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7 Station for Sericulture...

Alais Agricultural Station...


Station of Vegetable Physiology of Villa: Thuret..
Agricultural Station..

Agricultural Station...

Auxerre. Agricultural Station.

Avignon.. Station of Maritime Zoology.

Banyuls Agricultural Station...

Beauvais Agricultural Laboratory

Béthune. Agricultural Station..

Blois Agricultural Station..

Bordeau Irrigation Station


do Dairy Station Agricultural Station..

Boulogne sur Mer Agricultural Laboratory

Bourg Agricultural Station.

Bourges Agrienltural Station

Caen Agricultural Experiment Station.

Cappelle. Agricultoral Laboratory..

Chalons. Agricultural Station..

Chartres. Agricultural Station..

Chateauroux Agricultural Station...

Clermont-Ferrand Agricultural Station.

Cluny Agricultural Laboratory.

Cognac Station for Viticulture.

do Agricultural Laboratory.

Commercy Agricultural Station.

Dijon. Zoological Laboratory

Endoume Agricultural Laboratory..

Foix Station of Vegetable Physiology.

Fontainebleau Agricultural Laboratory.

Granville Agricultural Station.....


A. Pagnoul.
A. Santier.
De Lacaze-Duthier.
Eug. Marie.
L. J. Grandvoinnet.
L. Peneau.
F. Desprez.
C. V. Garola.
P. Parmentier.

A. Baudoin.
J. M. Guillon.
A. Marion.
G. Bonnier.
P. P. Dehérain.

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L. Vigpon.

Laboratory of Animal Physiology


Mallèvre. Agricultural Station...


C. Flammarion. Auricultural Station of Aisne


Gaillot Agriculuural Laboratory.


Leizour. Agricultural Station.


J.Crochetelle. Agricultural Experiment Station.


A. Duberward. Agricultural Experiment Station of Rhone.

Lyons Dairy Station.


Martin. Station for Sericulture.


Brandi. Agricultural Laboratory.


E. Milliau. Agricultural Station.


A. Vivier. Station of Vegetable Physiology

Meudon Seine et Oise. M. Berthelot. Agricultural Station


H. Lagati. Seed Control Station..

L. Degrully. Station for Sericulture.


Lambert. Enological Station


Ross. Station for Viticulture.


Ravaz. Agricultural Laboratory.


M. Libert. Agricultural Station.


Colomb Pradel. Agricultural Station of the Pasteur Institute of Nantes

4. Andouard. the Lower Loire. nological Station


L. Semichon. Agricutural Laboratory.


Mancheron. Agricultural Laboratory


Chauzit. (Enological Station

Quai de la Fontaine, E. Kayser,

Nimes. Colonial Garden.

Nogent-sur-Marne, J. Dybowski. Station for Dairy Investigation.


E, Duclaux. Agricultural Laboratory..


Duplessis. Laboratory for Investigations of Noxious Insects. Paris

Blanchard, Station of Agricultural Eutomology..

16 Rue Claude. Ber: Dr, Paul Marchal.

pard, Paris. Laboratory of Fermentations


Duclaux. Agricultural Experiment Station of East Paris. .do

Prof. L. Grandean. Station of Vegetable Pathology

11 Rue d'Alesia. Paris. M. Prilleux. Station for Testing Agricultural linplements. 47 Rue Jenner, Paris. M. Ringelmand. Station for Testing Seeds.


E. Schribaux. Agricutural Station..

Pétré, Vendee

Vauchet. Agricultural Station..


Roux. Agricultural Laboratory.


Devouges. Agricultural Station.


G. Leehartier. Agricultural Station.


Corite. Agricultural Laboratory

La Roches sur Yon M. Vauchez. Agricultural Station


Holizedu. Laboratory of Agricultural Entomology


Paul Noel. Agricultural Laboratory

St. Etienne.

Babu. Agricultural Station.


L. Robin. Agricultural Station.


Fabre. Agricultural Laboratory


Quénot. Agricultural Laboratory


Rivière Laboratory of Horticultural Research


Petit. Station of Viticulture......

Villefranche, Rhone V. Vermorel.

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1 The Colonial Garlen at Nogent-sur-Marne, which is also referred to as the Colonial Garden of Vincennes, is a central station that has the direction of the experiment stations recently established in all the French colonies. It furnishes them with seeds and plants, and makes laboratory studies of all agricultural materials sent in by them for the purpose.

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Seed Control Station..

Arendsee, i. Sach. Dr. P. Herzberg. Agricultural Chemical Laboratory and Seed Con Augsburg, i. Bay...... Dr. M. Hagen.

Irol Station of Schwaben and Neuburg. Agricultural Experiment Station ...

Bayreuth, i. Bay .. Institute for Brewing and Distilling(six sections). Seestrasse, Berlin, N Prof. Dr. Max Delbrick Experiment Station of Association of Manu Klanin..

Von Grass. facturers of Spirits. Experiment Station of Association of Starch Schulzendorf

Schulze. Manufacturers.

1 Experiment Station of the Distillers' Associa Bonn

Baron von Gilhausen. tion. Experiment Station of the Association of Ger- | Fahr.

C. Moskopf. man Vinegar Manufacturers. Esperiment Station and School for Brewing.. Berlin

F. Goldschmidt. Exporiment Station for the Cultivation of

Potatoes, Barley, and Hops. Experiment Station for Milling

Prof. L. Wittmack.

.do Esperiment Station of the German Agricultural

Dr, Thiesing.
Ducal Agricultural Experiment Station


Prof. Dr. H. Wilfarth.

Dr. E. Herfelat.
Agricultural Experiment Station..
Experiment Station..


Prof. Dr. Hugo Schultze.

Bremen... Moor Experiment Station

Prof. Dr. Tacke. Seed Control Station of the Agricultural School..' Bremervörde, i. Han Carl Gerdess. Agricultural Botanical Experiment and Seed Matthiasplatz 6, Bres Prof. Dr. E. Eidan. Control Station,

lau. Agricultural Experiment and Control Station.... Breslau.

Dr. B. Schulze.

do I'niversity Institute of Animal Chemistry

Prof. Dr. H. Weiske. Institute for Agricultural Chemistry and Agri do

Prof. Dr. A. Stutzer. cultural Bacteriology of the Royal University, Institute for Agriculiural Plant Production of

Prof. Dr. von Rümker. the Royal University. Experiment Station..


Dr. F. Heidepriem. Imperial Agricultural Experiment Station. Colmar, i. E

Prof. Dr. Max Barth. Agriculenral Experiment Station..

Dalıme, i. P

Prof. Dr. R. Ulbricht. Agricultural Experiment and Seed Control Sta. Danziy, i. P

Dr. M. Schroeger. tion. Experiment Station of the Agricultural Society Darmstadt.

Prof. Dr. P. Wagner. of Blesse.

Dresden Experiment Station of the Imperial Royal Vet. erinary High School.

do Chemical and Physiological Experiment Station

Prof. Dr. Ellenberger. of the Royal Veterinary High School Royal Saxon Experiment Station for Plant Cul. do

Prof. Dr. O. Drude, tore at Botanical Garden. Agricultural Chemical Laboratory,

Dobelin, i. Sach

Prof. Dr. W. Woif. Control Station for Fertilizers, Feeding Stuffs, Ebstorf, i. Han.

Dr. F. Bente. etc. Chemical Experiment Station...

Eisfeld Control Station

Eldena, i. Pom

Arn, von Homejer. Dairy Experiment Station of Dairy School


R. Backhaus. Experiment Station for Plant Physiology, Fruit Geisenheim.

Prof. Dr. Jul. Wortmann. and Grape Culture, and Station for Puure Yeasts, Control Station for Fertilizers, Feeding Stuti's, Göttingen

Dr. G. Kalb. etc.

.do A gricultural Experiment Station.

Prof. Dr. F. Lehmann. Laboratory and Experimental Field of the l'ni:

Prof. Dr. C. von Seelhorst. versity Agricultural Institute. Experiment Station for Plant Protection


Dr. M. Hollrung Physiological Laboratory Experimental Field

Prof. Dr. J. Kübn. and Zoological Garden for Domestic Animals of the Agricultural Institute of the University. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station of l. do

Prof. Dr. Max Maercker. Department of Agriculture. ...: Agricultural Experiment Station of the Central

Society of Agriculture.
Agricultural Botanical Experiment Station Hamburg

Dr. Oscar Burchard. Section for Seed Control of Botanical Museum

Dr. A. Voight. and Laboratory for the Study of Commercial

Station for Plant Protection...


Dr. C. Brick. Experiment Station for the Study of Agriculture Hamburg Horn Dr. Ullman.

and Plaut Growth.

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Agricnltural Experiment Station...


Dr. C. Aumann, Royal Wurttemburg Seed Testing Station Hohenheim

Prof. Dr. O. Kirchner. Royal Wurttemburg Agricultural Chemical Ex. ...

Prof. Dr. A. Morgen. periment Station. Agricultural Experiment Station

Interburg, i. P Dr. W. Hoffmeister, University Experiment Station


Prof. Dr. H. Settegast. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr. J. Nessler. Grand Ducal Agricultural Experiment Station. do

Prof. Dr. L. Klein. Agricultural Chemical Experiment Suation. Kempen, a. Rh. Dr. Gottfr. Fassbender, Agricultural Experiment Station.


Prof. Dr. A. Emmerling. Seed Control Station.


Prof. Dr. H. Rodewald. Experiment Station and Dairy School

Klein hof. Tapian, i. P. Dr. K. Hittcher. Dairy Laboratory of the University Agricultural Königsburg

Prof. Dr. Alex. Backhaus. Institute. Agricultural Experiment Station.


Prof. Dr. G. Klein. Agricultural Experimeut and Seed Control Sta Köslin, i. Pom..... Dr. P. Baessler.

tion. Experiment and Seed Control Station.

Landshut, i. Bay Dr. Joh. Aug. Botz. Botanical Garden for Economic Plants and Ex Liegnitz...

Dr. Wübbe. perimental Field of the Agricultural School, Agricultural Experiment Station.

Magdeburg Agricultural Chemical Experiment and Seed Marburg..

Prof. Dr. Th. Dietrich Control Station. Dairy Laboratory of the Central Dairy Station... Mecklenburg-Schwe Jobs, Siedel.

rin. Royal Agricultural Experiment Station

Möckern, Leipsic Prof. Dr. O. Kellner. Station for Scientific Brewing:


Prof. L. Aubry. Laboratory for Agricultural Physics and Phys.

Prof. Dr. E. Wollns. iology. Agricultural Central Experiment Station of .do

Prof. Dr. Franz Soxhlet. Bavaria Agricultural Experiment Station..


Dr. E. Haselhoff. Agricultural Experiment Station.


Prof. Dr. J. König Dairy Experiment Station of Agricnlture. Offenbach

Dr. J. Ch. Experiment and Control Station


Dr. P. Petersen. Royal Saxon Agricultural Chemical Experiment Pommritz, i. Sach. Prof. Dr. G. Loges.

Animal Physiological Institute of the Agricul Poppelsdorf

Prof. Dr. Ose Hagemann. tural Academy. Agricultural Experiment Station of Agricultural

Prof. Dr. Kreusler. Academy, Agricultural Experiment Station.

Posen. Jersitz.

Dr. Gerlach. Dairy Institute...

Proskau ...

Dr. J. Klein
Experiment Station for Plant Physiology of the

Prof. Dr. R. Stoll.
Royal Pomological Institute.
Agricultural Experiment and Seed Control Sta. Regenwalde

tion. Experiment Station


Prof. Dr. R. Heinrich. Imperial Agricultural Experiment Station

Rutach, i. E. State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Speier, 1. Buy.. Dr. A. Relenke,
Royal Station for Plant Physiology and Seeil Tharand, i. Sacb.. Prof. F. Nobbe.

Agricultural Experiment Station

Triesdorf, i. Bay Prof. Dr. Ph. Schreiner. Royal Bavarian Academy of Agriculture and Weihenstephan.. Dr. Kraus,

Agricultural Chemical Experiment Station. Wiesbaden

Prof. Dr. H. Fresenius. Dairy Institute..

Wreschen, Posen Dr. H. Tienaon. State Agricultural Experiment Station..

Würzburg, i. Bay. Dr. Th. (meis. Experiment Station for Grape Growing and In.

spection of Foods.

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Agricultural Colleve..

Aspatria (Carlisle) Smith Hill. Agricultural Experiment Station of Royal Agri Aspley Guise, R. S. o., Dr. J. A. Voeleker.

cultural Society of England, Woburi Experi. Beds.

mental Farm. Bath and West and Sonthern Counties Society... 4 Terrace Walk, Bath, Sir C. T. D. Acland. University Botanic Garden....


Prof. H. Marshall Wand

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T. B. Wood.

David Houston.

Prof. E. Kinch.
G. Dixon.

W. Hawk.
Sir W. Thiselton Dyer.
M. J. R. Dunstan.

Cambridge and Counties Agricultural Education Caius College, Cam-

bridge. Esses Technical Laboratories, Essex County, Chelmsford.

Royal Agricultural College and Farm..

Technical Instruction Committee, Cheshire Crewe

County Council
Agricultural Committee, Cornwall County Council Kernock, St. Mellion.
Roval Botanic Gardens

Midland Dairy Institute College, Nottingham.... Kingston Fields,

Yorkshire College

Leeds. Department of Botany, University of London. London Government Laboratory.

.do Botanical Department, Royal Agricultural Soci Norwood ety of England, University College.

Nottingham University Extension College

Reading Agricultural Experiment Station.

Rothamsted East Sussex Agricultural College.

Uckfield. Dawntsey's Agricultural School.

West Lavington, De.

vizes. Woburn Experimental Fruit Farm.

Woburn Southeastern Agricultural College.

Wye, near Ashford,


Prof. J. R. Campbell.
Prof. J. Reynolds Green.
T. E. Thorpe.
Wm. Carruthers.

M.J. R. Dunstan.
Douglas A. Gilcbrist.
Sir John B. Lawes; Sir

Henry Gilbert.
W.J. Malden.
F. W.

1. Long
Spencer Pickering.'
A. D. Hall,

Chemico- Agricultural Society of l'Ister


Prof. John F. Holges. Royal Dublin Society (carries on experiments on Kildare street, Dublin. Rt. Hon. Lord Ardilayn,

litterent selected estates).
Chemical Laboratory, Glasnevin Agricultural Dublin

Professor Carroll.
Dairy School and Albert Model Farm



James Hendrick.

Thos. Jamieson.

Dr. A.P. Aitken.

Agricultural Laboratory Mariachal College, Ab. Aberıleen...

erdeen loirersity.
Agricultural Research Association of the North Glasterbury, Aber.
Eastern Counties (carrieg on experiments at deen.
suitable farms).
Experiment Station of the Royal Highland and Edinburgh

Agricultural Society of Scotland.
Seed Control of the flighland and Agricultural .do

Society of Scotland.
Royal Botanic Garden

The Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical Glasgow

Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Dairy Association.. Kirkcudbright

Dr. McAlpine.
Isaac Bayley Balfour,
R. Patrick Wright.
J. R. Campbell.

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