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Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, Auburn.


The courses of stuly are seven. Five of these require four years each for completion, and lead to the degree of B. S.: Course in chemistry and agriculture, course in mechanics and civil engineering, course in electrical and mechanical engineering, course in pharmacy, and general course. The two remaining courses require two years each, and lead to a certificate: Two years' course in agriculture and two years' course in mechanic arts.


Wm. Leroy Bronn, M. A., LL. D., Pres.;

Phys. and Jetron. 0. D. Smith, M. A., Vath. P. H. Mell, M. E., Ph. D., Bot, and Geol. J. H. Lane, C. E., M. A., LL. D., Ciril

Engin. and Drawing. C.C. Thach, M. A., Engl. and Polit. Econ. B. B. Ross, M. S., Chem. and Igr. Chem. J. J. Wilmore, M. E., Mech. Engin, and

Dir. Lab. C. H. Ross, Ph. D., Modern Lang, and Engl. G. Petrie, M. A., P11. D., Hist. and Latin. A. F. McKissick, M. A., M. M. E., Elect.

Engin. and Phys. C. A. Cary, 1), V. J., l'et. Sci. M.O. Hollis, Lieut., 4th Infantry, U. S. A.,

Mil. Sci. J. F. Duggar, M. S., Agr. F.8. Earle, Hort, and Biol. E. R. Miller, Ph.C., Phar. M., M.S., Phar


C.F. Baker, B. S., Ent.
B. H. Crenshaw, M. E., Instr. Yath.
C. L. Hare, B. S., Instr. Chem. Lab.
R. J. Trammell, C. E., Instr. Mech, Arts.
HI. II. Kyser, E. and M. E., Instr. Phys.

W. L. Fleming, B. S., 188t. Lib.
M. T. Fullan, 1981. in Jech. drts.
R. D. Webli, B. S., 1xst. in Engl.
F. L. Tate, B. S., 1881. in Engl. and Math.
G. M. Holley, B. S., 1881. in Math.
G. N. Mitcham, B. S., 48st. in Ciril Engin.

and Drawing. W.W.Hill, B. S., 1881. in Vech. Arts. E. B. Joseph, B. S., 1881, in Chem. T. G. Conper, B. S., 1881. in Elect. Engin. J. B. Hobdy, B. S., 1881. in Gymnasium. W.J. Vixon, B. S., 1881. in l'et. Sci. W. P. Leonard, B. S., Igr. B, S. Patrick, B. S., Asst. in Latin.

Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes, Normal.


The college is divided into two departments, literary and industrial. The courses requiring four years for completion are as follows: Scientific, agricultural, and mechanical. Courses covering from one to three years are given in a number of different industrial and literary subjects.


W. H. Councill, Ph. D., Pres.; Ancient

Hist, and Mental Sci.
S. A. Hull, Prin. Dept. Math.
B. A. Imes, B. A., B. D., Chaplain; Prin.

Dept. Bible Training.
W. A. Simmons, Prin. Depts. Engl. and

Business Training.
E. B. Derrick, Prin. Dept. Domestic Sci.
E. S. Melton, Prin. Dept. Vech. Arts,
L. L. Daily, Engl.
J. F. McClellan, Prin. Dept. Agr.
A. H. Halfacre, Normal Prep.; 1880. l'ocal

S. W. McCall, Engl. and Typewriting.
J. A. Lankford, Machinery and Engin.
R. A. Thompson, Laundres8.
M. F.llolston, Elocution and Vurse Train-

W. A. Scott, Blacksmithing.
Chas. Alexander, Printing and Music.

H. M. Archer, Sec. Faculty; I'rin. Depts.

Lang. and Music,
H. E. Archer, B. S., Prin. liept, Natural

and Phys. Sci.
E. L, Lowery, Shoemaking.
Eliza Lee, Writing, Drawing, and Sewing.
J. H. E. Jones, Bookkeeping.
C.C. Duncan, Art Painting.
H. K. Patrick, Millinery.
H. W. Handy, Purchasing Agent.
Isora Garrett, 1881. (Prest,'s) Sec.
Gertruile Adell, Sec., l'rin. Dept. Engl.
Edith M. Kelly, Sec., l'rin. Dept. Engl.
George L. Lowery, Asst. Shoemaking.
Mary Rutledge, Asst. Seamstress.
Joshua Barney, Plumbing.
Jno. McAlister, Asst. Blacksmithing.
Alfred Thomas, Painting.
Orondell Terry, 488t. Woodworking.
Nellie Lowery, Libr.


University of Arizona, Tucson.


The facilities and privileges of the university are open to all qualified persons of either sex without charge. Three regular four-year courses of study leading to a degree are otiered, viz, literary and scientific, engineering and mining, agriculture,

M. M. Parker, M, A., Pres.; Civice,

Sherman M. Woodward, M, A., Phys. and
Wm. P. Blake, Pı. B., M. A., Geol., Metal Wech,

lurgy and Mining; Dir. School Vines, F. N. Guild, M. E., Asst. in School of Vines. C. S. Parsons, Dir. «Igr. Esp. Sta.; Irrig, Margaret Randal, Elocution, Engl., and Engin.

l'hys. Culture. James W. Toumey, B. S., Biol.

D. H. Holmes, Drawing and Shoprork.
Alfred J. McClatehie, M. A., Agr. and Mrs. Emma Monk (inikl, Asst. in Prep.

Charles P. Riclmond, Instr. Vil. Tactics, F. Yale Adams, M. A., Instr. Ancient and
Howard J. Hall, B, A., Engl. and Libr.

Vodern Lang.; ('ommandant.
Robert 11. Forbes, B. S., Chem.

Mrs. M. B. Aguirre, list, and Spanish.
1J. X. Srummers, Prin. Prep. Dept.; Dir. James (). Turner, Math.
Commercial Dept.

Nora Tower, Sten.


Arkansas Industrial University, Fayetterille.


The university otiers the following courses in the departments at Fayetteville: Three in engineering, leading to the degrees of B. J. E., B. C. E., and B. E. E.; seven in science, leading to the degree of B. S., with one of the following subjects as a sperialty, viz, chemistry, zoologs, geology, mathematics, economics, agriculture, and horticulture; eight in liberal arts, learling to the degree of B. A., with one of the

ou leave.

following subjects as a specialty, viz, ancient languages, modern languages, mathematies, history, economics, chemistry, zoology, and geology; three short courses without degree, students in which at the end of the sophomore year may change to one leading to one of the above degrees, viz, normal, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering courses. There are also graduate courses. In addition to the above, the ineclical department and the law department, both at Little Rock, have courses of study leading to the degrees of M. D. and B. L., respectively.


J. L. Buchanan, M. A., LL. D., Pres. ;

Ethics. A. E. Menke, D. Sc., F. C. S., Ph. D.,

Chem, and Phys. J. F. McNeill, B. S., M. A., Biol. E. T. Bynum, Ph. D., Engl. and Modern

Lang. J. W. Fertig, Ph. D., Hist. W. A. Ross, B. A., ( Acting) Mil. Sci. and

Tactics. J. C. Futral), M. A., Ancient Lang. G. W. Droke, M. A., Vath, and Astron. C. E. Houghton, B. A., M. M. E., Mech.

Arts anıl Engin. W. B. Bentley, M. A., Pii. D., (Ax80c.)

Chem, and Phys. B. J. Dunn, M. A., (1880c.) Math. J. J. Knoch, M. S., C, E., Civil Engin. W.N. Gladson, M. E., Elect. Engin. Hadge Davies, B. A., (1880c.) Eng. and

Yodern Lang. E, F. Shannon, B. A., (Assoc.) Latin. A. II. Purdue, M. A., Geol, and Min. S. J. McLean, M. A., LL. B., Ph. D., Econ.

and Sociology.

Junius Jordan, LL. D., Philos. and Pedag.
Clara Earle, B. A., A88t. in Engl.
E. L. Busch, Musical Dir.
Elizabeth Busch, Piano.
Gertrude Crawford, Instr. l'ocal Music.
Mrs. Jennie D. Rice, Instr, Art.
Mack Martin, B. M. E., Instr. Machine

Shop and Forging.
B. N. Wilson, B. S., M. E., Instr. Il'ood-

Working and Foundry. Susie II. Spencer, Libr. W. A. Crawford, Prin. Prep. Dept. G. A. Cole, B. A., Instr, Math. Cener Holcomb, B. A., Instr. Engl. and

Geog. Naomi J. Williams, M. A., Instr. Latin

and llist. Mrs. E. W. Cole, Instr. Math, and Hist. Mary Davis, Instr. Engl. Linda Read, B. A., Instr. Engl, and Math, C. L. Newman, B. S., Agr. J. T. Stinson, B. S., Hort. G. L. Teller, M. S., Agr. Chem. R. R. Dinwiddie, V. S., M. D., Animal

Path. and Myc.


College of Agriculture of the University of California, Berkeley.


The course of study requires four years for completion and leads to the degree of B.S.



M. Kellogg, LL. D., Pres.
I. Stringham, Ph. D., Math.
E.W.Hilgard, Ph. D., LL. D., Agr.; Dir.

Ayr. Expt. Sta.
E. J. Wickson, M. A., 1gr. Pract.
R. H. Loughridge, Ph. D., (Asst.) Agr.

Geol. and iyr. Chem.
W. A. Setchell. Pii. 1), Bot.
W.B. Rising, Pu D., Chem.

E. O'Neill, Pi. B., (A 8800.) Organic and

Physiol. Chem. J. LeConte, LL. D., Geol. and Natural Hist. A. C. Lawson, Ph. D., (4880c.) Min, and

Geol. S. B. Christy, Ph. B., Mining and Metal

lurgy. C. W. Woodworth, M. S., (A881.) Ent. G. C. Edwarıls, l'II. B., ( 48800.) Vath.


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M. W. Haskell, Ph. D., (-1880C.) Jath.
W.C. Jones, M. A., Jurisprudence.
G. Gutsch, J. U. D., (Honorary) Lecturer in

L. T. Hengstler, Ph. D., (1881.) Jurisprut-

dence. A. (). Leuschner, Ph. D., (A88t.) Astron.

and Geodesy; Dir. Students' Obserratory. F. Slate, B. S., Phys. W. E. Ritter, Pu. I)., (Ax800.) Zool. H. Kower, C. E., (A88t.) Instrumental

Drairing. F. Soule, Grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., Ciril

Engin, and Astron. H. I. Randall, B, S., (188t.) Civil Engin. E. E. Brown, Pu, D., Theory and I'ractice

of Education. F. B. Dressler, Pu. D., (A8st.) Theory and

Pract. of Education. T. P. Bailey, jr., Ph. D., (1880c.) Education

as Related to Character. B. Moses, Pu. D., Ilist, and Polit. Econ. C. M. Gayley, B. A., Engl. Lang. and Lit. E. B. Clapp, Pır. D., Greek Lang, and Lit. 1. Flagg, Ph. D., (18800.) Classical l'hi.

lology. C. B. Bradley, M. A., Rhet. A. F. Lange, Ph. D., (A8800,) Engl. Philol

ody. J. B. Davy, Asst. in Bot.; A88t, Bot. to Agr.

Expt. Sta. W. M. Hart, M. A., Instr. Engl. H. II. Hirst, B. S., Instr. Ciril Engin. L. E. Hunt, B. S., Instr. Ciril Engin. H. P. Johnson, Pu, D., (A88t.) Zool, and

Curator Zool. Collection 8. J. W. Craig, Evening A88t. in Libr, Mrs. G. E. Magee, A88t, in Phys. (ulture. W.D. Armes, M. L., (Asst.) Engl. Lit, A. Putzker, M. A., German Lang. and Lit. A. B. Pierce, M. A., Instr. Math. T. F. Sanford, B. A., (Asst.) Engl. Lit. G. Faucheux, B. L., B. S., Instr. French. C. H. Howarı, B. A., Instr. French. J. H. Senger, Pu. 1., (48800. ) German. F. V. Paget, B. L., B. S., French and Span.

ish Lang. and Lit. C.C. Plelın, Pu. I., (1880c.) Finance. S. A. Cloman, Grad. U.S. Mil. Acad., Mil.

Sci, and Tactics. RS. Norris, Pu. 1)., Instr. Chem. J. Sutton, Pui. B., l'ecorder of Faculties.

M. E. Jaffa, M. S., (A8Rt.) Agr.
G. E. Colby, M. S., Instr. lit. Lab.
W.J. Raymond, B. S., (.1881.) Phys.

E. P. Lewis, Ph. D., (A88t.) Phys.
A.C. Alexander, Ph. D., Instr. Phys,
A. P. Hayne, Ph. B., (288t.) Vit, and Olire

Culture. F. T. Bioletti, M. S., Instr. Pract. Illine

Making and Bact. W.C. Blasdale, M. S., Instr. Chem. J. H. Gray, jr., B. S., Instr, Chem. H. B. Torrey, M. S., Instr. Zool. W. L. Jepson, Ph. D., Instr. Bot. Mrs. M. B. Ritter, M. D., Medical Eram

iner of Women. A. A. D'Ancona, B. A.,M. D., Hygiene. G. Davidson, D. Sc., Ph. D., Geog. I. C. Alleni, 488t. in Chem. G. D. Louderback, B. A., A88t, in Min. F. H. Bartlett, M. A., Asst, in French. G. W. Beattie, Reader in Chem. W.P. Boynton, Ph. D., Instr. Phys. E. R. Drew, B. S., Instr. Phys. M. A. V. Centner, Asst. in Germaii. S. A. Chambers, M. A., Instr. French. A. J. Cook, ('onductor Farmers' Institutes. 1), T. Fowler, Conductor Farmers' Insti

tutes, F. E. Frey, B. S., Student Asst. in Ciril

Engin, and Astron. Y. Kuno, B. S., Student 188t, in Astron. C. W. Leach, M. A., Instr. Hist. T. W. Page, Pu, D., Instr. Hist, and Econ. L. E. Dickson, Ph. D., Instr. Yath. W. E. Magee, Dir. ( 1881.) Phys. ('ulture. J. C. Merriam, Ph. D., Instr. Paleontology

and llist. Geol. A. V. Saph, M. S., Instr. Drawing. 'B. R. Maybeck, Instr. Drawing. G. T. Winterburn, Instr. Drawing. C. A. Noble, B. S., Instr. Vath. E. J. Wilczynski, Pu. D., Instr. Math. C. P. Vott, M. S., 1887, in Bot, W. J. V. Osterhont, M. A., Instr. Bot. N. L. Perry, Pu. B , 1881. in Vath. G. F. Reinhardt, B. S., Asst. in Phys. Cul

ture. J. A. Pearce, Asst, in Chem. Miss R. L. Rising, (Honorary) .188t. in

Chem. S. D). Townley, D. Sc., Instr. Practical


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L. D. Syle, M. A., (A88t.) Engl. Lit. J. T. Allen, P11. D., Instr. Greek and Classi-
F. L. Wharff, PH. B., Instr. German. cal Archeology.
M. C. Flaherty, Pi. B., Instr. Argumen H. T. Ardley, S. A., (1880C.) Decoratire and

Indus. tit.
A. W. Gray, B. A., 1881. in Phys.

K. C. Babcock, Pu. D., Instr. Hist. and
P. G. Nutting, B. A., Student 188t. in Polit. Sci.

T. R. Bacon, B. A., B.D., Modern European
T. L. Heaton, B. L., LL. B., A88t. in Hist.

J. Fryer, (ilgassiz) Oriental Lang. and
A. Incell, B. S., Asst. in Phys.

H. E. J. Ongerth, Reader in German. J. E. Gardner, Instr. Cantonese.
J. A. Rowland, Reader in Greek.

C. R. Greenleaf, M. D., (Honorary) Vil, and
R. C'. Daniels, Asst. in Chem.

Public Hygiene.
C. Gilman, dxsl, in Chem.

E. A. Herdam, B. S., (188t.) Metallurgy.
C. B. Higby, ( Honorary) 1881. in Chem. W. A. Merrill, Pu. D., Latin Lang. and Lit.
W. T. Welcker, ( Emeritus) Math.

L. J. Richardson, B. A., (-1887.) Latin.
T. M. Putnam, B, S., Asst, in Math. H. M. Hopkins, Ph. D)., Instr. Latin.
R. M. Hathaway, B. S., 18st. in Math. H.C. Nutting, Pu. D., Instr. Latin.
R. D). Yelland, Instr. Drawing.

C. Price, Ph. D., Instr. Latin.
C. K. Shion, B. A., Inspector Agr. Erpt. R. W. Husband, M. A., -188t. in Latin.

G. H. Howison, M. A., LL. D., (Mills)
F. R. Watson, Asst. in Phys.

F. G. Hesse, Vech. Engin.

E.C. Moore, Ph. D., 1881, in Philos.
L. F. Chesebrongh, Instr. Hech. Arts; C. H. Lindley, (Honorary) Law of Mines
Foreman Machine Shops.

and Water.
J. N. LeConte, M. J. E., Instr. Yech. M. L. Margolis, Ph. D., (.18soc.) Semitic
G.E.Cox, Asst. in Vech.; Foreman in Wood Lang.

E. B. McGilvary, Pui. D., (.18st.) Logic and H. W. Crozier, Student A881. in Mech.

Theory of knowledge.
C. R. Weymouth, B. S., 1881. in Mech. W. S. Morley, B. S., Inal. -18&t. in Mining.
0. Schober, Asst. in Mech, and Mechani H. Schussler, (Honorary) Water Supply

W. R. Stamper, Mechanician in Dept. of E. H. Simonds, B. S., Instr. «Issaying and

Vill 188t.
C. L. Cory, M. M. E., (1880c.) Elect, Engin. G. M. Stratton, Ph. D., ( 488t.) Psych. and
W.A. Lyon, B. S., 18st. in Elec. Engin. in Charge Psych. Lab.
E. N. Prouty, B. S., Student Asst. in Ciril J. Voorsanger, D. D., (Honoraryo Semitic

Lang. and Lit.


The State Agricultural College of Colorado, Fort Collins.


The courses of study are four, each requiring four years in addition to two years of preparatory work, and each leading to the degree of B. S.: The agricultural course, the mechanical engineering course, the irrigation and civil engineering course, and the ladies' course. Provision is made for post-graduate work. The degrees of C. E. and M. E. are conferred upon those worthy of holling them, by facnlty action approved by the governing board. A commercial course, covering a period of two years, is established, entrance to which requires the same qualitications as for admission to the freshman class; no degree is given.

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