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An ordinance concerning the proceedings of ill-affected persons and

papists in the six counties of North Wales, and for appointing Sir

Thomas Middleton serjeant-major of the forces. 4to Lond. 1642 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons concerning a new assize

upon alum, copperas, Monmouth caps and hats, hops, saffron, starch or stuffs, &c., for the payment of debts to handicraft men and other persons, for armes, ammunition, and other services. 4to

Lond. 1664 An additional ordinance for enabling Sir Thomas Middleton, serjeant

major-general of the six counties of North Wales, to take subscriptions for raising forces. 4to ..

Lond. 1644 Three Orders for the better observation of the Monethly Fast, and especially the Nativity of Christ. 4to

Lond. 1644 Orders presented to His Majesty by the advice of the Lords and

Commons of Parliament at Oxford, for the more indifferent rating and levying movies to be raised by way of contribution, and to prevent the disorders of the armies. 4to

Oxford, 1644 All the several ordinances and orders by the Lords and Commons,

concerning sequestring the estates of delinquents, papists, &c. 4to

Lond. 1644 An Act for raising 30,0001. monthly for maintenance of the forces raised by Parliament for the service of England and Ireland. fo.

Lond. 1649 An Act for redress of delays and mischiefs by Writs of Error. fo.

Lond. 1649 An Act for accompts and clearing of Publique Debts. fo. Lond. 1653 Perfect Passages of each day's proceedings in Parliament. No. 71. 4to

1646 Catalogue of the names of all such who were summoned to any Parliament, or reputed Parliament, from the year 1640. 8vo

Lond. 1661 The last Speech and Thanks of Queen Elizabeth, of ever blessed memory, to her last Parliament, after her delivery from the Popish

Lond. 1679 His Majesty's Speech to the Houses of Parliament, 28th January, 1677-8. folio..

Lond. 1678 Order of Council as to the royal touch for the king's evil, 9th Jan.

1683. Petition, 11th Feb., 1684, 1st James II., praying leave to collect the

public's benevolence towards obtaining restoration of their losses. A list of one unanimous club of voters in His Majestie's Long Par

liament, dissolved in 78, very fit to be thought of at the next. folio.

1679 The Great Question to be considered by the King and this approach

ing Parliament, briefly proposed and modestly discussed. By Britannicus. folio ..

n, d. England's great interest in the choice of this new Parliament: dedi

cated to all her freeholders and electors, by Phil-Anglus. fo. n. d. Sober and seasonable Queries, humbly offered to all good Protestants in England, in order to a choice of the new Parliament. fo. n. d.


The moderate Parliament considered in this time of danger; being

an answer sent to a person of quality about electing a member to

sit in the ensuing Parliament. By G. P. 4to August 22, 1679 Cottoni Posthuma: divers choice pieces, wherein are discussed se

veral important questions concerning the right and power of the Lords and Commons in Parliament. By the renowned antiquary Sir Robert Cotton, bart. 8vo

Lond. 1679 An answer to a letter written by a member of Parliament, upon his

reading the Gazette of the 11th of December, 1679. folio n. d. The Bill for regulating abuses in elections of members to serve in

Parliament, as it was read a second time and committed by the

House of Commons, upon Saturday the 5th April, 1679. fo. n. d. The humble Address and Advice of several of the peers of this realm, for the sitting of the Parliament, presented to His Majesty. folio

Lond. 1679 [The following pieces are undated, but all appear to be of the last

date, 1679.] An impartial Survey of such as are not and such as are fitly qualified

candidates for the approaching Parliament. By a hearty wellwisher to the prosperity of both. folio

n, d. The Nation's aggrievance (by way of address from loyal subjects),

presented to His Majesty the King of Great Britain, for his favour, countenance, and regard, relating to the countries election of their representatives in Parliament. folio

n. d. The Countries Vindication from the aspersions of a late scandalous

paper, nicknamed Robert Tell-truth's Advice in choice of the next

Parliament. By a lover of his king and country. folio n. d. Precedents of members delivered out of custody by Parliament. single sheet

n. d. A letter from a friend in Abingdon to a gentleman in London con

cerning the election of burgesses for Parliament. folio n. d. The inconveniences of a long continuance of the same Parliament. folio .

n. d. Reasons offered by a Wellwisher against a petition to the king for the sitting of Parliament. folio

n. d. The Election (of Parliament-men], a Poem. 4to Lond. 1701 A collection of debates in the House of Commons, 1680, relating to

the Bill of Exclusion of the Duke of York. Svo Lond. 1725 Regulations and instructions relating to His Majesty's service at sea, by His Majesty in council. 4to

Lond. 1790 Proceedings of the society of Friends of the People, associated for

the purpose of obtaining a Parliamentary Reform, in the year 1792. Svo

Lond. 1793 Biographical Index to the present House of Lords, corrected to Oc

tober, 1808. 8vo Rules for the guidance of members of Parliament in the management of select committees, and the preparation of reports. 8vo

Lond. 1837


Political and Constitutional Works.

Abarbanel (Solomon), The complaint of the children of Israel, repre

senting their grievances under the Penal Laws. [A burlesque on the dissenters petitioning for a repeal of the Test Act.] 8vo

Lond. 1736 Abhorrers and Addressers, A letter from a friend to a person of quality, in answer to a letter about. folio

Lond. 1682 Abjuration, The Oath of, A detection of a falsehood endeavoured to

be imposed on the publick, in a paper entituled, the Test offered to the consideration of the electors of Great Britain. folio

Lond. 1710 Absolom's Conspiracy, or the Tragedy of Treason. folio Lond. 1680 Acherley (Roger), The Britannic Constitution : or, the fundamental form of government in Britain. folio

Lond. 1727 Achor, The Valley of :-see Queries. A collection of scarce pieces or sheets (334 in number), relating to

various subjects, but chiefly those of a political and constitutional

nature. folio. (various dates.) Adamson (Tho.), England's defence: a treatise concerning invasion,

&c., by Thomas Diggs, esq., to which is now added an account of such stores of war, &c., requisite for the defence of a fort. folio

Lond. 1680 Æsop an alarmist, or Political Fables. Svo

Lond. 1794 Agricola, Two letters from, to Sir William Howe; to which are annexed Political Observations. 8vo..

Lond. 1779 Alarm, An, to England, or a warning-piece to all true Protestants. folio

Lond. 1668 Alarum, An, to the Officers and Soldiers of the armies of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 4to

Lond. n. d. Allegiance, Some few questions concerning the Oath of, propos’d by a catholic gentleman. 4to

Lond. 1674 The present case stated; or the oaths of allegiance and supremacy no badges of slavery. 4to

Lond. 1689 Melius inquirendum; or a further modest and impartial inquiry

into the lawfulness of taking the new oath of. 4to Lond. 1689 The penitential Declaration of Ralph Lowndes of Middlewich,

Cheshire, on taking the new oath of. folio sheet Lond. 1690 A Letter concerning Allegiance, written by the Lord Bishop of

1-n-n to a clergyman in Essex presently after the Revolution. Svo

Lond. 1710 Alsop, Mr., The Speech of, to the King, on presenting an Address. folio sheet

Lond. 1687 A short review of the Political State of Great Britain at the com

mencement of 1787. Sixth edition. Svo .. Lond. 1787 Angliæ Tutamen, or the safety of England; being an account of the

banks, lotteries, mines, diving, draining, and engines now on foot. 4to

Lond. 1695


Anne (Queen):

Observations on the Speech of, at the late prorogation, folio 1701 Address of the House of Commons to. folio

1703 The Representation of the Lords to, with the answer. 1703-4 The Humble Address of the Lords to. folio

1706 Answer of, to the Parliament of Scotland. folio

1706 The Humble Representation of the House of Commons to. folio

1711 Her Majesty's Speech to Parliament, April 9, 1712. fo. 1713 Answer, A modest, to a pamphlet entitled A Speech lately made by a noble Peer of the Realm. folio

Lond. n. d. Antidote, An, against the present fears and jealousies of the nation. 4to

Lond. 1679 Apology for the conduct of a late celebrated second-rate Minister.

Lond, n, d. Apology for a late resignation. Second edition. 8vo Lond. n. a. Applegarth (Rob. William), Rights for Man: or analytical strictures

on the constitution of Great Britain and Ireland. 8vo Lond. 1792 Army, The : A Declaration on the necessity of a present subscription of money

and plate for the further supply of. broad sheet 1642 Order against persons taking up arms upon pretence of His Majesty's service. broad sheet

1642 Order for Deputy Lieutenants of counties, not members of Parlia

ment, to be present at days for training. broad sheet 1642 Order for advance of money to. broad sheet

1642 Order for a contribution for the relief of maimed soldiers. broad sheet

1642 Order for the speedy raising of money for advancing of the Scotch army. broad sheet

1643 Ordinance for the encouragement of persons advancing money for horse and foot. broad sheet

1644 Ordinance for officers to repair to their colours in 48 hours. broad sheet

1644 Instructions

, Rules, &c. for the army under Sir Thomas Fairfax. broad sheet

1645 Military Rules, &c. ordered by Parliament, akep. brd. sheet 1645 Declaration on a Petition tending to put the army in mutiny, and to obstruct the relief of Ireland. broad sheet

1647 An additional ordinance for the fuller indemnity of officers, sc. acting by authority of Parliament. broad sheet

1617 Declaration for making void a former declaration concerning the Army. broad sheet

1647 A new declaration from eight regiments in the, presented to his

excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, neere Kingston, at his advance towards Windsor.

Lond. 1647 Two Speeches made by the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament

to his excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, generall, after the army had guarded the members to sit in safety on Friday, the 6 day of Aug. 1647, &c.

Lond. 1647

Ordinance for redressing the oppressions of soldiers taking free quarter. broad sheet ..

1647 Declaration, that the officers employed in the several armies shall

continue in their several counties and places of abode, and not repair to Parliament during their consideration of settling the peace of the kingdom. broad sheet

1648 A copy of two letters sent from divers officers of the army in the

north to Lord Fairfax, concerning the large petition presented to Parliament 11th Sept. 1648, together with a letter gratulatory from divers officers of the army, at the league before Bar

wick, to the presentees of the foresaid petition. broad sh. 1648 The religious and loyal Protestation of John Gauden, Dr. in Di

vinity, against the present declared purposes and proceedings of the army, and others, about the trying and destroying our

sovereign lord the king. Jan. 1648. Resolves concerning poor persons contributing money for the army in 1642. broad sheet ..

1649 An order for six months' assessment of 60,0001. per month, by the Protector. folio sheet

1655 Proclamation, disclaiming any intention to retrench the arrears of the army

1660 Order and declaration of both Houses for getting in the arrears of the army. folio

n. d. The rule of proportion agreed upon by the Committee of Parlia

ment for the associated counties. (MS.) The danger to civil liberty from an independent army : being a

short argument against military commissions for life. fo. n. d. An apology for the Army, in a short essay on Fortitude. Svo

Lond. 1715 Warrant for regulating the necessary stoppages from the Dragoons

and Foot, for answering the expenses borne by the regiments. folio

Lond. 1732 Warrant for regulating the clothing of the Horse and Dragoon forces. folio

• 1736 A free and impartial Enquiry into the extraordinary and advanta

geous bargain, &c. for remitting money for the pay of the forces abroad for the year 1743, being a faithful specimen of the economy and management of the present administration in domestic affairs. Svo

Lond. 1743 The case of the Hanover Forces in the pay of Great Britain exA Vindication of a late pamphlet, entitled The case of the Hanover Troops considered. 8vo

Lond. 1743 The Interest of Great Britain steadily pursued, in answer to the case of the Hanover Forces. Svo

Lond. 1743 Array, His Majesty's Answer to the declaration of both Houses of Parliament, concerning the commission of, of 1st July, 1642. fo.

York, printed by Rob. Barker, and reprinted at London, 1642 Asgill (John), Defence of, upon his expulsion from the House of Commons in 1707. 8vo

Lond. 1712

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