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Irving Strong Upson, M. A., Libr. and Edwin Bell Davis, B. L., Instr. Modern

Clarence Livingston Speyers, PH. B., Fred Herbert Dodge, B. A., Instr. Phys.
(A880c.) Chem.

Training; Dir. Gymnasium.
William Shields Myers, M. S., F. C. S., William Van Bergen Van Dyck, M. S.,
(Assoc.) Chem.

E. E., Instr. Elect. Sci.
Edward Livingston Barbour, B.O., Instr. Richard Morris, B. S., Instr. Math. and
Rhet. and Elocution.


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New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Mesilla Park.


The courses of study are four: A course in agriculture, a course in civil engineering, a course in mechanical engineering, and a scientific course.



Frederic W. Sanders, Ph. D., Pres.; Polit.

and Econ. Sci. Clarence T. Hagerty, M. S., Math. and

Arthur Goss, M. S., A. C., Chem.

Agr. and Hort.
Frank W. Brady, M. E., Mech. and Civil

Engin. Ida M. Jones, Spanish. T. D. A. Cockerell, Ent. Hiram Hadley, M. A., Hist. and Pedag. Elmer 0. Wooton, M. A., Bot., Geol., and

Phys. Frederick F. Barker, LL. B., Engl. and

Latin. J. D. Tinsley, B. S., Zool. Alice Horning, B. S., Dean of Women;

Domestic Econ.

Ralph Roy Larkin, B. S., Prin. Prep.

Dept. Frank E. Lester, Registrar; Instr. Sten.

and Typewriting; Libr. R. Fred Hare, M, S., Instr. Chem. Charles Mills, Instr. College Shops. Ellen F. Gibson, Instr. Elocution and Phys.

Culture; Asst. in Prep. Dept. Joseph F. Bennett, jr., M.S., Instr. Bot.,

Geol., and Phys. Fabian Garcia, B. S., Asst. in Agr, and

Hort. Geraldine Combs, Asst. in Prep. Dept, Florence G. Thornton, Asst. in Prep. Dept. Humboldt Casad, A88t, in Agr. and Hort, A. B. Sage, Asst. in Engin. Dept. Helen Mar Macgregor, A88t. in Sten, and

Typewriting; Sten.


Cornell University, Ithaca


Among the numerous courses of study offered by the university is one which leads to the degree of bachelor of the science of agriculture. This course requires four Fears for completion, and during the last two years the student selects most of his studies in work given by the departments of agriculture and horticulture, and in the courses in agricultural chemistry and economic entomology. Post-graduate courses leading to advanced degrees are provided, and special courses in subjects relating to agriculture are also arranged.


Jacob Gould Schurman, M. A., D. Sc., George Francis Atkinson, PA, B., Bot. LL. D., Pres.

Simon Henry Gage, B. S., Anat, Isaac Phillips Roberts, M. AGR., Dir. Col Willard Winfield Rowlee, Plant Histology. lege Agr., Dean Faculty; Agr.

Henry Hiram Wing, M. S., (Asst.) Animal George Chapman Caldwell, B. S., Ph. D., Indus, and Dairy Husb. Agr. and General Chem.

Mark Vernon Slingerland, B. S., (Asst.) James Law, F. R. C. V. S., Vet. Medicine Ent. and Surgery.

Louis Adelbert Clinton, B. S., (A881.) Agr. John Henry Comstock, B. S., Ent. and Hugh C. Troy, B. S. A., A88t. in Dairy Lab. General Invertebrate Zool.

John W. Spencer, Deputy Chief Nature George Walter Cavanaugh, B. S., (A88t.) Study and Univ. Extension Work. Chem.

Mrs. Anna Botsford Comstock, B. S., Benjamin Minge Duggar, M. S., M. A., (A88t.) Zool. and Ent. Ph. D., (A88t.) Bot.

Mary Rogers Miller, B. S., Lecturer in Alexander Dyer MacGillivray, A88t. in Nature Study and Univ. Extension Tork. Ent.

Abraham L. Knisely, M. S. A., Asst. in George Nieman Lauman, B. S. A., A88t, in Chem. Hort.

Leroy Anderson, M. S. A., 18st. in Dairy Walter W. Hall, A88t. in Cheese Making, Husb. Webster E. Griffith, A88t. in Butter Archibald R. Ward, B. S. A., A88t. Dairy Making.

Bact. John Lemuel Stone, B. S. A., A88t. in Agr. Charles E. Hunn, Foreman Garden, Liberty Hyde Bailey, M. S., General and Edward Arthur Butler, Clerk and AcExpt. Hort.



The North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, West Raleigh.


The general courses of study are four, each requiring four years for completion: The course in agriculture, the course in engineering and mechanics, the course in applied science, and the course in textile science and art, each leading to the degree of B. S.


G. T. Winston, LL. D., Pres.
W. F. Massey, C. E., Hort., Arbor., and

W. A. Withers, M. A., Chem.
D. H. Hill, M. A., Engl.
B. Irby, M. S., Agr.
W.C. Riddick, B. A., C. E., Math, and Ciril

C. W. Scribner, B. A., M. E., Mech. Engin.
F. A. Weibe, M. A., Pu. D., Phys. and

Elect. Enyin.
N. R. Stansel, B. S., Asst. Phys. and Elect.

Engin.; Mil. Tactics.
T. L. Wright, B. A., Instr. Math. and Engl.

J. M. Johnson, M. S., Asst. Agr.
R. E. L. Yates, M. A., A8st. Math.
G. S. Fraps, Ph. D., Asst. Chem.
C. W. Hyams, Instr. Bot, and Ent.
A. Rhodes, A88t. in Hort.
G. F. Ivey, Instr. Textile Sci, and Art.
B. C. Fennel, B. S., A8st. in Drawing.
C. L. Mann, B. S., Asst. in Drawing and

A. T. Smith, B. S., Asst. in Shop.
F. M. Foy, jr., B. S., A88t. in Drawing and

C. M. Pritchett, M. E., C. E., Instr. Mech.


Includes only instructors in subjects directly relating to agriculture. Many other members of the university faculty give instructions to students pursning the course leading to the degree of

B. S. A.


C. B. Park, Supt. Shops.

E. B. Owen, B. S., Libr.
B. S. Skinner, Farm Supt.

Mrs. S. C. Carroll, Matron.
J. A. Bizzell, Instr. in Chem.

James R. Rogers, M. D., Physician.
W. A. Syme, Asst. in Chem.

J. M. Fix, Bursar.
J. W. Carroll, Asst. in Dairying.

A. F. Bowen, Registrar and Sec.
Mrs. L. V. Darby, Sten.

The Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored Race, Greensboro,


The courses of study are: Agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture and botany, chemistry, physics, mechanics and applied mathematics, mathematics, English, history, military science and tactics, and domestic economy.


James B. Dudley, M. A., Pres.; Hist. James M. Joyner, B. AGR., Asst. in Prep.
John Thompson, B. AGR., Agr. and Chem. Dept.
Hugo Diemer, M. E., Phys., Applied Math. C. D. Robinson, Asst. in Prep. Dept.
and Mech.

J. R. Quick, Asst. in Prep. Dept.
Charles H. Moore, M. A., Engl.

Cicero H. Best, Asst. in Prep. Dept.
Miss Sophia M. Parker, Domestic Sci. H. A. Williston, B. S. AGR., A88t. in dgr.
J. H. M. Butler, M. A., Prin. Prep. Dept. I. S. Cunnigham, B. S., Woodworking.
G. C. Snow, Asst. in Math. and Mech. E. L. Falkener, B. AGR., Instr. Pract.
Miss M. H. Perry, Asst. in Prep. Dept. Farming.

James A. Snead, Blacksmith.
Junius Rooks, Foreman Farm.


North Dakota Agricultural College, Agricultural College.


Four-year courses leading to the degree of B. S. are as follows: Agriculture, mechanics, and science; there are also short courses in agriculture, dairying, and

domestic economy.


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J. H. Worst, Pres.
E. F. Ladd, B.S.,

C. M. Hall, B. S., Geol.
J.H. Shepperd, M. S. A., Agr.
A. M. Ten Eyck, M. S., (A88t.) Agr.
L. S. Bottenfield, M. A., Modern Lang.
H. W. McArdle, B. S., Math.
E. E. Kaufman, B. AGR., Dairyman.
C. B. Waldron, B. S., Hort. and For.
C. H. Mallarian, Ph. D., German, French,

and Philos.

P.S. Rose, B. S., Steam Engin, and Math.
Albert T. Mills, Ph. D., Hist. and Civil

H. L. Bolley, M. S., Bot. and Zool.
L. R. Waldron, B. S., (A88t.) Bot. and Zool.
E. S. Keene, B. S., Mech.
Miss M. B. Senn, M. S., Domestic Sci.
Mrs. P. A. Evans, Libr.
Mrs. Ethel McVeety, A88t. Libr.
H. M. Ash, Supt. Farm.
R. A. Shattuck, Accountant and Bookkeeper,


The Colleges of Agriculture and Domestic Science and of Veterinary

Medicine, Ohio State University, Columbus.


The university is divided into six colleges, as follows: Agriculture and Domestic Science; Arts, Philosophy, and Science; Engineering; Law; Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine.

The College of Agriculture and Domestic Scienco offers six distinct courses of study: Four-year courses in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, and domestic science; two-year courses in agriculture and horticulture and domestic science, and a one-term course in dairying. Degrees are granted in the four-year courges as follows: B. S. in agriculture, B. S. in horticulture and forestry, and B. S. in domestic science.

The College of Veterinary Medicine offers a three-year course leading to the degree D. V. M., and to a certiticate of veterinary surgeon to those who fail in certain requirements for admission.


Rev. William Oxley Thompson, D. D., Henry Curwen Lord, B. S., F. R. A. S., Pres.

Dir. Emerson McMillen Obserratory and Thomas Forsyth Hunt, M. S., Dean; Agr. (A8800.) Astron. William Rane Lazenby, M. AGR., Sec.; Perla G, Bowman, (Assoc.) Domestic Sci.; Hort. and For.

in Charge Dept. Domestic Econ. Henry Adam Weber, Ph. D., Agr. Chem. Frederick Converse Clark, M. A., Ph. D., Benjamin Franklin Thomas, Ph. D., Phys. (A8800.) Econ. and Sociology. George Wells Knight, Pu. D., American Embury Asbury Hitchcock, M. E., (AsHist, and Polit. Sci.

800.) Expt, Engin. Rosser Daniel Bohannan, B. S., C. E., E. William David Gibbs, B. S., (Assoc.) Agr. M., Math.

Charles Walter Mesloh, M. A., (Assoc.) Ernst August Eggers, Germanic Lang. and German. Lit.

Charles Smith Prosser, M. S., (Assoc. ) Hisí. Albert Martin Bleile, M. D., Anat, and Geol. Physiol.

John Adams Bownocker, D. S., (18koc.) William Ashbrook Kellerman, Ph. D., Inorganic Geol. Bot.

John Wright Decker, B. AGA., (Assoc.) George Beecher Kauffman, B. S., Phar. Dairy Husb. macy.

William Lucius Graves, M. A., (48st.) Benjamin Lester Bowen, P1. D., Romance Rhet. Lang. and Lit.

Thomas Ewing French, M. E., (Asst.) Joseph Villiers Denney, A. B., Rhet. and Drawing. Engl. Lang.

Cornelia Porter Souther, (Asst.) DomesAllen Campbell Barrows, A. M., D. D., tic Art. Engl. Lit.

Charles Bradfield Morrey, B. A., M. D., William Thomas Magruder, M. E., Mech. (188t.) Anat, and Physiol. Engin.

Charles Lincoln Arnold, M. S., (Asst.) J. P. Gordy, Ph. D., LL. D., Education. Math. David Stuart White, D. V.S., Vet. Medi Charles A. Bruce, B. A., (188t.) Rocine.

mance Lang. Herbert Osborn, M. S., Zool, and Ent. William Finley Lavery, D. V. M., (Asst.) Frank Edwin Sanborn, B. S., Dir. Dept. l'et, Medicine. Indus. Arts.

John H. Schattner, M. A., M. S., (Asst.) Joseph Nelson Bradford, M. E., (A880c.) Bot.



Charles Byron Frederick, V, S., (A88t.) William H. Renck, A88t. in Indus, Arts
Vet. Vedicine,

and Foreman of Carpenter and Pattern
George H. McKnight, Ph. D., (A8st.) Shops.

Charles P. Crowe, Asst. in Indust. Dept.
Herrick C. Allen, LL. B., (A88t.) Public and Foremaster.

Homer C. Price, M. S., A88t. in Hort, and
J. Warren Smith, B. S., Lecturer on Met. For.
Frederick Edward Kester, M. E. in E. E., Francis M. Hamilton, B. A., d88t, in
Instr. in Physics.

Philos. and Pedag.
Burt Bidwell Herrick, Instr. in Cheese Delbert Alonzo Crowner, B. S. AGR.,

Asst. in Butter Making.
Thomas Kenyon Lewis, B. Sc., A88t, in Melvin Dresbach, M. S., Fellow in Anat.

and Physiol.
Francis Leroy Landacre, B. A., A88t. in John Bernard Parker, B. A., Fellow and

Theme 188t, in Rhet.
Albert Earl Vinson, A88t. in Agr. Chem. F. K. Luke, M. S., Florist.
Frank Ruhlen, B. S. AGR., Asst. in Agr. S. W. Collett, M. S., Fellow and A88t, in
Elisha Smith, 188t. in Cheese Making.

Emma Leanna Ball, M. S., 1886. in Math. Maj. J. M. Burns, U. S. A., Mil. Sci. and
Oscar V. Brumley, V. S., A88t. in Vet. Tactics.

Olive B. Jones, Libr.
Silas Martin, A88t. in Drawing.

Christopher P. Linhart, M. D., Dir. of John Bell Sanborn, Ph. D., A881, in Amer Gymnasium and Instr. in Phys. Educaican Hist.

Mrs. Stella Elliott Canfield (1880c.) Dir. of Gymnasium.


Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater.

COURSES OF STUDY. The courses of study are: General science and literature; agricultural, including horticulture and veterinary science; mechanical engineering; and courses in special sciences-chemistry, biology, botany. Each course requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B. S. Shorter special courses are given in stenography and typewriting, music, and printing, and a special ten-weeks' winter term in agriculture and the mechanic arts.

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Angelo C. Scott, M A., LL.M.,Pres.; Engl. Frank A. Hutto, B. S., Ilist, and Polit. Sci.
Lang. and Lit.

Miss May Overstreet, 488t. in Prep. Dept.
George L. Holter, B. S., Chem.

Oscar M. Morris, B. S., Instr. Hort.
Harry E. Thompson, B, S., Prin. Prep. Augustus G. Ford, B. S., 488t. Sta. Chem.

Carl A. Bessey, B. A., B. S., A88t. in Mech.
Ernest E. Bogue, M. S., Bot. and Ent. Engin.
Lowery L. Lewis, M. S., D. V.M., Zool. Robert H. Tucker, M. A., A88t. in Engl.
and Vet. Sci.

Lang. and Lit., and in Charge of Latin and
John Fields, B. S., Dir. of Expt. Sta. and German.
Sta. Chem.; Stock Feeding and Dean of Mrs. Ella L. Stevenson, Instr. in Miusic.
Short Winter Courses.

Miss Georgina M. Holt, Instr. in Sten, and
Richard E. Chandler, M. M. E., Mech. Typewriting, and Official Sten.
Engin. and Phys.

Frank D. Northup, Supt. of Printing
James W. Means, Math.

Dept., and Instr. in Printing.
Frank C. Burtis, M. S., Agr. and Hort. James G. Kerr, B. S., A8st. in Agr.

Henry M. Hand, Sec.

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