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(iv) The Author was very desirous of having the Additions printed by themselves; but the number of 'em, and their being interSpers’d in every Page, render'd that impracticable. He has now set the last Hand to it, and we hope it is so compleat as to need no more Improvement.

A Word more in relation to the Latin Edition of this Work printed in Holland, the Publisher of which pretends it was Corrected by the Author ; but that being quite otherwise, we must take this opportunity to let the World know, that the Author never saw it till it was all Printed; and therefore the many Errors found in it must not be imputed to Him.



101 108

I 22

Chap. 17. Of the Athenian Exxanora, or Publick Asem-

Chap. 18. Of the Senate of Five-hundred
Chap. 19. Of the Senate and Court of Areopagus
Chap. 20. Of some other Courts of Justice
Chap. 21. Of some other Courts of Justice, their Judicial

Process, &c.
Chap. 22. Of the Team eg. XOVT4, and Alamilai
Chap. 23. Of the Publick Judgments, Actions, & c. 123
Chap. 24. Of the Private Judgments, Actions, & c. 126
Chap. 25. Of the Athenian Punishments and Rewards 129
Chap. 26. Of the Athenian Laws

138 Laws relating to Divine Worship, Temples, Festivals, and - Sports

144 Laws concerning them who Officiate in holy Rites 147 Laws relating to the Laws

148 Laws referring to Decrees of the Senate, and Commonalty

149 Laws concerning Native, and Enfranchis'd Citizens 159 Laws appertaining to Children Legitimate, Sjurious, or Adopted

151 The Oath to be taken by the Ephebi

ibid. Laws belonging to Sojourners

152 Laws relating to the Senate of Five-hundred

154 Laws which concern Magistrates

ibid. The Oath

155 The Examination, and Interrogatory Disquisition of the Ar

The Archon's Oath

ibid. The Oath of the Στρατηγός

157 Laws respecting Orators

ibid. An Inspection into the Orators Lives

ibid. Laws treating of Duties, and Offices

158 Laws about the Refusal of Offices Laws concerning Honours, to be conferred on those, who

bave deserved well of the Cominon-wealth ibid. Laws referring to the Gymnasia

160 Laws relating to Physicians, and Philosophers 160 Laws concerning Judges

ibid. Of Laws relating to Law-suits

ibid. Laws refpeeting Preparatories to Judginents ibid.


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A Foron of the Oath taken by Judges after Eleétion ibid. Laws referring to Judgments

162 Laws concerning Arbitrators

ibid, A Law about Oaths

163 Laws treating of Witnesses

ibid. Laws touching Judgments already past

164 Laws concerning Punishments

ibid Laws referring to Receivers of Publick Revenues, the Ex, chequer, and Money for Shows

165 Laws about Limits, and Land-marks

166 Laws respeeting Lands, Herds and Flocks

*167 Laws relating to Buying, and Selling

ibid. Laws appertaining to Usury, and Money

ibid. Laws about Wares to be Imported to, or Exported from Athens

168 Laws respecting Arts

ibid. Laws concerning Societies, with their Agreements ibid. Laws belonging to Marriages

ibid. Laws touching Dowries

170 Laws referring to Divorces

ibid. Laws belonging to Adulteries

ibid. Laws referring to the Love of Boys, Procurers, and Strumpets

ibid. Laws appointed for the Drawing up of Wills, and right Constitution of Heirs, and Successors

173 Laws appertaining to Guardianship

174 Laws about Sepulchres, and Funerals

175 Laws against Ruffians, and Affafsins

176 A Law relating to Accusations

178 Laws concerning Damages

ibid. Laws belonging to Theft

179 Laws restraining Reproaches

ibid. Laws about the Management of Affairs

180 Laws referring to Entertainments

ibid. A Law relating to Accusations concerning Mines ibid. A Law appertaining to the Action Eigaygiria ibid. Military Laws

181. Of Military Punishments, and Rewards

ibid. Miscellany Laws




265 272

Hap. 1. Of the first Authors of Religious Worship in

Chap. 2. Of their Temples, Altars, Images and Afyla 185
Chap. 3. Of the Grecian Priests and their Ofices
Chap. 4. Of the Grecian Sacrifices

209 Chap. 5. Of the Grecian Prayers and Supplications 237 Chap. 6. Of the Grecian Oaths

246 Chap. 7. Of the Grecian Divination, and Oracles in


261 Chap. 8. Of the Oracles of Jupiter Chap. 9. Of the Oracles of Apollo Chap. 19. Of the Oracle of Trophonius

289 Chap. 11. Of other Grecian Oracles

:293 Chap. 12. Of Theomancy.

298 Chap. 13. Of Divination by Dreams

303 Chap. 14. Of Divination by Sacrifices

314 Chap. 15. Of Divination by Birds

320 Chap. 16. Of Divination by Lots

332 Chap. 17. Of Divination by Ominous Words and things 336 Chap. 18. Of Magick, and Incantations Chap. 19. Of the Grecian Festivals in general 359 Chap. 20. Grecian Festivals

361 Chap. 21. Of the publick Games in Greece, and the principal Exercises usd in' them

440 Chap. 22. Of the Olympian Games

445 Chap. 23. Of the Pythian Games

450 Chap. 24. Of the Nemean Games

453 Chap. 25. Of the Isthmian Games

455 Chap. 26. Of the Greek Year




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