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On plots, and errors happen.

Fort. Let four Captains Bear Hamlet like a Soldier off the Stage, For he was likely, had he been put on, To have prov'd most royally: and for his passage, The Soldiers Mulick, and the rites of War Speak loudly for him. Take up the Body: Such a fight as this, Becomes the Field, but here thews much amiss. Go, bid the Soldiers shoot. [Exeunt Marching: after which, a Peal of Ordnance are

foot off.

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L King of France


EAR, King of Britain.

King of France.
Duke of Burgundy
Duke of Cornwall.
Duke of Albany.
Earl of Glofter.
Earl of Kent.
Edgar, Son to Glofter.
Edmund, Bastard Son to Glofter.
Curan, a Courtier.
Steward to Gonerill.


Daughters to Lear.

Knights attending on the King, Officers, Messen

gers, Soldiers and Attendants.

SCENE lyes in Britain.


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