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Wanting an English Book for my Scholars to Translate, which might improve them in Senfe and Latin at once, (Two Things which Should never be divided in Teach, ing) I thought nothing more proper for that Purpose than BACON'S Essays, provided the Englifh, which is in fome Places grown obfoletë, were ; a little reformed, and made more fashionable. Accordingly bating, by me his Lordfhip’s Latin Volume of the Essays, (which as it was a later, lo seems to be a perfetter Book) I fell to Translating it, ngt tying my self frictly to the Latin, but comparing both Languages together, and setting down that


Senfe (where there was any Difference) that feemd the fulleft and plaineft. And so much for the Fird Volume

For the Second, it is Translated all from his Lordship's Nine Books de Augmentis Scientiarum, excepting the lafktwoor three Pages, which are transcribed from bis Lordship's Advancement of Learning, written ar Arft and published in Two Books in the: English Tongue: The whole Nine Books I found' rendred into English by Dr. Gilbert Wars of Oxford; to which Version I am so much obliged; as not to think my Self at Liberty to mention the Faults

of its

As for the Original Elays, (and the Continued Ones i are nothing in-** ferior to them) bis Londship is bold to say, That he conceives that the Latin Volume of them (being in the Universal Language) may laft as long as Books. laft. And the English Volumes too may laft. as long as the English Tongue, if any one, once in a Century or two, would take the fame Pains that I have done, to repair the Decays of a fleeting Language.

As to my Part, which is Fidelity to my Author, and Correctness. of English, without any Apology of School-Avocations, I have endeavourd Both to the utmost of my


Pawer, and hope to have given Satisfaction. But if I should not, I can't say I fall repent me of my Labour ; since I have gamed thereby what I value much above the Credit of a good Translator; I mean, an opportunity of discharging, in some fort, an indispensable Duty, even that of Gratitude, to as Great, and as Good a Man, (and I thank God I flatter no Body) as this Nation can boast of.

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