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Mississippi Agricultural Experiment Station, Agricultural College.!

Department of Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical ('ollege.


Board of Trustees : Gov. A. J. McLaurin (Pres.), Jackson; H. M. Street, Meridian; R. C. Lee, Vadison Station ; W. H. Morgan, Sheppardtown ; Jno. R. Dinsmore, Macon; J. B. Bailey, Conchatta ; W. B. Montgomery, Starkrille; T.C. Dockery, Lore Station; J.H. Sharp, Penn ; J.J. Coman, Jackson ; S. D. Loe ( Pres. of College), agricultural Col. lege; W. L. Hutchinson, Agricultural College.


S. D. Lee, LL.D., President of the College,
W. L. Hutchinson, M. S., Dir.; Chem. W. R. Perkins, M. S., A880c. Chem.
E. R. Lloyd, M. S., A88t. Dir.; Agr.

E. B. Ferris, M. S., 188t. Chem.
G. W. Herrick, B. S., Bot, and Ent.

J. S. Moore, M. S., Asst. Bot. and Vet. A. B. Mckay, B. S., Ilort.

C. T. Ames, B. S., Asst. Hort.
J.C. Robert, D. V.M., Vet.

R.C. King, B. S., Treas.
W. H. Pickard, Sten.


Missouri Agricultural College Experiment Station, Columbia.

Department of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts of the luiversity of

the State of Missouri.


Board of ('urators-Executive Committee: Noah M. Givan (Pres.), Harrisonville ; G. B. Rollins, Columbia : Campbell Wells, Platte City.

Advisory Council-The Missouri State Board of Agriculture.


Henry J. Waters, B. S. A., Dean of the College and Director, Paul Schweitzer, Ph. D., Chem.

T. I. Mairs, B. AGR., 48xt, in Agr. J. C. Whitten, B. S., Hort,

W. B. Cady, B. S., 1881. in Chem. J. M. Stedman, B. S., Ent.

C. Thom, M, A., Asst. in Bot. J. W. Connaway, V. D. C., let.

Irvin Switzler, Sec.
A. E. llackett, Met.

R. B. Price, Treas.
N. 0. Booth, B. AGR., 1881. in Hort. C. L. Willoughby, Clerk and Sten.


Montana Agricultural Experiment Station, Bozeman.

Department of Montana Agricultural ('ollege.


Executive Board: L. S. Willson (Pres.), Bozeman; Peter Koch (Sec. and Treas.), Bozeman; Walter ('ooper, Bozeman; Geo. Kinkel, jr. (V. Pres.) Vanhattan; Nelson Story, Bozeman.


Rev.James Reid, B. A., President of the College, S. M. Emery, Dir.; Hlort.

W.M. Cobleigh, Asst. Chem. F. V. Tri Pagen, P.1)., Clem.

E. V. Wilcox, Ph. D., Biol. Robert S. Shaw, B. S. A., 488t. Agr.

J. W. Blankinship, Ph.D., Bot.

I Freight and telegraph address, Starkville.


Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Department of The University of Nebraska.


Regents of the University: Charles H. Morrill ( Pru8.), Lincoln; Thomas Rawlings, Wakefield; Chas. Weston, Hay Springs; H. L. Goold, Ogallala; E. von Forell, Kearney, George F. Kenower, Wisner.


George E. MacLean, Ph.D., LL. D., Chancellor of the University and Director. H. H. Nicholson, M. A., Chem.

0. V.P. Stout, C. E., Irrig. Engin. C. E. Bessey, Ph. D., Bot.

G. A. Loveland, B. S., 48st. Met.
Lawrence Bruner, B. S.,

W.D. Hunter, M. A., Asst. Ent.
E. H. Barbour, Ph. D., Geol.

R. S. Hiltner, M. A., A88t. Chem. R. A. Emerson, B.S., Hort.

A. L. Hæcker, Asst. Agr. A. T. Peters, D. V.S., Animal Diseases. Vergil C. Barber, B. A., Asst. Animal Path. G. D. Swezey, M. A., Met.

S. W. Perin, Foreman Farm. T. L. Lyon, B. S. A., Agr.

J. S. Dales, M. Pu., Treas. C. H. Elmendorf, Animal Husb.

W. W. Marshall, Executive Clerk.


Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, Reno.

Department of Nevada State University.


J. N. Erans (Pres.). Reno; Geo. H. Taylor (Sec.), Reno; W. E. F. Deal, Virginia City: H. S. Starrett, Battle Mountain.


Joseph E. Stubbs, M. A., D. D., L.L. D., President of the College and Director. Fred. H. Hillınan, M. S., Ent, and Bot.

Walter McN. Miller, M. D., Bact, and Path. Ransom H. McDowell, B. S., Agr. and Theodore Clark, Foreman Farm.

Hannah K. Clapp, M. A., Libr.

Nathaniel E. Wilson, M. S., Chem.


New Hampshire College Agricultural Experiment Station, Durham. Department of New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.


Board of Control: Frank Jones (Chair.), Portsmouth; George A. Wason, New Boston: Charles W. Stone, M. A. (Sec.), Andorer; John G. Tallant, Pembroke; Chas.

S. Murkland (Pres.), Durham.


Chas, S. Murkland, M. A., Ph. D., President of the College and Acting Director.

Fred W. Morse, B. S., V. Dir. ; Chem.
Frank Wm. Rane, B. Agr., M. S., Hort.
Charles W. Burkett, M. S., Agr.
Charles H. Pettee, M. A., C. E., Met.
Herbert H. Lamson, M. D., Bact.

Clarence M. Weed, D. Sc., Ent.
Elwin H. Forristall, B. S., Asst. Agr.
Arthur Given, B. S., Asst. Chem.
William F. Fiske, 1881. Ent.
Clement S. Morris, Clerk,


New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station, New Brunswick.

[blocks in formation]

Board of Managers: Gov. Foster M. Voorhees, Trenton; Austin Scott, Vew Brunswick; Edward B. Voorhees, New Brunswick; Theo. F. D. Baker, Bridgeton ; Elwood Evans, Haddonfield ; Samuel B. Ketcham (V. Pres.), Pennington; John E. Darnell, Masonville; David D, Denise, Freehold ; James Neilson, New Brunswick ; George Fritts, Pattenburg; Elias N. Millen, Deckertown ; Samuel R. Demarest, jr. (Pres.), Hackensack; George H. Blakeley, Paterson ; L. H. Muller, 173 Lafayette st., Newark; C. L. Jones, 8 Milford ave., Newark; Rynier J. Wortendyke, 76 Montgomery st., Jersey City; George E. De Camp, Roseland ; G. W. Doty, Union.


Edward B. Voorhees, M. A., Dir.
Irving S. L'pson, M. A., Chief Clerk; Sec.

and Treas. Board Managers.
Louis A. Voorhees, M. A., Chief Chem.
John P. Street, M. S., Chem.
Alya T. Jordan, B. S., 488t. Hort.

Clarence B. Lane, B. S., A881, in Hairy

Alfred A. Cannon, Asst. Clerk.
Mary Whitaker, Sten. and Typewriter.
Vincent J. Carberry, Lab, Asst.
George R. Pob), Laborer.

New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station, New Brunswick,

Department of Rutgers College.


Board of Trustees—Executive Committee: Austin Scott (Chair.), New Brunsicick; George C. Ludlow, New Brunswick; Henry W. Bookstaver, 14 East Sixty-seventh st., New York City; Henry R. Baldwin, New Brunswick; James Neilson, New Brunswick; Paul Cook, Troy, N. Y.


Austin Scott, Ph. D., LL. D., President of the College. Edward B. Voorlees, M. A., Dir.

James A. Kelsey, M. S., Field Asst. Julius Nelson, Ph. D., Biol.

Irving S. Upson, M. A., Disbursing Clerk
Byron D. Halsted, D. SC., Bot and Hort. and Libr.
John B. Smith, D. Sc., Ent.

Alfred A. Canpon, 48st. Clerk.
Augusta E. Meske, Sten. and Typewriter.


Agricultural Experiment Station of New Mexico, Mesilla Park.

Department of New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.


Board of Regents: G. A. Richardson (Pres.), Roswell; P. H. Curran (Sec. and Treas.), Las Cruces ; A. A. Jones, Las l’egas ; H. D. Bowman, Mesilla Park ; Jacinto Armijo, Las Cruces ; Gov. Miguel A. Otero, Santa Fe; Manuel C. de Baca (Supt. Public Instruction), Santa Fe.


Cornelias T. Jordan, M. A., President of the College and Director. Arthur Goss, M. S., A. C., Dir.; Chem. Fabian Garcia, B. S., A88t. Agr. and Hort. T. D. A. Cockerell, Ent.

Alfred M. Holt, M. S., 2d A88t. Chem. Chas. A. Keffer, Agr. and Hort.

Humboldt Casad, A88t. Agr. and Hort. E.O. Wooton, M. A., Bot.

Frank E. Lester, Clerk. C.H. T. Townsend, Biographer and System- Elizabeth Wickham, A88t. Clerk. atic Ent.

Charles E. Mead, B.S.,Supt. Substa.( Aztec). John D. Tinsley, Biol.

John S. Thornhill, Supt. Substa. (Las R. Fred Hare, M. S., 48st. Chem.



New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva.


Board of Control: Martin V. B. Ives (Pres.), Potsdam ; W. O'Hanlon (Sec. and Treas.), Geneva ; Gov. Theodore Roosevelt, Albany; William C. Barry, Rochester ; S. H. Hammond, Geneva ; A. C. Chase, Syracuse; F. 0. Chamberlain, Canandaigua ; F.C. Schraub, Lowrille ; Nicholas Hallock, Queens ; Lyman P. Haviland, Camden; G. Howard Davison, Millbrook.


W. H. Jordan, D. Sc., Dir.
Geo. W. Churchill, Agr. and Supt. Labor.
Wm. P. Wheeler, A88t. Animal Indus.
H. A. Harding, B. S., Bact.
F.C. Stewart, M. S., Bot.
L. L. Van Slyke, Ph. D., Chem.
C. G. Jenter, PA. C., Asst. Chem.
W.H. Andrews, B. S., A88t. Chem.
J. A. LeClerc, B.S., Asst. Chem.
A. D. Cook, PH. C., Asst. Chem.
Fred D. Fuller, B. S., Asst. Chem.

E. B. Hart, B. S., A88t. Chem.
Geo. A. Smith, Dairy Expert.
Frank H. Hall, B. S., Editor and Lib.
Victor H. Lowe, M. S., Ent.
F. A. Sirrine, M. S., Ent. (Jamaica, N. Y.).
S. A. Beach, M. S., Hort.
Wendell Paddock, B. S., A88t. Hort.
C.P. Close, M. S., Asst. Hort.
Frank E. Newton, Clerk and Sten.
Jennie Terwilliger, Clerk and Sten.
A. H. Horton, Computer.

Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, Ithaca.

Department of Cornell University.



Station Council: Jacob G. Schurman (Pres.), Isaac P. Roberts, John H. Comstock, Liberty H. Bailey, Franklin C. Cornell, Emmons L. Williams.


Isaac P. Roberts, M. AGR., Dir.; Agr.
Henry H. Wing, B. Agr., M. S., Dairy

Husb. and Animal Indus.
George C. Caldwell, B. S.,Ph. D., Chem.
James Law, F.R.C. V.S., Vet.
John H. Comstock, B. S.,

Liberty H. Bailey, M. S., Hort.
G. F. Atkinson, M. S., Cryptogamic Bot.
Mark V. Slingerland, B.S., A8st. Ent.
Louis A. Clinton, B. S., A88t. Agr.
J. L. Stone, B. S. A., A88t. in Agr.
George W. Cavanaugh, B.S., Asst. Chem.

Jacob G. Schurman, B. A., D. Sc., LL. D., President of the University.

Benjamin M. Duggar, M. S., M. A., Ph. D.,

Asst. Cryptogamic Bot.
A. R. Ward, B. S. A., Dairy Bact.
Wilhelm Miller, B. A., M. S. AGR., 888t.

in Floriculture.
A. L. Knisely, M. S., A88t. in Chem.
Leroy Anderson, B. S., M. S. AGR., 1981.

in Dairy.
Chas. E. Hunn, Gardener.
G. N. Lauman, B. S. A., Asst. in Hort.
E. L. Williams, Treas.
E. A. Butler, Clerk.


North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh.

Department of North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.


Board of Trustees-North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts: J. C. L. Harris (Pres.), Raleigh ; L. C. Edwards, Oxford ; J. W. Harden, jr., Raleigh ; Matt. Moore, Kenansville ; J. Z. Waller, Burlington ; H. E. Bonitz, Wilmington; J. J. Britt, Bakersville; A. Q. Holladay, Raleigh; J. R. Chamberlain, Raleight; S. L. Crowder, Ridgeway; W.C.O’Berry, Dudley.


Alex. Q. Holladay, LL. D., President of the College. W. A. Withers, M. A., Acting Dir.; Chem. W. G. Haywood, B. Litt., Asst. Chem. F. E. Emery, M. S., Agr.

(Fertilizer control). W.F. Massey, C. E., Hort., Bot., and Ent. H. W. Primrose, B. S., A88t. Chem. Cooper Curtice, D. V.S., M. D., Pet.

Alexander Rhodes, Asst. Hort. A. W. Blair, M. A., State Chemist (Fertilizer C. W. Hyams, Asst. Bot. control).

J. M. Johnson, M.S., Asst. Agr. C. B. Williams, M. S., Asst. Chem. (Fertil B. S. Skinner, Supt. Farm, izer control),

J. M. Fix, Sec. G. S. Fraps, B. S., A88t. Chem.

H. E. King, Chief Clerk (Fertilizer control). C. D. Harris, B. S., 1888. Chem. (Fertilizer C. M. Hughes, B. E., Clerk. control).

Miss M. S. Birdsong, Sten. (Fertilizer conJ. A. Bizzell, B. S., Asst. Chem.

trol). F.G. Kelly, Asst. Chem.(Fertilizer control). Mrs. L. V. Darby, Sten.


North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Agricultural College.

Department of North Dakota Agricultural College.


Board of Trustees: W. H. Robinson (Pres.), Mayville; E. M. Warren, Lamoure; X. A. Lewis (Treas.), Fargo; Henry J. Kusch, Fargo; L. R. Casey, Jamestown; Aler. Stern, Fargo; Roger Allen, Grafton ; Geo. E. Osgood, Fargo,


J. H. Worst, President of the College and Director. E, F. Ladd, B. S., Chem.

E. E. Kaufman, B. S. AGR., Dairyman. J. H. Shepperd, M. S. A., Agr.

A. M. Ten Eyck, M. S., Asst. 147. W. C. Langdon, D. V.S., l'et.

H. M. Ash, Farm Supt. C. B. Waldron, B. S., Jrbor.

H. McGuigan, B. S., 18st. Chem. H. L. Bolley, M. S., Bot,

P. W. Farnham, Bookkeeper and AccountMerton Field, B. S., A881. Bot.


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