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and a preparatory department. In addition to these special courses there are two courses of winter lectures covering ten weeks each: A course of agricultural lectures and a course of lectures for the domestic arts department.



Joseph M. Tanner, Pres.; Polit. Sci. Joseph E. Wilson, Instr. Penmanship.
Johu T. Caine, jr., B. S., Prin. Prep. Dept. C. P. Close, M. S., Bot. and Hort.
James Dryden, (A88t.) Met. and Sten. George L. Swendsen, B. S., C. E., Civil
Elias J. MacEwan, M. A., Engl. Lang. Engin.
and Lit.

Clarence E. Snow, B. S., Math. and Phys. F. B. Linfield, B. S. A., Dairying and George Thomas, B. A., Hist.; Instr. Chem. Animal Husb.

Ruth Evlyu Moench, Instr. Elocution and Willard S. Langton, B. S., Vath.; Biol. Phys. Culture. John A. Widtsoe,' B. S., Chem. and Min. Charles Jensen, Mil. Sci. and Tactics. Mrs. Dalinda Cotey, B. S., Domestic Arts. Alexander Lewis, l'ocal Music. Miss Sarah E. Bowen, Instr. Sewing, Dress August J. Hanson, Foreman Woodworhing making and Millinery.

Dept. Joseph Jenson, Mech. Engin.; Dir. Work J. P. Griffin, Foreman Ironworking Dept. aliops.

John Stewart, B. S., Asst. in Chem. Lab. Mrs. Sara G, Goodwin, Libr.

Erpt. Sta. Luther Foster, B. S., M. S. A., Agr.; Dir. Charles Jensen, Asst. in (hem. Lab. Erpt. Expt. Sta.

Sta. Lewis A. Merrill, B. S., (1881.) Agr.

Miss Annie Beers, B. S., Asst. in Domestic Edward W. Robinson, (A88t.) German Arts.

D. D. Hugh, M. A., Engl. and l’edag.
John W. Faris, Prin. Commercial Dept.;

Wm. Peterson, B. S., Math.
Commercial Econ, and Bookkeeping.

.John A. Crockett, 1881. in Dairy Dept.

and Drawing.


University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington.


The four-year academical courses are seven in number: Classical, leading to the degree of B. A.; literary-scientitie, leading to the degree of Ph. B.; «ivil and sanifars engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical, agricultural

, leading to the degree of B. s., the particular course being specitied in the diploma. A dairy-school course of four weeks' duration is carried on each winter.


M. H. Buckham, 1). D., Pres.; Polit. and

Social Philos.
H. A. P. Torrey, LL. D., Dean Dept. Arts.;

Intellectual and Moral Philos.
1. G. Barbour, Pu, B., C. E., Dean Dept.

Engin.; Mech. and Bridge Engin.
G. E. Howes, Ph. D., Greek.
F. A. Waugh, M. S., Hort.
F... Rich, V.S., M.D., Instr. Vet. Medicine.
S. F. Emerson, Ph. D.,
N. F. Merrill, Ph. D., Chem.
A. L. Daniels, D. Sc., Math.
L. J. Huff, M. A., German.

J. W. Votey, ('. E., Ciril Engin.
W. H. Friedman, C. E., E.E., Elect, Engin.
L. R. Jones, PH. B., Bot.
A. W. Ayer, B. S., Vech. Engin.
H. B. Chittenden, M. A., Instr. Agr. Dept.
G. H. Perkins, Pu. D., Dean Dept. Natural

Sci.; Natural llist.
J. E. Goodrich, 1). D., Latin.
W. C. Kitchin, Ph. D., French.
J. L. Hills, B. S., Dean Dept. Agr.; Agr.

F. Tupper, jr., Ph. D., Rhet, and Engl. Lit.
A. W. Slocum, M. A., Phys.


1 On leave.

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The courses of study are seven, each requiring four years for completion and lealing to the degree of B. S.: Agricultural course, horticultural course, applied chemistry course, general science course, civil engineering course, mechanical engineering course, and electrical engineering course, There are also two courses which require two years for completion and lead to a certificate of practical agriculture and prac. tical mechanics..


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J. M. McBryde, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres. A, T. Eskridge, M. S., Instr. Min., Geol.,
W. B. Alwood, Hort., Ent., and Myc.

and Chem.
R. H. Hudnall, Pu. D., Engl. Hist. and C.I, Wade, Treas.
Polit. Econ.

W.G. Conner, M. E., Instr. Machine llork. E. A. Smyth, jr., M. A., Biol.

C. McCulloch, D. V.M., M. D., Instr. Tet. T. P. Campbell, M. A., Modern Lang.

S. R. Pritchard, M. A., Elect. Engin.

A. W. Drinkard, M. S., Sec.; Instr. Engl.
R. C. Price, F. C. S., Chem., Min., and and Hist,

J. M. Johnson, Instr. Forge and Foundry.
D. O. Nourse, B. S., Agr.

J. S. A. Johnson, M. E., C. E., Instr. Vatk. A. T. Finch, M. D., Vil. Sci. and Tactics and and Civil Engin., and 48st. C'omman

Instr. Physiol.; Commandant of Cadets. dant of Cadets. L. S. Randolph, M. E., Mech. Enyin.

C. Lee, B. S., Instr. in Elect. Engin. W'. M. Patton, C. E., Civil Engin.

H. L. Price, B, S., dsst, in Hort.
R. J. Davidson, M. A., Anal, and Igr.Chem. M. A. Sale, B. S., 1881. in Math.
E. P. Niles, D. V.M., l'et. Sci.

J. E. Bonsack, B. S., 1881. in Math. and
C. E. Vawter, jr., B. S., Math. and Phys. Chem.
G. W'. Walker, B. A., ( Asst.) Vath., Engl., R. H. C. Beverley, B. S., Asst. in Wech.
and Latin.

W.D. Saunders, (A88t.) Dairy Husb. W. F. Bell, B. S., Asst. in Mech. Engin.
J. R. Parrott (Adjunct), Il'oodwork and Dir. G. W. Hutchinson, B. S., Asst. in Vech.

B. S. Johnson, B.S., 48st. in Woodwork.
P. C. Moniton, B. L., 1881. in Vachine Work.

The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hampton.


The academic course of study requires three years for completion and a diploma js given on graduation. There are also trade and agricultural courses for undergraduates, requiring three years. The post-graduate courses are: Agriculture, three years; trades, three years; normal, two years; and business, one year.

Charles V. Piper, M. S., Bot. and Zool.

H. B. Frissell, D.D., Prin.; Mental Philos. Leonora E. Herron, Libr.
H. B. Turner, Chaplain ; Bible Lessons. Addie Jayne, Engl., drith., and Geog.
Alex. Purves, Treas.

J. H. Jinks, Manual Training.
Albert Howe, Supt. of Indus.

Emma Johnston, Math. F.C. Briggs, Business Agt.

J. F. La Crosse, Painting. Martha M. Waldron, M. D., Resident Physi D. R. Lewis, Mech. Drawing and Geometry. cian.

Flora F. Low, drith. and Hist. Elizabeth Clark, Lady Prin.

Ida Miner, Engl. and Arith.
Elizabeth Hyde, In Charge Academic Dept. L. R. Miner, Drawing.
Josephine E. Richards, In Charge Indian Mary W. Nettleton, Engl., Irith., and

Frank K. Rogers, Dir. Armstrong and Williametta 0. Nash, Geoy.
Slater Memorial Trade School.

W. H. Parker, Machinist Work.
Robt. R. Moton, Commandant of Cadets. Sarah E. Proctor, Engl., Arith., and Geog.
C. Augusta Adams, Engl. and Lit.

S. G. Scott, Wheelwrighting. Francis A. Baldwin, Night School at Hem Myrtilla J. Sherman, Grammar and Comerway Farm,

position. Harris Barrett, Bookkeeping.

Susan Showers, Geog. John T. Beale, Tailoring.

Emma S. Small, Sloyd. Hugh M. Browo, Phys.

Clara M. Snow, Arith. Wm. L. Brown, Bookkeeping.

E. F. Spennie, Wood Turning. C. Frances Butler, Lit. and Hist.

F. S. Stevens, Horseshoeing. A. Louise Cleaveland, Engl. and Arith.

W.L. Sweetser, Agr. Bessie Cleaveland, Singing.

Amy Treadwell, Engl., drith., and Geog. Rossa B. Cooley, Sci. and Engl.

Margaret W. Twitchell, Engl., Arith., and Jessie Coope, Gymnastics.

Geog. J. W. Crosse, Shoemaking.

Allan Washington, A88t. Commandant of C. B. Dyke, In Charge of Normal Dept. Cadets. C. H. De Yarmette, Metal Work,

W. A. Webster, Bricklaying and PlasterC. Duncan, Blacksmithing.

ing. Dora Freeman, Bible and Lit.

Jessie A. Wier, In Charge of Sewing and Chas. L. Goodrich, In Charge of Agr. Dept.

Dressmaking. Louise M. Goodrich, Engl. and Arith.

Mary Williams, Asst. Libr. John G. Hartelius, Carpentry.

Julia F. Winter, Bible and Hist. W.P. Harthan, Steam Engin.

Jane S. Worcester, Hist., Geog., and Engl.

Washington Agricultural College and School of Science, Pullman.

E. A. Bryan, M. A., Pres.; Hist, and Polit.

George H. Watt, B. S., Prin. Prep. Dept.

Eleazer Darrow, E. E., Jech. Engin. and Albert E. Egge, Ph. D., Engl. Lany, and

Ward Barnum, M. E., (2188t.) Vech. Engin.
W. H. Heileman, B. S., Asst. in Chem.


Courses of study are offered in the following lines : Mathematics, civil engineering, mining engineering, chemistry, botany and zoology, agriculture, horticulture

, English language and literature, economic science and history, electricai engineerİng, team engineering, hydraulic engineering, military science and tactics, modern bangnages

, and supplemental courses in Latin, physics, dairying, pharmacy, and

veterinary science.




S. B. Nelson, D. V. M., Vet. Sci.
R. W. Doane, B. A., d88t. in Zool.
C. A. Barry, Vodern Lang.
W.J. Roberts, M. A., ( A88t.) Math.
Solon Shedıl, B. A., ( Asst.) Geol, and Min.
Osmar L. Waller, Ph. M., Math, and Civil

Elton Fulmer, M. A., Chem.
Capt. Johu Kinzie, U. S. A., Mil. Sci, and

William J. Spillman, M. S., Agr.
W. G. Beach, M. A., Econ, Sci.

Annie Howard, Rhet. and Composition.
John A. Balmer, Hort.
S. H. Webster, B. A., Instr. Commercial

Cleo Corner, B. S., Asst. Chem.
A. H. Harris, Instr. Butter Vaking.

Instr. Cheese Making,
E. E. Elliott, M. A., (Asst.) Ayr.
R. Kent Beattie, M. A., dest. Bot.
Charlotte Malott, B. A., Insti. Latin.
Wm. S. Thyng, (488t.) Mining.
A. Kolling, D. V, M., (A88t.) Pet.


West Virginia University, Morgantown.


The four-year courses with degrees are: All courses leading to general culture, B. A.; course in mechanical engineering, B. S. M. E.; course in civil engineering, B. S. C. E.; scientific course in agriculture, B. S. Agr., and the law course, LL, B. The two-year courses are: The two-year certiticate law course, not leading to any degree, and the short course in practical agriculture, leading to the degree of B. Agr. Preparatory, graduate, and special courses are also offered.

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Jerome II. Raymond, Ph. D., Pres.; Soci Thos. E. Hodges, M. A., Phys.
ology and Econ.

Lewis Cass Woolery, M. A., Greek Lang.
Robert A. Armstrong, M. A., Engl. Lit. and Lit.
Okey Johnson, M. A., LL. B., Dean Law Elizabeth Whitescarver, 18st. ix Com-

mercial School.
Thomas Clark Atkeson, Ph. D., Dean dgr. Rufus West, Asst. in Mech. Engin,
College; Agr.

Grace Martin, B. M., ( Asst.) Piano.
James H. Stewart, M. A., Dir, gr. Erpt. Daniel Webster Ohern, M. A., 48st. i#

Waitman Barbe, M. A., .1881, to Pres. Thos. G. Hill, Asst, in Brass and 'ood
P. B. Reynolds, D. D., Philos.

Wind Instr,
St. George T. Brooke, LL. D., Common and Frederick Lincoln Emory, B. S., M. M. E.,
Statute Lau.

Mech. and Applied Vath. Wm. P. Willey, M. A., Equity, Jurispru B. H. Hite, M. S., Agr. Chem. dence, and Commercial Law.

L. C. Corbett, M. S., Hort. Alexander R. Whitelill, Ph. D., General A. D. Hopkins, Ph. D., Econ. Ent. and Anal, Chem.

W. E. Rumsey, B. AGR., Ecou, Bot.
Jas. W. Hartigan, M. A., M. D., Biol. A. J. Hare, B, A., Latin.
John L. Johnston, C. E., Civil and Mining C. A. Ellenberger, Music; Dir. School

Jas. S. Stewart, M. S., Vath.

Frederick W. Truscott, Ph. D., Germanie
Samuel B. Brown, M, A., Geol.

Lang and Lit.
Thomas C. Miller, M. A., Pedag.; Prin. Richard Ellsworth Fast, LL. B., M, A.,
Prep. School.

American Hist, and Polit, Sci.
R. W. Donthat, Pu. D., Latin Lang, and kenneth McKenzie, PH. D., Romance

Lang. and Lit.


Charles Henry Patterson, M. A., Rhet. and Benj. G. Printz, Instr. in Phys. Culture Elocution.

and Dir. of Gymnasium. F. P. Rubl, D. V.S., Vet. Sci.

Lloyd Lowndes Friend, B. A., Asst. in Lucy C. Daniels, Ph. M., European Hist. Engl. Otto Folin, Ph. D., Physiol. Chem. Laura G. Folin, M. A., Asst. in Math. John B. Johnston, Ph. D., Zool.

Enrique J. Montoulieu y de la Torre, B. A., Edwin B. Copeland, Ph. D., Bot.

A88t. in Spanish. Hannah B. Clark, Ph. D., Domestic Sci. B. C. Bondurant, A. M., Fellow in Lutin. and Dean of Women.

T.C. Johnson, B. S. AGR., Fellow in Math. J. David Thompson, M. A., M. S., Asst. Wm. F. Naret, B. S. AGR., Fellow in Agr. Math.

Robt. Morris, B. A., LL.B., Fellow in Econ. Russell L. Morris, C. E., (A88t.) Civil and S. C. Smith, B. A., Fellow in Rhetoric. Vining Engin.

C. F. Holden, B. A., Fellow in Engl.
C. R. Jones, M. E., (Asst.) Mech. Engin. C. C. Ballard, B. A., Fellow in French.
Russell McMurphy, Instr. Piano.

A. W. Portertield, B. A., Fellow in German. Eva E. Hubbard, Instr. Painting and W. H. Whitham, B. S., Fellow in Phys. Drarring.

Eleanor B. Moreland, B. A., Fellow in Florence M. Sliter, Instr. Violin.

Domestic Sci.
D. M. Willis, Prin. Commercial School, Eliza J. Skinner, Libr.
Theo. C. Rude, Instr. Mandolin, Guitar, W. W. Smith, d88t. in Libr.
Violincello, and Banjo.

Anna B. White, B. A., 48st. in Libr.
Albert Collett, Sec. to Pres.

The West Virginia Colored Institute, Institute.


The courses of study are: Agricultural, requiring four years for completion; mechanical, normal, and academic.


J. McHenry Jones, Pres.
J. H. Hill, Commandant of Cadets.
Byrd Prillerman, Eng. Lang.
J. M. Canty, jr., Mech. and Mech. Drawing.
C. E. Jones, Natural Sci.
J.C. Gilmer, Math, and Latin.

Mrs. E. M. Jones, Music.
Mrs. E. L. Hill, Matron.
W. A. Spriggs, Carpentry.
S. D. Brown, Printing.
Flay villa Brown, Sewing.
A. W. Curtis, Agr.


College of Agriculture of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


The long course requires four years, leading to the degree of B. S. Agr. The short course covers two terms of fourteen weeks each. The dairy course requires for admission four months previous training in a creamery or cheese factory. The term lasts twelve weeks. To secure a dairy certificate the student must have two seasons' actual practice in a factory, one of which must follow his work at the dairy school. If all work is satisfactory, as reported on blanks and found by inspection, a dairy

certificate is granted.

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