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A two-years' commercial course, a two-years' course in agriculture, a two-years' course in domestic arts, and a three-years' course in mechanic arts. In addition to these special courses there are two courses of winter lectures, covering ten weeks each: A course of agricultural lectures and a course of lectures for the domestic arts department. A preparatory department is maintained.

BOARD OF INSTRUCTION. William Jasper Kerr, B, S., D. Sc., Pres.; Lewis A. Merrill, B. S., (Asst.) Agr. and Vath, and Astron.

l'et. Sci. Elias J. MacEwan, M. A., Sec. of Faculty; Edward W. Robinson, ( Asst.) German. Engl. Lang, and Lit.

John T. Caine, jr., B. S., Prin. Prep. Dept.; F. B. Linfield, B. S. A., Dairying and di Instr. Engl. imal Husb.

Sara Godwin Goodwin, Libr. John A. Widtsoe, B. S., M. A., Ph. D., Ruth Evelyn Moench, Instr. Elocution and Dir. Erpt. Sta.; Chem, and Vin.

Phys. ('ulture. Dalinda Cotey, B. S., Domestic Arts. John Stewart, B. S., Asst. in Chem. Joseph Jenson, Dir. Workshops; Vech. En. August J. Hansen, Foreman in Carpentry. gin.

Julien P. Griffin, Foreman in Forging. John W. Faris, Prin. Commercial Dept.; John A. Crockett, test, in Dairy Dept. Econ. and Bookkeeping.

William Peterson, B. S., Instr. Math. Charles P. Close, M. S., Bot., Hort., and Peter W. Vaughan, Instr. Penmanship. Ent.

Samuel B. Mitton, Instr. Vocal Vusic. George L. Swendsen, B. S., Civil Engin. Herbert W. Hill, B. L., Instr. Engl. Clarence Snow, B. S., Phys.

Rena Baker, Instr. Engl. Ephraim G. Gowans, B. S., M. D., Animal Elvin Jensen Norton, Private Sec. to Pres. Biol.

Lydia Holmgren, Asst, in Domestic arts. John Franklin Engle, M. A., PH. D., Ilist. Edward Parley Pulley, Instr. in Jech. and Crics.

James Dryden, (ndsst.) Vet. and Sten. Rhoda B. Cook, Instr. Sercing and vil.
Willard S. Langton, B. S., (.13st.) Vath. linery.
and Astron.

Louise Richards, Instr, Art.
B. K. Jones, dest. in Chem.
Robert Stewart, Instr. VI. Sci. and Tuctics.


University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington.


The four-year academical courses are seven in number: Classical, leading to the degree of B. A.; literary-scientific, leading to the degree of Ph. B.; civil and sanitary engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical, agricultural, leading to the degree of B. S., the particular course being specified in the diploma. A dairy-school course of four weeks' duration is carried on each winter.


M. H. Buckham, D.D., LL. D., Pres.; Po J. E. Goodrich, D. D., Latin. lit. and Social Philos.

S. F. Emerson, Ph. D., Hist. H. A. P. Torrey, LL. D., Dean Dept. Arts; N, F. Verrill, Ph. D., Chem. Intellectual and Moral Philos.

A. L. Daniels, D. SC., Vath. 1. G. Barbour, Ph. B., C. E., Dean Dept. L. J. Huff, M. A., German.

Engin.; Mech. and Bridge Engin. J. W. Votey, C. E., Ciril Engin.
G. H. Perkins, Ph. D., Dean Dept. Vatural L. R. Jones, PH. B., Bot.
Sci.; Vatural Hist.

A. W..Iyer, B. S., Vech. Engin.


J. L. Hills, B. S., Dean Dept. Agr.; Agr.

F. Tupper, jr., Pa. D., Rhet. and Engl. Lit.
A. W. Slocum, M. A., Phys.
G. E. Howes, Ph. D., Greek.
F. A. Waugh, M. S., Hort.
W. H. Fredman, C. E., E. E., Elect. Engin.
H. A. Torrey, Ph. D., ( Asst.) Chem,
A. D. Butterfield, M. S., (A *st.) Math.;

F. A. Rich, V. S., M. D., Instr. Vet. Med.
J. Eaton, Instr. Shopwork.
C. W. Doten, M. A., Instr. Elocution; Sec.

and Registrar.

E. C. Jacobs, B. S., Min.
Wm. D. Briggs, Ph. D., Instr. Engl. and

Chas. E. Seaman, M. A., Instr. Polit. Ecni.

and Constitutional Law.
Wm. S. Hayes, B. A., Instr. French and Ro-

mance Lang.
Oscar R. Wilson, M. E., Instr. Vechi. Engin.
Wilbur A. Coit, Pu. B., Instr. Math.
Wilbur C. Sawyer, B. S., Instr. Drawing.
C. E. Toof, Instr. Dairying.
G. W. Strong, Instr. Dairying.
Duncan Stuart, B. S., Instr. Dairying.
Edith E. Clarke, Pa. B., Libr.

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College (Polytechnic Institute),



The courses of study are seven, each requiring four years for completion and leading to the degree of B. S.: Agricultural course, horticultural course, applied chemistry course, general science course, civil engineering course, mechanical engineering course, and electrical engineering course. There are also two courses which require two years for completion and lead to a certificate of practical agriculture and pretical mechanics.

J. M. McBryde, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. W. G. Conner, M. E., Asst. Machine Work
W. B. Alwood, Hort., Ent., and Myc. H. Bannister, D. 1'. M., Asst. L'e. Sci.
R. H. Hudnall, Ph. D., Engl. Hist. and A. W. Drinkard, M, S., Sec.; Instr. Engl.
Polit. Econ.

and Hist. È. A. Smyth, jr., M. A., Biol.

J. M. Johnson, Instr. Forge and Foundry.
T. P. Campbell, M. A., Modern. Lang. J. S. A. Johnson, M. E., Instr. Math, and!
S. R. Pritchard, V. A., Elect. Engin.

Mech. Enginn, and Commandant of
R. C. Price, F.C.S., ('hem., Min., and Geol. Cadets.
D. 0. Vourse, B. S., .gr.

W. H. Rasch, (Asst.) Drawing.
L. S. Randolph, J. E., Mech. Engin. C. Lee, B. S., Instr, in Elect. Engin.
W. M. Patton, C. E., Ciril Engin.

H. L. Price, M. S., Instr. in Hurt.
R. J. Davidson, V. A., Anal.und Agr. Chem. I. L. Phillips, M. S., Instr. in Ent.
E. P. Viles, D. V. M., let. Sci.

F. D. Wilson, M. S., Ph. D., Instr. Vin.
C. E. Vawter, jr., B. S., Math. and Phys. and Chem.
G. W'. Walker, B. A., (Asst.) Math., Engl., G. L. Fentrass, B. S., Asst. Math, and
and Latin.

W.D. Saunders, (Asst.) Dairy Husb. S. H. McGregor, B. S., Asst. Woodwork
J. R. Parrott (Adjunct), Troodwork and and 2d Asst. Commandant of Cadets.
Dir. Shops.

I. A. Waddell, B. S., Asst. Math, and 14
A. T. Eskridge, M. S., Instr. Vin., Geol., Asst. Commandant of Cadets.
und Chem.

R. H. C. Beverley, B. S., Asst. in Vech. C. I. Wade, Treas.


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The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hampton.


The academic course of study requires three years for completion and a diploma is given on graduation. There are also trade and agricultural courses for undergraduates, requiring three years. The post-graduate courses are: Agriculture, three years; trades, three years; normal, two years, and business, one year.

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enuray Farm.

H. B. Frissell, D. D., Prin.; Mental Philos. Louise M. Goodrich, Engl., Geog., Arith.,
H. B. Turner, Chaplain; Bible Lessons. and Elementary Sci.
Alex. Purves, Treas.

Ethel D. Gowans, Elementary Sci., Engl.,
Albert Howe, Supt. of Indus.

Arith., and Geog. F. C. Briggs, Business Agt.

W.P. Harthan, Steam Engin. Martha M. Waldron, M. D., Resident Phy- Leonora E. Herron, Libr. sician.

Grace B. House, Engl., Arith., Geog., and
Elizabeth Clark, Lady Prin.

Elizabeth Hyde, In Charge Academic Dept. Lilla D. Ide, Critic Teacher for First and
Frank K. Rogers, Dir. Armstrongs and Third Rooms, Whittier.
Slater Vemorial Trade School.

H. Lou E. James, Fifth Room, Whittier.
Robt. R. Moton, Commandant of Cadets. Addie Jayne, Engl., Arith., Geog., and
Mary H. Adair, In Charge Whittier Train Elementary Sci.
ing School.

J. H. Jinks, Manual Training.
C. Augusta Adams, Engl. and Lit.

Emma Johnston, Math.
Frances A. Baldwin, Night School at Hem J. F. La Crosse, Painting and l'phol.

stering. Harris Barrett, Bookkeeping.

D. R. Lewis, Mech. Drawing and Geome-
John T. Beale, Tailoring.

Lavinia Bess, Fourth Room, Whittier. Flora F. Low, Arith., Hist., and Geog.
Ada Bradley, Kindergarten, Whittier. L. R. Miner, Drawing.
Hugh M. Browne, Phys.

Mary W'. Nettleton, Geog. il'm. L. Brown, Bookkeeping.

W. H. Parker, Machinist Work. Mrs. Cora R. Brunson, Lacemaking for In Florence Price, Second Room, Whittier. dian Girls.

S. G. Scott, Il hecluriyhting. Geo. W. Buck, Carpentry.

Susan Showers, Geog. and Bible Hist.
C. Frances Butler, Hist, and Engl.

Clara M. Snow, Bible Hist.
Era B. Carper, Sixth Room, Whittier. E. F. Spennie, Wood Turning and Bench
Helen C. Clark, Cooking.

A. Louise Cleaveland, Engl. and Ele W.L. Sweetser, Agr.
mentary Sci.

Amy Treadwell, Engl., Arith., Geog., and
Bessie Cleaveland, Singing.

Elementary Sci.
Le Roy C. Cooley, Civil Government and Margaret W. Twitchell, Engl. amd Ele-

mentary Sci.
Rossa B. Cooley, Sci., Engl., and Bible. Helen Virginia, Seventh Room, Whittier.
J.W. Crosse, Shoemaking.

Allan Washington, Asst. Commandant of
C. B. Dyke, In Charge of Normal Dept. Coulets.
C. H. De Yarmette, Metal Work.

W.A. Webster, Bricklaying and Plastering.
C. Duncan, Blacksmithing.

Jessie A. Wier, In Charge of Sewing and
Gabrielle Elliot, Gymnastics.

Dora Freeman, Bible Hist., Lit., and Vary Williams, Asst. Libr.
United States Hist.

Julia F. Winter, Drawing, Elementary Sci.,
Chas. L. Goodrich, In Charge of Agr. Dept.

Geog., Engl., and irill.
Ann M. Goodrich, Geog., Engl., Arith., Jane S. Worcester, Ilist., (log., Engl.,

and Bible.

and Hist.

A.; course in mechanical engineering, B. S. J. E.; course in civil engineering, B. S.
C. E.; scientific course in agriculture, B. S. Agr., and the law course, LL. B. The


Washington Agricultural College and School of Science, Pullman.


Courses of study are offered in the following lines: Mathematics, civil engineering, mining engineering, chemistry, botany and zoology, agriculture, horticulture, English langnave and literature, economic science and history, electrical engineering, steam engineering, hydraulic engineering, military science and tactics, modern languages, and supplemental courses in Latin, physics, dairying, pharmacy, veterinary science, farming, and artisan work.


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E. 1. Bryan, M. A., Pres.; Hist. and Polit. Capt. John Kinzie, V. S. A., Mil. Sci. and

Charles V. Piper, M. S., Bot. and Zool. W. H. Heileman, J. S., Asst. in Chan.
George II. Watt, B. S., Ph. C., Pharm. R. W. Doane, B. A., (alsst.) 2011.
Osmar L. Waller, Pu. M., Vuth. and Civil David A. Brodie, B. S., Supt. Puyallup Nta.

Charlotte N. Mallotte, B. A.. (Axa. Latin.
Elton Fulmer, M. A., Chem.

Cleo B. Corner, B. S., Asst. Chem. William J. Spillman, V. S., Agr.

C. L. Barens, D. 1. J., .1ext. in lit, M. S. W. Fletcher, Ph. D., Ilort.

R. Kent Beattie, M. A., 1xxt. in Buil. Annie Howard, Rhet. cond Composition.

Henry K. Burch, 1set. in Woudwork and S. B. Nelson, D. V. M., V'et. Sci.

Pattern Vaking.
C. A. Barry, Modern Lang.

Geo. G. Melhart, Asst. in Forge Work and
W. J. Roberts, M. A., 1ssoc. Vath, and Foundry Pract.
Ciril Engin.

C. H. Sampson, B. A., Prin. Prep. Dept.
S. H. Webster, B. A., Prin. of School of H. V. Carpenter, M. S., (.lxt.) Vich.

Albert E. Egge, Ph. D., Engl. Lit.

E. Deane Smith, Instr. Draring and Print-
Eleazar Darrow, E. E., Mech. Engin, and

Florence E. Snyder, B. S., Isst. Prep. Depil.
Solon Shedd, B. A., (Asst.) Geol. and Vin.

Helene Delepine, Asst. in French.
E. J. Frost, M. E., (Asst.) Vech. Engin.

Mrs. Nancy L. Van Doren, Preceptreer.
W.G. Beach, M. A., (-18st.) Econ. Sci. and (iertrude Saxton, Libr.

Ollie Downs, Sec.
E. E. Elliott, M. S., (Asst.) _lyr.

Loring V. Corner, B. S., Registrar und
Wm. S. Thyny, E. M., (_Asst.) Vining. Sec. of Faculty.
(1. M. Miller, lcting Prof. in Engl.

Harry E. Foulks, Accountant.
Geo. C. Grimes, Janitor.



West Virginia University, Morgantoun,


The four-year courses with degrees are: All courses leading to general culture, B


and the short course in practical arriculture, Sealing to the degree oi B. Agr. Pre paratory, graduate, and special courses are also oilered.



Jerome H. Raymond, Ph. D., Pres.; Soci- Frederick W. Truscott, Ph. H., Germanic ology and Econ.

Lang. and Lit. Okey Johnson, M. A., LL. B., Dean Law Richard Ellsworth Fast, LL. B., M. A.,

American Hist. and Polit. Sci. Thomas Clark Atkeson, Ph. D., Dean Chas. Chollet, B. A., Romance Lang. amd Agr. College, Igr.

Lit. James H. Stewart, M. A., Dir. Agr. Erpt. Charles Henry Patterson, M. A., Rhet. Sta.

and Elocution. Waitman Barbe, M. A., Asst. to Pres. F. P. Ruhl, D, V. S., Vet. Sci. P. B. Reynolds, D. D., Philos.

Luey C. Daniels, Ph. M., European Hist. St. George T. Brooke, LL. D., Common F. L. Kortright, D. Sc. (+18st.) Chem. and Statute Lau.

John B. Johnston, Ph. D., Zool. Wm. P. Willey, M. A., Equity, Jurispru- Edwin B. Copeland, Ph. D., Bot. dence, and commercial Lav.

Hannah B. Clark, Ph. D., Domestic Sci. Alexander R. Whitehill, Ph. D., General and Dean of Women. and Inal. Chem.

J. David Thompson, V. A., M.S., John L. Johnston, C. E., Ciril and Mining Math. Engin.

Russell L. Morris, C. E., (.1881.) Ciril and Jas. S. Stewart, M. S., Math.

Mining Engin. Samuel B. Brown, M. A., Geol.

C. R. Jones, M. E., (.1sst.) Mech. Engin. Thomas C. Miller, J. A., Pedag.; Prin. Russell McMurphy, Lustr. Piano. Prry. School

Eva E. Hubbard, Instr. Painting and R. W. Douthat, Ph. D., Latin Lang. and Drarring.

D. V. Willis, Prin. Commercial School. Wm. S. Burrage, Ph. D., (Asst.) Latin. Theo. C. Rude, Instr. Stringed Instruments. Wm. S. Magill, M. D., Bact. and Path. Benj. G. Printz, Instr. in Phys. Culture and Jas. V. Burns, Major, Commandant of Dir. of Gymnasium. Cadets and Vil. Sci.

Lloyd Lowndes Friend, B. A., Instr. in J. W. Carr, Ph. D., Instr. German.

Engl. Wm. J. Leonard, Instr. Fine Arts.

J. E. Hill, Ph. I., Instr. in Math. Thos. E. Hodges, M. A., Phys.

T. C. Johnson, B. S. AGR., Fellow in Bot. H. S. Green, B. A., Greek Lang, and Lit. T. Z. Itkeson, B. S. AGR., Fellow in Agr. Elizabeth Whitescarver, Asst. in Commer Robt. Morris, B. A., LL. B., Fellow in Econ. cial School.

S. C. Smith, B. A., 18st. in Rhetoric, Rufus West, Asst. in Vech. Engin.

Alberta C. Velicker, B. A., Fellow in Grace Martin, B. M. (Asst.) Piano.

Engl. Daniel Webster Ohern, M. A., Asst. in Jeannette C. ('arter, B. A., Fellow in Greek.

French. Thos. G. Hill, Asst. in Brass and Foor! A. W'. Porterfield, B. A., Fellow in Ger

ilind Instr. Frederick Lincoln Emory, B. S., V. M.

G. W. Conley, B. S., Fellow in Phys. E., Mech. and Applied Math.

Clarence Poe, Fellow in Ilist, B. H. Hite, M. S., Agr. Chem.

Eleanor B. Vioreland, B. A., Fellow in L.C. Corbett, M.S., Hort.

Domestic Sci.
A. D. Hopkins, Pa. D., Econ. Ent.

H. H. Parke, Fellow in Zool.
W'. E. Rumsey, B. AGR., Econ. Bot. Eliza J. Skinner, Libr.
A. J. Hare, B. A., Latin.

W. W. Smith, Asst. in Libr.
C. A. Ellenberger, Music; Dir. School Anna B. White, B. A., Asst. in Libr.

Ella E. Egbert, Sec. to Pres.

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The West Virginia Colored Institute, Institute.


The courses of study are: Agricultural, requiring four years for completion; mechanical, normal, and academic.

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