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Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College, Agricultural College.


The course of study requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B.S. Post-graduate courses and a preparatory course are also provided.


J. M. Stone, Pres.

J. A. Turnipseed, Sten. Chem. Dept. C. R. Stockard, B. S., Commandant, and W. H. Magruder, M. A., Engl. (Acting) Mil. Sci. and Tactics.

F.J. Weddell, B. S., (A8st.) Engl. W.C. Welborn, M. S., Agr.

B. M. Walker, M. S., Math. A. B. McKay, B. S., Hort.

J. W. Fox, M. S., (Assoc.) Math. C.T. Ames, B. S., (A88t.) Hort.

A. M. Maxwell, Instr. Bookkeeping, A.J. Wiechardt, M. M. E., Mech. Arts. J. M. White, M. S., Hist, and Cirics; Libr. J. S. Wier, B. S., (A88t.) Mech. Arts. W.L. Hutchinson, M. S., Dir. Expt. Sta. C. E. Ard, B. S., (Adjunct) Mech. Arts. J. C. Herbert, M. S., Prin. Prep. Dept. J. E. McKell, B. S., (A88t.) Mech, Arts. J. S. Wallace, B. S., (A88t.) Prep. Dept. G. W. Herrick, B. S., Biol.

J. L. Stinson, B. S., (A88t.) Prep. Dept. J. C. Robert, D. V.M., Vet. Sci.

R. C. King, B. S., Sec. and Purchasing Agt. W.F. Hand, M. S., Chem.

C. V. Riley, Sten.
E. W. Magruder, B. A., (A88t.) Chem. W. H. Barr, M. D., Surgeon.
J. S. Carroll, M. S., (A88t.) Chem.

E. A. Grosvenor, Nurse.
W. S. Welch, B. S., (A88t.) Chem.

W.J. Gallaway, Steward and Janitor. J. F. Montgomery, Foreman of Farm,

Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College, Westside.


The courses of study are two: The industrial course of three years and the scieutific course, requiring four years for completion and leading to the degree of B. S.


W. H. Lanier, B. A., Pres.

Thomas B. Helm, Instr. Blacksmithing. P. A. Wadlow, M. S., Math.

E. R. Correll, B. S., Instr. Carpentering. J. M. May, M. S., General and Anal. Chem., L.J. Rowan, B. S., Asst. Engl. Phys., and Biol.

Geo. H. Oliver, Tutor.
E. H. Triplett, D. D., General Hist, and W. R. Wiley, Tutor.
Moral Philos.

E. W. Ford, Tutor.
J. M. Hicks, B. S., Agr. and Supt. Farm. C. A. Gordon, Sec. and Treas.
P. M. Smith, B. S., (A88t.) Math.

John D. Dicks, College Physician.
Daniel W. Gary, B.S., (A88t.) Engi. G. W. Comfort, Steward,
A. J. Wade, Instr. Shoemaking.

Rev. A. H. Meres, Chaplain.
William Douglass, Instr. Painting.


College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of the University of Missouri,



In the School of Agriculture the four-year course leads to the degree of B. Agr. The degree of B. S. in Agr. is given for one additional year. There are also three short courses: A two-year elementary course; a school of agriculture of three months, and a school of horticulture of three months. In the School of Mechanic

Arts the four-year course leads to a certificate. In the School of Engineering, fouryear courses lead to the degrees of B. S. in civil engineering, in electrical engineering, in mechanical engineering, and in sanitary engineering, respectively. The degrees of C. E., E. E., and M. E. are also given for graduate work.

The School of Mines and Metallurgy at Rolla, a department of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, offers a four-years' college course leading to the degree of B. S.; a four-years' course leading to the degree of B. S. in civil engineering; a four-years' course leading to the degree of B. S. in mining engineering, and a fouryears' course leading to the degree of B. S. in chemistry and metallurgy. It also offers for graduate work the degrees of master of science, mining engineer, civil engineer, and metallurgical engineer.


R. H. Jesse, LL. D., Pres.

R. Weeks, M. A., Ph. D., Romance Lang.
H.J. Waters, B. S. A., Dean.

H. B. Shaw, B. C. E., Elect. Engin.
P. Schweitzer, Ph. D., LL. D., Agr. Chem. Thomas Nolan, B. S., Archi.
F. B. Mumford, M. S., Agr.

P. Kauffman, M. D., Bact. and Path.
J.C. Whitten, B. S., Hort.

M. L. Lipscomb, M. A., Phys.
E. A. Allen, Litt. D., Engl.

W. H. Turner, B. S., Instr. Mil. Sci.
George Lefevre, B.S., Ph. D., Biol. C.F. Marbut, B. S., M. A., Geol. and Min.
T. J. Rodhouse, B. S., Instr. Drawing. C. W. Marx, B. E., Mech. Engin. and Supt.
Geo. A. Irvine, B. S., Instr. Mech. Arts.

School Vech. Arts,
M. Estelle Porter, B. L., Instr. Commercial W.G. Brown, B. S., Ph. D., Chem.

Sidney Calvert, B. S., M. A., A88t. in Chem.
J. W.Connaway, M.D.C., M. D., Vet. Sci. R. B. Moore, B. S., Instr. Chem.
F.C. Hicks, B. A., Ph. D., Polit. Econ. J. N. Fellow, S. M. A., M. S., Math.
J. M. Stedman, B. S., Ent.

H.C. Penn, M. A., A88t. in Engl.
H. T. Cory, M.C. E., Civil Engin.

W.W. Griffith, B. S., Instr. Phys.
B. F. Hoffman, M. L., German Lang. C. Thom, M. A., Ph. D., Instr. Bot.
H. M. Belden, B. A., Ph. D., Asst. in Engi. L. M. Defoe, B. A., A8st. in Math.


R. H. Jesse, LL.D., Pres.

E. T. Allen, Ph. D., Chem.
G. E. Ladd, Ph. D., Dir. and Prof. Geol. G. R. Dean, C. E., Math.
and Vining.

F. W. Draper, E. M., Metallurgy.
E. G. Harris, C. E., Eng.

J. B, Scott, Instr. Engi.
A. H. Timmerman, Phys.

A. D. Terrell, Instr. Drawing.
Geo. C. Clark, Asst. Chem.

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This institution has the following departments : College (four-year course leading
to degree of B. A.), college preparatory, normal (two and four year courses), normal
preparatory, and industrial.

John H. Jackson, B. A., M. A., Pres.; Eth- Mary E. Grimshaw, Instr. Sewing.
ics, Psych., and Polit. Econ.

Carrie M. Carney, Instr. Vocal and Instru-
Benjamin F. Allen, B. A., M. A., V. Pres.; mental Music,
Pedag., Hist., and Modern Lang.

Kate Jordan, Instr. Drawing and Asst. in
John H. Brademann, Supt. Shop:

J. Wesley Damel, B. A., M. Ph., Nat. Sci. Mrs. Libbie C. Anthony, Matron in Dor-
J. H.Garnett, B. A., M. A., Latin and Greek. mitory for Young Women and Instr. in
Geo. F. Smith, B. A., M. A., Math.

A. U. Craig, First A88t. Indus. Dept. Mrs. Sarah H. Dupree, Matron in Dor-
Archie L. Reynolds, B. A., Second A88t. mitory for Young Men and Instr. in


Indus. Dept.


The Montana College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Bozeman,


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The following courses are given: Four-year courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, general science, chemistry, agriculture, and domestic science, leading to degrees, and art, music, business, and preparatory courses.


James Reid, B. A., Pres.; Mental, Moral, J. W. Blankenship, Ph. D., Bot. and Bact. and Polit. Sci., and Astron.

S. Fortier, M. E., Irrig. Engin.
S. M. Emery, Hort.

Capt. Geo. P. Abern, Mil. Sci. and Tac-
Frank W. Traphagen, Ph. D., F. C. S., tics.
Phys., Chem., and Geol.

Edmund B. M'Cormick, B. S., Assi, in
W. H, Williams, B. E. E., Mech. and Elect. Mech. Engin, and Shope.

W. M. Cobleigh, M. E., Instr. in Chem.
R. S. Shaw, B. S. A., Agr.; A88t. Agr.

and Phys. R. A. Cooley, B. S., Biol.

Miss M, A. Cantwell, Prin. Prep. Dept.
Will F. Brewer, M. A., Latin and Engl. Miss May Travis, B. A., Instr. Prep. Dept.
Miss Helen Brewer, B. A., Instr. Latin and Vath
and Hist.

Miss Virginia Corbett, B, L., Instr. Prep.
Mrs. F. E. Marshall, Art,

Dept. Miss Lilla A. Harkins, M. S., Domestic Sci. H. G. Phelps, Prin. Business Dept. and Art.

Miss Emma Stockinger, Asst. in Sten. and Aaron H. Currier, M. A., French and Ger Typewriting.

Mrs. W. F. Brewer, Piano.



The Industrial College of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.


The groups of study are as follows, each ordinarily requiring four years for completion and leading to the degree of B. S.: General scientific group; general agricul. tural group; special groups-agricultural and chemistry, botany and agriculture, botany and zoology, chemistry and physics, horticulture and borany, mathematics and physics, zoology and philosophy; and technical groups-technical agriculture, civil engineering, municipal engineering, electrical engineering, steam engineering, and mechanical engineering. One and three year courses in elementary agriculture and a course in dairying are also provided in the school of agriculture.


Charles E. Bessey, Ph. D., LL. D., Acting

Chancellor; Bot.
Frederic E. Clements, Ph. D., Bot.
August Rimbach, Ph. D., Bot.
H. W. Caldwell, M. A., American Hist, and

Roscoe Pound, Ph. D., American Hist. and

T. Lyttleton Lyon, B. S. A., Agr.
E, A. Burnett, B. S., Animal Husb.

R. S. Hiltner, M. A., Chem.
H, H. Nicholson, M. A., Chem.
John White, Ph. D., Chem.
Rosa Bonton, M. A., Chem, and Dom. Sci.
0. V. P. Stout, C. E., Civil Engin.
Morgan Brooks, B. PH., M. E., Elect, and

Steam Engin.
Geo. H. Morse, B. E. E., Elect. Engin.
G. E. Barber, M. A., Latin Lang. and Lit,
E. W. Davis, Pr. D., Acting Dean; Math.


T. M. Hodgman, M. A., Math.

Wm. W. Hastings, M. A., Ph. D., Hygiene A. L. Candy, Ph. D., Math.

and Dir. Gymnasium. Robert Moritz, Pa. M., Math.

Laurence Fossler, M. A., Germanic Lang. G. R. Chatburn, B. C. E., Math. and Civil A. Ross Hill, Ph. D., Philos. Engin.

E. L. Hinman, Ph. D., Philos. G. D. Swezey, M. A., Vet.

Amanda Heppner, M. A., Germanic Lang. Allan L. Brown, LL. B., Acting Command H. C. Peterson, Ph. D., Germanic Lang. ant; Mil. Sci. and Tactics.

R. A. Emerson, B. S., Hort. Anne L. Barr, Phys. Training.

L. T. Moore, Pu. D., Phys. D. B. Brace, Ph.D., Phys.

W.G. L. Taylor, LL. B., Polit. and Econ. B. E. Moore, M. A., Phys.

George H. Morse, B. E. E., Elect, and Steam Belva M. Herron, B, L., Polit, and Econ.

L. A. Sherman, Ph. D., Engl. and Engl. Lit. C. R. Richards, M. E., Pract. Mech.
H. G. Shedd, B. A., Engl. Lang.

Melvin Price, B. S., Instr. Mech. Drawing P. H. Frye, B. A., Engl.

and Machine Design. S. W. Miller, M. A., Engl. Lang.

A. H. Edgren, Ph. D., Romance Lang., Lawrence Bruner, B. S., Ent.

Sanscrit, and Comparative Philology.
F. M. Fling, Ph. D., European Hist. Clara Conklin, M. A., Romance Lang.
Guernsey Jones, Ph. D., European Hist. H. B. Ward, Ph. D., Zool.
E. H. Barbour, Ph. D., Geol.

R. H. Wolcott, M. D., M. A., Zool.
A. E. Davisson, B. A., Dir. School of Agr.
J. I. Wyer, jr., B. L. S., Acting Libr.


School of Agriculture of the Nevada State University, Reno.


The regular course requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B.S. A short course in agriculture is also provided, requiring five months of each year for four years and leading to no degree.


Joseph E. Stubbs, M. A., D. D., LL. D., James E. Church, jr., B. A., Latin.

F. H. Hillman, M, S., Ent, and Bot.
Hannah K. Clapp, M. A., Libr.

Mrs. Mary W. Emery, M. A., Pedag. Charles P. Brown, B. S., Mining, Metal Robert Lewers, Polit. Econ, and Commerlurgy, and Assaying.

cial Law. G. D. Louderback, D. Sc., Chem., Geol., F. M. Linscott, Capt. First Nevada Vol.

Cavalry, Mil. Sci. and Tactics.
R. H. McDowell, B. S., Agr. and Hort. F. E. Ross, B. S., Drawing and Math.
L. W.Cushman, Ph. D., Engl.

Laura De Laguna, B. A., French, German, Richard Brown, Supt. Vech. Dept.

and Spanish. Henry Thurtell, B. S., Mech. and Math. Anna H. Martin, M. A., Hist.

Geo. F. Blessing, Mech. Engin.

and Phys.


Nerv Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, Durham,


There are five courses of study, each requiring four years for completion and leading to the degree of B. S.: Course in agriculture, course in chemistry, course in

mechanical engineering, course in electrical engineering, and general course (open to women). Also a two years' course in agriculture not leading to any collegiate degree, a one year's preparatory course, a ten weeks' course in agriculture, and a ten weeks' course in dairying,


Charles S. Murkland, M. A., Ph. D., Pres.;

Engl. Lang. and Lit.
Charles H. Pettee, M. A., C. E., Dean;

Math. and Civil Engin.
Clarence W. Scott, M, A., Hist, and Polit.

Fred W. Morse, B. S., Organic Chem.
Charles L. Parsons, B. S., General and

Anal. Chem.
Clarence M. Weed, D. Sc., Zool, and Ent.
Frank William Rane, B. AGR., M. S., Hort.
Charles W. Burkett, M. S., Agr.
Carleton A. Read, B. S., Mech. Engin.
Arthur F. Nesbit, M. A., B. S., (A8800.)

Phys. and Elect. Engin.

Herbert H. Lamson, M. D., (A88oc.) Bot.
Joseph H. Hawes, ( A880c.) Drawing.
Richard Whorisky, jr., B. A., (188t.)

Modern Lang.
Ellis W. Lazell, Ph. D., (A8st.) Chem.

and Min.
Frederick S. Johnston, B. S., (Asst.) Agr.
John N. Brown, Instr. Machine Tork,
Irving A. Colby, B. S., Instr. Ioodrcork.
Charles H. Waterhouse, Instr. Dairying.
Clarence W. Waid, B. S., A88t. in Hort.
Harry P. Richardson, B. S., 48st. in Agr.
Edward E. Russell, Engin. and Curator

of Buildings.
Frederick C. Keith, Purchasing agt.


Rutgers Scientific School, the New Jersey State College for the Benefit of

Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, New Brunswick.



There are five distinct courses of study: A course in agriculture, a course in civil engineering and mechanics, a course in chemistry, a course in electricity, and a course in biology. Each con rse requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B. S.


Austin Scott, Pu. D., LL.D., Pres.; Hist.

Julius Nelson, Ph.D.,

Biol. and Polit. Sci.

Byron David Halsted, D. Sc., Bot. and
Rev. Jacob Cooper, D. D., D. C. L., LL. Hort.
D., Logic and Mental Philos.

John Bernhard Smith, D. Sc., Ent.
Rev. Carl Meyer, D. D., Modern Lang, and Edward Burnett Voorhoes, M. A., Agr.

Albert Huntington Chester, E. M., Pa. Francis Cuyler Van Dyck, Ph. D., Phys. D., D. Sc., Chem. and Min.; Curator and Expt. Mech.

Edward Albert Bowser, C. E., LL. D., John Charles Van Dyke, L. H. D.,

Math. and Engin.

Rev. Charles Edward Hart, D. D., Ethics, Robert Woodworth Prentiss, M. S., Math.

Eridences of Christianity, and Engl. and Astron; Sec. of Faculty.

Eliot Robertson Payson, Ph. D., Hist. and
Louis Bevier, jr., Ph. D., Greek Lang. and Art Teaching.
Lit.; Sec. Extension Dept.

Edward Luther Stevenson, Ph. D., Hist.
Edgar Solomon Shumway, Ph. D., Latin Quincy O'M. Gillmore, Captain, U. S. A.,
Lang. and Lit.

retired, Mil. Sci. and Tactics. Alfred Alexander Tits worth, M. S., C. E., Rev. Henry Du Bois Mulford, Engl. Lang. Graphics and Math.

and Lit.

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