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Joshua D. Rickman, I. T. U., Supt. Print Miss May Secrest, B. S., A88t. Domestic Art. ing.

Wm. Anderson, B. S., Asst. Math. Miss Josephine Berry, B. A., Libr.

Miss Gertrude Barnes, A88t. Libr. B. S. McFarland, M. A., Prin. Prep. Dept. Albert Dickens, B. S., Asst. Hort. Miss Lorena E. Clemons, B. S., Sec. William Baxter, Foreman Greenhouses. Septimus Sisson, B. S., V. S., (A880c.) J. E. Satterthwaite, Foreman Printing Fet. Sci.

Office. Miss Josephine C. Harper, Instr. Math. John G. Haney, B. S., A8st. Field and FeedMiss Alice Rupp, Instr. Engl.

ing Expts. C. D. Montgomery, Cadet Major and Acting Miss Mary B. Pritner, B. S., Asst. DomesCommandant,

tic Sci. Miss Florence Ball, Instr. Phys. Culture. Miss Ada Rice, B. S., A881. Prep. Dept. William L. House, Foreman Carpenter Theodore Lindquist, M. S., A886. Phys. Shop

Miss Harriet Haradon, A88t. Drawing.
Daniel H. Otis, M. S., A88t. Dairying. 0.1. Purdy, B. S., 88t. Printing.
Percival J. Parrott, M. A., Asst. Ent. Miss Bertha L. Jaedicke, A88t. Music.
Charles W. Pape, M. S., Asst. J'et. Sci. and Henry Van Leeuwen, Instr. Cheese Making.

Louis Wabnitz, Foreman Iron Shops.
Robert W. Clothier, M. S., Asst. Chem. Jacob Lund, M. S., Engin.
Miss Margaret J. Minis, Asst. Libr.

Miss C. Jeanette Perry, B. S., Executive
Royal S. Kellogg, M. S., General Asst. Clerk.
Robert H. Brown, B. S., M.T., Asst. Music. W. N. Lewis, Janitor.
John M. Westgate, M. S., Asst. Botany. Archie Huycke, Sec. to Pres.


Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, Lexington,


The regular courses of study are eight, each requiring four years for completion: The agricultural course, leading to the degree of B. Agr.; three scientific courses, leading to the degree of B. S.; the classical course, leading to the degree of B. A.; the mechanical engineering course, leading to the degree of B. M. E.; the civil engineering course, leading to the degree of B. C. E., and the normal course, leading to the degree of B. Ped. Certificates of proficiency are given to those who do not complete a course undertaken.


J. K. Patterson, Ph. D., LL. D., Pres.;

Metaphysics and Civil Hist.
J. G. White, M. A., Math. and Astron.
Paul Wernicke, French and German Lang.

and Lit.
J.H. Neville, M. A., LL.D., V. Pres.; Latin

and Greek Lang. and Lit.
J. H. Kastle, Ph. D., Chem.
R. N. Roark, Ph.D., Prin. Normal Dept.
Arthur M. Miller, M. A., Zool, and Geol.
C. W. Mathews, B. S., Agr., Hort., and Bot.
J. P. Brooks, M. S., Ciril Engin.
M. L. Pence, M. S., Phys.
F. Paul Anderson, M. E., Mech. Engin.
Alexander St. Clair MacKenzie, M. A.,
Engl. Lang. and Lit.

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C. R. Sturdevant, M. E., Elect, Engin.
W. T. Carpenter, Mil. Sci.
J. W. Pryor, M. D., Anat. and Physiol.
W. K. Patterson, M. A., Prin. Academy.
J. L. Logan, B. A., A881. in Academy.
Milford White, B. C. E., Asst. in Normal

R. L. Blanton, M. LIT., Asst. in Greek and

J. M. Davis, B. A., B. S., Asst. in Academy.
V. E. Muncy, B. S., A88t. in Academy.
John Theodore Faig, M. E., A8st, in Mech.

J. R. Johnson, B. M. E., A88t, in Mech.

James Murray, Practical Hort,

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The State Normal School for Colored Persons, Frankfort.


The courses of study are seven: Literary, carpentry, science, agriculture, cooking, dressmaking, and printing. The school grants State certificates to normal graduates.


James E. Givens, B. A., Pres.; Psych., Mary E. Jackson, Normal Dept.
Pedag. and Latin.

T. Augustus Reid, Prep. Dept.
W.D. Thomas, B. A., Natural Sci. and Agr. Mrs. Mary E. Reed, Sering.
Moses A. Davis, Mech. and Manual Train Miss Mattie A. Carr, Matron; Cooking.

Thos. T. Robinson, Printing,


Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, Baton



The regular courses of study are eight, each requiring four years for completion, except the sugar course, which requires five years: The course in agrienlture, the course in sugar cultivation and manufacture, the commercial course, the course in civil engineering, the course in mechanics, the general science course, the Latin science course, and the literary course, the first six leading to the degree of B. S., the others to the degree of B. A. A preparatory department, with a course covering one year, is also provided.


Thomas D. Boyd, M. A., LL. D., Pres.
James W. Nicholson, M. A., LL, D., Math,
William C. Stubbs, Pii. D., dgr.
H. A. Morgan, B. S. A., Zool, and Ent.
E. L. Scott, M. A., Ancient Lang,
B. W. Pegues, Ciril Engin.
C. A. Smith, M. A., Pu. D., Engl.
Charles E. Coates, jr., Ph. D., Chem.
W.R. Dodson, B. A., B. S., Bot.
Thomas W. Atkinson, B. S., C, E., Mech.

and Physics.
A. T. Prescott, M. A., Hist. and Polit. Sci.

Charles H. Stumberg, M. A., Modern lang.
William H. Dalrymple, M. R. C. V. S., l'et.

E. A. Chavanne, Mil. Sci. and Tactics.
F. H. Burnette, ( Asst.) Hort.
R. L. Himes, Prin. Subfreshman Dept.;

Commercial Branches,
C. H. Kretz, Instr. Mech.
Alfred Best, B. S., Instr. Chem.
L.J. Williams, Instr. Subfreshman Dept.
J. S. Washburn, Instr. Subfreshman Dept,
R. H. Plaisance, Instr. Subfreshman Dept.

Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, New Orleans.


The university is divided into the following departments : College, normal school

, high school (college preparatory), grammar school, department of music, and industrial department. In the industrial department there is an agricultural school and a dairy school, the first having two and four year courses and the second a two-year


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The undergraduate courses of study leading to degrees are ten, each requiring four years. These are the classical course, the Latin scientific course, the scientific course, the chemical course, the agricultural course, the preparatory medical course, the pharmacy course, the civil engineering course, the mechanical engineering course, and the electrical engineering course. The classical course leads to the degree of B. A., the Latin scientific course to B. Ph., the course in civil engineering to B. C. E., the courses in mechanical and electrical engineering to B. M. E., the other courses to B. S. The shorter courses leading to a certificate are as follows: The courses of one and two years in agriculture, the course of two years in pharmacy, and the farmers' training courses of six weeks. The course in the school of law is three years in length and leads the degree of LL. B.


Abram W. Harris, D. Sc., Pres.

Oliver 0. Stover, B, S., Natural Hist. Merritt C. Fernald, Ph. D., Philos. James S. Stevens, Pui. D., Phy8, Alfreð B. Aubert, M. S., Chem.

Gilbert M. Gowell, M. S., Animal Indus. Allen E. Rogers, M. A., Civics.

Charles D. Woods, B. S., Agr. James M. Bartlett, M. S., Chem.

Mil. Sci. Lucius H. Merrill, B. S., Agr. Chem. Edwin B. Nichols, B. A., Modern Lang. Natural Hist.

Garnett Ryland, Ph. D., Chem. James N. Hart, C. E., Math. and Astron. Ralph K. Jones, B. S., Libr. Fremont L. Russell, B. S., V. S., Biol., Reginald R. Goodell, M. A., Modern Lang. Vet. Sci.

Ora W. Knight, M. S., Chem. Welton M. Munson, M. S., Hort.

Andrew J. Patten, B. S., Chem. Allen Rogers, B. S., Chem.

Edward R. Mansfield, B. S., Chem. Lucius J. Shepherd, B. S., Hort.

Arthur R. Crathorn, B. S., Math. Horace M. Estabrooke, M. A., Engl. Herbert G. Dorsey, M. S., Phy8. Arthur W. Price, B. A., Engl.

Cyrenius W. Crockett, B. S., Chem. Stanley Sidensparker, B. M. E., Phys. Clinton L. Small, B. S., Chem.

Edwin C. Upton, B. S., Modern Lang.


Maryland Agricultural College, College Park.


The course of study requires four years and leads to the degrees of B. S., B. A., M. E., and A. M.


R. W. Silvester, Pres.; Math.
Clough Overton, 1st Lieut., 4th Cavalry,

U.S. A., Mil. Sci. and Tactics.
W.T. L. Taliaferro, B. A., Agr.
H. B. McDonnell, M. D., B. S., Chem.
Martin P. Scott, M. D., Natural Hist.
W.G. Johnson, M. A., Ent.
Jas. S. Robinson, Hort.
C.0. Townsend, Pu. D., Path, and Bot.
Henry Lanahan, B. A., Cirics and Civil

C. F. Doane, B. S., Dairying.

Thos. H. Spence, M. A., Lang.
H. Gwinner, M. E., Mech.
S. S. Buckley, M. S., D. V.S., Vet. Sci.
F. B. Bomberger, B. S., Engl. and Cirics.
H. T. Harrison, Prin. Prep. Dept.
J. R. Laughlin, B. S., Asst. Chem.
J. H. Mitchell, M. S., Asst. in Engin.
M. N. Straughn, B. S., A88t. in Chem.
J. B. Robb, B, S., Asst. in Chem.
T. R. Gough, Asst, in Chem.
Geo. S. Edelen, Asst. in Chem.
Jos. R. Owens, M. D., Registrar and Treas.


Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst,


The course of study requires four years and leads to the degree of P. S.


Henry II. Goodell, LL, D., Pres.; French John E. Ostrander, C. E., Engin. and and Hist.

Math. Levi Stockbridge, (Honorary) Agr. Henry T. Fernald, Ph. D., Ent. Chas. A. Goessmann, Ph. D., LL.D.,Chem. Capt. John Anderson, Mil. Sci. and Samuel T. Maynard, B. S., Hort.

Tactics. Chas. Wellington, Ph. D., (88800.) Chem. Herman Babson, M. A., Asst. in Engi. Charles H. Fernald, Ph. D., Zool.

Samuel F. Howard, B. S., Asst, in Cher. Rev. Charles S. Walker, Ph. D., Mental Fred S. Cooley, B. S., Asst. in Agr. and Polit. Sci.

Richard S. Lull, M. S., Asst, in Zool. William P. Brooks, Ph. D., Agr.

Ralph E. Smith, B. S., Asst. in Bot, and George F. Mills, M. A., Engl, and Latin. Instr. in German, James B. Paige, D. V.S., l'et. Sci.

Philip B. Hasbrouck, B. S., Asst. in Math. George E. Stone, Ph. D., Bot.

Bernard H. Smith, B. S., 18st. in Chem. Robert W. Lyman, LL. B., Lecturer on Farm Law.


Michigan Agricultural College, Agricultural College.


The courses of study are three, each requiring four years for completion and lead. ing to the degree of B. S.: The agricultural course, the mechanical course, and the women's course. A post-graduate course is also provided.


J.L. Snyder, M. A., Pui. D., Pres.
R. C. Kedzie, M. A., M. D., D. Sc., Chem.;

Curator Chem. Lab.
William J. Beal, M. S., Ph. D., Bot, and

For.; Curator Bot. Museum.
Levi R. Taft, M. S., Hort. and Landscape

Gardening; Supt. Hort. Dept.

Howard Edwards, M. A., LL. D., Engl.

Lit. and Modern Lang.
Herman K. Vedder, C. E., Math.
Arthur C. Bird, B. S., Sec.
C. D. Smith, M. S., Supt. of Farmers' Insti-

tutes and Dean of Special Courses. C. L. Weil, B. S., Mech. Engin.

W. B. Barrows, B. S., Zool. and Physiol.; U. P. Hedrick, B. S., (A88t.) Hort.
Curator General Museum.

Alexandre W. Mosely, B. S., Asst. Mech.
Frank 8. Kedzie, M. S., (Adjunct) Chem. Engin.
George A. Waterman, M. S., V.S., Vet. Sci. E. Sylvester King, B. S., Instr. Engl.
H. W. Mumford, B. S., dgr.

B. O. Longyear, Instr. Bot.
William S. Holdsworth, M. S., (A8st.) William 0. Beal, B. A., Instr. Math.

J.J. Ferguson, B. S., Instr. Dairying.
Martin D. Atkins, M. A., (A88t.) Phys. C. E. Marshall, Ph. B., (A88t.) Bact.
C. F. Wheeler, B. S., (Asst.) Bot.

H. E. Smith, B. S., Instr. Mech. Engin. W. O. Hedrick, M. S., (A88t.) Hist. and Mrs. Jennie K. L. Haner, Instr. Sewing. Polit. Econ.

Belle C. Crowe, Instr. Domestic Sci. Maud Ryland Keller, M. A., Dean of Wom Mrs. Maud Marshall, Instr. Music.

Thomas Gunson, Foreman Greenhouses.
Georgiana Blunt, Pa. M., (A88t.) Engl. Lit. F. C. Kenney, A881. Sec.
and Modern Lang.

Foreman Farm.
Warren Babcock, jr., B. S., (A88t.) Math. W. S. Leonard, Foreman Machine Shop8.
Mrs. Linda E. Landon, Libr.

Chase Newman, Instr. Mech. Drawing and
R. H. Pettit, B. S., Instr. Zool. and Ent. of Woodshop.
Erpt. Sta.

W. B. Bradford, Foreman Woodshop.
Chas. O. Bemies, B. A., Phys. Culture. C. E. Baker, Foreman Foundry.
Jos. A. Jeffrey, B. S., (A88t.) Agr.

B. A. Faunce, Clerk to Pres.

an's Dept.

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MINNESOTA. College of Agriculture of the University of Minnesota, St. Anthony Park, St.



The college course requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B. Agr. Instruction in a number of subjects included in the course in agriculture is given by the faculty of the college in science, literature, and the arts. There is also a secondary school of agriculture, with a course requiring three years of six months each for completion, and a dairy course of four weeks. To secure a dairy certificate the student must have two seasons' actual practice in a creamery or cheese factory, one of which must follow his work at the dairy school.

Andrew Boss, Dressing and Curing Meats;

William Boss, Carpentry and Power Ma

Cyrns Northrop, LL. D., Pres.
William M. Liggett, Dean.

Farm Machinery.
Henry Webb Brewster, Ph. D., Prin. of J. M. Drew, Blacksmithing and Poultry,

School; Math.
Samuel B. Groen, B. S., Hort. and For.

Otto Lugger, Ph.D., Zool. and Ent.
Charles R. Aldrich, Carpentry, Drawing, Juniata L. Shepperd, m. A., Cooking and

Florence A. Brewster, Libr.

Margaret Blair, Sewing.
William Robertson, B. S., Phys. and Bot.
J. A. Vye, Penmanship and Accounts.
Harry Snyder, B. S.,Chem.
T. L. Haecker, Dairy Husb.
M. H. Reynolds, M. D., V.M., Physiol. and

E. W. Mahood, M. A., Arith. and Athletics.

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and Farm Buildings.

Vet. Sci.
Willet M. Hays, M. S., Agr.
Thomas Shaw, Animal Indus.

Virginia C. Meredith, Preceptre88; House

hold Art and Social Culture.
Chas. F. Keyes, B. A., Lang. and Music.
Louis G. Kiehle, Phys. Culture.
B. D. White, Instr. Butter Making.
A. J. Glover, Instr. Cheese Making.
E. W. Major, Instr. Sweet-Curd Cheese

N. H. Fulton, Asst. in Creamery.
L. R. Hobart, d88t. in Creamery,
H.C. Haecker, Instr. Dairy Lab.

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