson, Parkplace; John D. Daly (Sec.), Corvallis; B. F. Irvine ( Treas.), Corvallis; W. E. Yates, Corvallis; Gov, T. T. Gerr, Salem, F. I. Dunbar (Sec. State), Salem; T. H. Ackerman (State Supl. of Public Instruction), Salem; W. P. Keady, Portland; Benton Killin, Portland; J. M. Church, Lagrande; Jno. D. Olwell, Central Point; B.G. Leedy, Tigardville.


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There are four courses of study, each leading to the degree of B. S.: Agriculture, four years; mechanical engineering, four years; household economy (for girls), four years, and pharmacy, four years.


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Thos. M. Gatch, M. A., Pu. D., President; Mental and Moral Sciences.
James Withycombe, V. S., Agr.; Dir. F. L. Kent, B. S. AGR., Asst. Agr. and
Expt. Sta.

Dairy Instr.
F. Berchtold, M. A., Engl. Lang. and Lit. John F. Fulton, B. S. AGR., M. S., (Asst.)
Ellen J. Chamberlin, M. A., Lady Dean; Chem.
Hist., German, and Engl.

C. M. McKellips, M. S., Ph, C., (A88t.)
Grant A. Covell, M. E., Mech., Mech. Chem.; Instr. Phar.
Engin. and Phys.

J. B. Horner, M. A., Litr. D., Latin and
Ernest C. Hayward, E. E., (Asst.) Mech., Ilist.
Mech. Engin, and Phys.

Mrs. Ida B. Callahan, B. S., (Asst.) Engl.
D. W. Prichard, Asst. in Woodwork.

Lung. and Lit. M. Clyde Phillips, B. M. E., Asst. in Black Gordon V. Skelton, C. E., Math, and Civil smithing.

Margaret C. Snell, M. D., Household Econ. Chas. L. Johnson, B. S., (Asst.) Math.and
and Hygiene.

Civil Engin.
Mrs. Mary Avery, Asst. in Sewing Dept. Wm. T. Shaw, M. S., Biol.

E. R. Lake, M. S., Bot. and Hort.

T. H. Crawford, M. A., Instr. Bookkeeping George Coote, Flor, and Gard.

and Clerk. F. D. McLouth, B.S., Drawing.

J. Bruce Patterson, B. A., Phys. Dir.
Helen V. Crawford, B. S.,

Elocution. L. W. Oven, B. S., Libr.
Frank E. Edwards, B. M. E., Cadet Helen L. Holgate, Instr. Sten, and Type-
Major, Mil. Sci. and Tactics; Asst. Chem.

Oregon Experiment Station, Corvallis.
Department of Oregon State Agricultural College.



James Withycombe, V. S., Dir.; Agr. C. M. McKellips, M.S., PH.C., Asst. Chem.
George Coote, Flor. and Gard.

F. L. Kent, B. S. AGR., Asst. Agr. and
A. B. Cordley, M. S., Ent.

Dairy. E. R. Lake, M. S., Hort. and Bot.

E. F. Pernot, Bact. A. L. Knisely, M. S., Chem.

T. H. Crawford, M. A., Clerk and PurFrank E. Edwards, B. M. E., Asst. Chem. chasing Agent.

Helen L. Holgate, Sten.


The Pennsylvania State College, State College.


Board of Trustees: J. A. Beaver (Pres.), Bellefonte; G, W. Atherton (Sec.), Sate College; John Hamilton (Treas.), State College; Gov. W. A. Stone, Harrisburg; W.W. Griest, Lancaster; Firam Young, York; J. W. Latta, Ilarrisburg; T. J. Stewart, Harrisburg; N. C. Schaeffer, Harrisburg; John Birkinbine, Philadelphia; John M. Greer, Butler, Andrew Carnegie, Pittsburg; H. V. White, Bloomsburg; C. W. Stone, Warren; A. H. Mylin, Lancaster; J. A. Woodward, Howard; S. R. Downing, West Chester; J. 8. Weller, Bedford; L. M. Colfelt, Philadelphia; R. H. Thomas, Mechanicsburg; Cyrus T. Fox, Reading; Gabriel Hiester, Harrisburg; Ellis L. Orvis, Bellefonte; W. F. Hill, Westford.



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Ti courses of study, each requiring four years for completion unless otherwise specified, are as follows: Classical course, leading to the degree of B. A.; general science course; Latin scientific course; course in agriculture; course in biology; course in chemistry; course in civil engineering; course in electrical engineering; course in mathematics; course in mechanical engineering; course in mining engineering; course in physics; course in philosophy; a short course in chemistry and a short course in mining engineering, each requiring two years for completion; short courses in agriculture and mining, each lasting twelve weeks, and a course in dairying and in creamery work of eight weeks each. The four years' courses (except classical) lead to the degree of B. S., the diploma containing mention of the course pursued. Provision is also made for post-graduate study, leading to advanced degrees, and for one year of preparatory work.

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George W. Atherton, LL. D., President; Political and Social Science.
William A. Buckhout, M. S., Bot. and Hort. George Gilbert Pond, M. A., Ph. D.,
I. Thornton Osmond, M. S., M. A., Phys. Chem.
Louis E. Reber, M. S., Mech. and Mech. Henry Prentiss Armsby, Ph. D., Lecturer

on Stock Feeding.
William Frear, Ph. D., Agr. Chem. Benjamin Gill, M. A., Greek and Latin.

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Helen Snyder, Ph. D., Dean of the Dept. Francis J. Pond, M. A., Ph. D., (Asst.) for Women and Instr. in German.

Assaying. John Price Jackson, B. S., M. E., Elect. A. Howry Espenshade, M. A., (Asst.) Engin.

Engl. and Rhet. Fred E. Foss, B. S., M. A., Civil Engin. Herbert E. Dunkle, B. S., M. E., Instr. Joseph M. Willard, B. A., Math.

Mech. Drawing. Fred Lewis Pattee, M. A., Engl. Lang. John A. Hunter, jr., B. 8., M. E., Instr. and Lit.

Mech. Engin. George C. Watson, B. Agr., M. S., Agr. Walter J. Keith, M. A., Ph. D., Instr. Erwin W. Runkle, M. A., Ph. D., Psych. Organic Chem. and Ethics.

Norman Colman Riggs, M. S., Instr. Matit. Harvey A. Surface, M. S., Zool.

Norman M. Trenholme, Ph. D., Instr. Dillard H. Clark, Capt., U. S. A., Mil. Hist, and Polit. Sci. Sci, and Tactics.

Jesse Briggs Churchill, B. S., Instr. Indus. Marshman E. Wadsworth, Ph. D., Min Chem. ing and Geol.

Louis L. Ansart, B. S., Instr. Mah. Joseph H. Tudor, C. E., M. S., (Assoc.) John Quincy Adams, B. L., LL, B., Instr. Math.

Rhet, and Oratory.
Charles L. Griffin, B. S., (Assoc.) Mach. Maurice J. Babb, Instr. Math.

T. I. Mairs, M. S., Asst. in Home Reading John H. Leete, B. A., (Assoc.) Math.

Courses. George C. Butz, M. S., (Asst.) Hort. Harry P. Wood, B. S., Instr. Elect. Engin. Madison M. Garver, B. S., (Asst.) Phys. Miles A. Pond, Ph. B., Asst. in Civil Engin. Franklin E. Tuttle, M. A.,Ph.D., (Assst. ) Harold B. Shattuck, B, S., Asst. in Civil Anal. Chem.

Engin. William Mason Towle, B. S., (Asst.) * Arthur S. Shoffstall, B. S., Asst. in Chem. Pract. Mech.

Lab. Carl D. Fehr, M. A., (Asst.) German, Albert Miles Arney, B. S., Asst. in Elect. Anna E. Redifer, (Asst.) Indus. Art and Engin. Lab. Design.

Augustus G. Ford, B. S., Asst. in Chem. Harry Hayward, B. S., (Asst.) Dairy Lab. Husb.

Helen M. Bradley, Libr. Elton D. Walker, B.S., (Asst.) Civil Engin. Clara Dayton Wyman, In Charge of Music. Nathaniel W. Shed, B. S., (Asst.) Mining Anna Adams MacDonald, Asst. Libr. and Metallurgy.

W. Nelson Golden, Phys. Dir. Irving L. Foster, M. A., (Asst.) Romance William C. Patterson, Supt. of Grounds

and Buildings.


The Pennsylvania State College Agricultural Experiment Station,

State College."

Department of the Pennsylvania State College.


H. P. Armsby, Ph. D., Dir.

J. A. Fries, B. S., Asst. Chem.
William Frear, Ph. D., V. Dir.; Chem. C. A. Browne, jr., M. A., Asst. Chem.
William A. Buckhout, M. S., Bot. C. W. Norris, Asst. Chem.
George C. Butz, M. S., Hort.

Milton S. McDowell, Asst. Chem.
George C. Watson, M. S., Agr.

M. H. Pingree, B. S., Asst. Chem.
Harry Hayward, B.S., Dairy Husb. Nathan W. Buckhout, Asst. Chem.
William C. Patterson, Supt. Farm. James P. Pillsbury, Asst. in Hort.
Julia C. Gray, Sec.

A. K. Risser, 1sst. in Agr.
W.T. Carter, B. S., Fellow in Agr. Chem.

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Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station, Rio Piedras, near San Juan. Under the supervision of A. C. True, Director Office of Experiment Stations, United

States Department of Agriculture.


F. D. Gardner, Special Agent in Charge. 0. W. Barrett, Ent. and Bot.

James Mackinlay, Furm Foreman.


Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Kingston.



Board of Managers: Henry L. Greene (Pres.), River Point; Jesse V. B. Watson (V. Pres.), Wakefield; C. H. Coggeshall (Clerk), Bristol; Melville Bull (Treas.), Newport; Benj. A. Jackson, Providence.


The courses of study are six: Agricultural, mechanical engineering, chemical, biological, electrical engineering, and general science. Each requires four years for completion, and leads to the degree of B. S. A short winter course in agriculture, mechanics, and horticulture, with shop and laboratory work, together with a poultry school extending through six weeks, is given from November 1 to April 1. A preparatory department with two years' course for students from country schools, to prepare them for college courses.

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John H. Washburn, Ph. D., President; Chemist. Homer J. Wheeler, Ph. D., Geol.

John F. Knowles, B. S., Asst. Woodwork. Laurence T. Hewes, Ph. D., Math. and Mabel D. Eldred, B. S., Instr. Drawing. Polit. Sci.

S. W. Sanderson, B. L., Instr. Engl. E. J. Watson, M. A., Lang.

E. W. Kenyon, M. A., Instr. Engl. and Wm. E. Drake, B. S., Mech. Engin.

Hist. H. L. Merrow, M. A., Bot.

George B. Knight, Instr. Mech.
Cooper Curtice, D. V. S., M. D., Ph. D., Howland Burdick, B. S., Asst. in Agr.
Animal Indus.

M. H. Tyler, B. S., Civil Engin.
Virgil L. Leighton, Ph. D., Chem. Carroll Knowles, B. S., Asst. Instr. Mech.
F. W. Card, M. S., Ilort. and Agr. Nathaniel Helme, Met.
A. C. Scott, B. S., Phys. and Elect. L. H. Gage, B. A., Slen.
Thos. C. Rodman, Instr. Il'oodwork. Captain Tiberio Garcia Aloma, Asst. Instr.
John Barlow, M. A., Zool.

A. A. Radtke, B. S., Instr. Phys.

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Rhode Island Agricultural Experiment Station, Kingston.
Department of Rhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

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H. J. Wheeler, Ph. D., Dir.; Chem.
Fred W. Card, M. S., Hort.
Cooper Curtice, D. V. S., M. D., Biol.;

Burt L. Ilartwell, M. S., Asst. Chem.
Jas. W. Kellogg, B. S., Asst. Chem.

George E. Adams, B. S., Asst. Field Erpt.
Alfred W. Bosworth, B. S., Asst. Chem.
L. P. Sprague, Asst. Hort.
Nathaniel Helme, Me.
S. Aline Nye, Suen.
Mary G. Schermerhorn, Sten.


Clemson Agricultural College, Clemson College.


Board of Trustees: R. W. Simpson (Pres.) Pendleton; P. H. E. Sloan (Sec. and Treas.) Clemson College; D. K. Norris, Hickory Flat; M. L. Donaldson, Greenville; R. E. Bowen, Brigg8; B. R. Tillman, Trenton; J. E. Bradley, Hunters; W. D. Evans, Cheraw; L. A. Sease, Lewiedale; J. E. Wannamaker, St. Matthews; A. T. Smythe, Charleston; C. S. Harris, Spartanburg; J. E. Tindal, Silver; J. H. Hardin, Chester.


There is one course of study offered in the freshman year, two in the sophomore, three in the junior and senior years-one in chemistry and agriculture, one in mechanics and engineering, and one in textile engineering.

BOARD OF INSTRUCTION. Henry S. Hartzog, LL. D., President of College and Director of the Experiment Station. M. B. Hardin, Chem.

W. M. Riggs, B. S., E, and M. E., Instr. J. S. Newman, Agr.

Elect; In Charge Elect. Lab. W. M. Riggs, Mech.

Albert Barnes, M. E., (Asst.) Mech. Lab. C. M. Furman, B. A., Engi.

J. W. Gantt, Asst. Instr. Woodwork. W. S. Morrison, B. A., Hist.

E. M. Matthews, Tutor Drawing. G. Shanklin, Commandant; Mil. Sci. and S. W. Reaves, ( Asst.) Math. Tactics.

T. W. Keitt, Asst. Engl. P. T. Brodie, B. S., B. A., Math.

T. G. Poats, Instr. Phys.
J. V. Lewis, B. E., Geol.

Chas. E. Chambliss, Ent.
R. N. Brackett, B. A., (Asst.) Chem. J. H. M. Beaty, Dir. Textile Dept.
C. B. Waller, B. A., (Asst.) Math. W. W. Klugh, Asst. Instr. Drawing.
D. W. Daniel, (Asst. ) Engl.

S. M. Martin, M. A., Tutor.
C. C. Newman, Hort.

C. S. Wright, Instr. Machine Shops. C. M. Conner, B, S., Animal Husb. and F. D. Frissell, Instr. Designing Textile Dept. Dairying.

E. P. Earle, jr., Asst. Instr. Forge and A. M. Redfearn, B.S., M.D., Instr. Physiol.

Foundry. J. S. McLucas, B. A., M, A., (Asst.) Engl. J. H. Hook, Instr. Woodwork. R. E. Lee, Instr. Drawing and Mech. De L. C. Raiford, Instr. Dyeing and Organic signing.

Chem. F. S. Shiver, Pa. G., Asst. Chem.

H. H. Kyser, B. S., E. and M. E., (Asst.)
W. Johnson, Instr. Forge and Foundry. Elect,
G. E. Nesom, B.S., D. V.M., Instr. V'et. Sci. A. S. Shealy, Asst. Vet.

C. 0. Upton, Dairyman.
South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Clemson College.

Department of Clemson Agricultural College,



Henry S. Hartzog, LL. D., Dir.
J. S. Newman, V. Dir.; Agr.
M. B. Hardin, Chem.
B. F. Robertson, B. S., Asst. Chem.
F. 8. Shiver, P. G., Asst. Chem.
C. M. Conner, B. AGR., B. S., Asst. Agr.

and Dairyman.
C. C. McDonnell, Asst. Chem.

R. N. Brackett, Pa. D., Asst. Chem.
D. H. Henry, B. S., Asst. Chem.
C. C. Newman, Hort.
Charles E. Chambliss, Ent., Bot. and Bad.
G. E. Nesom, B. S., D. V. M., Vet.
C. 0. Upton, Dairyman.
J. S. Pickett, Station Foreman.
J. N. Hook, Sec.

• Telegraph office, Clemson College; express and freight address, Calhoun.

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