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Page. 1.-The Works of William Paley, D.D., with additional Ser

mons, &c. &c. ; and a corrected Account of the Life and
Writings of the Author. By the Rev. Edmund Paley,
A.M., Vicar of Easingwold

305 II.- Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar

Sea, in the years 1825-26-27. By John Franklin, Capt.
R.N., F.R.S., &c., and Commander of the Expedition.
Including an Account of the Progress of a Detachment to
the Eastward. By John Richardson, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S.,
Surgeon and Naturalist to the Expedition

335 III.-Georgica Publii Virgilii Maronis, in quinque linguas con

versa :-Hispanicam a Joanne de Guzman; Germanicam
- Johanne Henrico Voss; Anglicam-Gulielmo Sotheby;
Italicam-Francisco Soave; Gallicam-Jacobo Delille -

358 IV.-Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, engraved

from authentic Pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and
the Public Collections of the Country: with Biographical
and Historical Memoirs of their Lives and Actions. By
Edmund Lodge, Esq., F.S.A. -

378 V.-1. Observations on the Cultivation of Poor Soils, as exem

plified in the Colonies, for the Indigent, and for Orphans
in Holland. By William Jacob, Esq.
2: An Account of the Poor Colonies of Holland. By a Mem-

ber of the Highland Society.
3. De la Colonie de Fredericks-oord. Par le Baron de

4. First, Second, Third, and Fourth Reports of the Commis-

sioners appointed to Inquire into the Nature and Extent
of the several Bogs in Ireland, and the Practicability of
Draining and Cultivating them. By Order of the House

of Commons.
5. A Letter to the Duke of Wellington. By an Englishman 410


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