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Charles K. Adams, LL, D., Pres.
W. A. Henry, B. AGR., Dean; Agr.
S. M. Babcock, Ph. D., Chief Chem.
F. H. King, Agr. Phys.
E. S. Goff, Hort, and Econ. Ent.
H. L. Russell, Ph. 1)., Bact.
E. H. Farrington, M. S., (Assoc. ) Dairy

F. W. Woll, M. S., Chem.
W.L. Carlyle, B. S. A., Animal Husb.
G. McKerrow, Supt. Farmers' Institutes.
R. A. Moore, (A88t, to Dean) in Charge Short

Course. U. S. Baer, Instr. Cheese Making. J. Berg, Instr. Cheese Making. Andrew Robinson Whitson, B. S., (188t.)

Agr. Phys.

C. I. King, Instr. Pract. Mech.
G. C. Morse, M. E., Instr, Dairy Engin.
A. Vivian, Pu, G., (A881.) Chem.
W. A. Scott, Ph. D., Econ. Agr.
Arthur G. Hopkins, D. V.M., let.
F. Dewhirst, Instr. Farm Dairying.
F. Cranefield, Instr. Hort.
T. F. McConnell, Instr. Agr. Phys.
John McCready, Instr. Milk Testing.
De Witt Goodrich, Instr. Butterworker.
J. R. Robinson, Instr. Separator.
Thos. Cornelwisson, Instr. Separator.
John Kelty, Instr. Cheese Making,
Roy L. Smith, Instr, Pasteurizing.
P. A. Dukleth, Instr, Farm Dairying.
William Waterstreet, Cheese Making.
J. C. Fortenier, Engin.


College of Agriculture of the University of Wyoming, Laramie.


The course of study in the department of agriculture requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B. Agr. Also one and two years' courses.

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Agricultural Experiment Station of the Agricultural and Mechanical College

of Alabama, duburn.

Department of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama.


Board Trustees-Committee on Experiment Stations: F. M. Moseley (Pres.),
Union Springs; J. G. Gilchrist, Hope Hull; Jon. Haralson, Montgomery.

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W. L. Broun, M. A., LL. D., President of the College and of the Station Council.
P. H. Mell, M. E., Pu. D., Dir.; Bot.

C. L. Hare, M. S., 18t 188t. Chem.
B. B. Ross, M. S., Chem.

J.Q. Burton, 2d 18st. Chem.
C. A. Cary, D. V.M., Vet.

A. McB. Ransom, B. S., 3d A881. Chem.
J.F. Duggar, M. S., Agr.

T. U. (ulver, Supt. Farm.
F.S. Earle, Hort. and Biol.

R. W. Clark, Asst. in Agr.
J. T. Anderson, Ph. D., 48xoc. Chem.

Moses Craig, M. S., Asst. Hort.

Canebrake Agricultural Experiment Station, Uniontown.


Board of Control: 1. F. Culver, Montgomery ; P. II. Mell (Dir. ex officio), Auburn ;
J. Huggins, Newbern ; A. Sledge, Whitsett; G. 1). Stollen werck, Uniontown ; M.
Walker, Faunsdale ; S. H. Knight, Uniontown.


P. H. Mell, Ph. D., Dir. ex officio.
H. Benton, M. S., Asst. Dir. in charge.

J. F. Connor, D. V.M., l'et.
M. Walker, Treas.

ALASKA. Alaska Agricultural Experiment Stations, Sitka and Kenai. l'nder the supervision of A. C. True, Director Office of Experiment Stations, United

States Department of Agriculture.


C.C. Georgeson, M. S., Special Agent in Charge, Sitka.
Cbarles H. Robison, B. S., Asst. at Sitka.
Hans P. Nielsen, Asst. at Kenai.



Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Arizona, Tucson.

Department of the University of Arizona.


Board of Regents: William Herring (Chancellor), Tucson; H. W. Fenner (See.), Tucson; 11. B. Tenney (Treas.), Tucson; Charles R Drake, Tucson; Gov. N. O. Murpby (er officio), Phenix; R. L. Long ( Territorial Supt. of Public Instruction), Phenir.


M. M. Parker, M. A., President of the University. R. H. Forbes, M. S., Dir.; Chem.

G. H. True, B. S., Animal Husb. J. W. Toumey, M. S., Bot.

A. A. Tyler, Pu. D., Assoc. Bot. A. J. McClatchie, M. A. (Phenix), Agr. and Wm. W. Skinner, M. S., Asst. Chem, Hort.

Angus McBride, Sten. and Bookkeeper. S. P. Greenleaf, Foreman.


Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, Fayetteville.

Department of Arkansas Industrial University.


Board of Trustees-Agricultural Committee: T. A. Futrall (Pres.), Marianna; T. M. Seawel, Little Rock; V. Y. Cook, Elmo.


J. L. Buchanan, LL. D., President of the Unirersity. R. L. Bennett, M. S., Dir.

Ernest Walker, B. S. AGR., Hort, and Chem.

Ent. R. R. Dinwiddie, M. D., Path. and Bact. J. F. Moore, B. S., Asst. Cheil. W. G. Vincenheller, Pomol. and Institute G. B. Irby, B. A., Asst, in Feeding Expts. Worker.

C. L. Newman, B. S., Agr.


Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of California, Berkeley.

Department of the University of California.


The Regents of the l'niversity : Gov. H. T, Gage (Pres.), Sacramento; Louis Sloss, (Treas.), 310 Sansome st., San Francisco; Jacob H. Neff, Auburn; Alden Anderson, Suisun; T. J. Kirk, Sacramento; Adolph Spreckels, 327 Market st., San Francisco; Andrew S. Hallidie, 330 Jarket st., San Francisco; James A. Waymire, llameda ; Charles W. Slack, 309 Montgomery st., San Francisco; Chester Rowell, Fresno; W. H. L. Barnes, San Francisco; John E. Budd, Stockton ; Stephen M. White, Los Angeles; J. B. Reinstein, :17 Sansome st., San Francisco; H. S. Foote, San Francisco; 1. W. Hellman, Verada Bank, San Francisco; W. T. Wallace, 799 Van Ness are., San Francisco; Mrs. Phæbe Hearst, San Francisco ; J. F. Houghton, Safe Deposit Building, San Francisco; Arthur Rodgers, 309 Montgomery st., San Francisco; Albert Miller, corner Annie and Sterenson sts., San Francisco; George C. Pardee, Oakland; E. A. Denicke, San Francisco.


Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Ph. D., LL. D., President of the Unirersity.
E. W. Hilgard, Ph. D., LL. D., Dir.; A. P. Hayne, Pii. B., Asst. in charge of
Geol. and Chem.

Vit, and Olive Culture.
E. J. Wickson, M. A., Hort.

George E. Colby, Ph. B., M. S., Asst.
R. H. Longbridge, Ph. D., Agr. Ceol. and Chem. Vit. Lab.
Agr. Chem.

F. T. Bioletti, B. S., M. S., Instr. Iline
M. E. Jaffa, Ph. B., M.S., 18t 188t, Chem. Making and Bact.
in Agr. Lab.

A. M. Dal Piaz, d88t. in l'it.
C. W. Woodworth, M. S., Ent.

C. H. Shinn, B. A., Inspector Sta.
W. A. Setchell, Ph. D., Bot.

Emil Kellner, Foreman Grounds.
J. Burtt Davy, Asst. Bot.

A. V. Stubenrauch, B. S., Clerk to Dir.
F.J. Snow, Student A88t.

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Southern Coast Range Station, F. D. Frost, Patron, Paso Robles; J. H. Barber,
Foreman, Paso Robles.
San Joaquin Valley Station, John Tuohy, Patron, Tulare ; Julius Forrer, Foreman,

Sierra Foothill Station, R. C. Rust, Patron, jackson ; J. W. Neal, acting Foreman,
Southern California Station, Rev. C. F. Loop, Patron, Chino; James W. Mills,
Foreman, Pomona.

East Side Santa Clara Valley Viticultural Station, John Gallegos, Patron, Mission
San Jose.
Station for Resistant Vine Tests, St. Helena, J. K. Moffett, Patron, San Francisco.
Chico Forestry Station, V. C. Richards, Patron, Chico; H. B. Allen, In Charge.
Santa Monica Forestry Station, Roy Jones, Patron, Box 4, Los Angeles ; Charles A.
Colmore, B. S., Foreman, Santa Monica.


Agricultural Experiment Station, Fort Collins.
Department of The State Agricultural College of Colorado.


P. F. Sharp (Pres.), Pueblo; A. Lindsley Kellogg, Rockyford; P. A. Amiss, Pruden; Harlan Thomas, Denver; James L. Chattieil, Gypsum; B. F. Rockatellow, Canon City; Mrs. Eliza F. Routt, Denver; Jesse Harris, Fort Collins; Gov. Charles S. Thomas, Denver; President B. O. Aylesworth, Fort Collins.


Barton 0. Aylesworth, M. A., LL. D., President of the College.
L. G. Carpenter, M. S., Dir.; Met. and

F. L. Watrous, 188t. Agr.
Carl H. Potter, B. S., 1881. Hort.
Louis A. Test, B. M. E., A. C., 188t. Chem.
Fred Alford, B. S., Asst. Chem.
Joseph Lownes, B. S., Asst. Chem.
R. E. Trimble, B. S., d881. Jiet. and Irrig.


E. D. Ball, B. S., Asst. Ent.
Harvey H. Griffin, B. S., Supt. Irkansas l'alley Substa., Rockyford.
J. E. Payne, M. s., Supi. Plainx Substa., Cheyenne Wells.

Irrig. Engin.
W.W.Cooke, B. S., M. A., Agr.
C.S. Crandall, M. S., Bot. and Hort.
W.P. Headden, M. A., Ph.D., Chem.
C. P.Gillette, M. S., Ent.
A. M. Hawley, Sec.
L. M. Taylor, Sten.


The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, New Haren.


State Board of Control: Gov. Geo. E. Lounsbury (Pres.), Hartford; W H Brewer (Sec. and Treas.), New Haren; S. W. Johnson, Veu Taren; W.0. Atwater, Viddletora; Edwin Hoyt, Vere Canaan; J. H. Webb, Box 1644, Verr Haren; T. S. Gold, West Cornwall; S. M. Wells, Wethersfield.


E. H. Jenkins, P11. D., Dir.

W. E. Britton, B. S., Hort, Samuel W. Johnson, M. A., Chem.

Miss V. E. Cole, Libr. and Clerk. A. L. Winton, Ph. B., Chem.

Charles J. Rice, in Charge of Buildings and T. B. Osborne, Ph. B., Chem.

Grounds. A. W.Ogden, Pu. B., Chem.

Hugo Lange, Lab. Asst. George F. Campbell, Ph. B., Chem.

William Pokrob, Lab. 188t. Clifford Langley, 1881. Chem.

J. B. Olcott, Grass Gardener (South ManWm.C'. Sturgis, M. A., Ph. D., Myc.

V. L. Churchill, Sampling Agent.

Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, Storrs.'

Department of The ('onnecticut Agricultural College.


Board of Trustees: Gov. George E. Loudsbury (Pres.), Hartford; T. S. Gold (Sec.), West Cornwall; William D. Holman ( Treas.), Tolland; W. E. Simonds (1. Pres.), Hartford; S. W. Johnson, New Haren ; E. S. Henry, Rockville; S. O. Bowen, Lastford; Edmund Halladay, Sufield; Martin M. Frisbie, Southington; George Hopson, Wallingford.

Executive ('ommittee: T. S. Gold, S. O. Bowen, G. W. Flint.


G. W'. Flint, President of the College. W.0. Atwater, Ph. D., Dir. (Viddletown). Francis G. Benedict, Ph. D., Chem. (MidC. S. Phelps, B. S., 1". Dir.; Agr.

dletoucn). F. E. Singleton, Sec. (Viddletown).

l'. B. Hawk, dsst. Chem. (Middletoun). Herbert Kirkpatrick, 1886. Agr.


The Delaware College Agricultural Experiment Station, Vencark,

Department of Delaware College. Board of Trustoes--Committee ou Agriculture: James Hossinger, Verark; Manlove Hayes, Dorer; W.F. Cansey, Milford; W. H. Stevens, Seaford; Lewis C. Vandegrift, Filmington.


Geo. A. Ilarter, M. A., Ph. D., President of the College. Arthur T. Neale, M. A., Ph. D., Dir, and ('. L. Penny, M. A., Chem. Agr.

W. H. Bisliop, B. S., Vet. F.D.Chester, M. S., Myc.

II. P. Eves, D. V.M., Fel. G. 11. Powell, M. S. llort.

E. I)wight Sanderson, B. S. A., Ent.

"Telegraph address, Storrs ria Willi mantie: railroad station, espress, and freigli address, Faglerille.

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