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Sancroft, Wm., archbishop of Canterbury, A Vindication of, from the

calumnies and imputations cast by the author of the Modest Inquiry [of attempting to introduce a new Liturgy, &c.]. folio sheet

Lond. 1690 A Vindication of, and several other bishops, from the calumnies cast upon them in several late pamphlets. folio sheet 1691

[See Church of England.] Sands (Edwin), archbishop of York, A Proposal of Union among

Protestants, from the last will of (as the sentiments of the first reformers). folio sheet

n. d. Selden (J.), The Historie of Tithes. 4to

.. Lond. 1618 (See Nettles (Stephen).] Sevennes in France :--see Cevennois. Sewel (William), The History of the rise, increase, and progress of

the Christian people called Quakers. 2 vol. 8vo Lond. 1834 Shaw (S. H.), gent., The Law of Tithes. 8vo Lond. 1794 Simon (Richard), The History of the original and progress of Ecclesiastical Revenues. Svo

Lond. 1685 Sins, The power of remitting :-see Cannon (R). Sloss (James) :-see Rawson, Joseph. Smedley (Edward), M.A., History of the Reformed Religion in France. 3 vol. sm. Svo

.. Lond. 1832–34 Spanish Protestants :-see De Castro. Spelman (Sir Henry), knt., The History and Fate of Sacrilege, dis

covered by examples of scripture, and of christians, from the beginning of the world to the present day. (Wrote in the year 1632.) 8vo

Lond. 1698 Spotswood (Archbishop), The History of the Church of Scotland, be

ginning the year of our Lord 203, and continued to the end of the reign of James VI. Third edition. folio

Lond. 1668 Staveley (Thomas), esq., The History of Churches in England, both cathedral and rural. Svo

Lond. 1712 Stebbing (Henry) :-see Milner. Stephens (John), An historical Account of Procurations, Synodals, &c. 4to

Lond. 1661 Stillingfleet (Edward), D.D., Ä Discourse concerning the illegality

of the late Ecclesiastical Commission, in answer to a vindication and defence of it. folio

Lond. 1689 Stillingfleet (Edward), D.D., Ecclesiastical Cases relating to the

duties and rights of the parochial clergy, stated and resolved according to principles of conscience and

law. 8vo Lnod. 1702 Stillingfleet (Edward), D.D., The second part of Ecclesiastical Cases

relating to the exercise of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, &c.; with a

discourse on the true antiquity of London. Svo Lond. 1704 Strype (John), M.A., Ecclesiastical Memorials; relating chiefly to

religion and the reformation of it, the various emergencies of the

church of England under K. Hen. VIII., &c. 3 vol. fo. Lond. 1721 Strype (John), M.A., Annals of the Reformation and establishment of religion in the church of England. Second edit. 3 vol. folio

Lond. 1725

Tanner (Thomas), Notitia Monastica; or an Account of all the abbies,

priories, and houses of friars, heretofore in England and Wales.

With additions, by James Nasmith, M.A. folio Camb. 1787 Taylor (Richard), of Norwich, Index Monasticus; or the abbeys and

other monasteries, alien priories, friaries, colleges, collegiate churches, and hospitals, with their dependencies, formerly established in the diocese of Norwich and the antient kingdom of East Anglia, systematically arranged and briefly described. folio

Lond. 1821 Thirlby (Styan), A.B., An Answer to Mr. Whiston's Seventeen Suspicions concerning Athanasius, in his historical preface. Svo

Camb. 1712 Timothy and Titus :see Church of England. Tithes. The Petition of the parishioners of Winwick, Lancashire,

against a composition and decree for, in that parish. broad sheet; with the Case, folio sheet ..

n. d. The present case for Tithes of the forest of Exmore, county of

Devon; the Attorney-general v. Parker and others. fo. shs. n. d. The Case of the people called Quakers, touching the Act for the

more easy recovery of small tithes, &c. folio sheet n. d. Extracts from the yearly epistles of the Quakers, relating to. folio sheet

n. d. The Country Parson's plea against the Quakers Bill concerning. folio sheet

n. d. Remarks on the Quakers Bili. folio sheet

n. d. An Answer to the several petitions to the Parliament and to the

Lord General Cromwell, by the husbandmen of the several coun

ties of England, for the taking away of tithes. 4to Lond. 1654 Render to all their dues : or a dialogue between Timotheus and

Pleonectes, concerning the tithes and offerings to secular uses. 8vo..

Eron. 1726 A brief Account of the many prosecutions of the people called

Quakers, &c., for demands recoverable by the Acts for the more easie recovery of. 8vo ..

Lond. 1736 A Vindication of ditto; to which are added, Remarks on the Poor Vicar's plea. 8vo

Lond. 1737 An Examination of a book called A Brief Account, 8c.; to which is added, The Poor Vicar's plea. Svo

Lond. 1737 A Defence of ditto, so far as the clergy of London are concerned in it. Svo

Lond. 1737 Remarks on ditto. Svo

Lond. 1738 A Vindication of a book entituled A Brief Account, &c., in an

swer to a late examination thereof; with an Appendix in reply to the objections of two clergymen of the diocese called St. David's. 8vo ..

Lond. 1739 An Examination of a Brief Account, &c., so far as the clergy of the

dioceses of Oxford, Gloucester, and Chester are concerned in it. Svo

Lond. 1740 Todd (Henry John), M.A., Some account of the Deans of Canter. bury. Svo

Cant. 1793


Toleration. A true copy of a Letter from divers ministers about Col.

chester to the Assembly of Divines, against a Toleration of Independency, broad sheet

1645 Toulmin (Joshua), D.D., An Historical View of the Protestant Dis

senters in England, and of the progress of free enquiry and religious liberty, from the Revolution to the accession of Queen Anne. 8vo

Lond. 1814 Trimmer, The, Catechized; or a serious discourse between Trueman and Trimmer, folio sheet

1683 Tuke (Henry), The Principles of religion of the Quakers. Svo

Lond. 1819 Undeceiver, the, The second part of, tending to the discovery of some

prelaticall and antinomian errors, and the clearing of that part of the late covenant of the three kingdoms which concerns both. 4to

Lond. 1643 Ussher, James, archbishop of Armagh ; Proposals for reprinting the

Britannicarum Ecclesiarum Antiquitates of, with a specimen. folio sheet

n. d. Vaudois. An Abstract of the Case of the persecuted Vaudois in Swit

zerland and Holland, who are disposed to settle at Parisburgh in South Carolina. folio sheet

n. d.

Walker (Clement), esq., The Compleat History of Independency;

upon the Parliament begun 1640, continued till this present year 1660. 4to

Lond. 1661 Walker (Henry), Corda Angliæ; or the generall expressions of the

land: moving xxv particulars to the hon. assembly of Parliament, that the church of England may become a glorious church of God. 4to

Lond. 1641 Walker (John), M.A., An Attempt towards recovering an account

of the numbers and sufferings of the clergy of the church of England, who were sequestered, 8c. in the late times of the grand re

Lond. 1714 Walsh (Rev. R.), LL.D., &c., An Essay on antient Coins, Medals,

and Gems, as illustrating the progress of Christianity in the early ages. Third edition, greatly enlarged. sm. 8vo Lond. 1830 [Ward (Nathaniel),] The simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, willing to help his native country, lamentably

tattered, both in the upper leather and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take. By Theodore de la Guard. 4to

Lond. 1647 [Written by Ward, who was one of the presbyterian ministers

ejected from his living of Stapleton Tawney in Essex, against the toleration of all the protestant sects and parties, proposed

in Parliament.] Warner (John), bishop of Rochester, Church lands not to be sold;

or a necessary and plaine answer to the question of a conscientious Protestant, whether the lands of the bishops and churches in England and Wales may be sold. 4to

Lond. 1648

Wharton (Henry), Anglia Sacra, sive Collectio historiarum de archiepiscopis et episcopis Angliæ. folio

Lond. 1691 Wharton (Henry), Historia de episcopis et decanis Londinensibus et Assavensibus. 8vo

Lond. 1694 Wheeler, Daniel, Extracts from the letters and journal of, now en

gaged in a religious visit, &c. 8vo.. .. Lond. 1838 Wheler (Sir George), prebendary of Durham, An account of the

churches, or places of assembly, of the primitive christians; from the churches of Tyre, Jerusalem, and Constantinople, described by Eusebius, and ocular observations on several very ancient edifices of churches yet extant in those parts. 12mo Lond. 1689 Whiston (William), M.A., A Proposal for erecting societies for promoting primitive Christianity. broad sheet

1712 Whitehead (George), The Case of the suffering people of God truly stated. 4to

Lond. 1664 Whitehead (Geo.), The Quakers Vindication against Francis Bugg's calumnies, &c. folio

[1693] Whitehead, George, Life of :-see Biography, Tuke. Wight (Thomas), of Cork, A History of the rise and progress of the

Quakers in Ireland from 1653 to 1700. Continued by John Rutty. 8vo

Lond. 1800 Wilkins (David), s.T.P., Concilia Magnæ Britanniæ et Hiberniæ, à

Synodo Verolamiensi, A. D. ccccxlvi., ad Londinensem, A. D. MDCCXVII.; accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad Historiam Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ spectantia. 4 vol. folio ..

Lond. 1737 Willis (Browne), esq., A Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph. 8vo

Lond. 1720 Willis (Browne), esq., An History of the mitred Parliamentary Ab

bies and conventual Cathedral Churches, with a catalogue of their abbots, priors, &c. 2 vol. 8vo

Lond. 1718 Windmil, A New, anew. 4to

Oxford, 1643 [A pasquinade written against the Puritans, recommending the

destruction of windmills on account of their sails resembling

the sign of the cross.) Women's Glory, The, or a List of several eminent persons that suf

fered as martyrs for the truth of the gospel. folio sheet 1684 Woodrow (Rev. Robert), The History of the sufferings of the Church

of Scotland, from the Restoration to the Revolution, with an original memoir of the author, &c., by the rev. Robert Burn, D.D., F.A.S.E. 4 vol. 8vo

Glasgow, 1835


General History and Antiquities, Chronology

and Geography.

ABELL (Eliz.), Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon, during the

first three years of his captivity on the island of St. Helena; including the time of his residence at The Briars. Second edition. Svo

Lond. 1845 Abingdon, Chronicon Monasterii de :-see Chronicles. Aix la Chapelle, The Interests of the Empress queen, the Kings of

France and Spain, and their principal allies, with respect to their glory, &c., betrayed in the preliminary Articles at. 8vo Lond. 1748 Alberoni, Julius, Cardinal, Moral Reflexions on the ministry of, translated from the Spanish. 8vo

Lond. 1735 Scheme of, for reducing the Turkish Empire to the obedience of

Christian princes, and for a partition of their conquests : together with a scheme for a perpetual Dyet for establishing the pub

lick tranquillity; translated from the Italian. 8vo Lond. 1736 Alexander VII., Pope, An account of the Life and Death of. By P. A., gent. 4to

Lond. 1667 Algiers, The Petition to Parliament of disconsolate fathers and wives,

on behalf of their children and husbands, captives and slaves in. folio sheet

n. d. The Case of many hundreds of poor English captives in, together with some remedies. folio

n. d. A Letter written by the Governor of, to the States General of the

United Provinces, concerning a Peace.folio sheet 1679 An Abstract of the justification of Robert Kirke, esq., His Majesty's late consul at. Svo

Lond. 1783 Alkair, in Egypt, The true and exact account of a famous new Prophet at. folio sheet

1687 Alison (Archibald), F.R.S.E., advocate, History of Europe, from the

commencement of the French revolution in 1789 to the restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. Second edition. 10 vol. 8vo

Edinb. and Lond. 1842 Alison (Archibald), F.R.S.E., Continuation of, from the fall of Na

poleon in 1815, to the accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852. 7 vol. 8vo

Edinb. and Lond. 1853-58 Almanzor, The Great, Maxims found amongst the Papers of. folio sheet ...

1693 America : The Importance of the British Plantations in, to this kingdom;

with the state of their trade, and methods for improving it, as also a description of the several colonies there. 8vo

Lond. 1731 Representation of the Board of Trade relating to the laws made,

manufactures set up, and trade carried on in His Majesty's plantations in. folio

Lond. 1733

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