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CAMPBELL, WM., Henry Marion Howe, 631

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, 66

Cartailhac, Emile, N. C. NELSON, 68

CARR-SAUNDERS, A. M., Inheritance in Swine, 19
CASTLE, W. E., Vienna White Rabbit, 269, 429;
Y-chromosome Type, 703

Catastrophism, New, A. M. MILLER, 701
Cat-tail as Feed, L. E. FREUDENTHAL, 456
CATTELL, MCK., Peripheral Circulation, 434
Cell Theory, J. H. GEROULD, 421
Ceramic Society, American, 588
CHAMPLAIN, A. B., Long-lived Woodborer, 49
CHANDLER, W. H., Doctorates in Agriculture, 619
CHASE, M. A., Iridescent Clouds, 263
Chemical, Soc., Amer., C. L. PARSONS, 23, 77, 132,
185, 212, 307, 343; Int. Conference at Utrecht,
369; Engineering Lectures, 235; Exposition, 532

Chemicals, Key," 73

Chemistry, The New, 157

Ciliary Action, Effect of Acid on, J. M. D. OLM-
Circulation, Peripheral, McK. CATTELL, 434
CLARK, G. L., Geometry and Inorg. Chemistry, 401
CLARK, H. L., Mortensen on Development and
Larval Forms of Echinoderms, 431

CLARKE, J. M., Presentation to Professor Emer-

son, 92

CLEMENS, W. A., Hydra in Lake Erie, 445
Clinical Medicine, S. R. MILLER, 577
Clouds, Iridescent, M. A. CHASE, 262
Coal, World Production of, 341

COCKERELL, T. D. A., Wheeler on Social Beetles;

Farquharson on Bionomics, 350

COSGRAVE, J. O'H., Popular Science, 594

Cowley, Abraham, R. J. H. DELOACH, 127

CRAMPTON, H. E., Influenza in Pacific Islands, 90
Crayfish Trap, E. C. O'ROKE, 677

Crop Protection Institute, 14

CROZIER, W. J., Publication of Scientific Papers,

[blocks in formation]

Drosophila, and Ultraviolet, F. E. LUTZ and F. K.
RICHTMYER, 519; Photic Stimulus and Rate of
Locomotion, W. H. COLE, 678

DUFFENDACK, O. S., Hydrogen in Tungsten Fur-

nace, 210

Duty on English Books, G. D. HARRIS, 240

Earth, History, E. BLACKWELDER, 83, 114; Rota-
tion and River-Bank Movements, E. HAYES, 567

Ecological Investigations, C. HARTMAN, 292

Eddy, Henry Turner, J. J. F., 12

Egg Secretion, O. GLASER, 486

EISENHART, L. P., Einstein Equations, 570

Electrified Microsections, S. W. GEISER, 212

Electron, Mass of the, at Slow Velocity, L. T.
JONES and H. O. HOLTE, 647

Elements, Disintegration of, 422

Emerson, Professor, Presentation to, J. M.


Emission Bands of Erbium Oxide, E. L. NICHOLS
and H. L. HOWES, 53

FREEMAN, F. N., Section I-Physiology, 574

Free-martin and Interstitial Cells, F. R. LILLIE,

K. F. BASCOM, 624

FRIERSON, L. S., Tilth in Agriculture, 317
Fruit Trees, H. B. TURKEY, 241, 423
Fuller's Scale, H. R. ROSEN, 76

GARNER, W. W. Photoperiodism, 582
GARRISON, F. H., Sudhoff's Paracelsus, 155

GEISER, S. W., Electrified Microsections, 212

Gels, Forms of Gas and Liquid Cavities on,

A. W. C MENZIES and R. BEEBE, 75

Genetics, C. B. HUTCHISON, 416

Geodetic and Geophys. Union, Rome Meeting, 614
Geographical Soc., Amer., 449; Royal Soc., 671
Geography, H. P. LITTLE, 362

Geologic Diffusion, G. O. SMITH, 596
Geologists, Assoc. of, in Pekin, 392
Geology, W. Vermont, C. E. GORDON, 208
Geometry and Inorganic Chemistry, G. L. CLARK,

Geophysical Union, Amer., 311

GEROULD, J. H., Cell Theory, 421

GILLESPIE, P., Sec. M at Toronto Meeting, 683
Glands, Endocrine, L. F. BARKER, 685

GLASER, O., Egg Secretion and Ethyl Butyrate, 486
Glass Flowers, 286

Globe Mutant, J. T. BUCHHOLZ, A. F. BLAKESLEE,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

LITTLE, H. P., Geography, 362
LIVINGSTON, B. E., Water Cultures, 483; Salt Lake
City Meeting, 450, 633; Meeting of Exec. Com.
of A. A. A. S., 680

LOEB, L., Stereoptropism, 22

LONGLEY, A. E., Angiosperms, 517

LORENTZ, H. A., Research in N. Bridge Labora-

tory, 334

Lowell, Percival, J. R., 50

Luminescence, E. L. NICHOLS, 157

Mathematics, Reorganization of, 172

MATTHEW, W. D., Fossil Vertebrates at Stuttgart,

Medical Association, American, 613
Medicine, Third Int. Congress of History of, 590
MEISINGER, C. L., Sky Brightness, 20; Tempera-
tures in United States, 292; Streamflow, 622
Mendel Centennial, G. H. SHULL, 392
MENZIES, A. W. C., Gels, Forms of Gas and
Liquid Cavities in, 75

Mercury Vapor Pumps, C. T. KNIPP, 183
MERRILL, G. P., Meteorites, 675

Metabolism, Vocabulary of, M. KAHN, 704
METCALF, M. M., Penard on Flagellates, 74
Meteorites, G. P. MERRILL, 675
Meteorological Soc., Amer., C. F. BROOKS, 636
Meteorology and Climatology, C. L. MEISINGER,
20, 292, 622

Metric Standardization, E. C. BINGHAM, 232, 664;
H. RICHARDS, 515; F. A. HALSEY and H. P.
BUSCH, 400

Microscopic Sections, G. H. NEEDHAM, 72

MILLER, A. M., Kentucky and Evolution, 178, 316;

New Catastrophism, 701

MILLER, S. R., Clinical Medicine, 577

MILLIKAN, R. A., Acceptance of Norman Bridge

Laboratory, 330

[blocks in formation]

PARSONS, C. L., Amer. Chem. Soc., 23, 77, 132, 185,
212, 307, 343

Pasteur Centenary, A. BONAZZI, 50

PEARL, R., Stefansson's The Friendly Arctic, 320

PEARSON, R. A., Agricultural Research, 229

PELLETT, F. C., Nectarina in Texas, 644

PENLAND, C. W. T., Angiosperms, 517

Pension and Insurance Plan at Princeton Uni-

versity, 694

PETERSON, P. P., Soil Deposition, 102
PHALEN, W. C., Potash Salts, 479
Philippines, Public Health-Work, 15
PHILLIPS, J. C., Animal Experimentation, 48
Philosophical Soc., Amer., A. W. GOODSPEED, 649
Phlox, Full Coloration in, J. P. KELLY, 245
Photoperiodism, W. W. GARNER, H. A. ALLARD,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Rogers, William Barton, Science Hall, 121
ROSEN, H. R., Fuller's Scale, 76

Roteria, F. PALMER, JR., 317

Royal, Photo. Soc., 257; Acad. of Belgium, 670
Russian Bureau of Applied Botany, D. N. BORO-
DIN, 129

Sheffield Scientific School, Dean of, 671

Sheldon Memorial, 235

SHERRINGTON, C., Maintenance of Scientific Re-
search, 629

SHULL, A. F., Amer. Soc. Naturalists, 105; Fed-
eration of Biological Societies, 245; Factor of
Safety in Research, 497

Streams, Deflection of, by Earth Rotation, W. M.
DAVIS, 478; of Long Island, O. E. JENNINGS,
291; Flow Experiment, C. L. MEISINGER, 622

Sudhoff's Paracelsus, F. H. Garrison, 155

Suter, Heinrich, F. CAJORI, 447

Temperatures in U. S., C. L. MEISINGER, 292
Thermel, W. P. WHITE, 617

Thompson, Caroline Burling, T. E. S., 40
THOMPSON, W. G., Public Health, 18
Tilth, Value of, J. ALEXANDER, 156

Tipburn, F. A. FENTON and O. L. RESSLER, 53;
J. R. EYER, 180

TITCHENER, E. B., Wilhelm Wundt, 129

Topography, Acoustic, C. BARUS, 321

TRELEASE, S. F., Water Cultures, 483

Tropical Research Station, H. F. O., 254

TRUE, R. H., Calcium for Higher Green Plants, 1

Tungsten, Sealing into Pyrex, L. T. JONES, 352;

Decomposition of, G. L. WENDT, 567

Tuning Fork, C. K. WEAD, 73
TURKEY, H. B., Fruit Trees, 241

TURNER, H. G., Laboratory Determinations, 53

UDDEN, J. A., Research Funds of U. S., 51
Universities, Doctorates Conferred by, C. HULL
and C. J. WEST, 271

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